Sample records for 13-18 year-old teenagers

  1. Examination of the Relationship between Internet Attitudes and Internet Addictions of 13-18-Year-Old Students: The Case of Kahramanmaras

    Ilhan, Aziz; Çelik, H. Coskun; Gemcioglu, Muharrem; Çiftaslan, Malik Ejder


    This study aims to determine internet attitudes and internet addiction levels of 13-18-year-old students and examine the relationship between these variables. The "internet attitude scale", developed by Tavsancil and Keser (2002) and the "internet addiction scale", developed by Hahn and Jerusalem and adapted into Turkish by…

  2. Teenage Thinking on Teenage Drinking: 15- to 16-Year Olds' Experiences of Alcohol in Northern Ireland

    McKay, Michael T.; Cole, Jon C.; Sumnall, Harry


    Focus groups were conducted with 15- to 16-year olds in Northern Ireland looking at reasons for alcohol consumption and reflections on specific attitudes towards alcohol and behaviours resulting from alcohol use. Participants reported greater concern with "being caught" drinking by parents than with any negative short- or long-term health impact…


    Grad Rafał


    The aim of the research was to get information about physical activity and forms of spending leisure time by teenagers between 13 and 15 years old, who live in Biała Podlaska. The research included 229 pupils from three Grammar Schools (115 girls and 114 boys). The range of respondents’ age is from 13 to 15 years old. The research tool was anonymous questionnaire consisting of questions concerning healthy lifestyle, physical activity and forms of spending leisure time. In total, the questionn...


    Grad Rafał


    Full Text Available The aim of the research was to get information about physical activity and forms of spending leisure time by teenagers between 13 and 15 years old, who live in Biała Podlaska. The research included 229 pupils from three Grammar Schools (115 girls and 114 boys. The range of respondents’ age is from 13 to 15 years old. The research tool was anonymous questionnaire consisting of questions concerning healthy lifestyle, physical activity and forms of spending leisure time. In total, the questionnaire consisted of 17 both open and close questions. On the basis of the questionnaire, it was proved that pupils’ knowledge on physical education and health is low (37-47% of correct answers. Young people more and more often choose passive forms of activity. Boys much more often take up active forms of exercise than girls. Teenagers devote most time to physical activity, the development of interests and taking care of one’s own appearance.


    Rafal Grad


    Full Text Available The aim of the research was to get information about pro-health behaviours and belief in oneself among 13-15-year old teenagers living in Biała Podlaska. The research included 229 pupils from three Grammar Schools (115 girls and 114 boys. The range of respondents’ age varied from 13 to 15 years old. The research tool was two anonymous questionnaires. The first questionnaire contained questions concerning teenagers’ belief in themselves and the efficacy of their activities (10 statements. The second questionnaire referred to the pro-health behaviours and it consisted of 14 situations described in the form of multiple choice questions. It was shown that Grammar School goers higly evaluated their own sense of efficacy (31,2 points. Girls (30,39 points in comparison to boys (32,05 evaluated their efficacy lower by 1,66 points. Grammar School goers in 85,7% of cases choose healthy behaviours and girls are the group which reach for such behaviours more often.

  6. Comparative analysis of the physical fitness among 13-18 years old students of Dongxiang nationality and Han nationality in Gansu province%甘肃东乡族与汉族13~18岁学生身体素质指标比较

    杨建文; 刘克俭; 郑慧芳; 马国全


    目的 了解甘肃省东乡族和汉族中学生身体素质状况和变化情况,为提高学生健康素质提供理论依据.方法 按照中国学生体质健康调研手册的要求,对13 ~18岁东乡族与汉族学生进行身体素质指标测试.结果 东乡族13~18岁男生引体向上成绩均好于同龄汉族男生,且在14~15岁和18岁差异有统计学意义(P<0.05或P<0.01);1 000m跑在14岁年龄段好于同龄汉族学生(P值均<0.01);13岁年龄组的握力好于汉族学生,但差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),其余年龄段各项身体素质指标均差于汉族男生(P值均<0.01);东乡族13~18岁女生,除15岁组的800 m跑成绩好于同龄汉族女生(P<0.01)外,其余各项身体素质均差于汉族女生(P值均<0.01).结论 东乡族学生身体素质不容乐观,女生更为突出.要进一步加强学校体育与卫生工作,教育学生养成体育锻炼习惯,提高身体素质.%Objective To understand current status and changes of physical fitness among 13-18-years-old students of Dongxiang nationality and to provide theoretical bases for health improvement.Methods Physical fitness of 13-18-years-old students from Han and Dongxiang nationality students were evaluated according to manual of National Physical Fitness and Health Survey for Chinese Students.Results Boys of Dongxiang nationality had significant higher score of pull-up at 14,15 and 18 years old,and higher score of 1 000 meters running at 14 years old than that of boys of Han nationality.It showed that boys of Han nationality had higher scores on other indicators of physical fitness.Girls of Han showed higher scores on all physical fitness except 800 meter running.Conclusion Dongxiang nationality students had relatively poor physical fitness,especially in girls.Physical and health education should be a high priority for school for student's health promotion.

