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  1. Preliminary study on temporal variations in biting activity of Simulium damnosum s.l. in Abeokuta North LGA, Ogun State Nigeria

    Adeofun Clement O; Mafiana Chiedu F; Ekpo Uwem F; Oluwole Akinola S; Idowu Olufunmilayo A


    Abstract Background Simulum damnosum Theobald sensu lato (s.l.) is the vector of the parasitic filarial worm Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart which causes onchocerciasis. In order to understand the vector population dynamics, a preliminary 12 months entomological evaluation was carried out at Abeokuta, the Southwest Zone of Nigeria, an onchocerciasis endemic area, where vector control has not been previously initiated. S.damnosum s.l. flies were caught on human attractants between 700 to1800 hour...

  2. Preliminary study on temporal variations in biting activity of Simulium damnosum s.l. in Abeokuta North LGA, Ogun State Nigeria

    Adeofun Clement O


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Simulum damnosum Theobald sensu lato (s.l. is the vector of the parasitic filarial worm Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart which causes onchocerciasis. In order to understand the vector population dynamics, a preliminary 12 months entomological evaluation was carried out at Abeokuta, the Southwest Zone of Nigeria, an onchocerciasis endemic area, where vector control has not been previously initiated. S.damnosum s.l. flies were caught on human attractants between 700 to1800 hours each day, for 4 days each month, from August 2007 to July 2008. The flies caught were classified as either forest-dwelling or savanna-dwelling groups based on the colour of certain morphological characters. Climatic data such as rainfall, humidity and temperature were also collected monthly during the period of survey. Results A total of 1,139 flies were caught, 596 (52.33% were forest-dwelling group while 543 (47.67% were savanna-dwelling group of S. damnosum s.l. The highest percentage of forest-dwelling group was caught in the month of August 2007 (78.06% and the least percentage of forest-dwelling groups was caught in November 2007 (8.14%. The highest percentage of savannah-dwelling group was caught in the month of November 2007 (91.86% and the least percentage of savannah-dwelling group was caught in August 2007 (21.94%. There was no significant difference between the population of forest and savannah-dwelling groups of the fly when the means of the fly population were compared (P = 0.830. Spearman correlation analysis showed a significant relationship between monthly fly population with monthly average rainfall (r = 0.550, n = 12, P = 0.033, but no significant relationship with monthly average temperature (r = 0.291, n = 12, P = 0.179. There was also a significant relationship between monthly fly population and monthly average relative humidity (r = 0.783, n = 12 P = 0.001. There was no significant correlation between the population of forest

  3. Large for gestational age (LGA)

    ... this page: // Large for gestational age (LGA) To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Large for gestational age means that a fetus or ...

  4. Prevalence of Malaria Plasmodium in Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Okonko, I. O.


    Full Text Available This study reports the prevalence of malaria caused by plasmodium between genders in Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun State located in the forest zone of southwestern Nigeria between January 2002 and December 2004. Blood film examination for malaria parasites in 708 patients; 366 males and 342 females. Microscopic examination of thick films techniques was employed for this study. Of the 708 (100% patients examined, 577 (81.5% were Plasmodium-positive. A high malaria parasite prevalence rate of 81.5% was noted in this study. Female subjects were more infected (42.4% than males (41.9% however, there was no significant difference in the sex of the subjects studied (p=0.05. A high malaria parasite prevalence rate of 86.9% was noted in samples collected in year 2003 than in other years studied. There was significant difference in the years under study (p=0.05. This study shows that a good percentage of people were infested by malaria Plasmodium. This could be attributed to lack of adequate accommodation and poor sanitary conditions in the area under study. Although several efforts have been made to effectively control the high incidence of malaria in Nigeria, these have been largely unsuccessful due to a number of reasons such as irrigated urban agriculture which can be the malaria vector’s breeding ground in the city, stagnant gutters and swamps in our environment where mosquitoes breed in millions, and lack of political will and commitment of the government in its disease management program, low awareness of the magnitude of malaria problem, poor health practices by individuals and communities and resistance to drugs. Therefore, future interventions in Nigeria should be directed toward controlling malaria in the context of a moderate transmission setting; thus, large-scale distribution of insecticide-treated nets or widespread use of indoor residual spraying may be less cost-effective than enhanced surveillance with effective case management or

  5. A Quantitative Assessment of Surface Urban Heat Islands Using Satellite Multitemporal Data over Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Ishola, K. A.; E. C. Okogbue; Adeyeri, O. E.


    The fast urban expansion has led to the transformation of the natural landscape into anthropogenic surfaces. The city of Abeokuta, for instance, is located in a region experiencing rapid urbanization, which has produced a remarkable effect on the surface thermal response. This effect significantly influences urban internal microclimatology on a regional scale. In this study, the surface temperatures and land cover types retrieved from Landsat TM and ETM+ images of Abeokuta city for 1984, 2003...

  6. Strategies for economically sustainable resist dyeing industries in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

    Amebode, Adetoun Adedotun


    Nigerian textile and clothing industries is face with crisis under the pressure of influx of smuggled second-hand clothing and cheap and poor quality of Chinese textiles. The situation has resulted to closure of many textile industries and massive unemployment with inability of the few existing industries to compete favourably base on price. The study was carried out in Abeokuta among tie-dye/batik practitioners and consumers of tie-dye/batik products with the aim to examine t...

  7. High-level Multi-Resistant and Virulent Escherichia coli in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

    Akinduti, Paul Akinniyi; Aboderin, Bukola W; Oloyede, Rasaq; Ogiogwa, Joseph I; Motayo, Babatunde O; Ejilude, Oluwaseun


    Multi-resistant Escherichia coli (E. coli) strains co-harboring virulence genes is a cause of high morbidity in Abeokuta, Nigeria. This study was designed to determine some virulent factors among enteropathogenic E. coli in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Approximately non-repetitive 102 isolates of E. coli were recovered from clinical samples from two health facilities in Abeokuta. Biotyping using API and antibiotic susceptibility was determined, and eae and flic genes were assayed by PCR. Antibiotic resistance relatedness was performed by DendroUPGMA. Results showed that 48.0% and 52.0 % were intestinal and extra-intestinal E. coli, ampicillin recorded 100% resistance, amoxycilli/clavulanic acid 64.7%, cotrimoxazole 57.8% and 56.8% resistance against cefotaxime, at MIC >16 ug/mL, 100%, 57.8%, and 50% have MIC50 to ampicillin, tetracycline, and ceftazidime, while 74.5% and 48.0% have MIC90 to ampicillin and ceftazidime. Significant rates of 4.9%, 7.8%, and 9.8% flic, eae, and flic/eae genes were found in intestinal isolates, while 2.9%, 2.0%, and 3.9% were found in extra-intestinal (P < 0.05). Two major clades of the resistant isolates reveal significant antibiotic relatedness among intestinal and extra-intestinal isolates, at 54% resistance similarities with very high multi-antibiotic resistance index of 1.0 (MARI). A high rate of undetected virulent E. coli pathotypes with high resistance could trigger unprecedented morbidity and mortality, mostly among children and the elderly. PMID:26263915

  8. Agro-Students' Appraisal of Online Registration of Academic Courses in the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria

    Lawal-Adebowale, O. A.; Oyekunle, O.


    With integration of information technology tool for academic course registration in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, the study assessed the agro-students' appraisal of the online tool for course registration. A simple random sampling technique was used to select 325 agrostudents; and validated and reliable questionnaire was used…

  9. A Quantitative Assessment of Surface Urban Heat Islands Using Satellite Multitemporal Data over Abeokuta, Nigeria

    K. A. Ishola


    Full Text Available The fast urban expansion has led to the transformation of the natural landscape into anthropogenic surfaces. The city of Abeokuta, for instance, is located in a region experiencing rapid urbanization, which has produced a remarkable effect on the surface thermal response. This effect significantly influences urban internal microclimatology on a regional scale. In this study, the surface temperatures and land cover types retrieved from Landsat TM and ETM+ images of Abeokuta city for 1984, 2003, and 2014 were analyzed. A quantitative approach was used to assess surface urban heat islands through the relationships among surface temperature and land cover types. Results showed that impervious surface areas were found to be correlated positively with high temperatures. Conversely, vegetated areas and bare surfaces correlated positively with mid temperature zones. This study found that areas with increasing impervious surfaces will accelerate LST rise and consequently lead to increasing effect of surface urban heat islands. These findings pose a major challenge to urban planners. However, the study would help to quantify the impacts of different scenarios (e.g., vegetation loss to accommodate urban growth on LST and consequently to devise appropriate policy measures.

  10. Temporal Variations in Radon and Meteorological Parameters in a Masonry Dwelling in Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Continuous hourly monitoring of radon activity concentrations was carried out in a masonry house in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Besides the radon activity concentrations, air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure were also recorded simultaneously on an hourly basis throughout the seven month exposure period, spanning June to December 2012. The average diurnal variation shows that 222Rn concentrations were high during the night and early morning hours and low during afternoon hours. The monthly averages of 222Rn concentration were in the range 19.9–53.5 Bq/m3, with an overall average of 32.3 Bq/m3. The indoor radon concentration correlates positively with the relative humidity (+0.4836) and negatively with both air temperature (−0.3757) and barometric pressure (−0.3463), while the daytime radon concentration and air temperature correlate positively (+0.5951). (author)

  11. Gastrointestinal helminth parasites of the black rat (Rattus rattus) in Abeokuta, southwest Nigeria.

    Mafiana, C F; Osho, M B; Sam-Wobo, S


    A survey of 612 black rats, Rattus rattus (282 mates and 330 females), for infections with helminth parasites was carried out in Abeokuta, in southwest Nigeria. Three hundred and ninety six (64.7%) were infected with one or more of seven species of helminths comprising three cestodes (Hymenolepis diminuta, Taenia taeniaeformis (cyst) and Raillietina sp.) three nematodes (Mastophorus muris, Trichuris muris and Syphacia sp.) and one acanthocephalan (Moniliformis moniliformis). Although the prevalence of infection in males (76.6%) was more than in females (54.5%) (P130 g (73.9%, MI=9.3). Moniliformis moniliformis was the most common species encountered (39.2%) and had the highest mean intensity in both sexes (x=7.4+/-0.74). Considering the rat-man proximity, this finding has considerable public health implications. PMID:9705679

  12. Economic burden of heart failure: investigating outpatient and inpatient costs in Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria.

    Okechukwu S Ogah

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Heart failure (HF is a deadly, disabling and often costly syndrome world-wide. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of data describing its economic impact in sub Saharan Africa; a region in which the number of relatively younger cases will inevitably rise. METHODS: Heath economic data were extracted from a prospective HF registry in a tertiary hospital situated in Abeokuta, southwest Nigeria. Outpatient and inpatient costs were computed from a representative cohort of 239 HF cases including personnel, diagnostic and treatment resources used for their management over a 12-month period. Indirect costs were also calculated. The annual cost per person was then calculated. RESULTS: Mean age of the cohort was 58.0 ± 15.1 years and 53.1% were men. The total computed cost of care of HF in Abeokuta was 76, 288,845 Nigerian Naira (US$508, 595 translating to 319,200 Naira (US$2,128 US Dollars per patient per year. The total cost of in-patient care (46% of total health care expenditure was estimated as 34,996,477 Naira (about 301,230 US dollars. This comprised of 17,899,977 Naira- 50.9% ($US114,600 and 17,806,500 naira -49.1%($US118,710 for direct and in-direct costs respectively. Out-patient cost was estimated as 41,292,368 Naira ($US 275,282. The relatively high cost of outpatient care was largely due to cost of transportation for monthly follow up visits. Payments were mostly made through out-of-pocket spending. CONCLUSION: The economic burden of HF in Nigeria is particularly high considering, the relatively young age of affected cases, a minimum wage of 18,000 Naira ($US120 per month and considerable component of out-of-pocket spending for those affected. Health reforms designed to mitigate the individual to societal burden imposed by the syndrome are required.

  13. Mosquito larval habitats and public health implications in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

    Adeleke, M A; Mafiana, C F; Idowu, A B; Adekunle, M F; Sam-Wobo, S O


    The larval habitats of mosquitoes were investigated in Abeokuta, Nigeria in order to determine the breeding sites of the existing mosquito fauna and its possible public health implications on the residents of the City. The habitats were sampled between August 2005 and July 2006 using plastic dippers and a pipette. The habitats were grouped as ground pools/ponds, gutters/open drains, tyres, domestic containers and treeholes/ leaf axils. Ten species of mosquitoes were encountered in the five habitats namely Mansonia africana, M. uniformis, Culex quinquefasciatus, Aedes aegypti, Ae. albopictus, Ae. vittatus, Cx tigripes, Anopheles gambiae s.l., An. funestus and Eretmapodite clnysogaster. Ae. aegypti bred in all the habitats sampled while Cx quinquefasciatus bred in four habitats except tree holes/leaf axils. An. gambiae s.l and Ae. albopictus occurred in three habitats while other species bred only in one or two habitats. Ground pools and domestic containers recorded the highest number of species followed by gutters/open drains. Tree holes/leaf axils was the least preferred habitat with the lowest number of species occurrence. However, statistical analysis revealed non-significant difference in species occurrence in the five habitats. The availability of the habitats to support the breeding of Aedes, Culex and Anopheles, which are known vectors of urban yellow fever, lymphatic filariasis and malaria suggest that the residents ofAbeokuta City are at risk of mosquito-borne diseases. It is important that residents of the City are enlighten on the environmental factors that contribute to mosquito breeding and that the Government should institute proper sanitation measures to reduce mosquito breeding sites. PMID:18846789

  14. Genotypes and phenotypes of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC in Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria

    Olowe OA


    Full Text Available Olugbenga Adekunle Olowe,1 Bukola W Aboderin,1,2 Olayinka O Idris,3 Victor O Mabayoje,4 Oluyinka O Opaleye,1 O Catherine Adekunle,1 Rita Ayanbolade Olowe,1 Paul Akinniyi Akinduti,5 Olusola Ojurongbe1 1Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, College of Health Sciences, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria; 2Medical Microbiology Unit, Pathology Department, Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, Nigeria; 3Department of Microbiology, College of Sciences, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria; 4Department of Haematology, College of Health Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria; 5Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria Purpose: To characterize the prevalence of hemolytic Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC with a multidrug-resistant pattern in different age groups in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Methods: Nonrepetitive E. coli isolates were collected from 202 subjects with or without evidence of diarrhea. Each isolate was biochemically identified and antimicrobial susceptibility testing was performed using the disk diffusion method. A sorbitol fermentation test of all the E. coli isolates was done and the minimum inhibitory concentration of suspected STEC was measured by the standard broth microdilution method to determine antibiotic resistance. The genotypes of stx1, stx2, and hlyA were determined by polymerase chain reaction assay. Results: The majority of subjects were aged ≥40 years (41.6% and were female (61.9%. Of the 202 subjects, 86.1% had STEC isolates (P<0.05. A high rate of STEC isolates resistant to amoxicillin (90.6%, cefotaxime (77.7%, and cefuroxime (75.7% was observed. Resistance to amoxicillin, gentamicin, and cefotaxime was demonstrated with a minimum inhibitory concentration >16 µg/mL in 13.9%, 11.4%, and 10.4% of the isolates, respectively. The prevalence of stx1, stx2, and hlyA was 13.9%, 6.9%, and 2.0%, respectively; 5.5% of

  15. Agricultural Students’ Perceptions of Farm Practical Year Programme at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Abayomi Oloruntoba


    Full Text Available Farm Practical programme addresses the short comings in curricular of agricultural graduates enabling them to acquire knowledge and practical skills needed to become proficient in agriculture. The study contributes in providing insights into perceptions of level 400 agricultural students regarding the Farm Practical Year (FPY programme at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. A total of 261 sample students were selected through stratified sampling procedure from 11 core agricultural departments and administered with pre-tested questionnaire. Results show that the programme provided students with ‘hands-on’ experience and opportunity to apply theory learnt in classroom to a real-life fi eld situation in which students had to adapt and solve problems on daily basis. Students also felt strongly that the farm practical would contribute to their professional career and employability on graduation. However, certain perceived problems were raised by students such as lack of on-campus accommodation, delay in payment of allowances and paucity of resources. It is recommended that greater efforts are needed to mentor students to take active interest in farm practical while human and material resources strengthened to deliver this mandate.

  16. Challenges of Small Ruminants Production in Selected Urban Communities of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

    Okanlade Lawal-Adebowale


    Full Text Available Livestock production has become a common trend in urban communities whereby a number of people reared farm animals such as sheep and goats for social and economic reasons. Notwithstanding the associated advantages of livestock production, effective urban production of the small ruminants is greatly challenged by a number of factors. Based on this, the study was conducted with a view to identifying factors that challenged effective sheep and goat production in selected urban communities of Abeokuta, Ogun State. From the selected 12 urban communities where sheep and goats were reared, a total of 217 rearers were non-randomly selected using snow balling sampling method. A reliable and validated interview guide was used alongside field observation to obtain information on challenges to sheep and goats production in the urban areas. The results showed that the challenges were feed, health/disease, environmental, marketing and routine management related. All the respondents (100% experienced challenges such as high cost of feeding, theft of the farm animals, problem of off -season feeding and problem of sourcing feed variety for the animals. The chi-square test showed that a significant relationship exists between the respondents’ socioeconomic characteristics (sex: χ2 = 21.06, df =4; age: χ2 = 43.26, df = 16; education: χ2 = 78.09, df = 12; occupation: χ2 = 62.57, df = 16; income: χ2 = 56.35, df =16 and the encountered challenges (p

  17. Reliability of CGA/LGA/HDI Package Board/Assembly (Final Report)

    Ghaffaroam. Reza


    Package manufacturers are now offering commercial-off-the-shelf column grid array (COTS CGA) packaging technologies in high-reliability versions. Understanding the process and quality assurance (QA) indicators for reliability are important for low-risk insertion of these advanced electronics packages. The previous reports, released in January of 2012 and January of 2013, presented package test data, assembly information, and reliability evaluation by thermal cycling for CGA packages with 1752, 1517, 1509, and 1272 inputs/outputs (I/Os) and 1-mm pitch. It presented the thermal cycling (-55C either 100C or 125C) test results for up to 200 cycles. This report presents up to 500 thermal cycles with quality assurance and failure analysis evaluation represented by optical photomicrographs, 2D real time X-ray images, dye-and-pry photomicrographs, and optical/scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) cross-sectional images. The report also presents assembly challenge using reflowing by either vapor phase or rework station of CGA and land grid array (LGA) versions of three high I/O packages both ceramic and plastic configuration. A new test vehicle was designed having high density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit board (PCB) with microvia-in-pad to accommodate both LGA packages as well as a large number of fine pitch ball grid arrays (BGAs). The LGAs either were assembled onto HDI PCB as an LGA or were solder paste print and reflow first to form solder dome on pads before assembly. Both plastic BGAs with 1156 I/O and ceramic LGAs were assembled. It also presented the X-ray inspection results as well as failures due to 200 thermal cycles. Lessons learned on assembly of ceramic LGAs are also presented.

  18. EhLGA measuring apparatus for investigation of short-lived isotope decay

    EhLGA multidetector apparatus intended for on-line investigations of the decay characteristics of nuclei far from the beta-stability line using a mass-separator is described. The apparatus consists of semiconductor detectors and mini-orange type spectrometer for measuring a-, y-, e- and β+-radiations and eγt and γγt coincidences spectra, a moving tape system to transport radioactivity to the detectors. Control unit of the system and spectrometric electronics with the use of microcomputer permits to investigate short-living isotopes with a half-life up to 0.1 s

  19. Effectiveness and sustainability of remedial actions for land restoration in Abeokuta urban communities, Ogun State, Nigeria

    Lawal-Adebowale, Okanlade


    Land as a major collective human property faces a great deal of threats and eventual degradation from both natural and human causal factors across the globe. But for the central role of land in human's sustenance and quality living, man cannot afford to lose its natural asset and as such takes mitigating or remedial actions to save and restore his land for sustainable use. In view of this, the study assessed the causal factors of land degradation in urban areas of Abeokuta and effectiveness and sustainability of the taken remedial actions to stem the tide of land degradation in the study area. The selected communities were purposively selected based on the observed prevalence of degraded lands in the areas. A qualitative research approach which encompasses observational techniques - participant/field observation, interactive discussion and photographic capturing, was used for collection of data on land degradation in the study area. A combination of phenomenological, inductive thematic analysis and conversation/discourse analysis was employed for data analysis. The results showed land gradients/slopes, rainfall, run-offs/erosion, land-entrenched foot impacts, sand scraping/mining, poor/absence of drainage system and land covers as causal factors of land degradation in the study area. The employed remedial actions for restoration of degraded land included filling of drenches with sand bags, wood logs, bricks and stones, and sand filling. The study though observed that filling of drenches caused by erosion with rubles/stones and construction of drainage were effective remedial actions, good drainage system was presumed to be the most appropriate and sustainable remedial action for land restoration in the study area.