  7. Managing the self: a grounded theory study of the identity development of 14-19 year old same-sex attracted teenagers in British Schools and Colleges

    Jones, Roger


    The process of Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual (LGB) identity formation is a complex one. There are many barriers in place which, implicitly or otherwise, seek to control and regulate same-sex attraction. An essential part of LGB identity formation is the process of disclosure to others, which can elicit a variety of reactions, from instant rejection to intense camaraderie. An examination of the ways in which LGB teenagers manage the visibility of their sexual identities, in the face of heterosexual...

  8. The influence of gender and sports on the expression of bullying experienced by teenagers between 12–15 years old and their bullying peers

    Tilindienė, Ilona; Žalys, Linas; Valantinienė, Irena; Rastauskienė, Giedrė


    Bullying is one of teenager’s behavior features, becoming a part of widespread aggressive behavior in Lithuania. Research data confirm the fact that bullying level in Lithuania even 70 times exceeds the level regarded as an epidemic in Western Europe (Povilaitis, Valiukevičiūtė, 2006). Such levels of abuse both in teenager and adult environment are intolerable. Patyčios – paauglių elgesio išraiška, Lietuvoje perauganti į agresyvaus elgesio kultūrą. Tyrimų duomenys patvirtina, kad patyčių p...

  9. Unbalanced 13;18 translocation and Williams syndrome.

    COLLEY, A.; Thakker, Y; Ward, H.; Donnai, D


    A 2 1/2 year old girl is reported with a de novo 13;18 unbalanced translocation and the facial features of Williams syndrome, subaortic stenosis, failure to thrive, and developmental delay. This case provides two candidate locations for the underlying molecular pathology of this sporadic syndrome. Williams syndrome is associated with intellectual and growth retardation, infantile feeding problems which may be associated with hypercalcaemia, cardiovascular abnormalities, a friendly, loquacious...

  10. Language Development: 2 Year Olds

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  11. Social Development:: 2 Year Olds

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  12. Emotional Development: 2 Year Olds

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  13. Emotional Development: 1 Year Olds

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  14. Social Development: 1 Year Olds

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  15. Language Development: 1 Year Olds

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  16. Teenage Cohabitation, Marriage, and Childbearing

    Manning, Wendy D.; Cohen, Jessica A.


    Cohabitation is an integral part of family research; however, little work examines cohabitation among teenagers or links between cohabitation and teenage childbearing. Drawing on the National Survey of Family Growth (2006–10), we examine family formation activities (i.e., cohabitation, marriage, and childbearing) of 3,945 15–19 year old women from the mid 1990s through 2010. One-third (34%) of teenagers cohabit, marry, or have a child. Teenage cohabitation and marriage are both positively ass...

  17. 上海市10~17岁青少年超重肥胖检出率及相关因素研究%Incidence of overweight and obesity of 10~17 years old teenagers and the influencing factors in Shanghai.

    张丹; 赵正言; 林穗青; 吴巧玲; 彭咏梅


    [目的]调查上海市10~17岁青少年超重及肥胖检出率及分布情况,分析相关影响因素.[方法]用国家“十一五”支撑代谢综合征项目样本中上海市横向部分7 737名青少年体格评估数据,分别采用中国( WGOC)及国际(IOTF)青少年超重肥胖标准计算超重肥胖检出率,比较两标准差异,并分析超重肥胖的影响因素.[结果]上海市10~17岁青少年超重、肥胖检出率分别为:11.9%、6.2%,总超重率18.1%(WGOC标准);13.6%、3.6%,总超重率17.2%(IOTF标准).按WGOC标准,男女生超重、肥胖检出率分别为男:17.5%、7.7%;女6.0%、4.6%.单因素中性别、年龄、出生体重、家庭收入、父母生育年龄、父母吸烟史、父母超重史、母饮酒史、父亲学历、父系高血压/糖尿病/高血脂/冠心病/脂肪肝史及母系脂肪肝史等17项是青少年超重的影响因素,多因素分析:性别(OR=3.376,P<0.001)、年龄(OR=1.736,P<0.001)、家庭收入(OR=1.467,P=0.001,)、母生育年龄(OR=0.704,P=0.023)、父超重(OR=1.545,P<0.001)、母超重(OR=3.14,P<0.001)、父系高血脂史(OR=1.293,P=0.018)是青少年超重的影响因素.[结论]上海市有近1/5的青少年超重肥胖,居国内较高水平.性别、年龄、家族史等是青少年超重肥胖的主要危险因素.%[Objective] To analyze the incidence of overweight and obesity of 10 -17 years old teenagers in Shanghai in 2011 and identify the influencing factors. [Methods] With the samples of 7 737 youth physical assessment data in Shanghai horizontal research part of the Metabolic Syndrome Project supported by national The Eleventh Five Year Plan.a-dopt China (WGOC) and the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) childhood BMI standard used to calculated the incidence of overweight and obesity,compared the difference of this two standard,and analyzed the influencing factors of childhood overweight and obesity. (Results] Among 7 737 teenagers of 10 -17

  18. Internet Gambling and Problem Gambling among 13 to 18 Year Old Adolescents in Iceland

    Olason, Daniel Thor; Kristjansdottir, Elsa; Einarsdottir, Hafdis; Haraldsson, Haukur; Bjarnason, Geir; Derevensky, Jeffrey L.


    This study reports findings on Internet gambling and problem gambling among Icelandic youth. Participants were 1.537 13-18 year-old students, 786 boys and 747 girls. Results revealed that 56.6% had gambled at least once in the past 12 months and 24.3% on the Internet. Gender and developmental differences were found for Internet gambling, as boys…

  19. The Relationship between Bible Reading and Attitude toward Substance Use among 13-15 Year Olds

    Francis, Leslie J.


    The relationship between Bible reading and attitude toward drug use is examined among a sample of 25,888 teenagers, 13-15 year olds, throughout England and Wales. Information about sex, age, personality, belief in God, and church attendance was also considered. The conclusion is that Bible reading makes a small but significant contribution to…

  20. Cognitive Development: Two-Year-Old

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  1. Cognitive Development: One-Year-Old

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  2. Pubertal Timing and Early Sexual Intercourse in the Offspring of Teenage Mothers

    De Genna, Natacha M.; Larkby, Cynthia; Cornelius, Marie D.


    Early puberty is associated with stressful family environments, early sexual intercourse, and teenage pregnancy. We examined pubertal timing and sexual debut among the 14-year-old offspring of teenage mothers. Mothers (71% Black, 29% White) were recruited as pregnant teenagers (12-18 years old). Data were collected during pregnancy and when…

  3. Normal range of thoracic kyphosis in 13 to 18 years old healthy schoolboys in Kermanshah (2008)

    Farid Najafi; Kourosh Veisi; Loghman Karimi; Mohammad Bagher Shamsi


    Background: Increased thoracic kyphosis more than normal ranges are assessed as abnormal. But normal ranges of thoracic kyphosis in deferent age groups have not been identified in our country yet. The aim of present study was investigation of normal ranges of thoracic kyphosis to use as a diagnosis tool in school aged children in Kermanshah, Western-Iran.Methods: A descriptive research designed and ethical approval was obtained. 582 student boys 13 - 18 years old were cluster sampled randomly...

  4. Disk degeneration in 14 year old children

    This paper reports low back symptoms of 1,500 school children (14 years old) evaluated with a questionnaire and with a standardized clinical examination. Forty children who complained of recurrent and/or persistent low back pain and 40 matching symptomless controls were randomly chosen to undergo MR imaging of the lumbar spine. Premature disk degeneration was seen in 25.5% of asymptomatic children and in 40% of those with low back pain. The difference was statistically not significant. Disk degeneration is a surprisingly frequent MR finding in symptomless children. Premature disk degeneration may be the cause of low back pain in some children but is not always symptomatic in childhood

  5. Stercoral perforation in a 17-year old.

    McHugh, S


    INTRODUCTION: Stercoral perforation is a rare cause of perforation. This is the first reported case where a partial eating disorder (ED) is the primary causative differential. CASE PRESENTATION: We present the case of a 17-year-old girl who presented to her local Emergency Department with a 24-h history of left-sided abdominal pain. She subsequently deteriorated and a computed tomography scan of her abdomen showed gross distension of the large bowel with a sigmoid perforation. She underwent total colectomy with end ileostomy. Histology reported stercoral perforation but normal bowel ganglia. While an inpatient she was reviewed by the Psychiatric team who were concerned she was suffering from a partial ED. CONCLUSION: This case highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in optimally treating patients such as these. Aggressive medical management with involvement of a psychiatric team and dietetics addresses any underlying causative psychiatric issues and helps prevent recurrence.