  20. The Level of Knowledge Regarding Occupational Hazards among Nurses in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

    A.M. Amosu


    Full Text Available This descriptive survey was carried out to investigate the level of knowledge on the predisposing factors to occupational hazards, among nurses in health facilities in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. The study population consisted of nurses of varying categories working in ten public and two privately owned health facilities in five local government areas of the state. The simple random sampling technique was employed in selecting 1,200 respondents across the health facilities. A validated structured questionnaire developed with reliability of 0.79 was used to collect information. Data collected were analysed using the SPSS package version 12.0. The results revealed that 5.7% of the respondents were males, 94.3% were females, and 37.1% were single while 62.9% were married. Among the respondents, 44.8% were between 21-30 years of age, 15.2% between 31-40 years and 23.8% between 41-50 years while the remaining 16.2% were aged 51 years and above. Four hundred and sixty-nine (39.1% respondents have 1-10 years working experience while 60.9% have spent 11 years and above in the nursing profession. It was found that 96.2% of the respondents knew that the profession is prone to occupational hazards, and as expressed by 88.6% of the respondents, back injury is the commonest hazard, followed by neck and back pain as attested to by 84.8% of the nurses. The most prominent predisposing factor is prolonged standing as viewed by 84.5% of the sample. Avoidance of lifting of patients and heavy equipment, among others, is the most notable way of avoiding occupational hazards as attested to by 90.5% respondents. Nursing professionals should therefore make conscious and concerted efforts to minimize avoidable occupational hazards in the course of discharging their duties, so that their health would not be jeopardised.

  1. Assessment of Pollution Hazards of Shallow Well Water in Abeokuta and Environs, Southwest, Nigeria

    E. O. Orebiyi


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Pollution of well water, either from point or non-point sources, has become a thing of health concern both in urban and rural areas. Approach: This study aim at assessing the pollution hazards of groundwater resource by sampling some shallow wells from urban and peri-urban area of Abeokuta. Collected samples were analyzed for water quality parameters using standard procedures. The parameters determined were: Static water level, color, turbidity, temperature, Electrical Conductivity (EC, pH, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS Total Suspended Solids (TSS, Total Solids (TS, total hardness, cations {potassium (K sodium (Na, Calcium (Ca, magnesium (mg, Manganese (Mn, iron (Fe}, anions ﴾Chloride (Cl-, Nitrate (NO3, Sulphate (SO4, Phosphate (PO4}, heavy metals {lead (Pb, Zinc (Zn, Copper (Cu} and microbiological parameters {Bacteria count and Total Coliform count (TC}. Results: Results were subjected to statistical evaluations using SPSS 15.0 for descriptive statistics and Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA. The mean values of TDS, TS, EC and PO4 were higher in well water collected from urban areas compared to peri-urban areas during wet season. It was also observed that during the dry season, TDS, TSS, TS, EC, Mg, Fe, Cl-, PO4 and total hardness were also higher in samples collected from urban areas relative to peri-urban well water samples. Conclusion: Water quality parameters such as Fe, Pb, NO3, EC, Bacteria count and total coliform have mean values greater than World Health Organization maximum permissible standards for drinking water. Elevated values of these parameters are of great concern to public health when the water from these wells is consumed by people without treatment.

  2. Challenges of Small Ruminants Production in Selected Urban Communities of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

    Okanlade A. Lawal-Adebowale


    Full Text Available Livestock production has become a common trend in urban communities whereby a number of people reared farm animals such as sheep and goats for social and economic reasons. Notwithstanding the associated advantages of livestock production, effective urban production of the small ruminants is greatly challenged by a number of factors. Based on this, the study was conducted with a view to identifying factors that challenged effective sheep and goat production in selected urban communities of Abeokuta, Ogun State. From the selected 12 urban communities where sheep and goats were reared, a total of 217 rearers were non-randomly selected using snow balling sampling method. A reliable and validated interview guide was used alongside field observation to obtain information on challenges to sheep and goats production in the urban areas. The results showed that the challenges were feed, health/disease, environmental, marketing and routine management related. All the respondents (100% experienced challenges such as high cost of feeding, theft of the farm animals, problem of off -season feeding and problem of sourcing feed variety for the animals. The chi-square test showed that a significant relationship exists between the respondents’ socioeconomic characteristics (sex: χ2 = 21.06, df =4; age: χ2 = 43.26, df = 16; education: χ2 = 78.09, df = 12; occupation: χ2 = 62.57, df = 16; income: χ2 = 56.35, df =16 and the encountered challenges (p < 0.05. Based on this, it was concluded that the identified challenges to urban sheep and goat production remained serious issues in the study area. It was thus recommended that conscious efforts should be put up by rearers of the small ruminants to ensure safety of their animals and good feeding routine for increased productivity and beneficial returns.

  3. Upper arm composition and nutritional status of school children and adolescents in Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria

    Idowu Odunayo Senbanjo; Kazeem Adeola Oshikoya; Olisamedua Fidelis Njokanma


    Background: Upper arm composition is a reflection of body protein and calorie reserves. However, there is a paucity of data on upper arm composition of children from African countries, including Nigeria. This study aimed to determine the composition of upper arm and nutritional status of school children in Abeokuta, Nigeria and to compare with international reference standards. The sensitivity and specifi city of upper arm muscle area by height (UAMAH) as a nutritional assessment tool was also determined. Methods: Five hundred and seventy children aged 5 to 19 years were selected from seven schools using multistage random sampling. Weight, height, mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) and triceps skin fold thickness (TSF) were measured. Body mass index, upper arm muscle area (UAMA), upper arm fat area (UAFA), fat percentage and UAMAH were derived. Results: The TSF, UAFA and fat percentage were significantly higher in females than males at each age group. MUAC and UAMA were significantly higher in female children aged 10-14 years, whereas UAMA was significantly higher in male children aged 15-19 years. UAMA and UAFA of the children were lower than those of Americans but similar to those of Zimbabweans, and higher than those of Indians. The sensitivity and specifi city of UAMAH for detecting wasting were 80.8% and 63.9%, respectively, whereas the corresponding values for stunting were 32.2% and 58.2%, respectively. Conclusions: The school children studied have a combination of poor calorie and protein reserve. UAMAH may be a valuable tool for complete evaluation of the nutritional status of school children.

  4. Aflatoxin M1 contamination of milk and ice cream in Abeokuta and Odeda local governments of Ogun State, Nigeria.

    Atanda, Olusegun; Oguntubo, Adenike; Adejumo, Oloyede; Ikeorah, John; Akpan, Iyang


    A survey was undertaken to determine the aflatoxin M(1) contamination of milk and some locally produced dairy products in Abeokuta and Odeda local governments of Ogun State, Nigeria. Samples of human and cow milk, yoghurt, "wara", ice cream and "nono" were collected randomly within the local governments and analysed for aflatoxin M(1) using the two-dimensional TLC. Aflatoxin M(1) contamination in the range of 2.04-4.00 microg l(-1) was noticed only in milk and ice cream. In particular, samples of human milk, cow milk and ice cream recorded high scores of 4.0 microg l(-1), 2.04 microg l(-1) and 2.23 microg l(-1), respectively in Abeokuta local governments and a score of 4.0 microg l(-1) for cow milk in Odeda local government. This indicates a high level contamination in the local governments since the weighted mean concentration of aflatoxin M1 in milk for African diet is 0.002 microg l(-1). Therefore the concentration of AFB1 in feeds which is transformed to AFM1 in milk should be reduced by good manufacturing and good storage practices. Furthermore, there is need for stringent quality control during processing and distribution of these products. PMID:17490709

  5. Reliability of CGA/LGA/HDI Package Board/Assembly (Revision A)

    Ghaffarian, Reza


    This follow-up report presents reliability test results conducted by thermal cycling of five CGA assemblies evaluated under two extreme cycle profiles, representative of use for high-reliability applications. The thermal cycles ranged from a low temperature of 55 C to maximum temperatures of either 100 C or 125 C with slow ramp-up rate (3 C/min) and dwell times of about 15 minutes at the two extremes. Optical photomicrographs that illustrate key inspection findings of up to 200 thermal cycles are presented. Other information presented include an evaluation of the integrity of capacitors on CGA substrate after thermal cycling as well as process evaluation for direct assembly of an LGA onto PCB. The qualification guidelines, which are based on the test results for CGA/LGA/HDI packages and board assemblies, will facilitate NASA projects' use of very dense and newly available FPGA area array packages with known reliably and mitigation risks, allowing greater processing power in a smaller board footprint and lower system weight.

  6. 75 FR 21692 - Denial of Airlines' Temporary Exemption Requests from DOT's Tarmac Delay Rules for JFK, EWR, LGA...


    ... travelers. 74 FR 68983. One of these provisions, which takes effect April 29, 2010, requires U.S... for JFK, EWR, LGA and PHL Operations AGENCY: Office of the Secretary (OST), Department of... at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR),...

  7. Prevalence of Salmonella typhi among Patients in Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria

    I.O. Okonko


    Full Text Available This study reports on the prevalence of typhoid fever between genders among patients in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Typhoid fever caused by Salmonella typhi is an endemic disease in the tropic and sub-tropic and has become a major public health problem in developing countries of the world with an estimated annual incidence of 540 per 100,000. The annual incidence of typhoid is estimated to be about 17 million cases worldwide. It is often encountered in tropical countries including Nigeria where they constitute serious sources of morbidities and mortalities. Blood samples were collected from 840 apparently healthy people; 460 (54.8% females and 380 (45.2% males. The samples were examined for the presence and levels of Salmonella typhi antibodies by Widal agglutination technique. The standard Samonella ‘O’ and ‘H’ suspension (ANTEC diagnostic products were used as antigens. Of the 840 sera tested, agglutinins to Salmonella typhi were most prevalent in female subjects accounting for [426(92.6%] of the ‘H’ antigens and [322(70.0%] of ‘O’ antigens at the various dilutions while in the male subjects, [351(92.4%] accounts for the ‘O��� and [327(86.1%] for the ‘H’ antigens. There was a female preponderance (F/M 2:1. The levels of agglutinin of Salmonella paratyphi C-H [93(24.5% ] and Salmonella typhi C-O [112(29.5%] in the males were however, low. In the females, the low significant agglutinin titres for Salmonella typhi O and Salmonella paratyphi A-O were observed in 27.6% and 36.1% of the sera respectively. The results of this study showed that more males had Salmonella agglutinin titres for S. typhi O [351(92.4%] and S. typhi H [327(86.1%]. More so, 132 (34.7% males had Salmonella agglutinin titres for S. paratyphi A-O, 119 (31.3% for S. paratyphi B-O, 112 (29.5% for S. paratyphi C-O, 117 (31.0% for S. paratyphi A-H, 125 (33.0% for S. paratyphi B-H, and 93 (24.5% for S. paratyphi C-H. It also showed that more females had Salmonella

  8. Evaluation of Immunity and Seropositivity of IgG Antibodies to Canine Parvoviruses in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Dogs in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

    Babalola, E T; Ijaopo, O K; Okonko, I O


    Canine Parvovirus (CPV) is a very contagious and virulent viral disease affecting domestic dogs all over the world causing high morbidity and mortality in dogs, especially puppies. This study aimed at determining the seropositivity of IgG antibodies against CPV in vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs and to evaluate the immune status of dogs presented in Abeokuta. Forty-eight dogs were enrolled in this study. These dogs were presented at random for treatment, routine checkup, and vaccination at the State Veterinary Hospital and Veterinary Teaching Hospital all in Abeokuta. All the dogs were fully maintained under domestic setting. Selection for study was done based on thorough examination of the dogs and their medical records. The clients were informed of the nature of the investigation. Blood samples were collected and analyzed for anti-CPV-IgG. In principle, protective immunity correlates with high antibody titers and this was determined using a commercially available immunocomb® test kit for anti-CPV IgG antibody. Of 48 dogs sampled, 38 (79.2%) had high level of anti-CPV antibody titer and 10 (20.8%) had low level of anti-CPV antibody titer. Twenty six (54.2%) were males while 22 (45.8%) were females. Forty-five (93.75%) dogs were exotic breeds while 3 (6.25%) dogs were mongrels. Thirty (62.5%) of the dogs were less than one year old and the age range of all dogs sampled was between 7 weeks and 7 years. There was no significant difference (P > 0.05) between sex and the level of immunity but significant differences (P canine parvovirus among dogs in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Of all variables evaluated, ages of dogs, breeds and post-vaccination period were the main correlates of the level of immunity to CPV. This study also showed agreement with previous studies in the diagnostic value of using the immunoblot ELISA assay for the rapid detection of anti-CPV IgG antibody. PMID:25891124

  9. Association of cord blood des-acyl ghrelin with birth weight, and placental GHS-R1 receptor expression in SGA, AGA, and LGA newborns.

    González-Domínguez, Martha I; Lazo-de-la-Vega-Monroy, Maria-Luisa; Zaina, Silvio; Sabanero, Myrna; Daza-Benítez, Leonel; Malacara, Juan Manuel; Barbosa-Sabanero, Gloria


    Although ghrelin in cord blood has been associated to birth weight, its role in fetal and postnatal growth has not been elucidated. The aim of this study was to analyze total ghrelin, acyl ghrelin (AG), and des-acyl ghrelin (DAG) in cord blood of newborns with idiopathic birth weight alterations, and to evaluate protein expression of placental GHS-R1, in order to investigate their correlation with birth weight and placental weight. We performed a cross-sectional comparative study in umbilical cord blood and placentas from healthy mothers of SGA, AGA, and LGA (small, adequate and large for gestational age) term newborns (n = 20 per group). Cord blood total ghrelin, AG, and DAG were measured by ELISA, and placental GHS-R1 expression was evaluated by Western blot. Cord blood DAG was higher in SGA compared to AGA newborns (902.1 ± 109.1 and 597.4 ± 58.2 pg/ml, respectively, p = 0.01) while LGA and AGA showed similar values (627.2 ± 76.4 pg/ml for LGA, p = 0.80). DAG negatively correlated with birthweight (r = -0.31, p = 0.02) and placental weight (r = -0.33, p = 0.02). No differences in AG or total ghrelin were found. GHS-R1 protein in placenta was not differentially expressed among SGA, AGA, and LGA. Our results suggest a role of DAG in intrauterine growth. Further studies are needed in order to elucidate the mechanisms by which DAG participates in fetal growth. PMID:26754660

  10. Microbiological Assessment of Soil Contaminated with Refined Petroleum: A Case Study of Eluama in Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State, Nigeria

    Obiageli R. Ezeigbo


    Full Text Available A microbiological assessment of soil polluted by refined petroleum was carried out in Eluama community, Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State, Nigeria between March and October, 2012. The aim of the study is to examine the long-term kinetics of refined petroleum oil contaminated soil in this area from pipeline vandalization in the year 2000 and to assess the extent of biodegradation with respect to length of time of the spill. The microbiological examination of the soil samples were conducted by serial diluting and then inoculating the soil samples on different growth media. Several microbiological and biochemical methods were applied in order to isolate and identify the microorganisms accustomed to the soil sample. An unpolluted farmland served as control. Results showed a decrease in microbial load of soil as distance approaches seepage area. The control has a total heterotrophic bacteria count of 22.3 x 106 CFU/ml which decreases towards the seepage area (4.1 x 106 CFU/ml. The total fungi count also decreases from the control (5.9 x 106 CFU/ml towards the seepage area (1.2 x 106 CFU/ml. Micococcus sp and Pseudomonas aeroginosa were predominant in the seepage area up to 30m away from the seepage area. Other bacteria identified after this distance include Bacillus sp, Klebsiella pneumonia, Streptomyces sp, Streptococcus sp and Staphylococcus aureus while the predominant fungi were Aspergillus niger and Mucor sp. The marked decrease of heterotrophic bacteria and fungi in the petroleum polluted area compared with the control (the unpolluted farmland shows the unsuitability of the soil for agricultural purpose, as full remediation has not taken place.

  11. Large for Gestational Age (LGA)

    ... Other complications may also require treatment, such as phototherapy for jaundice. Problems in Newborns Overview of Problems ... Knowledge . Merck Manuals About Permissions Privacy Disclaimer Contributors Terms of use Licensing Contact Us Global Medical Knowledge ...

  12. USE of seismic refraction method for the determination of the depth of water table at ozalla, owan west l.g.a edo state. Nigeria USE of seismic refraction method for the determination of the depth of water table at ozalla, owan west l.g.a edo state. Nigeria USE of seismic refraction method for the determination of the depth of water table at ozalla, owan west l.g.a edo state. Nigeria USE of seismic refraction method for the determination of the depth of water table at ozalla, Nigeria

    Aikpitanyi, C. U.


    This Project research was carried out using seismic refraction method at st Patrick catholic church( site) ozalla owan west l.g.a Edo state. Nigeria A MCSEIS- 160M Seismograph was used as the recording instrument with 12 geophones as wave detectors in series with one another, each of 1.5m Perpendicular to a firing line of of36m long. but the geophones are spread at a predetermined distance. the impact of heavy metal(about 5kg) on a flat metal plate served as the source of artificial wave generation. The wave front method of interpretation was used in interpreting the field results at fine distance . Plot reveals that the subsurface under Investigation is three layers of velocities, 208ms-1 750ms-1 and 1250ms-1 for the first, second and third layers respectively. And the depth of the first and second layer is 12 .7m and 14.0m respectively. This investigation has further revealed that at approximately 27m from the surface a possible aquifer could be encountered, this result agreed with electrical resistivity Studies carried out in the past within the studied area.

  13. Vaxtarófið og verðbólga: Leynast upplýsingar um þróun verðbólgu í vaxtarófinu?

    Gunnar Snorri Guðmundsson 1983


    Eftir að Seðlabanki Íslands tók upp formlegt verðbólgumarkmið hefur nauðsyn þess að geta, með nákvæmum hætti, spáð fyrir um þróun verðbólgu í framtíðinni aukist. Helsta tæki seðlabanka við verðbólguspár sínar er að meta væntingar aðila hagkerfisins um hver verðbólga muni verða í framtíðinni. Meðal þeirra aðferða sem seðlabankar hafa til að meta væntingar aðila hagkerfisins er að nota halla vaxtarófsins sem mat á væntingar fjárfesta á skuldabréfamarkaði um breytingar á verðbólgu. Í þessari ...

  14. Seroprevalence of fowl pox antibody in indigenous chickens in jos north and South council areas of plateau state, Nigeria: implication for vector vaccine.

    Adebajo, Meseko Clement; Ademola, Shittu Ismail; Oluwaseun, Akinyede


    Fowl pox is a viral disease of domestic and wild birds. The large size of the genome makes it a useful vector for recombinant DNA technology. Although the disease has been described in both commercial and indigenous chickens in Nigeria, data are limited on seroprevalence in free range chickens. Such data are, however, important in the design and implementation of fowl pox virus vector vaccine. We surveyed current antibody status to fowl pox virus in free range chickens by testing 229 sera collected from 10 villages in Jos North and Jos South LGA of Plateau State Nigeria. Sera were analyzed by AGID against standard fowl pox antigen. Fifty-two of the 229 (23%) tested sera were positive for fowl pox virus antibody, and the log titre in all positive specimen was >2. Thirty (21%) and twenty-two (27%) of the samples from Jos South and Jos North, respectively, tested positive. This was, however, not statistically significant (P = 0.30). Generally the study showed a significant level of antibody to fowl pox virus in the study area. This observation may hinder effective use of fowl pox vectored viral vaccine. Fowl pox control is recommended to reduce natural burden of the disease. PMID:23762578

  15. North American Spine Society

    ... Coverage Recommendations SpineLine Renew Membership NORTH AMERICAN SPINE SOCIETY BURR RIDGE, IL 7075 Veterans Blvd. Burr Ridge, ... NASS Contact Us © Copyright 2016 North American Spine Society | Terms Of Use | Privacy Statement

  16. North Korea drops out

    On March 12, North Korea announced that it was withdrawing from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty (NPT). Soon afterward, it formally notified the U.N. Security Council of its intentions. The treaty remains binding on North Korea at least until mid-June, since a member must notify the Security Council and all other signatories three months in advance of withdrawing. This article explains North Korea's reasons for withdrawing, including reluctance to have the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conduct inspections of its nuclear waste sites. At press time, the US was leading an international effort to convince North Korea to reconsider its decision to withdraw from the NPT

  17. Development of LGA & LBE 2D Parallel Programs

    Ujita, Hiroshi; Nagata, Satoru; Akiyama, Minoru; Naitoh, Masanori; Ohashi, Hirotada

    A lattice-gas Automata two-dimensional program was developed for analysis of single and two-phase flow behaviors, to support the development of integrated software modules for Nuclear Power Plant mechanistic simulations. The program has single-color, which includes FHP I, II, and III models, two-color (Immiscible lattice gas), and two-velocity methods including a gravity effect model. Parameter surveys have been performed for Karman vortex street, two-phase separation for understanding flow regimes, and natural circulation flow for demonstrating passive reactor safety due to the chimney structure vessel. In addition, lattice-Boltzmann Equation two-dimensional programs were also developed. For analyzing single-phase flow behavior, a lattice-Boltzmann-BGK program was developed, which has multi-block treatments. A Finite Differential lattice-Boltzmann Equation program of parallelized version was introduced to analyze boiling two-phase flow behaviors. Parameter surveys have been performed for backward facing flow, Karman vortex street, bent piping flow with/without obstacles for piping system applications, flow in the porous media for demonstrating porous debris coolability, Couette flow, and spinodal decomposition to understand basic phase separation mechanisms. Parallelization was completed by using a domain decomposition method for all of the programs. An increase in calculation speed of at least 25 times, by parallel processing on 32 processors, demonstrated high parallelization efficiency. Application fields for microscopic model simulation to hypothetical severe conditions in large plants were also discussed.

  18. North Sea update

    The article deals with the offshore activity in the North Sea bringing together a special update feature for the petroleum industries in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. The total capital expenditure required for the period from 1995 to 1998 for the North Sea area which includes exploration, development projects and well abandoning, are discussed and presented. 20 figs., 5 tabs

  19. North Korean nuclear negotiation drama

    Kim, Jai Bok


    This book reports negotiation on North Korean nuclear among South Korea, North Korea and U. S. It includes an account about international issues on North Korean nuclear activities, a new aspect on the problems of North Korean nuclear, pressure on North Korea and startup for dialogue trying to solve problems by communication, investigation by IAEA, IAEA resolution and high tension on Korean peninsula with North Korean nuclear.

  20. North Korean nuclear negotiation drama

    This book reports negotiation on North Korean nuclear among South Korea, North Korea and U. S. It includes an account about international issues on North Korean nuclear activities, a new aspect on the problems of North Korean nuclear, pressure on North Korea and startup for dialogue trying to solve problems by communication, investigation by IAEA, IAEA resolution and high tension on Korean peninsula with North Korean nuclear.

  1. North Korea Conundrum

    Samore, G


    Proliferation has become an important political issue over the last decades, marked simultaneously by the nuclearization of South Asia, the strengthening of international regimes (TNP, CW, MTCR) and the discovery of fraud and trafficking. This paper presents the motivations and strategy of North Korea in violating existing agreements and developing an alternative source of weapons grade material. Then it analyses the US gradual economical and political strategy to pressure North Korea to eliminate its nuclear weapons program. The future position of the US will depend on the Iraq outcome and on the results of its pressure policy on North Korea. (J.S.)

  2. Census Snapshot: North Carolina

    Romero, Adam P; Rosky, Clifford J; Badgett, M. V. Lee; Gates, Gary J.


    Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, this report provides demographic and economic information about same-sex couples and same-sex couples raising children in North Carolina. We compare same-sex “unmarried partners,” which the Census Bureau defines as an unmarried couple who “shares living quarters and has a close personal relationship,” to different-sex married couples in North Carolina. In many ways, the nearly 20,000 same-sex couples living in North Carolina are similar to marr...

  3. Census Snapshot: North Dakota

    Romero, Adam P; Rosky, Clifford J; Badgett, M. V. Lee; Gates, Gary J.


    Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, this report provides demographic and economic information about same-sex couples and same-sex couples raising children in North Dakota. We compare same-sex “unmarried partners,” which the Census Bureau defines as an unmarried couple who “shares living quarters and has a close personal relationship,” to different-sex married couples in North Dakota. In many ways, the nearly 1,100 same-sex couples living in North Dakota are similar to married cou...

  4. North Korea Conundrum

    Proliferation has become an important political issue over the last decades, marked simultaneously by the nuclearization of South Asia, the strengthening of international regimes (TNP, CW, MTCR) and the discovery of fraud and trafficking. This paper presents the motivations and strategy of North Korea in violating existing agreements and developing an alternative source of weapons grade material. Then it analyses the US gradual economical and political strategy to pressure North Korea to eliminate its nuclear weapons program. The future position of the US will depend on the Iraq outcome and on the results of its pressure policy on North Korea. (J.S.)

  5. North Korea's corroding fuel

    The roughly 8,000 irradiated or open-quotes spentclose quotes fuel rods recently discharged from the North Korean 25 megawatt (thermal) reactor are difficult to store safely under the conditions in the spent fuel ponds near the reactor. The magnesium alloy jacket, or open-quotes cladding,close quotes around the fuel elements is corroding. If the corrosion creates holes in the cladding, radionuclides may be released. In addition, the uranium metal underneath the cladding may begin to corrode, possibly creating uranium hydride which can spontaneously ignite in air. Unless the storage conditions are improved, North Korea may use the risk posed by the corrosion as an argument for reprocessing this fuel, a violation of its June 1994 pledge to the United States to freeze its nuclear program. North Korea, however, can take several steps to slow dramatically the rate of corrosion. Using available techniques, it can extend safe storage times by months or even years

  6. North Korea, Quo Vadis?

    Karl H. Stingeder


    Full Text Available North Korean politics appears neither irrational nor unpredictable: the logic of its actions may at first seem opaque, but it nonetheless displays its own rationale and patterns. – North Korea: a ruthless political actor, now under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un who inherited the regime’s leadership from his father and "Supreme Leader", Kim Jong-Il, in 2011. The country’s policy is based on its ongoing political agenda of (nuclear brinkmanship, a true threat to the world – or at least that's how the Western hemisphere sees it. Yet our factual knowledge of this post-Leninist and totalitarian regime is extremely limited and relatively distorted; it is largely circumstantial evidence and judgmental speculation that accounts for our perception of this East Asian state. Northeast Asia (China, Japan, South and North Korea, Taiwan is a region dominated by the legacy of the Cold War. The North Korean leadership has indeed established its priorities, primarily its isolationist orientation, but in the long term the regime cannot survive without external stimulus. Most importantly, even in a long-term, non-violent and gradual transformation of North Korea considerable danger can ultimately result in the demise of the regime. Apart from few signs of a North Korean "civil society", currently only the army might have the resources to see through a regime change. In the meantime, the strategies of isolationism as well as tight control of the media remain as fundamental cornerstones of the regime. A close-knit network of social control has been established and access to the internet for the most part is limited to the regime’s entrusted cadre.

  7. Moving farther north

    According to predictions by the National Petroleum Council, North American demand for natural gas is likely to increase from 20 Tcf currently to 29 Tcf by the year 2010 and could increase to beyond 31 Tcf by 2015. In view of this and other similar predictions it is prudent to examine the potential sources of supply and to assess their capacity to meet this ever increasing demand. This paper provides an overview of North America's gas potential, proved reserves and current production. One of the sources much depended upon to meet future demand is the deepwater Gulf of Mexico which, however, would have to grow at the compounded rate of 21 per cent annually to meet expectations of 4.5 Tcf per year by 2010, a staggering rate of growth that would require 250 to 300 completions per year (current rate is about 100 per year) and two to three times the number of rigs currently working in the Gulf. If the deepwater Gulf of Mexico cannot meet this target, the incremental supply will most likely come from the North, namely the Fort Liard, Norman Wells, and the Mackenzie Delta/Beaufort Sea regions of Canada and Alaska's Cook Inlet, Copper River, North Slope and Susitna Basin. The economics of developing each of these regions is examined, using field size, reserves per well, exploration and development costs and cycle time as the bases for comparison. Obstacles to development such as access to pipelines, government regulations, and opposition by environmental groups are also discussed

  8. North-South Relations

    Watkins, Melville


    Multinational corporations operating mostly in northern Canada export natural resources thus creating jobs and money for foreign shareholders. Similarly, businesses based in southern Canada reap benefits from northern resources. Environmentalists and churches can ally north-south interests to protect northern resources and people from corporate…

  9. North Atlantic Temperature Anomaly

    Vukcevic, M.A.


    The author postulates the existence of a high correlation between North Atlantic Temperature Anomaly and the variations of magnetic field over the Hudson Bay region. Post-glacial uplift and convection in the underlying mantle uplift (as reflected in changes of the area's magnetic intensity) are making significant contribution to the Atlantic basin climate change.

  10. Lignite in North Dakota

    The State of North Dakota and the lignite industry are working together in a partnership called the Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program. The program provides funds and supports activities which: preserve and enhance jobs and lignite production; ensure economic growth, stability and opportunity; and maintain a stable and competitive tax base. Since 1987, 70 grants totaling $24 million have been awarded. Each program dollar has resulted in nearly five of matching dollars. These program investments have yielded returns for the state and industry, including an additional $20 million annually from by-products at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant; about $1 million annually from improved reclamation practices; and combustion options, which preserve 2,000 megawatts of existing generation capacity. Research activities have identified future opportunities, including: the SynCoal demonstration plant, requiring 800,000 tons per year of new production; new chemical feedstock by-products from Great Plains worth an additional $26 million annually; revised reclamation practices that could substantially reduce cost; and potential new markets for upgraded lignite of about 12 million tons annually. This program helps ensure a healthy future for the North Dakota lignite industry, which currently represents 10% of the state's total economic base. Such a program is important because it will encourage the development of new and better uses of North Dakota's most abundant resource--lignite coal

  11. North American Regional Report



    North America is an energy community fortunate to be endowed with a rich and varied resource base. It consumes about a third of the world's energy and produces about one quarter of world energy supply. North America depends on a mix of complementary energy sources that should remain competitive but not in conflict. The current supply mix varies between Canada, the United States and Mexico, but fossil fuels are dominant across the region, leaving the three member countries vulnerable to a myriad of risks associated with traditional supply sources. Energy trade between all three countries is also a major contributor to the region's economy. Thus, the impetus for collaboration across the region has grown out of the common goals of energy security and economic prosperity. The goal of the WEC regional group was to discuss avenues for advancing North American cooperation and coordination on a range of energy issues. An additional objective was to develop policy recommendations that will facilitate effective development and use of the region's energy resources. Results and recommendtaions are summarized from three forums that focused on the pertinent issues of energy trade, energy efficiency and energy diversification. The inaugural forum (Energy Trade) was held in Washington, D.C. in the fall of 2005. The following summer, the second forum (Energy Efficiency) took place in Mexico City. The third forum (Energy Diversification) was hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  12. Anaglyph, North America


    This anaglyph (stereoscopic view) of North America was generated with data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). It is best viewed at or near full resolution with anaglyph glasses. For this broad view the resolution of the data was first reduced to 30 arcseconds (about 928 meters north-south and 736 meters east-west in central North America), matching the best previously existing global digital topographic data set called GTOPO30. The data were then resampled to a Mercator projection with approximately square pixels (about one kilometer, or 0.6 miles, on each side). Even at this decreased resolution the variety of landforms comprising the North American continent is readily apparent.Active tectonics (structural deformation of the Earth's crust) along and near the Pacific North American plate boundary creates the great topographic relief seen along the Pacific coast. Earth's crustal plates converge in southern Mexico and in the northwest United States, melting the crust and producing volcanic cones. Along the California coast, the plates are sliding laterally past each other, producing a pattern of slices within the San Andreas fault system. And, where the plates are diverging, the crust appears torn apart as one huge tear along the Gulf of California (northwest Mexico), and as the several fractures comprising the Basin and Range province (in and around Nevada).Across the Great Plains, erosional patterns dominate, with stream channels surrounding and penetrating the remnants of older smooth slopes east of the Rocky Mountains. This same erosion process is exposing the bedrock structural patterns of the Black Hills in South Dakota and the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Lateral erosion and sediment deposition by the Mississippi River has produced the flatlands of the lower Mississippi Valley and the Mississippi Delta.To the north, evidence of the glaciers of the last ice age is widely found, particularly east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and around the

  13. North American Energy Policy

    Remarks by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Energy Cooperation concerning North American energy policy were presented. Guiding principles behind the National Energy Policy report released in 2001 were presented, stressing energy and economic security for the United States as well as strengthening global energy security, particularly in the western hemisphere. The energy trade relationship between Canada and the United States was discussed along with economic integration, with particular reference to the northeastern provinces of Canada. An overview of growth in offshore oil production, crude oil and petroleum exports from Canada was examined. American gas consumption levels and a forecast for future economic developments between the two countries was outlined. Four major orders were presented to contextualize future trade relationships: the authorizing of Presidential permits for petroleum and liquids pipelines that cross international boundaries of the United States; the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Canadian National Energy Board (NEB) and the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) addressing the sharing of information between the two organizations; the signing of the Canada-United States Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Framework for Cooperation; and, the United States-Canada Power System Outage Task Force report. The goals, challenges and obstacles of the North American Energy Working Group (NAEWG) were also outlined, with specific reference to their principal objective of promoting a more fully integrated energy market in North America. An outline of future initiatives planned by the Bush Administration was presented, including details of the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy and the international Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and outlines of the Western Hemisphere Energy Technology Cooperation Initiative. It was concluded that the partnership between Canada and the United States

  14. Apollo in the North

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene


    Walter Pater’s fascination with the Hyperborean Apollo, who according to myth resided north of the home of the northern wind, is explored in two of his pieces of short fiction, ‘Duke Carl of Rosenmold’ (1887) and ‘Apollo in Picardy’ (1893). The essay discusses some of Pater’s complex dialogue wit......: where does it begin? Where does it end? Is it a place of light or of darkness? Pater’s dark Apollo challenges conventional notions of the sun god and testifies to the strong presence of paganism in Pater’s late writings....

  15. The North Field Development

    The Qatar Europe LNG Company's activities include gas production, gathering, treatment, liquefaction, shipping and marketing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and by-products. The (LNG) project to be developed by the Company shall be initially capable of processing 1200 mmscfd of raw gas and associated quantities of condensate from the North Field. Hydrocarbons produced will be delivered to shore in the industrial area (Ras Laffan) via a sub sea pipeline system. Raw gas is used as a feedstock into the liquefaction plant which is initially capable of producing 6.1 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of (LNG). The initial quantity of (LNG) will be exported from (Ras Laffan) loading terminal to a receiving terminal located on the North East coast of Italy via a dedicated fleet of (LNG) carriers. The whole project (Upstream, Downstream and Shipping) shall be executed on an integrated scheme basis under the the direct control of the Qatar Europe LNG Company and in accordance with the overall Master Schedule in order to ensure a delivery of first shipment of (LNG) in the 2 nd half of 1997. 3 figs

  16. Roof Defects in North Cyprus

    Aghghaleh, Shadi Pakpour


    ABSTRACT: The construction boom in North Cyprus, followed by Annan Plan, have resulted in the construction of a great number of buildings with minimum costs and quality. Although there exist certain rules for the construction of new buildings in North Cyprus, and part of these rules are related to the roofs, defects are observed few years after construction. This thesis intends to introduce different roof systems in North Cyprus, to find their problems and suggest solutions. In this respe...

  17. Energy policy of North Korea

    Since the year 1990, North Korea suffers internal-policy problems as well as foreign-political problems. The gross domestic investment decreased by 3.8% yearly between the years 1990 and 1998. Many actual problems of North Korea correspond with the energy crisis in this land affecting nearly all sectors of economy and society. This energy crisis was released by the fact, that the former Soviet Union has stopped the supply of primary energy in the year 1991. In the contribution under consideration, the author reports on the energy policy of North Korea. The main themes of this contribution are: (a) Development and characteristics of the energy sector; (b) Crisis of the energy sector; (c) Consequences of the energy crisis in North Korea; (d) Possibilities of the solution of the energy crisis. For the U.S.A. and the international community, the energy crisis offers the possibility to turn North Korea to negotiations by means of remedial measures in the energy sector. In response, North Korea should drop its nuclear energy program. Apart from such positive incentives, the threat of sanctions is conceivable. North Korea imports nearly 70 % of its oil demand from the People's Republic of China. Therefore, China has an great influence on North Korea. The energy crisis of North Korea shows the fatal consequences of a falsely performed energy policy with respect to the population of this land and with respect to the stability and disposing capacity of the political leadership

  18. North Central Thailand


    This radar image shows the dramatic landscape in the Phang Hoei Range of north central Thailand, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of the city of Lom Sak. The plateau, shown in green to the left of center, is the area of Phu Kradung National Park. This plateau is a remnant of a once larger plateau, another portion of which is seen along the right side of the image. The plateaus have been dissected by water erosion over thousands of years. Forest areas appear green on the image; agricultural areas and settlements appear as red and blue. North is toward the lower right. The area shown is 38 by 50 kilometers (24 by 31 miles) and is centered at 16.96 degrees north latitude, 101.67 degrees east longitude. Colors are assigned to different radar frequencies and polarizations as follows: red is L-band horizontally transmitted and horizontally received; green is L-band horizontally transmitted and vertically received; blue is C-band horizontally transmitted and vertically received. The image was acquired by the Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C/X-band Synthetic Aperture (SIR-C/X-SAR) imaging radar on October 3, 1994, when it flew aboard the space shuttle Endeavour. SIR-C/X-SAR is a joint mission of the U.S./German and Italian space agencies.Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C and X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SIR-C/X-SAR) is part of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth. The radars illuminate Earth with microwaves allowing detailed observations at any time, regardless of weather or sunlight conditions. SIR-C/X-SAR uses three microwave wavelengths: L-band (24 cm), C-band (6 cm) and X-band (3 cm). The multi-frequency data will be used by the international scientific community to better understand the global environment and how it is changing. The SIR-C/X-SAR data, complemented by aircraft and ground studies, will give scientists clearer insights into those environmental changes which are caused by nature and those changes which are induced by human activity. SIR-C was developed by NASA

  19. Phoenix Animation Looking North


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Click on image for animation This animation is a series of images, taken by NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Surface Stereo Imager, combined into a panoramic view looking north from the lander. The area depicted is beyond the immediate workspace of the lander and shows a system of polygons and troughs that connect with the ones Phoenix will be investigating in depth. The images were taken on sol 14 (June 8, 2008) or the 14th Martian day after landing. The Phoenix Mission is led by the University of Arizona, Tucson, on behalf of NASA. Project management of the mission is by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Spacecraft development is by Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver.

  20. Propane: North American opportunities

    Opportunities for expanding the propane market in North America are discussed. The goal of change should be to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty. The current customer base is largely comprised of pick-up trucks, vans and buses in commercial fleet service, police and similar fleet service and privately owned vehicles. Opportunities for the expansion of propane exist due to: vehicles being kept and lasting longer, allowing a longer pay-back time; exhaust emission standards becoming more stringent; the possible introduction of emission standards for substances currently not controlled; and properly combusted CO2 emissions that are at least 12% lower than gasoline. The continuing development of engine fuel management systems, application of extensive road/highway experience, matching supply and refuelling infrastructure to consumer demands, application in air quality non-attainment areas, and original equipment manufacturer, government and industry cooperation are discussed. 8 figs

  1. Pollution of the North Sea

    This is the first modern review on the fate, distribution and effects of pollutants in the North Sea. The reader will find general information on the North Sea system and details on the behavior of pollutants and their impact on selected areas and organisms. (orig.) With 238 figs

  2. North Korea: A Geographical Analysis.

    Palka, Eugene J., Ed.; Galgano, Francis A., Ed.

    North Korea is a country about the size of the state of New York, inhabited by about 23 million people. It came into existence after the conclusion of World War II following decades of occupation of the Korean Peninsula by the Japanese empire. Dividing the peninsula into North and South Korea was the politically expedient solution to one of the…

  3. The North Pacific Gyre Mode

    Schneider, N.; di Lorenzo, E.


    Discussion of North Pacific Decadal decadal variability has focused primarily on the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the leading mode of sea surface temperature anomalies north of the tropics. The PDO appears to result from a superposition of SST pattern forced by the North Pacific atmosphere due to its intrinsic dynamics and teleconnected from the tropics, with a regional impact of the ocean circulation in the frontal regions associated with the Kuroshio/Oyashio and their extensions into the interior. Recent modeling, however, suggest that previously unexplained decadal changes of salinity, nutrient upwelling and chlorophyl in the California Current are not dominated by the PDO. Rather, these are associated with a mode of variability associated with wind driven changes of the North Pacific Gyre. Consideration of this mode variability may thus be important to understand present and future variations of the North Pacific ecosystem, and in the interpretation of climate proxies.