  6. Stercoral perforation in a 17-year old.

    McHugh, S


    INTRODUCTION: Stercoral perforation is a rare cause of perforation. This is the first reported case where a partial eating disorder (ED) is the primary causative differential. CASE PRESENTATION: We present the case of a 17-year-old girl who presented to her local Emergency Department with a 24-h history of left-sided abdominal pain. She subsequently deteriorated and a computed tomography scan of her abdomen showed gross distension of the large bowel with a sigmoid perforation. She underwent total colectomy with end ileostomy. Histology reported stercoral perforation but normal bowel ganglia. While an inpatient she was reviewed by the Psychiatric team who were concerned she was suffering from a partial ED. CONCLUSION: This case highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in optimally treating patients such as these. Aggressive medical management with involvement of a psychiatric team and dietetics addresses any underlying causative psychiatric issues and helps prevent recurrence.

  7. How do 5 year olds understand questions?

    Sauerland, Uli; Grohmann, Kleanthes; Teresa Guasti, Maria; Andjelkovic, Darinka; Argus, Reili; Armon-Lotem, Sharon; Arosio, Farizio; Arvam, Larisa; Costa, João; Dabašinskienė, Ineta; De Lopez, Kristine M. Jensen; Gatt, Daniela; Grech, Helen; Haman, Ewa; Hout, Angeliek van; Hrzica, Gordana; Kainhofer, Judith; Kamandulyte-Merfeldiené, Laura; Kunnari, Sari; Kovačević, Melita; Kuvac Kraljevic, Jelena; Lipowska,, Katarzyna; Mejias, Sandrine; Popović, Maša; Ruzaitè, Juratè; Savić, Maja; Sevcenco, Anca; Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Varnava, Marina; Yatsushiro, Kazuko


    The comprehension of constituent questions is an important topic for language acquisition research and for applications in the diagnosis of language impairment. We present the the results of a study investigating the comprehension of different types of questions by five year old, typically...... developing children across 19 European countries, 18 different languages, and 7 language (sub-)families. We studied the effects of two factors on question formation: a) whether the question contains a simple interrogative word like ‘who’ or a complex one like ‘which princess’, and b) whether the question...... facilitate children’s understanding of questions: having overt case morphology, having a single lexical item for both ‘who’ and ‘which’, and the use of synthetic verbal forms. [156 words]...

  8. Adnexal torsion in 6 years old girl

    MRI and US findings in Ovarian torsion in a premenarcheal girl are described. Adnexal torsion is an uncommon cause of severe lower abdominal pain in young women (mean age is 10-11), and in 50% of cases such symptoms are observed in pre-menarchal females. However, adnexal torsion should be considered in all premenarcheal girls admitted with acute abdominal pain and evidence of an ovarian mass. Accurate imaging is crucial after onset of early clinical symptoms to confirm the diagnosis and to preserve the viability of the affected ovary. A pelvic ovoid mass was visualised on ultrasound, suggesting several hypothesis -cystic mass, ovarian torsion, dermoid. Magnetic resonance imaging visualized edematous ovary enlargement and the presence of multiple follicules at the periphery due to congestion from the twisted vascular pedicule. Smooth wail thickening of the partially necrotic. Twisted ovary was seen in the subacute phase, which has been confirmed during laparoscopy. CT was not considered in this 6 years old girl due to ionizing radiation. (authors)

  9. Five-year-olds punish antisocial adults.

    Kenward, Ben; Östh, Therese


    The human tendency to impose costs on those who have behaved antisocially towards third parties (third-party punishment) has a formative influence on societies, yet very few studies of the development of this tendency exist. In most studies where young children have punished, participants have imposed costs on puppets, leaving open the question as to whether young children punish in real third-party situations. Here, five-year-olds were given the opportunity to allocate desirable or unpleasant items to antisocial and neutral adults, who were presented as real and shown on video. Neutral individuals were almost always allocated only desirable items. Antisocial individuals were instead usually allocated unpleasant items, as long as participants were told they would give anonymously. Most participants who were instead told they would give in person did not allocate unpleasant items, although a minority did so. This indicates that the children interpreted the situation as real, and that whereas they genuinely desired to punish antisocial adults, they did not usually dare do so in person. Boys punished more frequently than girls. The willingness of preschoolers to spontaneously engage in third-party punishment, occasionally even risking the social costs of antagonizing an anti-social adult, demonstrates a deep-seated early-developing punitive sentiment in humans. Aggr. Behav. 41:413-420, 2015. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. PMID:26918430