  4. North Korea: a mercenary proliferator?

    After having recalled that North Korea possesses a rather advanced ballistic programme which has been started in the 1970 with the Chinese support, that North Korea is the fourth world producer of ballistic missiles, the author outlines that this country has become a major proliferator as it exports this production to different States and non-State actors. He recalls the long history of relationships between North Korea and terrorist organisations (even during the Cold War), comments the current and major support of North Korea to Hamas and Hezbollah in Gaza and in Lebanon. These relationships are then related with those these both organisations have with Syria and Iran who are in fact the relays between them and North Korea. The author explains why Hamas and Hezbollah must buy their weapons to such a far country: Iran is submitted to international sanctions, Iran and Syria want to avoid being banned from the international community for selling weapon to a terrorist (or so-said) organisation, and prices are rather competitive. If North Korea is also submitted to international sanctions, weapon smuggling seems to be institutional in this country. The author finally briefly evokes the issue of chemical weapons: North Korea possesses few thousand tonnes of these weapons, and could export them to non-state organisations

  5. North American oil demand outlook

    Stewart, M.B. [National Economic Research Associates, White Plains, NY (United States)


    An understanding of the relationship of economic growth and potential petroleum product demand is needed to forecast the potential for North American oil demand growth as well as knowledge of world supply and price. The bullish expectations for economic growth in the US and Canada auger well for North American refiners and marketeers. The growth in world economic output forecast, however, means a larger oil demand and an increase in OPEC`s pricing power. Such price increases could depress North American oil demand growth. (author)

  6. North American oil demand outlook

    An understanding of the relationship of economic growth and potential petroleum product demand is needed to forecast the potential for North American oil demand growth as well as knowledge of world supply and price. The bullish expectations for economic growth in the US and Canada auger well for North American refiners and marketeers. The growth in world economic output forecast, however, means a larger oil demand and an increase in OPEC's pricing power. Such price increases could depress North American oil demand growth. (author)

  7. Advantages of North Sea Assets

    The North Sea is a significant hydrocarbon province and any large multinational will need to maintain North Sea assets within their portfolio - as indeed they do. The general feeling that pervades the oil industry that the North Sea is ''mature'' can be demonstrated by reference to the facts. The result is a potential fall-off in activity and a serious threat to the future levels of profitability in the region. Notwithstanding the continuing development of large fields, such as Troll, of or multi-field developments, for example BP's recent announcement on ETAPs, activity is beginning to fall, most noticeably at the front end of the development cycle, in exploration. (author)

  8. Famine in North Korea Redux?

    Stephan Haggard; Marcus Noland


    In the 1990s, 600,000 to 1 million North Koreans, or about 3 to 5 percent of the precrisis population, perished in one of the worst famines of the 20th century.North Korea is once again poised on the brink of famine. Although the renewed provision of aid is likely to avert a disaster on the scale of the 1990s, hunger-related deaths are already occurring and a dynamic has been set in motion that will carry the crisis into 2009. North Korea is a complex humanitarian emergency characterized by h...

  9. Blogging from North Pond

    Marziali, C. G.; Edwards, K. J.


    Sea going research expeditions provide an ideal opportunity for outreach through blogs: the finite duration limits the author's commitment; scientists are usually in a remote location with fewer distractions; and fieldwork is visual and interesting to describe. Over four weeks this winter, Katrina Edwards of USC authored a blog about her deep-sea drilling expedition to North Pond, a depression in the ocean crust in the mid-Atlantic. She emailed daily dispatches and photos to USC Media Relations, which maintained a (still accessible) blog. Written for the general public, the blog quickly attracted interest from lay readers as well as from media organizations. Scientific American carried the blog on its web site, and the National Science Foundation linked to it in its "Science 360" electronic news digest. The blog also led to a Q&A with Edwards in the widely-read "Behind the Scenes" feature of LiveScience. Interest from science bloggers and National Geographic towards the end suggests that the blog could have expanded its reach given more time: expeditions lasting between six weeks and three months, such as occur during ocean drilling expeditions, would appear to be ideal candidates for a blog. Most importantly, the blog educated readers about the importance to planetary life of what Edwards calls the "intraterrestrials": the countless microbes that inhabit the oceanic crust and influence major chemical and biological cycles. Considering that the subjects of the expedition were invisible critters in a pitch-dark place, the blog shows what can be accomplished by scientists and institutions committed to public outreach.

  10. North American Breeding Bird Survey

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This protocol framework provides guidance for conducting surveys of North American bird populations at multiple stations within two or more regions. The BBS is a...

  11. Whither North Carolina furniture manufacturing?

    Robert L. Lacy


    North Carolina's furniture manufacturing industry has contracted in recent years as imports have gained a greater share of the domestic furniture market. Rapid growth of the furniture industry in China and a surge in exports from that country to the United States in particular have contributed to plant closings and consolidation of operations in the state. North Carolina's furniture manufacturers are adapting to the emergence of global competition and are developing new corporate strategies t...

  12. Daucus for the flora of North America

    The Flora of North America Project will treat more than 20,000 species of plants native or naturalized in North America north of Mexico, about 7% of the world's total. This contribution presents a floristic account of the two species of wild carrots (Daucus) occurring in North America, Daucus carota...

  13. 31 CFR 500.554 - Gifts of North Korean, North Vietnamese, Cambodian, or South Vietnamese origin.


    ... Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam. (b) Specific licenses are issued for the importation directly from North Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam: (1) Of goods which are claimed by... acquired in North Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam as a bona fide gift, subject......

  14. The North Dakota lignite partnership

    The State of North Dakota and the Lignite Energy Council have formed a government/industry partnership to promote the use of North Dakota lignite. The partnership provides funding and management for the Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program. The program funds activities which preserve and enhance jobs and lignite production; ensure economic growth, stability and opportunity; and maintain a stable and competitive tax base. Funding is provided for activities in three areas: marketing feasibility studies, small research projects, and demonstration projects. Funding is derived from the state coal severance tax. Approximately $3,000,000 annually is appropriated from coal severance revenues for program activities. North Dakota is the ninth largest coal producing state, with lignite as the only rank of coal found in the state. Energy is the second largest economic sector in North Dakota, and it currently comprises over 12% of the state's total economic base. This paper reviews the North Dakota lignite industry and describes studies and projects which have received funding from the program

  15. The effects of regional economic integration in Europe of the pattern north-north and north-south

    Antevski Miroslav


    Full Text Available This paper examines the effects of regional economic integration in Europe, especially the North-North and North-South integration patterns, and how the benefits and costs of integration are divided between countries. Outcomes depend on: comparative advantages, factor endowments, factor intensities, competitive advantages, FDI flows, transfers of technology, knowledge spillovers, economies of scale, transport costs, industry/GDP ratios, and agglomeration forces. The North-North integration between high income countries tends to lead to convergence of country incomes. Contrary, the South-South integration between low income countries causes divergence. Low income countries are likely to be better served by the North-South integration.


    Aakre, Dwight G.; Saxowsky, David M.; Vreugdenhil, Harvey G.


    The North Dakota Land Valuation Model was created by the North Dakota Legislature in the early 1980s. This model is used to estimate the value of agricultural land based on productivity for purposes of real estate tax assessment. Prior to this change, agricultural real estate was assessed based on market values. This model is used to estimate the average value per acre of cropland and non-cropland, by county, based on the value of crops and livestock produced on these lands. An average value ...

  17. Chemical and nutritional composition of some common foods in Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Silifat Ajoke Sanni


    Full Text Available Chemical composition of seven common foods viz. cooked rice, cooked beans, cooked yams, cooked fufu, fried fish, stew, and vegetable soup, sold by the selected (147 vendors in Abeokut, were investigated. Descriptive statistics was used to analyse the collected data. The results of the proximate analysis of food samples showed that the mean moisture content of the street foods ranged from 44.87% in fried fish to 72.43% in cooked fufu. Protein content varied from 0.03% in cooked fufu to 14.47% in fried fish while the fat content ranged from 0.03% in cooked fufu to 34.43% in fried fish. Ash and carbohydrate contents ranged from 0.42% in cooked rice to 16.07% in vegetable soup and 0.73% in stew to 29.27% in cooked rice, respectively. The energy content ranged from 89.0 Kcal in cooked fufu to 375.24 Kcal in fried fish. In general, fried fish had the highest values of protein (14.47%, fat (34.43% and energy content (375.24 KCal.. The results showed that there were no appreciable differences in the proximate composition of the selected foods across the locations.Composição química de sete alimentos comuns; arroz cozido, feijão cozido, inhame cozido, fufu cozido, peixe frito, carne e sopa de verdura cozida, comercializadas por vendedores de Abeokut - Nigéria foram analisadas. Estatística descritiva foi usada para analisar os resultados obtidos. Os resultados da análise das amostras de alimento mostraram que o teor de umidade nos alimentos variou de 44.87% em peixe frito a 72.43% no fufu cozido. O conteúdo de proteína variou de 0.03% em fufu cozido a 14.47%. em peixe frito, enquanto o teor de gordura variou de 0.03% no fufu cozido a 34.43% em peixe frito. O teor de cinzas e carboidratos variou de 0.42% em arroz cozido a 16.07% em sopa de verdura, e de 0.73% em carne cozida a 29.27% em arroz cozido, respectivamente. O Valor calórico variou de 89.0 Kcal em fufu cozido a 375.24 Kcal em peixe frito. Em geral, peixe frito apresentou valores altos em proteína (14.47% , gordura (34.43% e valor calórico de (375.24 KCal. Os resultados mostram que não havia diferenças significativas na composição dos alimentos selecionados em localidades próximas.

  18. Models to estimate the palm surface area of students in a tertiary institution in Abeokuta, Nigeria

    S.O. Ismaila


    Full Text Available The need to use palm surface area (PSA in ergonomics, burn therapy, thermal physiology, and medicine necessitated the studies on its determination. The purpose of this study was to determine the PSA of students in a tertiary institution in Nigeria, propose a model to obtain the PSA, and use the neural network to reflect the effects of age, height, and weight on PSA. A total of 400 students comprising of 185 male and 215 female students aged between 16- and 25-years old were used for the study. Nonlinear regression analysis on SPSS 16.0 statistical package was used to extract the best fit correlation for Nigerian students with PSA as the dependent variable; and height, weight, and age as independent variables. The neural network on SPSS 16.0 was used to design the multilayer perceptron to predict PSA using age, height, and weight of the students. The estimated values using the models were not statistically different from the obtained values from the study (p = 0.000. The prediction of PSA showed that the neural network can be trained with almost no significant error of the output and that there was a nonlinear relationship between the input and output variables.

  19. Chemical and nutritional composition of some common foods in Abeokuta, Nigeria

    Silifat Ajoke Sanni; Clara Raquel Bernstein Oguntona; Lateef Oladimeji Sanni


    Chemical composition of seven common foods viz. cooked rice, cooked beans, cooked yams, cooked fufu, fried fish, stew, and vegetable soup, sold by the selected (147) vendors in Abeokut, were investigated. Descriptive statistics was used to analyse the collected data. The results of the proximate analysis of food samples showed that the mean moisture content of the street foods ranged from 44.87% in fried fish to 72.43% in cooked fufu. Protein content varied from 0.03% in cooked fufu to 14.47%...

  20. North American radioactive beam initiatives

    After a brief review of existing radioactive beam facilities in North America, two new initiative (the Oak Ridge Radioactive Ion Beam Facility and the IsoSpin Laboratory) are described in some detail. An evaluation of which nuclei these facilities will be able to study, that cannot be studied with stable targets and beams, also is presented

  1. Vulnerability in north- central Vietnam

    Casse, Thorkil; Milhøj, Anders; Nguyen, Thao Phuong


    This article examines changes in livelihood strategies in response to flooding. It does so on the basis of a household survey which was undertaken in three provinces in north central Vietnam. All households in the survey were regularly affected by flooding, but only poor households experience...



    This annual horse race takes place in every township of the north Tibetan grassland,one by one,starting from August 1st. The principal activities are usually a horse race and a blessing by touching the foreheads of people by a Rinpoche.

  3. North Korea and nuclear weapons

    Problems connected with the decision of the North Korea to stop its membership in the NPT are considered. This decision can create a dangerous precedent and produce a negative effect on the existence of the Treaty, the implementation of which is under control of the IAEA

  4. North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles X

    Proceedings of the Tenth North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles, held in Copenhagen, 14-17 May 2008......Proceedings of the Tenth North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles, held in Copenhagen, 14-17 May 2008...

  5. North Atlantic Coastal Plain aquifer system

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the extent of the North Atlantic Coastal Plain aquifer system in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, and New Jersey.

  6. North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Database (NPPSD)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Database (NPPSD) was created in 2005 to consolidate data on the oceanic distribution of marine bird species in the North Pacific....

  7. 15 CFR 746.4 - North Korea.


    ... accessories; cosmetics; perfumes; furs; designer clothing; luxury watches; rugs and tapestries; electronic... items meeting subsistence needs) intended for the benefit of the North Korean people; items in support... persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction and North Korean entities or any specially designated North...

  8. Australia's North West Shelf Venture

    The North West Shelf Venture is based in Karratha, 1500 km north of Perth in Western Australia. At a cost of $A12bn, it is the biggest and one of the most important natural resource developments in Australia. Originally constructed in 1984 to supply gas to the West Australian domestic and industrial market, the Venture is now the third-largest LNG exporter in the Asia-Pacific region, generating more than $A1.5bn a year in export income. The Venture supplies about 15 percent of Japan's LNG demand, or 7.5 million tonnes a year, to eight Japanese power and gas utilities under 20-year contracts. In addition, 'spot' sales have been made to Spain, South Korea, Turkey and the United States. The Venture also supplies more than 70 percent of Western Australia's domestic gas requirements and exports LPG, condensate and crude oil to global markets

  9. Radioactivity in the North Sea

    This chapter lists the main sources of radioactivity in the North Sea and explains the units used. The main source is naturally occuring long-lived radionuclides. Other significant sources are the Sellafield reprocessing plant, atmospheric atomic weapons testing, fallout from the Chernobyl reactor accident, the French nuclear reprocessing plant at Cap la Hague and oilfield production water brines. However, currently these are not significant compared with the natural background. If this is to continue, lower levels of discharge into the sea, strict control of new discharges and the cessation of atmospheric nuclear tests will be needed. There is a map showing the concentration of Cs137 in filtered water from the North Sea in 1985. (UK)

  10. Heart Failure in North America

    Blair, John E.A.; Huffman, Mark; Shah, Sanjiv J.


    Heart failure is a major health problem that affects patients and healthcare systems worldwide. Within the continent of North America, differences in economic development, genetic susceptibility, cultural practices, and trends in risk factors and treatment all contribute to both inter-continental and within-continent differences in heart failure. The United States and Canada represent industrialized countries with similar culture, geography, and advanced economies and infrastructure. During t...

  11. Gas deregulation in North America

    Contains Executive Summary and Chapters on: The North American gas industry; Upstream deregulation in the US and Canada; Retail regulation in the US and Canada; Customer choice in Pennsylvania and Ohio; Customer choice in Massachusetts; Deregulation legislation in Georgia; US pilot programme results; The Canadian experience; Market centres, hubs and storage; Marketers and trading companies; New roles for pipelines; Mergers and Joint ventures; Opportunities in Mexico; Conclusions - the pros and cons of deregulation. (Author)

  12. North American oil demand outlook

    The forecasting of future demand for petroleum and petroleum products in North America is discussed, with reference to oil prices, oil supplies, and economic growth. Annual North American economic growth is expected to be in the 2.5-3.5% range, while outside of North America, world economic output is forecast to grow 3.7% in 1995, over double the average of the past four years. A substantial growth in world oil demand that may result from this growth seems likely to increase the pricing power of OPEC; this will likely increase oil prices, which in turn will depress oil demand growth, particularly in North America. If oil consumption rises 2.5%/y over the next decade, demand for OPEC oil should increase by ca 13 million bbl/d. There is little doubt that OPEC could increase production by that much, but there is a question whether they will do so without at current or near-current prices. Since this is felt to be rather unlikely, it is thus probable that oil prices will rise substantially during the next decade. This will be followed by a decline in prices as OPEC's pricing power is weakened by competition from conservation and non-OPEC supply. Petroleum consumption in the USA is forecast to rise slowly over the next 2-3 y but a decline will set in by 2000. Motor gasoline consumption is forecast to fall from its current level of ca 7.6 million bbl/d to ca 7.45 million bbl/d by 2005 before recovering in the face of lower prices. 3 figs., 3 tabs

  13. Medieval pottery from north Lincolnshire

    Hayfield, Colin


    This thesis establishes and defines, for the first time, the forms and fabric types of the medieval ceramics which have been found in North Lincolnshire. The pottery from the unstratified assemblages has been catalogued in Chapter 2 and that from the stratified assemblages in Chapter 3. As an intensive regional study, there have been opportunities to use this catalogued information, along with a study of the distributional evidence, to comment on some of the wider aspects of pottery study. ...

  14. Drilling the North Anatolian Fault

    Mustafa Aktar


    Full Text Available An international workshop entitled “GONAF: A deep Geophysical Observatory at the North Anatolian Fault”, was held 23–27 April 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim of this workshop was to refine plans for a deep drilling project at the North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ in northwestern Turkey. The current drilling target is located in the Marmara Sea offshore the megacity of Istanbul in the direct vicinity of the main branch of the North Anatolian Fault on the PrinceIslands (Figs. 1 and 2.The NAFZ represents a 1600-km-long plate boundary that slips at an average rate of 20–30 mm·yr-1 (McClusky et al., 2000. It has developed in the framework of the northward moving Arabian plate and the Hellenic subduction zone where the African lithosphere is subducting below the Aegean. Comparison of long-term slip rates with Holocene and GPS-derived slip rates indicate an increasing westwardmovement of the Anatolian plate with respect to stable Eurasia. During the twentieth century, the NAFZ has ruptured over 900 km of its length. A series of large earthquakes starting in 1939 near Erzincan in Eastern Anatolia propagated westward towards the Istanbul-Marmara region in northwestern Turkey that today represents a seismic gap along a ≥100-km-long segment below the Sea of Marmara. This segment did not rupture since 1766 and, if locked, may have accumulated a slip deficit of 4–5 m. It is believed being capable of generating two M≥7.4 earthquakes within the next decades (Hubert-Ferrari et al., 2000; however, it could even rupture in a large single event (Le Pichon et al., 1999.

  15. Heart failure in North America.

    Blair, John E A; Huffman, Mark; Shah, Sanjiv J


    Heart failure is a major health problem that affects patients and healthcare systems worldwide. Within the continent of North America, differences in economic development, genetic susceptibility, cultural practices, and trends in risk factors and treatment all contribute to both inter-continental and within-continent differences in heart failure. The United States and Canada represent industrialized countries with similar culture, geography, and advanced economies and infrastructure. During the epidemiologic transition from rural to industrial in countries such as the United States and Canada, nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases made way for degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, overweight/obesity, and diabetes. This in turn has resulted in an increase in heart failure incidence in these countries, especially as overall life expectancy increases. Mexico, on the other hand, has a less developed economy and infrastructure, and has a wide distribution in the level of urbanization as it becomes more industrialized. Mexico is under a period of epidemiologic transition and the etiology and incidence of heart failure is rapidly changing. Ethnic differences within the populations of the United States and Canada highlight the changing demographics of each country as well as potential disparities in heart failure care. Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction makes up approximately half of all hospital admissions throughout North America; however, important differences in demographics and etiology exist between countries. Similarly, acute heart failure etiology, severity, and management differ between countries in North America. The overall economic burden of heart failure continues to be large and growing worldwide, with each country managing this burden differently. Understanding the inter-and within-continental differences may help improve understanding of the heart failure epidemic, and may aid healthcare systems in delivering

  16. Prevalence of mastitis among dairy cattle in Kanam Local Government Area of Plateau state, Nigeria

    Charles O. Ebojei; Gyang C. Davou; Blessing A. Salman; Victoria O. Mosimabale


    Mastitis is a major disease that infects the mammary gland of dairy cattle and adverselyaffects the quantity and quality of milk produced by cows. This study described the socio-economiccharacteristics of herdsmen and examined the prevalence rate of mastitis in White Fulani cows in KanamLocal Government Area (LGA) of Plateau State, North Central Nigeria. Four districts were randomlyselected from the LGA (among 10 districts) and twenty herdsmen were randomly selected from each ofthese four dis...

  17. North Dakota Energy Workforce Development

    Carter, Drake [Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND (United States)


    Bismarck State College, along with its partners (Williston State College, Minot State University and Dickinson State University), received funding to help address the labor and social impacts of rapid oilfield development in the Williston Basin of western North Dakota. Funding was used to develop and support both credit and non-credit workforce training as well as four major symposia designed to inform and educate the public; enhance communication and sense of partnership among citizens, local community leaders and industry; and identify and plan to ameliorate negative impacts of oil field development.

  18. North American Natural Gas Markets

    This report sunnnarizes the research by an Energy Modeling Forum working group on the evolution of the North American natural gas markets between now and 2010. The group's findings are based partly on the results of a set of economic models of the natural gas industry that were run for four scenarios representing significantly different conditions: two oil price scenarios (upper and lower), a smaller total US resource base (low US resource case), and increased potential gas demand for electric generation (high US demand case). Several issues, such as the direction of regulatory policy and the size of the gas resource base, were analyzed separately without the use of models

  19. North American Natural Gas Markets

    This report summarizes die research by an Energy Modeling Forum working group on the evolution of the North American natural gas markets between now and 2010. The group's findings are based partly on the results of a set of economic models of the natural gas industry that were run for four scenarios representing significantly different conditions: two oil price scenarios (upper and lower), a smaller total US resource base (low US resource case), and increased potential gas demand for electric generation (high US demand case). Several issues, such as the direction of regulatory policy and the size of the gas resource base, were analyzed separately without the use of models

  20. Spotted hyena from north China


    @@ Acomplete fossil skeleton of spotted hyena unearthed on 26 July, 2008 in nearly perfect preservation, exhilarates CAS paleontologists, as the discovery in north China might offer new clues about the interactions between prehistoric faunas of Africa and Eurasia, and meanwhile afford a clue to the big extinction of large amount of species occurring about 11,000 years ago. Hinting at possible connections between species from Africa and Eurasia, the discovery would even provide new insights into the "out-of-Africa" model of human origins.

  1. The carbon budget of the North Sea

    A. Vieira Borges


    Full Text Available A carbon budget has been established for the North Sea, a shelf sea of the NW European continental shelf. The air-sea exchange of CO2 has been assessed as closing term of the budget. The carbon exchange fluxes with the North Atlantic Ocean dominate the gross carbon budget. The net carbon budget – more relevant to the issue of the contribution of the coastal ocean to the marine carbon cycle – is dominated by the carbon inputs from rivers, the Baltic Sea and the atmosphere. The dominant carbon sink is the final export to the North Atlantic Ocean. The North Sea acts as a sink for organic carbon. More than 90% of the CO2 taken up from the atmosphere is exported to the North Atlantic Ocean making the North Sea a highly efficient continental shelf pump for carbon.

  2. Radioactivity in north european waters

    The primary objective of Working Group 2 of Project MARINA was to consider recent measurements of environmental radioactivity in north European waters and to use this, and other information, to report the likely magnitude of doses to the critical group from marine pathways. The monitoring data were supplemented where appropriate with predictions from simple models. The major sources of radioactivity studied were as follows: liquid wastes from nuclear fuel reprocessing plants; liquid wastes from nuclear power plants and other major nuclear industry sites; solid waste disposal in the deep north-east Atlantic; fallout from Chernobyl; and naturally-occurring radionuclides. Some of the largest doses from marine pathways are predicted for naturally-occurring radionuclides. The highest doses from the nuclear industry were due to the operation of the reprocessing plant at Sellafield. Discharges from this site have been decreasing substantially in recent years and, as a consequence, doses have also been reducing. Predictions of individual doses due to liquid effluents from power stations, solid waste disposal and fallout from Chernobyl are all low

  3. North Africa oil and gas

    During the last decade, Algeria, Egypt and Libya have improved their fiscal terms for oil and gas development to attract more investment in this area. As a group, the three countries are implementing plans to increase crude oil production capacity 16 % from 3.15 million barrels per day (Mb/d) in 1995 to 3.65 Mb/d in the year 2000. Natural gas liquid are also being developed and their production capacity is planned to increase 30 % to 0.82 Mb/d in 2000. Concurrently, natural gas production capacity is being expanded about 50 % by 200 and natural gas exporting capacity should see a 92 % increase in 2000 over 1995 levels in short, the North Africa hydrocarbon producers are rapidly expanding their production and export capacity of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons. This is the first IEA study to focus on North Africa. It shows how changing hydrocarbon legislation or production sharing agreements can result in changes in crude oil and natural gas production capacity. Much of the expansion outlined in this study is being guided by international oil companies attracted by the improved fiscal terms

  4. Cerrejon North Area, Environmental Administration

    The carboniferous complex of The Cerrejon North Area, it is located to the north of Colombia in the Atlantic coast, in the Guajira Department. The complex carboniferous has with three units: the mine, the railway and the shipment port. The associate companies, they have developed a series of plans to achieve that the ecosystem of the region like the life of the residents of the near towns to the carboniferous complex, don't be affected by the operation activities. From the beginning of the operations and according to the environmental impact study, was designed and it implanted a program of ecological protection with control actions and of monitory for the soil resources, water and air, of equal form, programs of social action were designed that allow that the realization of a work like this contributes benefits and non sacrifices to the human population, vegetable and animal of the region. The associates commit to make permanent efforts to improve the environmental acting in all the activities of their business, it will stimulate the respect and the concern for the environment, natural and social, and it will emphasize each employee's individual responsibility in the environmental acting

  5. North RTL ''grid scan'' studies

    This study was made in response to screen measurements which indicated an emittance growth of nearly a factor of two within the North RTL or linac girder-1. Betatron oscillations are induced at the beginning of the North RTL to search for gross geometric aberrations arising within the RTL or sector-2 of the linac. The oscillations are induced horizontally and vertically with two X or two Y dipole correctors stepped in a nested loop fashion. In both cases the full set of RTL and first girder sector-2 linac beam position monitors (BPMs) are sampled in X and Y for each corrector setting. Horizontal (or vertical) data from pairs of BPMs are then transformed to phase space coordinates by the linear transformation constructed assuming the transport optics between the BPMs is known. A second transformation is then made to normalized phase space coordinates by using Twiss parameters consistent with the assumed transport optics. By careful choice of initial Twiss parameters the initial grid can be made square for convenience in graphical interpretation. A linear ''grid'' is then fitted to the transformed data points for each pair of BPMs. The area of each grid is calculated and linearity qualitatively evaluated. Furthermore, although not the focus of this study, the beta match at each BPM can be quantified. 6 figs

  6. North Korea’s nuclear test

    Radchenko, Sergey


    North Korea’s nuclear test serves several purposes. Its first purpose is to bolster the flagging legitimacy of the regime and, by drumming up war hysteria, achieve domestic mobilization in the face of mounting internal difficulties. Throughout North Korea’s turbulent history, the regime has periodically resorted to war hysteria, at times on even grander scale than what we have recently seen. North Korea’s Songun (army-first) policy requires periodic crises to maintain the myth of ...

  7. The North Helvetic Flysch of eastern Switzerland

    Sinclair, Hugh D.; Watts, A. B. (Anthony Brian); Platt, John Isaac; Tony Watts, John Platt


    The North Alpine Foreland Basin (NAFB) comprises sediments of late Eocene to middle Miocene age. The earliest deposits are the North Helvetic Flysch which are exposed in the regions of Glarus and Graubunden, eastern Switzerland. The Taveyannaz sandstones are the first thrust wedge (southerly) derived sediments of the North Helvetic Flysch. The Taveyannaz basin was divided into two sub-basins by a thrust ramp palaeohigh running ENE/WSW (parallel to the thrust front). Palaeocurr...

  8. Põhja-Korea tõrjub nälga suure sõjaisuga / Heiki Suurkask

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    Selgunud on, et Lõuna-Korea sõjalaeva uputas 26. märtsil Põhja-Korea torpeedo, Põhja-Korea ähvardab sanktsioonide korral sõjaga. Põhja-Korea on jõudnud näljahädani ning vajab uut sõjapaanikat, et püüda suunata rahva viha välisvaenlaste pihta

  9. Local Authorities' Experiences of Improving Parental Confidence in the Special Educational Needs Process. LGA Research Report

    White, Richard; Macleod, Shona; Jeffes, Jennifer; Atkinson, Mary


    How can we help parents to understand the special educational needs (SEN) process? What sort of information and support do they need? This report details the results of research with SEN officers (or their equivalent) in 26 local authorities, covering: (1) the referral process; (2) early identification and intervention; (3) local authority and…

  10. Development of North Sumatra (Rantau Oil Field)

    Hara, Y.


    General conditions of various oil fields in North Sumatra are illustrated. Geologic structure of North Sumatra and that of Rantau Oil Field, the largest among 11 oil fields, is described in detail. Rantau Oil Field has produced more than 14 million kl of crude oil since 1929. It is still going strong and gradually expanding its border to the north. Since 1957, PERMINA (Pertambangan Minjak National) had been the only company with mining right to the oil field, but NSODECO (North Sumatra Oil Development Corporation) joined in development of the oil field since June, 1960. The latter part of this article gives comparison of conditions before and after the participation of NSODECO.

  11. Developing State Leadership for Education in North Dakota. Educational Development for North Dakota, 1967-1975.

    North Dakota State Dept. of Public Instruction, Bismarck.

    Attention is directed in this document to the North Dakota State Department of Public Instruction and its necessary role in refining and implementing a comprehensive plan for educational improvement in North Dakota. The thesis is advanced that expanded leadership at the state level is crucial for educational improvement in North Dakota. It is also…

  12. Primary hyperparathyroidism in North India

    Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) has a variable clinical expression. Symptomatic PHPT is still predominant form of the disease in many parts of the world, especially developing countries. Because the clinical profile of the disease has changed from that described in the past we sought to improve our understanding of the disease in patients in North India. We summarized the clinical presentation, biochemical and radiological features, and operative findings from the case records from the last 13 years of 52 patients at a tertiary care center in North India who had documented PHPT. The male: female was 1:3.3 with ages ranging from 6 to 60 years (mean+-SD, 36.38+-12.73). Bone disease (46%), recurrent renal stones (21%) and body aches and pains (21%) were the most common modes of the presentation. The lag time varied ranged from 1 month to 16 years. Common clinical manifestations included bone pain (67%), weakness/fatigue (56%), fracture of long bones (48%), abdominal pain (39%), polyuria (37%) and psychiatric manifestations (23.1%). Hypertension was observed in 42% and a palpable nodule in the neck in 19%. Biochemical features included hypercalcemia (86.5%), hypophosphatemia (65.4%) and hyperphosphatasia (67.3%). Mean intact PTH (+-SD)was 809.0+-696.3 ng/L with levels significantly lower in patients who had only kidney stone diseases compared with those with bone disease (P=0.017). A single parathyroid was localized in 50(98%) patients. Hungry bone disease was seen in 59% patients. (author)

  13. The North Sea Bird Club

    This paper reports that the creation of a club for the purpose of encouraging oil and gas workers to watch birds may not at first seem a viable proposition. To the layperson, birds offshore conjures up an image of hundreds of seagulls following fishing boats, and very little else. Also, the act of birdwatching is not seen as a typical offshore worker's activity. Anyone who has worked on an installation offshore and who has any interest in wildlife will be aware of the occasional presence of land-birds. Two decades ago, prompted by some keen offshore workers, a single oil company set up a monitoring program, which quickly became popular with a number of its employees. Birds seem offshore were recorded on data forms and collected together. At this stage the club was purely another recreation facility; however, when the data were collated it was soon realized that installations offshore were being used as staging posts by birds on migration, and that the information being collected would be of great interest in the study of bird movements. All over Britain, at strategic points on the coastline, there are bird observatories which record the arrival and departure of migrating birds. The presence of several hundred solid structures up and down the North Sea, which are used by birds en route, represents a huge, unique bird observatory, capable of uncovering facts about bird migration which have long eluded land-based scientists. Eleven years ago, the North Sea Bird Club began, composed of eight member companies, a recorder from Aberdeen University and a representative from the Nature Conservancy Council. The club received data from 41 installations, and the recorder collated these on Aberdeen University's computer and produced an annual report of sightings

  14. North Dakota Refining Capacity Study

    Dennis Hill; Kurt Swenson; Carl Tuura; Jim Simon; Robert Vermette; Gilberto Marcha; Steve Kelly; David Wells; Ed Palmer; Kuo Yu; Tram Nguyen; Juliam Migliavacca


    According to a 2008 report issued by the United States Geological Survey, North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in an area known as the Bakken Formation. With the size and remoteness of the discovery, the question became 'can a business case be made for increasing refining capacity in North Dakota?' And, if so what is the impact to existing players in the region. To answer the question, a study committee comprised of leaders in the region's petroleum industry were brought together to define the scope of the study, hire a consulting firm and oversee the study. The study committee met frequently to provide input on the findings and modify the course of the study, as needed. The study concluded that the Petroleum Area Defense District II (PADD II) has an oversupply of gasoline. With that in mind, a niche market, naphtha, was identified. Naphtha is used as a diluent used for pipelining the bitumen (heavy crude) from Canada to crude markets. The study predicted there will continue to be an increase in the demand for naphtha through 2030. The study estimated the optimal configuration for the refinery at 34,000 barrels per day (BPD) producing 15,000 BPD of naphtha and a 52 percent refinery charge for jet and diesel yield. The financial modeling assumed the sponsor of a refinery would invest its own capital to pay for construction costs. With this assumption, the internal rate of return is 9.2 percent which is not sufficient to attract traditional investment given the risk factor of the project. With that in mind, those interested in pursuing this niche market will need to identify incentives to improve the rate of return.

  15. Developments in Impact Assessment in North America

    Beginning with a background of recent global developments in this area, this presentation will focus on how global research has impacted North America and how North America is providing additional developments to address the issues of the global economy. Recent developments inc...

  16. North Carolina School Nurse Leadership Institute

    Guttu, Martha


    Recognizing that school nurse leaders are essential to the development of school nurses, the North Carolina School Nurse Leadership Institute was developed to enable school nurse leaders to update and advance their leadership skills. The Institute was a collaborative endeavor between the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services,…

  17. AIR North Mission, Campaign final report

    The objective of the North Air mission is to provide a geological survey and to publish a scaled map at 1/500 000 of the northern part of Niger Republic situated between 20 degre North and Algerian border with an explicative notice

  18. Geometry Embedded in North American Quilt Patterns

    Wares, A.


    Quilts are an integral part of the North American culture. Most households in North America have quilts with intricate geometric patterns. These patterns symbolize different things to different groups of people in this part of the world. It is important for students to see how mathematics comes from what is done in day-to-day life, not from the…


    Freshwater gastropod mollusks are represented in North America (north of Mexico) by 15 families, 78 genera and, as treated in this manual, 499 species. They are grouped into two large subclasses, the gill-breathing, operculated Prosobranchia and the lung-breathing, non-operculate...

  20. Live and work in North Denmark

    Christensen, Sascha; Pristed Nielsen, Helene

    This report is based on a survey among Expats in North Denmark, and was carried out in collaboration with 'Velkomstcentre - live and work in North Denmark'. It includes findings about the backgrounds of the Expats, their motives for coming to the region and their perceptions of the region before...

  1. 76 FR 35740 - North Korea Sanctions Regulations


    ... Office of Foreign Assets Control 31 CFR Part 510 North Korea Sanctions Regulations AGENCY: Office of... Foreign Assets Control (``OFAC'') is amending the North Korea Sanctions Regulations to implement Executive... (50 U.S.C. 1601- 1651) (the ``NEA''), issued Executive Order 13466 (73 FR 36787, June 27, 2008)...

  2. International University Will Open in North Korea

    McNeill, David


    This article reports that construction is nearing completion on Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea, in which academics from around the world will teach the best of the country's graduate students. This will be North Korea's first international university and will let the world know that the capacity of their scientists…

  3. 75 FR 67912 - North Korea Sanctions Regulations


    ... Office of Foreign Assets Control 31 CFR Part 510 North Korea Sanctions Regulations AGENCY: Office of... Foreign Assets Control (``OFAC'') is issuing regulations with respect to North Korea to implement... Executive Order 13466 (73 FR 36787, June 27, 2008) (``E.O. 13466''). On August 30, 2010, the...

  4. Financial Flexibility in North Carolina Schools.

    Suarez, Tanya M.; Polen, Deborah A.

    This paper explores educational financial flexibility with a focus on the specific issues surrounding local flexibility in North Carolina school districts. Strategies that states have used to increase local financial flexibility include waivers, reduction of budget categories, block grants, and school-based budgeting. The North Carolina system of…

  5. The North Pole Environmental Observatory

    Morison, J.; Aagaard, K.; Falkner, K.; Heiberg, A.; McPhee, M.; Moritz, D.; Overland, J.; Perovich, D.; Richter-Menge, J.; Shimada, K.; Steele, M.; Takizawa, T.; Woodgate, R.


    The Arctic environment is changing. The North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) was established as a type of program of long-term observations required to understand Arctic change. The North Pole region was chosen because it is central to observed changes, there is a reasonable past history of measurements, and there is often a large gap there in the coverage of surface measurements. NPEO has three main components, (1) an automated drifting station composed of several buoys to measure atmospheric, upper ocean, and ice variables, (2) a sub-surface mooring at the Pole measuring ocean properties and ice draft, and (3) an airborne hydrographic survey that provides a snapshot spatial description of upper ocean properties. The first observatory was established at the Pole in April 2000 by aircraft flying out of Alert. The drifting station portion consisted of ocean ice and meteorological buoys. Over one year the drifting station passed south through Fram Strait and stopped operating in the Greenland Sea. The airborne hydrographic survey made 6 stations between Alert, the Pole, and beyond. The sub-surface mooring was not deployed. In 2001 the drifting station was similar, but the operation was expanded to deploy a 4000-m mooring at the Pole. The mooring includes current meters, C-T sensors, ADCP, and an ice draft-profiling sonar. It will be recovered in 2002. The hydrographic survey covered a new line from the Pole to 85N, 170W. The 2000 hydrographic survey showed that the changes characterizing the Pole region in the 1990s persist, but with some deepening and some slight retreat toward climatology. The section from Alert shows that upper ocean conditions near the coast have become much like the Western Arctic with low mixed layer salinity and a secondary shallow temperature maximum. The observations indicate a general counterclockwise shift in water mass locations. Among other things, the NPEO 2000 drifting station data indicate the cold halocline is still thinner

  6. The North Cotentin radioecology group

    On January 11., 97, the epidemiologist Jean-Francois Viel publishes a study on the risks of leukaemia of the children in the canton of Beaumont-Hague (Manche), situated near the site of the reprocessing plant of spent fuel of Cogema. Advancing the hypothesis of a link between the exposure to radioactive waste and the appearance of case of the disease in the region, the study creates at once the scandal within the scientific community and within the general public. Worrying about the affair, Ministers in charge of environment and health decide to create a first scientific commission in which participates Jean-Francois Viel. But the tensions are so important within this association that at the end of six months its president decides to resign. It is at this moment there of the story of this debate that the evidence was imperative: it was necessary to innovate by putting around the table experts of any origin to estimate the risks of leukaemia which can result from exposures of the populations of the North Cotentin to ionizing radiations. Placed under Annie Sugier presidency, then manager of the protection in the I.P.S.N. (Institute of protection and nuclear safety), the pluralistic group, called 'North Cotentin radioecology group' ( G.R.N.C.), who collected 50 experts, represents an innovative way of entering in the evaluation and the management of the risks and in the acceptability of the uncertainty. The originality of the G.R.N.C. lies in a critical step as exhaustive as possible which allows to end in the production of shared knowledge. The direction the economic studies and the environmental evaluation of the Ministry of ecology and sustainable development considered important to make the story of the G.R.N.C. better known. To bring to a successful conclusion this project of edition, a work group was set up by the service of Research) and the forward-looking and the drafting of the work was entrusted to a journalist, Yves Miserey and to an ethnologist, Patricia

  7. Voluntary sterilization in North Tyneside.

    Carnegie-Smith, K


    Since 1975, sterilization operations, on both men and women have been performed with increasing frequency within the National Health Service in the North Tyneside Area in northeast England. A prospective study was undertaken to discover some of the reasons why healthy young men and women chose surgical sterilization rather than use the established reversible methods of family planning available to them. The study examined some of the characteristics of those requesting sterilization, attempted to understand why they did so at that particular time, and assessed the patient-perceived morbidity resulting from this elective procedure. The study population included all individuals referred for consultation following the patient's request for voluntary sterilization by vasectomy or occlusive tubal surgery, during the period of 1 year (August 1, 1980-July 31, 1981). Women sterilized in association with a pregnancy outcome were not included in the study. Data on pregnancies and sterilizations in North Tyneside demonstrate a rapid increase in requests for vasectomy after 1975. Patients requesting sterilization were admitted to the study during the initial out-patient appointment with their surgeon. Couples seeking sterilization show similar age range for men (mean 34.2) and women (33.1). The proportion of patients who were not married at the time of the operation is perhaps a reflection of doctors' increasing willingness to perform sterilizations on the unmarried, and of individuals to seek such surgery in a committed manner. The increasing tendency for requests to be received from people still in their early 20s is seen as a problem. Data indicates that married people who request the operation at an early age are also those who were married under age 21, started a family immediately and with a 25% divorce rate. At the other end of the age range, couples who ahve been sucessfully using oral contraceptives have become concerned about its safety, especially after age 35. Data

  8. North American tidal power prospects

    Wayne, W. W., Jr.


    Prospects for North American tidal power electrical generation are reviewed. Studies by the US Army Corps of Engineers of 90 possible generation schemes in Cobscook Bay, ME, indicated that maximum power generation rather than dependable capacity was the most economic method. Construction cost estimates for 15 MW bulb units in a single effect mode from basin to the sea are provided; five projects were considered ranging from 110-160 MW. Additional tidal power installations are examined for: Half-Moon Cove, ME (12 MW, 18 ft tide); Cook Inlet, AK, which is shown to pose severe environmental and engineering problems due to fish migration, earthquake hazards, and 300 ft deep silt deposits; and the Bay of Fundy, Canada. This last has a 17.8 MW plant under construction in a 29 ft maximum tide area. Other tidal projects of the Maritime Provinces are reviewed, and it is noted that previous economic evaluations based on an oil price of $16/barrel are in need of revision.

  9. 22 CFR 120.31 - North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


    ... DEFINITIONS § 120.31 North Atlantic Treaty Organization. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is..., France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands,...

  10. The pollution of the North Sea

    The subject is covered in chapters entitled: the North Sea and its rivers; the uses of the North Sea (shipping; exploitation of oil and gas; fishing; recreation; land reclamation; industrial islands; waste dumping); the nature of the dumping problem (nuclear waste; organic chemicals; inorganic chemicals; oil; sewage; rubble and dredged spoils; ash); pollution legislation; Greenpeace activities in the North Sea (the nuclear campaigns (Windscale; Cap de la Hague; Atlantic waste dumping); the chemical campaigns); what is needed in the future; references; the Oslo Convention. (U.K.)

  11. Economic Reform and Alternatives for North Korea

    Thomas Cargill; Elliott Parker


    This chapter assesses the potential for reform in North Korea, and considers the lessons learned from economic reform and transition in China, the Soviet Union, and Central Europe. We focus in particular on the importance of reforms in the financial regime, and argue that in the absence of a major change in North Korea?s environment, such as a crisis caused by reduced economic and/or political support from China, or increased access by the North Korean population to events in the rest of the ...

  12. Assessment of the North-East Arctic and North Sea Stocks of Saithe Taking Into Account Migration

    Jakobsen, Tore


    Tagging experiments have shown that there is a substantial migration of young saithe from the Norwegian coast north of 62°N to the North Sea. Assessments of the North-East Arctic and North Sea Stocks of saithe were made assuming that all 1-4 year old saithe caught between 62° and 64°N would have recruited to the North Sea stock. The new assessments give a decrease in the level of recruitment to the North-East Arctic stock and an increase to the North Sea stock. he exploitation of the NorthEa...

  13. The North American electricity markets

    The wide ranging changes that will drive the evolution of the North American electricity industry in the future are discussed. Deregulation and the advent of competition in both the United States and Canada are the principal forces that will change the shape of the electricity market, bringing new players and new forms of doing business into the marketplace. A review of the current state of the business shows that especially in the United States where deregulation began earlier than in Canada, independent generators already constitute a multi-billion dollar industry. Non-utility generation capacity is about seven per cent of total U.S. capacity and accounts for about 10 per cent of total U. S. electricity supply, including imports. Examples from other industries clearly show that restructuring and the breakup of vertically integrated industries could be accomplished much faster than anticipated, that a decrease in prices followed rapidly as products became more like commodities, and that decreasing prices fostered product differentiation and competition. Major legislation affecting the electric power industry in the U.S. and Canada (U.S. National Energy Policy Act 1992, Alberta Electric Utilities Act 1995, Ontario Energy Competition Act 1998) decreeing open access transmission, unbundling of generation, transmission and ancillary services, and promoting competition, and the impacts of these legislative actions are also reviewed. The most visible impact is the explosion that can be seen in power marketing and energy trading on a scale unimaginable only a few short years ago, where the total volume of trade may be worth multiples of the value of the underlying commodity. At the same time, there is concern about the reliability of the system, and thus making it imperative to find new ways to manage reliability. Various suggestions are made as to how increased reliability of supply could be achieved by better management, new standards and better enforcement of

  14. North Mississippi Refuges Complex: 2001 annual narrative

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for North Mississippi Refgues including Dahomey NWR, Tallahatchie NWR, and Coldwater River NWR outlines activities and accomplishments...

  15. Butterfly Surveys in North Dakota : 1995

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The main goal of this study was to conduct inventories of butterflies and skippers on a number of prairie and wetland sites in North Dakota and determine the...

  16. Bathymetry of North America - Direct Download

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Bathymetry of North America map layer shows depth ranges using colors. The image was derived from the National Geophysical Data Center?s ETOPO2 elevation data,...

  17. Wildfire Reports - North Mississippi Refuge Complex

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Contains 4 reports of wildfires on properties administered by the North MS Refuges Complex including Dahomey NWR, Mabus Tract, the Robertson Tracts, and the Starr...

  18. North Slope, Alaska ESI: HABITATS (Habitat Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains sensitive biological resource data for benthic marine habitats for the North Slope of Alaska. Vector polygons in this data set represent...

  19. North Dakota Piping Plover Survey : 1992

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Packet of information on conducting piping plover surveys in North Dakota for 1992. These surveys are part of a cooperative effort with other resource agencies and...

  20. WVSAMB Color Digital Orthophotos North Zone

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Digital color orthophotography of the State of West Virginia (West Virginia State Plane Coordinate System North Zone). The W.V. state plane system has two...

  1. Chloritoid-sillimanite assemblage from North Carolina.

    Milton, D.J.


    The occurrence of sillimanite and Fe-rich chloritoid in apparent equilibrium in a quartzite near Charlotte, North Carolina, is reported. The implications for the kyanite-andalusite-sillimanite triple point are discussed.-J.A.Z.

  2. NCEP North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The NARR dataset is an extension of the NCEP Global Reanalysis which is run over the North American Region. The NARR model uses the very high resolution NCEP Eta...

  3. Butterfly Surveys in Southeastern North Dakota : 1997

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The goal of this study was to inventory butterflies and skippers on a number of wetland prairie sites in southeastern North Dakota, and pinpoint the location and...

  4. Computer codes for birds of North America

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Purpose of paper was to provide a more useful way to provide codes for all North American species, thus making the list useful for virtually all projects concerning...

  5. North Slope, Alaska ESI: BIRDS (Bird Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains sensitive biological resource data for diving birds, gulls and terns, seabirds, shorebirds, and waterfowl for the North Slope of Alaska....

  6. North Slope, Alaska ESI: NESTS (Nest Points)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains sensitive biological resource data for waterfowl, seabirds, gulls and terns for the North Slope of Alaska. Vector points in this data set...

  7. North Sea Forum report: March 1987

    The North Sea forum includes voluntary and statutory organisations interested in many aspects of the marine environment and its management. Thirty 'topic briefs' have been compiled to make recommendations on a variety of subjects. These have been consolidated in the Statement of the North Sea Forum which is included. The thirty topic briefs include the oceanography of the North Sea, reports on imputs of inorganic and organic contaminants from rivers, direct discharges, the atmosphere, dumping ships and platforms. One of this group, on the radioactivity in the North Sea, is indexed separately. (9 papers) The ecological effects of man's activities on plankton, benthos, fishes, shellfish, mammals, seabirds, waders, wildfowl, seaducks and plants are covered. (11 papers). The effects of other human uses on the marine environment are covered in 9 papers -military activities, recreation etc. (UK)

  8. North Slope, Alaska ESI: FACILITY (Facility Points)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains data for oil field facilities for the North Slope of Alaska. Vector points in this data set represent oil field facility locations. This data...

  9. Butterfly Surveys in Southeastern North Dakota : 1996

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The goal of this study was to inventory butterflies and skippers on a number of wetland prairie sites in southeastern North Dakota, and pinpoint the location and...

  10. Nighttime Lights of North America - Direct Download

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This map layer is an image of nighttime lights for North America, including the Caribbean and most of Mexico. The data were collected in 1996 and 1997 as part of...

  11. North Dakota Piping Plover Survey : 1989

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Packet of information on conducting piping plover surveys in North Dakota for 1989. These surveys are part of a cooperative effort with other resource agencies and...

  12. Enteric fever in Mediterranean North Africa

    Ghenghesh, Khalifa Sifaw; Franka, Ezzedin; Tawil, Khaled; Wasfy, Momtaz; Ahmed, Salwa F.; Rubino, Salvatore; Klena, John D.


    Typhoid fever is endemic in the Mediterranean North African countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt) with an estimated incidence of 10-100 cases per 100,000 persons. Outbreaks caused by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi are common and mainly due to the consumption of untreated or sewage-contaminated water. Salmonella enterica Paratyphi B is more commonly involved in nosocomial cases of enteric fever in North Africa than expected and leads to high mortality rates among infants w...

  13. The message in North American energy prices

    Serletis, A. [Department of Economics, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta (Canada); Herbert, J. [Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia (United States)


    How similar is the price behavior of North American natural gas, fuel oil, and power prices? Using current state-of-the-art econometric methodology, we explore the degree of shared trends across North American energy markets. Across these markets, there appear to be effective arbitraging mechanisms for the price of natural gas and fuel oil, but not for the price of electricity. 11 refs.

  14. The economics of marriage in North Africa

    Assaad, Ragui; Krafft, Caroline


    Marriage is the single most important economic transaction and social transition in the lives of young people. Yet little is known about the economics of marriage in much of the developing world. This paper examines the economics of marriage in North Africa, where asymmetric rights in marriage create incentives for extensive up-front bargaining and detailed marriage contracts. As well as describing the limited literature on the economics of marriage in North Africa, this paper draws on econom...

  15. Fuyao Aims for North America Expansion



    @@ China's auto-part industry has grown powerful enough to shake the world. Most recently, the acquisition attempt by a Chinese autoglass maker on a North Americac project shocked competitors.Fuyao Glass, China's largest and the world's sixth largest autoglass maker, announced thatthey have now entered the final stage of acqtuiring the North American glass-making assets of Ford Motor Co. which has been struggling through a painful restructuring.

  16. Gaz de France action in North America

    This paper describes the action of Gaz de France (GDF), a french gas utility, in North America. GDF becomes interested in north american market and its subsidiary , GDF Quebec, has taken a partnership, SOQUIP, for the establishment of a joint venture OPTIGAZ, in Quebec, which manages Pointe-du-Lac underground facility for liquefied natural gas storage. In USA, GDF has taken a share in Tejas Power Corporation (TPC) which has developed also gas underground storage facilities in Texas and in Louisiana

  17. Artificial radioactivity in the North Sea

    The question of radioactive contamination of the environment is a problem of world-wide importance. The North Sea is an important example of a sea region heavily used by man and therefore polluted by different contaminants including radionuclides. A review of the present knowledge of the radiological situation of the North Sea and adjacent sea regions is given. The sources of artificial radionuclides and their distribution, behaviour and fate in this shallow sea area are discussed. (author)

  18. North Korea’s External Economic Relations

    Stephan Haggard; Marcus Noland


    North Korea’s international transactions have grown since the 1990s famine period. Illicit transactions appear to account for a declining share of trade. Direct investment is rising, but the county remains significantly dependent on aid to finance imports. Interdependence with South Korea and China is rising, but the nature of integration with these two partners is very different: China’s interaction with North Korea appears to be increasingly on market-oriented terms, while South Korea’s inv...

  19. Trends, North Korea / The Milken Institute Review

    Looney, Robert


    North Korea has been both a puzzle and an irritant to the international community for more than half a century. This highly secretive autocratic state possesses nuclear weapons, yet it depends on handouts to stave off mass famine. And just when it seems to be inching toward a more rational relationship with its neighbors, an incident like the March 2010 sinking of a South Korean navy ship, Cheonan, reminds the outside world about how little it knows about how North Korea ...

  20. The EPR for North America

    As the supplier of 30 percent of the world's nuclear generating capacity, Framatome ANP, an AREVA and, Siemens company, has been a major contributor in the development of today's international fleet of nuclear power plants. Additionally, as a member of the AREVA global family of companies, Framatome ANP is a major element of the world's largest vertically integrated nuclear supplier. The EPR is the latest evolutionary pressurized water reactor design developed by Framatome ANP. The EPR benefits from the global operating experience of the international fleet of nuclear reactors. Framatome ANP is continuing to play a leadership role in the global renaissance of nuclear power. In December 2003, a Framatome ANP and Siemens consortium signed a firm price, turn-key contract with the Finnish utility TVO for an EPR to be constructed at the Olkiluoto site, In October 2004, it was announced that France would build its first EPR at the Flamanville site as a demonstration plant for a future series of advanced nuclear plants. In February 2005, Framatome ANP submitted a proposal for the supply of four EPR's in China which would be the beginning of a series of new construction in that country. Momentum is also building for new nuclear plants in Canada. Many reports in the past year, including those published by the Canadian Energy Research Institute, indicate that new electricity supplies will be required to meet the growing energy needs of Canada, especially in Ontario. The shutdown of approximately 7,000 MWe of coal-fired generation in Ontario by 2007 will further complicate the energy supply situation. Furthermore, various reports indicate as much as 24,000 MWe of new Canadian electricity generation could be required by 2020. Due to this developing potentially large electricity supply-demand imbalance, some industry officials believe the first North American order for a new nuclear plant will be placed in Canada. It is not surprising then that Framatome ANP is focusing on

  1. Aestheticized politics : the workings of North Korean art

    Yoon, Min-Kyung


    My dissertation is a study of North Korean art as a site where politics, history, and culture meet. Art in North Korea fulfills a clear purpose. This is most apparent in the depiction of historical themes in North Korean art. History serves the political legitimization of the North Korean state and

  2. 31 CFR 500.560 - Bank accounts of official representatives of foreign governments in North Korea, North Viet-Nam...


    ... representatives of foreign governments in North Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam. 500.560... governments in North Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam. Specific licenses are issued... Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam for transactions which are not inconsistent with the......

  3. 76 FR 14101 - Bruss North America; Russell Springs, KY; Bruss North America; Orion, MI; Amended Revised...


    ... notice was published in the Federal Register on February 10, 2011 (76 FR 7590). At the request of the... Employment and Training Administration Bruss North America; Russell Springs, KY; Bruss North America; Orion... show that worker separations occurred during the relevant time period at the Orion, Michigan...

  4. Martian north polar cap summer water cycle

    Brown, Adrian J; Becerra, Patricio; Byrne, Shane


    A key outstanding question in Martian science is 'are the polar caps gaining or losing mass and what are the implications for past, current and future climate?' To address this question, we use observations from the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) of the north polar cap during late summer for multiple Martian years, to monitor the summertime water cycle in order to place quantitative limits on the amount of water ice deposited and sublimed in late summer. We establish here for the first time the summer cycle of water ice absorption band signatures on the north polar cap. We show that in a key region in the interior of the north polar cap, the absorption band depths grow until Ls=120, when they begin to shrink, until they are obscured at the end of summer by the north polar hood. This behavior is transferable over the entire north polar cap, where in late summer regions 'flip' from being net sublimating into net condensation mode. This transition or 'mode flip' happens earlier for ...

  5. Nitrous oxide in the North Atlantic Ocean

    S. Walter


    Full Text Available In order to get a comprehensive picture of the distribution of nitrous oxide (N2O in the North Atlantic Ocean, measurements of dissolved nitrous oxide were made during three cruises in the tropical, subtropical and cold-temperate North Atlantic Ocean in October/November 2002, March/April 2004, and May 2002, respectively. To account for the history of atmospheric N2O, we suggest a new depth-dependent calculation of excess N2O (ΔN2O. N2O depth profiles showed supersaturation throughout the water column with a distinct increasing trend from the cold-temperate to the tropical region. Lowest nitrous oxide concentrations, near equilibrium and with an average of 11.0±1.7 nmol L−1, were found in the cold-temperate North Atlantic where the profiles showed no clear maxima. Highest values up to 37.3 nmol L−1 occurred in the tropical North Atlantic with clear maxima at approximately 400 m. A positive correlation of nitrous oxide with nitrate, as well as excess nitrous oxide with the apparent oxygen utilization (AOU, was only observed in the subtropical and tropical regions. Therefore, we conclude that the formation of nitrous oxide via nitrification occurs in the tropical region rather than in the cold-temperate region of the North Atlantic Ocean

  6. Petroleum geology of offshore North Sumatra

    Sekiya, E.; Inomata, T.


    Oil exploration in the Strait of Malacca, North Sumatra, is controlled by P.N. Permina (Persuhaan Negara Pertambangan Minjak Masional) oil company, owned by the government of Indonesia. In 1963, the company granted some rights for developing that area to REFICAN (Refining Associates of Canada). In 1966, the exploration activites were transferred to NOSOPEX (North Sumatra Offshore Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd.). Up to the present time, the company has continued to explore at that area. The geologic structure of the land and offshore areas was studied. This report reviews the literature on that area in detail. The inland geological structure is based on a report by Mayer and Morgan and the first and second geological report of NOSODECO (North Sumatra Oil Development Co. Ltd.). The offshore geological structure is based on well information supplied by REFICAN. (25 refs.)

  7. The Barbarian North in Medieval Imagination

    Jensen-Rix, Robert William

    This book examines the sustained interest in legends of the pagan and peripheral North, tracing and analyzing the use of an ‘out-of-Scandinavia’ legend (Scandinavia as an ancestral homeland) in a wide range of medieval texts from all over Europe, with a focus on the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The pagan...... origins, showing how an ‘out-of-Scandinavia’ legend can be found in works by several familiar writers including Jordanes, Bede, ‘Fredegar’, Paul the Deacon, Freculph, and Æthelweard. The book investigates how legends of northern warriors were first created in classical texts and since re-calibrated to fit...... North was an imaginative region, which attracted a number of conflicting interpretations. To Christian Europe, the pagan North was an abject Other, but it also symbolized a place from which ancestral strength and energy derived. Rix maps how these discourses informed ‘national’ legends of ancestral...

  8. Fostering renewable electricity markets in North America

    This paper provided an overview of key market demand and supply drivers for the renewable electricity in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The aim of the paper was to assist North American governments in supporting the development of renewable electricity by addressing barriers that currently contribute to higher costs as well as challenges related to policy implementation. The paper outlined regulatory mandates and discussed issues related to voluntary purchases, and financial incentives. Current policy frameworks for renewable electricity were also examined. Opportunities for developing the renewable electricity market North America were explored. Wind power environmental standards were reviewed. Various green pricing schemes were discussed. The paper also included recommendations for the current electricity market as well as for members of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation. 84 refs., 4 tabs., 7 figs

  9. First results from the North Iceland experiment

    Riedel, C.; Tryggvason, A.; Brandsdottír, B.; Dahm, T.; Stéfansson, R.; Hensch, M.; Böðvarsson, R.; Vogfjord, K. S.; Jakobsdottír, S.; Eken, T.; Herber, R.; Holmjarn, J.; Schnese, M.; Thölen, M.; Hofmann, B.; Sigurdsson, B.; Winter, S.


    Between June 2004 and September 2004 a temporary seismic network was installed on the northern insular shelf of Iceland and onshore in north Iceland. The seismic setup aimed at resolving the subsurface structure and, thus, the geodynamical transition from Icelandic crust to typical oceanic crust along Kolbeinsey Ridge. The experiment recorded about 1,000 earthquakes. The region encloses the Tjörnes Fracture Zone containing the Husavik-Flatey strike-slip fault and the extensional seismic Grimsey Lineament. Most of the seismicity occurs in swarms offshore. Preliminary results reveal typical mid-ocean crust north of Grimsey and a heterogeneous structure with major velocity anomalies along the seismic lineaments and north-south trending subsurface features. Complementary bathymetric mapping highlight numerous extrusion features along the Grimsey Lineament and Kolbeinsey Ridge. The seismic dataset promises to deliver new insights into the tectonic framework for earthquakes in an extensional transform zone along the global mid-ocean ridge system.

  10. Elastic behaviour of North Sea chalk

    Gommesen, Lars; Fabricius, Ida Lykke; Mukerji, T.;


    We present two different elastic models for, respectively, cemented and uncemented North Sea chalk well-log data. We find that low Biot coefficients correlate with anomalously low cementation factors from resistivity measurements at low porosity and we interpret this as an indication of cementation......-saturated North Sea reservoir chalk. In the acoustic impedance–Poisson's ratio plane, we forecast variations in porosity and hydrocarbon saturation from their influence on the elastic behaviour of the chalk. The Gassmann model and the self-consistent approximation give roughly similar predictions of the effect of...... filtrate. The amplitude-versus-angle (AVA) response for the general North Sea sequence of shale overlying chalk is predicted as a function of porosity and pore-fill. The AVA response of both cemented and uncemented chalk generally shows a declining reflectivity coefficient versus offset and a decreasing...

  11. Geology of the North Sea and Skagerrak

    Michelsen, O. [ed.


    The Marine Geology Unit of the Department of Earth Sciences organized the second Marine Geology symposium at Aarhus University, 7-8 October 1993. The intention was to bring together people working especially with the geology of the North Sea and Skagerrak. Approximately 60 people from different Danish and Norwegian institutions attended the symposium. 28 oral presentations were given and 2 posters presented. A large range of geological topics was covered, embracing biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology and structural geology. The majority of the presentations dealt with Quaternary geology and Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy, but also Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy was treated. Studies from the major part of the Danish sector were presented, spanning from Bornholm to the central North Sea, and further into the Norwegian North Sea sector. (au)

  12. Symbolism and Militarism of Canada's North

    Williams, Mark; Burke, Danita Catherine


    Canada is often characterised as a mosaic for world cultures while contending with the difficulty of defining its national identity. Canada’s confederation in 1867 was influenced by the fear that then-British North America was at risk from the United States’ internal conflicting forces. This sense...... component of Canada’s domestic politics. Understanding the relationship dynamics of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Government of Canada and the idea of the North in Canada has broader implications for states wishing to cooperate or negotiate with Canada on matters pertaining to Canada’s Northern region....... of vulnerability bred the desire to strengthen the position of the British North American colonies while avoiding the violent internal conflicts which plagued its southern neighbour. In the decades since its formation, Canadian political parties have learnt that national campaigns, not regional or...

  13. On the Quantity and Quality of Knowledge: The Impact of Openness and Foreign Research and Development on North-North and North-South Technology Spillovers

    Schiff, Maurice; Wang, Yanling


    Knowledge accumulation means either new knowledge (an increase in its quality), greater access to existing knowledge (an increase in its quantity), or both. The authors examine the relative contribution of these two components of knowledge to total factor productivity (TFP) for North-North and North-South trade-related knowledge diffusion, with quantity, proxied by openness, and quality by...

  14. Ammonia downstream from HH 80 North

    Girart, Jose M.; Rodriguez, Luis F.; Anglada, Guillem; Estalella, Robert; Torrelles, Jose, M.; Marti, Josep; Pena, Miriam; Ayala, Sandra; Curiel, Salvador; Noriega-Crespo, Alberto


    HH 80-81 are two optically visible Herbig-Haro (HH) objects located about 5 minutes south of their exciting source IRAS 18162-2048. Displaced symmetrically to the north of this luminous IRAS source, a possible HH counterpart was recently detected as a radio continuum source with the very large array (VLA). This radio source, HH 80 North, has been proposed to be a member of the Herbig-Haro class since its centimeter flux density, angular size, spectral index, and morphology are all similar to those of HH 80. However, no object has been detected at optical wavelengths at the position of HH 80 North, possibly because of high extinction, and the confirmation of the radio continuum source as an HH object has not been possible. In the prototypical Herbig-Haro objects HH 1 and 2, ammonia emission has been detected downstream of the flow in both objects. This detection has been intepreted as a result of an enhancement in the ammonia emission produced by the radiation field of the shock associated with the HH object. In this Letter we report the detection of the (1,1) and (2,2) inversion transitions of ammonia downstream HH 80 North. This detection gives strong suppport to the interpretation of HH 80 North as a heavily obscured HH object. In addition, we suggest that ammonia emission may be a tracer of embedded Herbig-Haro objects in other regions of star formation. A 60 micrometer IRAS source could be associated with HH 80 North and with the ammonia condensation. A tentative explanation for the far-infrared emission as arising in dust heated by their optical and UV radiation of the HH object is presented.

  15. Tender moments in the North Sea

    Fox, C.


    Described is tender-assisted drilling (TAD) on the UK North Sea Gannet field. The Gannet field is developed by Shell UK Exploration and Production (Shell Expro). In March 1990, Shell Expro awarded Sedco Forex the design and engineering contract to convert the semisubmersible drilling rig Sedco 704 into the Gannet TSV (Tender Support Vessel). The only semisubmersible TSV operation so far to have completed drilling in the North Sea has been in the Norwegian sector. The Odin field, operated by Esso Norge a/s, was developed using the converted drilling rig Treasure Hunter. 1 fig., 1 ill., 3 refs.

  16. Energy geopolitics moves toward the Great North

    Because of the developing political chaos in the Middle-East and of the political problems of Russia (Tchetchenia, North-Ossetia, and more recently in its relations with Ukraine), the geopolitics of petroleum is moving towards the North: Baltic, Barents and Bering seas. This trend will concern in particular the Siberian gas, the Norwegian gas and the petroleum from Alaska. The conclusion of the author is that this northward move is favourable to the interests of the United States which will remain the 'masters of the energy geopolitical game'. (J.S.)

  17. Tropical North Africa hydro climate variability

    NCEP/NCAR data are used to study the modulating circulations of the hydro climate of tropical North Africa. Wavelet analysis is used to identify modes of variability of stream flows within the region. Ocean-atmosphere circulation composites are considered to unravel the mechanisms for swing of stream flows. The one of the main finding of the study reveals that hydro climate variability swings within ENSO and decadal timescale. Pacific and Atlantic sea surface temperatures control the hydro climate mode of variability. Associated to Pacific sea surface temperature, the Atlantic Walker Circulation modulates the hydro climate swing of tropical North Africa. The detail result will be discussed.(Author)

  18. CZCS imagery of the North Sea

    Aarup, T.; Holligan, P. M.; Groom, S.


    A major series of CZCS satellite images of the North Sea has been processed to obtain information on the distribution of optical properties of chlorophyll, suspended sediments and coccolithophore blooms. The atmospheric correction of the scenes has been carried out after the method suggested by Gordon et al. (1983) and also by the interactive aerosol removal technique suggested by Arnone and LaViolette (1984). The processing techniques are described in relation to problems encountered in a case II water area such as the North Sea. Examples of atmospherically corrected CZCS images are presented and compared with available in situ chlorophyll.

  19. The Politics of North American Economic Integration

    Fox, Jonathan A


    The political rhythms of pro-free trade coalitions in North and South America seem to be out of sync. After the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed, free traders looked like they were on a roll towards expansion throughout the hemisphere. Chile was poised to follow Mexico into NAFTA. Mercosur began to take off. For much of the post-NAFTA period, however, most Latin American governments were more prepared to sign a hemispheric free-trade agreement than the United States was....

  20. Economic performance and North Korean regime legitimacy

    Moore, Patrick J.


    This thesis examines the sources of legitimacy for the North Korean regime in an effort to explain what role, if any, economic performance has played in keeping the Kim family in power. This thesis provides a historical look at the development of the North Korean regime from the beginning under Kim Il-sung to the current generation of rule under Kim Jong-un. The core argument of the thesis is broken into two major time periods, with the economic downturn of the early 1990s serving as the divi...

  1. North Pacific sea ice cover, a predictor for the Western North Pacific typhoon frequency?


    The relationship between the sea ice cover in the North Pacific and the typhoon frequency has been studied in this paper. It follows that the index for the sea ice cover in the North Pacific (ISA) both in December-January-February (DJF) and in March-April-May (MAM) is negatively correlated with annual typhoon number over the western North Pacific (TNWNP) during 1965―2004, with correlation coeffi-cients of -0.42 and -0.49 respectively (above 99% significant level). Large sea ice cover in the North Pacific tends to decrease TNWNP. Positive ISA (MAM) is associated with the tropical circulation and SST anomalies in the North Pacific, which may lead to unfavorable dynamic and thermal conditions for typhoon genesis over WNP from June to October (JJASO). The variability of the atmospheric circula-tion over the North Pacific, associated with the ISA anomaly in MAM is connected to the tropical at-mospheric circulation variability in MAM via the teleconnection wave train. Besides, as the tropical circulation has strong seasonal persistency from the MAM to JJASO, thus, the ISA in MAM-related variability of the tropical atmospheric circulation as well as the SST can affect the typhoon activity over the western North Pacific.

  2. Uranium concentration in drinking water in north-east of libya and north of Egypt

    Twelve and sixteen drinking water samples were collected from the north east region of libya and north region of egypt respectively. The samples were analyzed using laser fluorimetry techniques. The uranium concentration in the libyan region ranges between 0.15 and 1.33 ppb. For the Nile water samples, the uranium concentration ranges between 0.27 and 0.74 ppb, while for the water samples collected in Sinai (North-east of Eg) the uranium concentration ranges between 0.32 and 20.6 ppb. 1 fig., 2 tabs

  3. Causes of decadal climate variability over the North Pacific and North America

    The cause of decadal climate variability over the North Pacific and North America is investigated by analyzing data from a multi-decadal integration with a state of the art coupled ocean-atmosphere model and observations. About one third of the low-frequency climate variability in the region of interest can be attributed to a cycle involving unstable air-sea interactions between the subtropical gyre circulation in the North Pacific and the Aleutian low pressure system. The existence of this cycle provides a basis for long-range climate forecasting over the western United States at decadal time scales. (orig.)

  4. The mystery of the "North of the North" in Ibsen's works

    Jon Nygaard


    It is an exaggeration to claim that several of the protagonists in Ibsen’s dramatic works are from the north, or have lived there. The few characters in Ibsen’s drama related to the North are, however, given a special emphasis in his works. They are, like the landscape and the light of the North, mysterious, strange, strong and untamed. Or they have been exiled, suppressed or forgotten – and then suddenly arrive unexpectedly and challenge the established order and open new tension and ambitio...

  5. Wind fluctuations over the North Sea

    Vincent, Claire Louise; Pinson, Pierre; Giebel, Gregor


    Climatological patterns in wind speed fluctuations with periods of 1 min to 10 h are analysed using data from a meteorological mast in the Danish North Sea. Fluctuations on these time scales are of particular relevance to the effective management of the power supply from large wind farms. The...

  6. Gas deliveries from Haltenbanken/North Sea

    The conference paper relates to the development and delivery of natural gas from the Haltenbanken area and the North Sea on the Norwegian continental shelf. Alternatives of field developments and pipelines together with the allocation of contracts for securing the contractual delivery of natural gas to the European continent in future and an alternative delivery to the Scandinavian countries, are discussed. 2 figs

  7. Middle East and North African Oil.

    Al-Quazzaz, Ayad


    Traces the history of oil and natural gas in the Middle East and relates the importance of the Middle East's current stores of oil to economic development. Information is presented on the relationship of major oil companies and local governments, OPEC, rate of production, and the impact of oil on the societies of the Middle East and North Africa.…

  8. North Korea -- Still an Intelligence Problem

    Stephan Blancke


    Full Text Available A few years after Kim Jong Un came into office, North Korea is still attracting controversy in the headlines, and political sanctions are still in operation. Despite the harsh measures in place to isolate Pyongyang from sources of money and luxury, the rulers are able to get what they want using front companies or the help of other states. The reasons for this are deeply rooted in the North Korean political structure. A network of high ranking officials, their children, and political minions are grappling for power and wealth. Beside the powerful Kim clan there exist other families in North Korea whose loyalty must be secured with bribes. If the loyalty of the influential families is eroded, the power base of Kim Jong Un is likely to soon diminish. As a result, the North Korean government is searching for sources of money. Illicit drugs may be one solution the ruling regime find attractive to this problem, but there appears to be a twist: struggling ordinary citizens are showing signs that they too are taking part in this illegal enterprise. This is manifested by their willingness to become involved in crime in the same way as the corrupt regime.

  9. Extreme winds in the Western North Pacific

    Ott, Søren


    A statistical model for extreme winds in the western North Pacific is developed, the region on the Planet where tropical cyclones are most common. The model is based on best track data derived mostly from satellite images of tropical cyclones. The methodsused to estimate surface wind speeds from...

  10. North Sea Elasmobranchs: distribution, abundance and biodiversity

    Daan, N.; Heessen, H.J.L.; Hofstede, ter R.


    Based on data from various international and national surveys, an overview is given of the fine-scale distribution (resolution of 20¿longitude * 10¿ latitude; ¿ 10*10 nm) and trends in abundance of elasmobranch species reported from the North Sea. Presence-absence maps are produced based on 4 survey

  11. Alfred North Whitehead: Plato's Lost Dialogue.

    Brennan, Joseph Gerard


    The author reminisces about a course, Philosophy 3b at Harvard, taught by Alfred North Whitehead in 1934, where Whitehead moved from meditations on Plato, Epicurus, and Descartes to his own metaphysical speculations. He also discusses other philosophers at Harvard, calling the 1930s the Silver Age of the Harvard Philosophy Department. (KC)

  12. Passive solar meets North slope rockies

    Duffield, J.


    The origin and construction of a passive solar home near Missoula, Montana is described. The site is a relatively cold and wet north slope huckleberry/larch habitat. The key element of the design is integration of a wood furnace/fireplace/oven into a massive Trombe wall. The design has emerged from an on-going interaction of the builder, site, and materials.

  13. Molecular techniques for identifying North Sea fauna

    Knebelsberger, Thomas; Ditzler, Sandra; Laakmann, Silke; Mohrbeck, Inga; Raupach, Michael J.


    Accelerated biodiversity assessment is the key to understanding the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, especially in times of rapid climate change and habitat destruction. For the marine fauna of the North Sea, morphological species identification is impaired by the small size of many taxa, morphological convergence, intraspecific variation and larval stages which often elude morphological identification. Accordingly, the use of molecular methods...

  14. Rat Lungworm Expands into North America


    Emily York, integrated pest management specialist at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, discusses the rat lungworm expansion in North America.  Created: 1/21/2016 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 1/21/2016.

  15. North Seattle Community College Chemical Hygiene Plan.

    North Seattle Community Coll., WA.

    The goal of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), created by North Seattle Community College, is to provide an environment that protects and promotes health and safety and complies with health and safety laws. The CHP focuses especially on the laboratory workplace (biology and chemistry), as many hazardous materials can be found there. Employee…

  16. NREL North American Solar Radiation Atlas (Presentation)

    George, R; Gray-Hann, P.


    This presentation is about NREL's North American Solar Radiation Atlas, which currently includes 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii to be added in the future). It discusses the goals of the Atlas which are to: deliver basic solar performance estimates to general users, deliver a wide variety of additional information to more advanced users, be easy to use, full featured, and extensible.

  17. Education in North Yemen: Problems and Hopes.

    Saif, Philip S.

    The background of the educational system in North Yemen is reviewed and some of the problems facing the system are described. The findings from examining documents and on-site visitations are summarized as follows: (1) the view is confirmed that developing countries with long history and cultural heritage are torn between keeping their traditions…

  18. Chinese Studies Librarianship in North America

    Karen T. Wei


    Although American libraries had begun collecting Chinese language materials in the 19th century, notably the United States Library of Congress in 1869, Yale in 1878, Harvard in 1879, and Berkeley in 1896, East Asian studies librarianship in North America, including China studies librarianship, was not fully developed until the 1960s. There was no formal organization that represented the interest of Chinese studies librarians because there were few of them and most of them were China scholars rather than trained librarians. More than 100 years later, the number of Chinese studies librarians in North America has increased considerably,primarily in response to the demand in the field of China studies and more recently to the needs of immigrant population and the general public who has an interest in China.This paper traces the history and growth of Chinese studies librarianship in North America, documents the development of the professional organization that represents Chinese studies librarians, and examines the training programs that prepare them for their jobs. It also attempts to propose an international exchange forum aiming to bring together Chinese studies librarians in North America and librarians in China in sharing their experience and expertise to achieve the ultimate goal of serving the users.

  19. Opportunities for suppliers in the North Sea

    If European suppliers to the offshore industry are to prosper, it has to be on the basis of a single internationally competitive North Sea market. If we continue to talk and think in terms of a British sector, a Norwegian sector, Dutch and Danish sectors, then we will inhibit the full development of contractors and suppliers. The long term future in oilfield supplies lies in a mixed portfolio of international projects. Oil and gas exploration and development, particularly offshore, is notoriously cyclical. To survive the downturns in one market supply, companies need to have access to the upswing in others. The significance of a single North Sea market is that it presents an international arena for the best companies to demonstrate their technical and commercial abilities. Individual national sectors do not - cannot - provide that opportunity to anything like the same extent. Taking then the North Sea as a single competitive market, it represents the most important offshore area in the world at the present time, and this is likely to continue during the 1990s. The prospects of achieving a single North Sea market are discussed. (author)

  20. Extreme wind mapping over the North Sea

    Larsén, Xiaoli Guo

    Atlases of the 50-year wind over the North Sea have been created for two heights, 10 m and 100 m. The atlases have also been made for a range of temporal resolutions, from the original time resolution of the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis of 6 hours to 1 hour and further to 10 min. Two methods were used for...

  1. Forest health conditions in North America

    Some of the greatest forest health impacts in North America are caused by invasive forest insects and pathogens (e.g., emerald ash borer and sudden oak death in the US), by severe outbreaks of native pests (e.g., mountain pine beetle in Canada), and fires exacerbated by changing climate. Ozone and N and S pollutants continue to impact the health of forests in several regions of North America. Long-term monitoring of forest health indicators has facilitated the assessment of forest health and sustainability in North America. By linking a nationwide network of forest health plots with the more extensive forest inventory, forest health experts in the US have evaluated current trends for major forest health indicators and developed assessments of future risks. Canada and Mexico currently lack nationwide networks of forest health plots. Development and expansion of these networks is critical to effective assessment of future forest health impacts. - The forests of North America continue to face many biotic and abiotic stressors including fragmentation, fires, native and invasive pests, and air pollution

  2. Water dynamics for North Carolina v. Vinifera

    As North Carolina wine grape (V. vinifera) production intensifies, the importance of water management must be addressed. Grape yield and composition, and consequently wine quality, are profoundly influenced by the water regime under which the grapes were produced. Despite the importance of water man...

  3. Solar cycle modulation of the Pacific–North American teleconnection influence on North American winter climate

    We investigate the role of the 11-year solar cycle in modulating the Pacific–North American (PNA) influence on North American winter climate. The PNA appears to play an important conduit between solar forcing and surface climate. The low solar (LS) activity may induce an atmospheric circulation pattern that resembles the positive phase of the PNA, resulting in a significant warming over northwestern North America and significant dry conditions in the Pacific Northwest, Canadian Prairies and the Ohio-Tennessee-lower Mississippi River Valley. The solar-induced changes in surface climate share more than 67% and 14% of spatial variances in the PNA-induced temperature and precipitation changes for 1950–2010 and 1901–2010 periods, respectively. These distinct solar signatures in North American climate may contribute to deconvolving modern and past continental-scale climate changes and improve our ability to interpret paleoclimate records in the region. (paper)

  4. Waterfowl stream survey : North Dakota : 1983-84 status

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Status information on the waterfowl stream survey in North Dakota for 19831984. This project is designed primarily to: 1 delineate and measure streams in North...

  5. Sampling Lake Alice NWR Fish Populations - 2014, North Dakota

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The USFWS and North Dakota Game and Fish Department sampled Northern pike, walleye, yellow perch and white bass within the boundary of Lake Alice NWR in North...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...

  9. 2014 NCFMP Lidar: Statewide North Carolina (Phase 1)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Geographic Extent: North Carolina Area of Interest for Sandy, covering approximately 9,396 square miles. Dataset Description: The North Carolina - Sandy LiDAR...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...

  11. North Carolina Statewide Lidar DEM 2014 Phase 1

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Geographic Extent: North Carolina Area of Interest for Sandy, covering approximately 9,396 square miles. Dataset Description: The North Carolina - Sandy LiDAR...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Flood Insurance Study was produced through a cooperative partnership between the State of North Carolina and FEMA. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping...

  15. North by north-west: climate change and directions of density shifts in birds.

    Lehikoinen, Aleksi; Virkkala, Raimo


    There is increasing evidence that climate change shifts species distributions towards poles and mountain tops. However, most studies are based on presence-absence data, and either abundance or the observation effort has rarely been measured. In addition, hardly any studies have investigated the direction of shifts and factors affecting them. Here, we show using count data on a 1000 km south-north gradient in Finland, that between 1970-1989 and 2000-2012, 128 bird species shifted their densities, on average, 37 km towards the north north-east. The species-specific directions of the shifts in density were significantly explained by migration behaviour and habitat type. Although the temperatures have also moved on average towards the north north-east (186 km), the species-specific directions of the shifts in density and temperature did not correlate due to high variation in density shifts. Findings highlight that climate change is unlikely the only driver of the direction of species density shifts, but species-specific characteristics and human land-use practices are also influencing the direction. Furthermore, the alarming results show that former climatic conditions in the north-west corner of Finland have already moved out of the country. This highlights the need for an international approach in research and conservation actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. PMID:26691578

  16. Is There Really A North American Plate?

    Krill, A.


    Lithospheric plates are typically identified from earthquake epicenters and evidence such as GPS movements. But no evidence indicates a plate boundary between the North American and South American Plates. Some plate maps show them separated by a transform boundary, but it is only a fracture zone. Other maps show an "undefined plate boundary" or put no boundary between these two plates (check Google images). Early plate maps showed a single large American Plate, quite narrow east of the Caribbean Plate (Le Pichon 1968, Morgan 1968). The North and South American Plates became established by the leading textbook Earth (Press & Siever 1974). On their map, from a Scientific American article by John Dewey (1972), these new plates were separated by an "uncertain plate boundary." The reasons for postulating a North American Plate were probably more psychological than geological. Each of the other continents of the world had its own plate, and North American geologists naturally wanted theirs. Similarly, European geographers used to view Europe as its own continent. A single large plate should again be hypothesized. But the term American Plate would now be ambiguous ("Which plate, North or South?") Perhaps future textbook authors could call it the "Two-American Plate." Textbook authors ultimately decide such global-tectonic matters. I became aware of textbook authors' opinions and influence from my research into the history of Alfred Wegener's continental drift (see Fixists vs. Mobilists by Krill 2011). Leading textbook author Charles Schuchert realized that continental drift would abolish his cherished paleogeographic models of large east-west continents (Eria, Gondwana) and small oceans (Poseiden, Nereis). He and his junior coauthors conspired to keep drift evidence out of their textbooks, from the 1934-editions until the 1969-editions (Physical Geology by Longwell et al. 1969, Historical Geology by Dunbar & Waage 1969). Their textbooks ruled in America. Textbooks




    Region unfoldment euphoria have made Northern Sumatra as one of county unfoldment at Indonesian. For it to need is assessed, how is region unfoldment performing at North Sumatra and its implication to regions autonomous performing at North Sumatra? Method that is utilized is descriptive analytical. That acquired result region unfoldment performing at North Sumatra was appropriate indicator which is determined deep legislation regulation and according to North Sumatra society expectation. Mea...

  18. Food security experiences of displaced North Korean households

    Lee, Soo-Kyung; Nam, So-Young


    BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Food shortage situation in North Korea has gained much interest, however food insecurity caused by the food shortage in North Korean households has not been much investigated. This study examined food security experiences and food consumption pattern of displaced North Korean households currently living in South Korea. SUBJECTS/METHODS Food security experience among 51 North Korean households living in South Korea was examined using the Household Food Insecurity Access S...

  19. How attractive is the North Sea to the financial community?

    How attractive is the North Sea to the financial community? This question is answered by discussing the type of investment opportunity that the North Sea offers the investor. It is shown how North Sea investments have performed and some of the methods used to measure that performance are discussed. Finally, some thoughts on the future importance of the North Sea to the financial community reach the conclusion that it will remain important for some years to come. (author)

  20. How Bad is Globalization for Labour Standards in the North?

    Donado, Alejandro; Klaus WALDE


    We analyse a world consisting of 'the North' and 'the South' where labour standards in the North are set by trade unions. Standards set by unions tend to increase output and welfare. There are no unions in the South and work standards are suboptimal. Trade between these two countries can imply a reduction in work standards in the North. Moreover, when trade unions are established in the South, the North, including northern unions, tends to lose out. Quantitatively, these effects are small and...

  1. The North Dakota Beef Industry Survey: Implications for Extension

    Dahlen, Carl R.; Hadrich, Joleen C.; Lardy, Gregory P.


    A portion of the North Dakota Beef Industry Survey was developed to determine how educational programs can evolve to meet future needs of North Dakota beef producers. Of the 2,500 surveys mailed out to beef producers, 527 responses were completed and returned. Results highlight the level of education of North Dakota beef producers, anticipated use…

  2. 15 CFR 742.19 - Anti-terrorism: North Korea.


    ... 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Anti-terrorism: North Korea. 742.19...-CCL BASED CONTROLS § 742.19 Anti-terrorism: North Korea. (a) License Requirements. (1) All items on... anti-terrorism reasons require a license for export or reexport to North Korea. This includes all...

  3. 27 CFR 9.113 - North Fork of Long Island.


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false North Fork of Long Island... North Fork of Long Island. (a) Name. The name of the viticultural area described in this section is “North Fork of Long Island.” (b) Approved maps. The appropriate maps for determining the boundaries...

  4. Hydrated Units in the Martian North Polar Region

    Horgan, B. H. N.; Bell, J. F.; Noe Dobrea, E. Z.; Cloutis, E. A.; Bailey, D. T.; Craig, M. A.; Stewart, L.


    We show that the hydration signature detected in Olympia Undae extends to other units in the north polar region, including nearly the entirety of the north polar erg, dunes within reentrants in Planum Boreum, and in the north polar layered deposits.

  5. Pseudocollapse and rebuilding of North Sea mackerel (Scomber scombrus)

    Jansen, Teunis


    The largest observed change in mackerel (Scomber scombrus) abundance in the North Atlantic happened when the so-called “North Sea mackerel” collapsed due to overfishing. Despite protection, it has remained in a depleted state. Central to this interpretation was that the “North Sea mackerel...

  6. Globalisation and Education: The Case of North Korea.

    Reed, Gay Garland


    Looks at North Korean education in terms of the tension that exists between globalization and educational sovereignty. Offers a brief historical background to North Korean education and provides a baseline for developing three possible scenarios for its future. Illustrates the impact of domestic and international forces on North Korean education.…

  7. Chronic liver disease in Aboriginal North Americans

    John D Scott; Naomi Garland


    A structured literature review was performed to detail the frequency and etiology of chronic liver disease (CLD) in Aboriginal North Americans. CLD affects Aboriginal North Americans disproportionately and is now one of the most common causes of death.Alcoholic liver disease is the leading etiology of CLD,but viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis C, is an important and growing cause of CLD. High rates of autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) are reported in regions of coastal British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. Non-alcoholic liver disease is a common, but understudied, cause of CLD.Future research should monitor the incidence and etiology of CLD and should be geographically inclusive.In addition, more research is needed on the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and non-alcoholicfatty liver disease (NAFLD) in this population.

  8. North America natural gas supply trends

    The paper explores (a) how much natural gas is used in North America, (b) where these supplies of gas come from, and (c) the prognosis for long-term gas supply availability in North America. Natural gas use is growing at 2.6% per year in the US and supplies in the US and Canada are growing 1.4 and 5%, respectively. More basins holding natural gas resources are proving up and developing new reserves using the latest technology and efficiency improvements which ensures longer, more reliable, flexible gas supplies for growing markets throughout the country. As more natural gas and MTBE are used in motor vehicles, (1) pollution problems from motor vehicles will decrease, (2) less oil needs to be imported, (3) more gas production leads to domestic energy jobs being created in the US in more geographic regions, and (4) the domestic economy will benefit

  9. Wildlife response on the Alaska North Slope

    Recognizing the need for a comprehensive plan to deal with potentially oiled wildlife on the Alaskan North Slope, a multifaceted wildlife protection strategy was developed and implemented during 1991. The strategy incorporated all aspects of wildlife response including protection of critical habitat, hazing, capture and stabilization, long term rehabilitation, and release. The primary wildlife response strategy emphasizes controlling of the release and spreading of spilled oil at the source to prevent or reduce contamination of potentially affected species and/or their habitat. A secondary response strategy concentrates on keeping potentially affected wildlife away from an oiled area through the use of deterrent techniques. Tertiary response involves the capture and treatment of oiled wildlife. Implementation of the strategy included the development of specialized training, the procurement of equipment, and the construction of a bird stabilization center. The result of this initiative is a comprehensive wildlife response capability on the Alaskan North Slope. 1 ref., 5 figs., 3 tabs

  10. A brief analysis of North Sea physics

    Jürgen Sündermann


    Full Text Available The current state of understanding the North Sea's physical system is presented. First, basic phenomena like astronomical tides and general circulation will be described and analysed with respect to their physical nature and respective interactions. There will be special focus on fundamental dynamic balances. Next, some specific topics relevant to the marine ecosystem, the economy and society will be considered: among them, spreading and transport processes, the fresh water budget, the heat budget and storm surges. A separate section is dedicated to the North Sea of Tomorrow, i.e. the prospective variations of the physical environment resulting from global changes in future decades. The statements are based on the long experience of the authors and their groups and include findings that are little known if at all. The review finishes with a list of open questions and the corresponding research demands.

  11. Elastic behaviour of North Sea chalk

    Gommesen, Lars; Fabricius, Ida Lykke; Mukerji, T.;


    We present two different elastic models for, respectively, cemented and uncemented North Sea chalk well-log data. We find that low Biot coefficients correlate with anomalously low cementation factors from resistivity measurements at low porosity and we interpret this as an indication of cementation...... self-consistent approximation, which here represents the unrelaxed scenario where the pore spaces of the rock are assumed to be isolated, and the Gassmann theory, which assumes that pore spaces are connected, as tools for predicting the effect of hydrocarbons from the elastic properties of brine......-saturated North Sea reservoir chalk. In the acoustic impedance–Poisson's ratio plane, we forecast variations in porosity and hydrocarbon saturation from their influence on the elastic behaviour of the chalk. The Gassmann model and the self-consistent approximation give roughly similar predictions of the effect of...

  12. In North American energy markets : stronger credibility

    Hydro-Quebec''s competitive position as it expands and diversifies its business in the future was discussed. The utility has an outstanding debt of CAN$37 billion, nevertheless, it is considered to be a solid investment by financial experts. Hydro-Quebec is recognized as North America''s biggest electric utility in terms of sales and also has the lowest cost structure on the continent. Moody Investor Services, Duff and Phelps Credit Rating Co., and Standard and Poor, have recently conducted ratings of the utility''s standing on financial markets. Hydro-Quebec maintained their high ratings, of A2, AA-, and A+ respectively. The restructuring of North American electricity market gives Hydro-Quebec substantial growth potential. The utility has an extensive transmission network and can offer reasonable electricity rates

  13. Celebrity Humanitarianism and North-South Relations

    humanitarianism is an effective lens for viewing the multiple and diverse relationships that constitute the links between North and South. New empirical findings on celebrity humanitarianism on the ground in Thailand, Malawi, Bangladesh, South Africa, China, Haiti, Congo, US, Denmark and Australia illustrate the......Discussion over celebrity engagement is often limited to theoretical critique or normative name-calling, without much grounded research into what it is that celebrities are doing, the same or differently throughout the world. Crucially, little attention has been paid to the Global South, either as...... a place where celebrities intervene into existing politics and social processes, or as the generator of Southern celebrities engaged in ‘do-gooding’. This book examines what the diverse roster of celebrity humanitarians are actually doing in and across North and South contexts. Celebrity...

  14. A tax reprieve for the North Sea?

    The United Kingdom government has for the time being put to one side its intended review of the fiscal regime in the North Sea. Consistently low oil prices over the last year and the consequent effect on production have given rise to this decision. The ongoing debate on oil taxation in the UK over the past 18 months since the advent of a new government is examined. It has its roots in the last major changes to the oil tax regime which were made in 1993. It has been made clear by the government that the taxation review has not been abandoned and could come to the fore again should there be a substantial increase in oil and gas prices or if companies sought premature decommissioning of North Sea fields. (UK)

  15. Radioactivity concentrations in the North Sea

    The following nuclides can be detected in the North Sea: 90Sr, 106Ru, 137Cs, 134Cs, 241Am and 244Cm. The water in the channel east of Cherbourg still contains low quantities up to 0.5 pCi/l of the fission product 125Sb (t 1/2=2.77 a). The activity of T is not exactly known, for the german Bay it is estimated to 50 pCi/l. In comparison of these artificial radioactivies with the natural radioactivity of the North Sea, which mainly depends on 40K, 87Rb as well as uranium and decay products, it has to be taken into account that the activity of α- and β-active substances from nuclear weapons tests before 1962 and by controlled discharge from nuclear power plants, amounts to a range of 1%. (HP)

  16. 31 CFR 500.559 - Accounts of North Korean, North Vietnamese, Cambodian or South Vietnamese sole proprietorships.


    ... Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam if the proprietor has emigrated from those countries... licenses do not unblock any indebtedness of the proprietorship due to persons in North Korea, North Viet-Nam, Cambodia, or South Viet-Nam....

  17. Variability of North Sea pH and CO2 in response to North Atlantic Oscillation forcing

    Salt, Lesley A.; Thomas, Helmuth; Prowe, Friederike;


    concentrates the net community production in the north through shallower stratification. These effects can be obscured by changing properties of the constituent North Sea water masses, which are also influenced by NAO. Our results highlight the importance of examining interannual trends in the North Sea CO2...

  18. North-South Trade and the Environment.

    Copeland, Brian R.; Taylor, M Scott


    A simple static model of North-South trade is developed to examine linkages between national income, pollution, and international trade. Two countries produce a continuum of goods, each differing in pollution intensity. The authors show that the higher income country chooses stronger environmental protection and specializes in relatively clean goods. By isolating the scale, composition, and technique effects of international trade on pollution, they show that free trade increases world pollut...

  19. The North Cumbria Community Genetics Project.

    Chase, D S; Tawn, E. J.; Parker, L.; Jonas, P.; Parker, C O; Burn, J.


    The aim of the North Cumbria Community Genetics Project is to establish a store of DNA, plasma, and viable cells from a cohort of around 8000 Cumbrian infants. To meet this objective, specimens of umbilical cord blood and tissue will be collected with maternal consent from babies born at the West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven over a five year period from January 1996. These samples will be used in a series of genetic and epidemiological studies investigating the interaction between genes, t...

  20. The North Sea reservoir chalk characterization

    Kallesten, Emanuela


    A significant amount of the hydrocarbon production in the North Sea is related to chalk reservoirs. Since 1969, the chalk play remains one of the most important oil sources in Norway. With the initial expected recovery factor 17%, development in technologies and methods contributed to a substantial increase in oil recovery to an approximately 40%. Much of the reserves in place are yet to be extracted, and secondary and tertiary recovery methods need to advance in order to mobilize the remaini...

  1. Principles of seismic zoning in North China

    In this paper, the principles as well as the method adopted in compiling the zoning map of North China are briefly illustrated. Characteristics of the inhomogeneous distribution of earthquake strength and frequency in space and time are considered, and a probabilistic seismic hazard analysis method and an elliptical attenuation model, which simultaneously considered both directions along major and minor axis, are applied. (author). 3 refs

  2. Conflict Motives in Kenya's North Rift Region

    Van den Broeck, Jan


    Kenya’s North Rift Region continuous to suffer from violent conflict in which a series of actors are involved. Armed groups perform widespread and devastating raids against neighbouring communities. The strength of these warrior groups varies regionally and from case to case. Security operations are often typified by disproportionate brutality. Power figures are known to instigate violence or organise and finance armed militias. Uasin Gishu and Trans-Nzoia bore the brunt of the...

  3. Industry analysis certification organisations in North America

    Kulsky, William


    Manufacturers of electrical devices in North America have traditionally been regulatory bound to demonstrate that their products comply with all applicable national standards prior to distribution or use. The means and methods available to do so have substantially changed in the last two decades. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the approach the certification industry has adopted to accommodate change and to evaluate its ability to evolve and meet foreseeable trends. The analysis will ...

  4. North Sea sensitivity to atmospheric forcing

    Skogen, Morten D.; Drinkwater, Ken; Solfrid S. Hjøllo; Schrum, Corinna


    The sensitivity of North Sea physics and phytoplankton production to atmospheric forcing has been studied by performing perturbations of the atmospheric forcing fields through a number of model simulations. The perturbations are kept in the range of expected climate change, to give a first indication of the climate change impacts on regional systems. The model simulations suggest that an increase in air temperature and short wave radiation will increase sea surface temperature, while an incre...

  5. Oral literary traditions in North Sumatra

    Clara Brakel-Papenhuyzen


    This article deals with traditional literature of the Pakpak-Dairi and Karo peoples in North Sumatra, who are speakers of closely related Batak languages and have many common features in their language and culture. Their traditional life-style, based on agriculture and the use of forest products, requires the regular performance of community rituals featuring songs, dance, music and other oral traditions including storytelling. The songs, prayers, and stories belonging to their literary tradi...

  6. Fostering renewable energy markets in North America

    Brown, Jeremy [North American Comission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), (United States)


    This presentation describes projects, programs and other issues addressed in order to promote renewable energy markets in North America. These are carried out by the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). In the first part of this presentation, there are going to be found some of the rules imposed by the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC). Then, it is shown the structure of the CEC as well as its programs, besides, there are presented the environment projects and the objectives along with their respective trades. There are described both benefits environmental and non-environmental. Also, there are shown the issues which the CEC is working in. And finally, it is shown a list mentioning the aspects that would change if: the expansion of the Mexico's Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE), happens, the grid-interconnected and the self supply of Renewable Electricity increase. [Spanish] En esta presentacion se describen los proyectos, los programas y otras cuestiones, cuyo objetivo es impulsar los mercados de energia renovable en America del Norte, realizadas por la North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation. En la primera parte, se encuentran algunas de las reglas impuestas por el Acuerdo de Cooperacion Ambiental de America del Norte (ACAAN). Enseguida, se muestra la estructura y los programas de la Comision para la Cooperacion Ambiental (CCA). Asimismo, se describen los proyectos ambientales, los objetivos junto con sus correspondientes tratados. Mas adelante, se explican tanto los beneficios ambientales como aquellos que no lo son. Igualmente, explican las cuestiones que podrian cambiar de: suceder la expansion de la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), incrementarse el auto- suministro de la energia renovable y los sistemas interconectados.

  7. Retail Trade Area Analysis Garrison North Dakota

    Bangsund, Dean A.; Leistritz, F. Larry; Wanzek, Janet K.; Zetocha, Dale F.; Bastow-Shoop, Holly E.


    This report is intended to provide an indepth trade area analysis of Garrison, North Dakota. Specific analyses included determining Garrison's main and greater trade areas, identifying the demographic profile of Garrison shoppers, examining important and less important services for patron shoppers of Garrison, identifying neighboring cities that area shoppers patronize, determining distances area shoppers traveled to Garrison, and listing popular newspapers and radio stations among area resid...

  8. Global warming and north-south solidarity

    The discussion on climate change is based on 'contradictory certainties'. All sides claim to have found the truth. Much has been written and said about the connection between global warming, biodiversity and over population. The impoverished countries of the South se the insatiable intentions of the North as the major threat to the environment; and global warming as an excuse for stopping the economic development of the south

  9. Legacies of North American Olympic Winter Games

    Zimmerman, Kate


    These reports were commissioned by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) to gain insight into the legacies of previous North American Olympic Winter Games, held in Lake Placid, Calgary, and Salt Lake City. With this information readily available, VANOC staff can make and encourage references to Winter Games held on this continent and discourage irrelevant comparisons to Olympic Winter and Summer Games held elsewhere. The report begins with...

  10. North Carolina macular dystrophy: clinicopathologic correlation.

    Small, K. W.; Voo, I; Flannery, J; Udar, N.; Glasgow, B J


    PURPOSE: To describe the clinical and histopathologic findings in a 72-year-old woman with North Carolina macular dystrophy. METHODS: Clinical examination was performed by slit-lamp biomicroscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, color fundus photography, and focal electroretinography. Histopathologic examination of the enucleated left eye consisted of light microscopy. RESULTS: Light microscopy demonstrated a discrete macular lesion characterized by focal absence of photoreceptor cells and retinal p...