  10. 19 years old and a neutrino expert

    Laëtitia Pedroso


    Courtney Williams, a 19-year old British student, is passionate about physics. She has just spent a week at CERN, from 12 to 16 July, a prize she won for a project on neutrinos in the framework of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) held in September 2009.   Courtney Williams pays a visit to the CERN Library. “I’m returning to London after a very busy week at CERN but I hope to be back again one day, this time to work here. CERN is an amazing place for any scientist and it’s definitely the place to be if you want to study particles”, said Courtney during our interview. Courtney has just completed the first year of her physics degree course at Imperial College in London, which means that, combined with her two years of A-level studies, she has now been studying physics - and neutrinos in particular - for a total of 3 years. Before starting her university course, Courtney spent the summer break working on ACoRNE, the Acoustic Co...

  11. Teenage Pregnancy

    Lee, Basil


    More liberal teenage behavior has made pregnancy in this age group an important issue. Live births to adolescent mothers have decreased, while therapeutic abortions for this age group have increased by 27.9% in Canada. The obstetrical and psychosocial risks of the pregnant teenager are related more to inadequate care than to her age. There is a higher perinatal mortality rate among infants born of teenaged mothers. Risk of abuse, neglect, or developmental delay is mitigated by family and soci...

  12. Motor Proficiency Predicts Cognitive Ability in Four-Year-Olds

    Hernandez, Amanda Martinez; Caçola, Priscila


    Research has shown links between motor proficiency and cognition in school-age children, however, few have explored earlier ages. We aimed to determine the association between motor proficiency and cognitive ability in four-year-olds. Motor and cognitive skills were examined in 32 (15 males, 17 females) four-year-olds (±5.59 months) using the…

  13. Temporal Generalization in 3- to 8-Year-Old Children.

    Droit-Volet, Sylvie; Clement, Angelique; Wearden, John


    Tested 3-, 5-, and 8-year-olds on temporal generalization with visual stimuli. Found increasing sharpness of generalization gradient with increasing age, and change from symmetrical to adult-like asymmetrical generalization gradients among 8-year-olds. Theoretical models attributed changes to increasing precision of the reference memory with…

  14. Emergent Subjectivity in Caring Institutions for Teenagers

    Severinsson, Susanne; Nord, Catharina


    We investigate how different mealtime situations help shape teenager and staff subjectivities in two Swedish residential care homes and a special school for girls and boys, 12-15 years old, with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Three mealtime networks are analysed using concepts from actor-network theory, treating architectural…

  15. Characteristics of Sexually Active Teenage Girls Who Would Be Pleased with Becoming Pregnant

    Cavazos-Rehg, Patricia A.; Krauss, Melissa J.; Spitznagel, Edward L; Schootman, Mario; Cottler, Linda B; Bierut, Laura Jean


    To investigate factors associated with favorable pregnancy attitudes among teenage girls. Participants were sexually active teenage girls aged 15–18 years old (n = 965) who took part in the 2002 or 2006–2010 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG). Multinomial multivariable logistic regression was used to assess the likelihood of being pleased with a teenage pregnancy. Sixteen percent of sexually active teenage girls (n = 164) would be pleased (11 % a little pleased, 5 % very pleased) if they...

  16. Complex Motor Learning in Four-Year-Olds

    Leithwood, K. A.; Fowler, W.


    The effects of 4 months of gymnostic training upon complex and simple gross motor abilities and general cognitive and psychosocial functioning in 4-year-olds were compared with the effects of music training and no treatment. (WY)

  17. A Gunpowder Tattoo in a 6-Year-Old Girl.

    Bernstein, Seth; Barros, Brittany; Zaenglein, Andrea L


    Gunpowder tattoos result from explosion and subsequent traumatic implantation of pigmented granules into varying layers of the skin. This report details the case of a 6-year-old with a gunpowder tattoo on the face. PMID:27040733

  18. Trisomy 18 in a 13 year old girl.

    Mehta, L.; Shannon, R S; Duckett, D P; Young, I D


    A 13 year old girl with trisomy 18 is described. She showed profound mental and growth retardation, severe kyphoscoliosis, and unusual ocular features including discontinuous eyebrows, distichiasis, and blue sclerae.

  19. CPR - child 1 to 8 years old - slideshow

    ... this page: // CPR - child 1 to 8 years old - series To ... and retrieve an AED until you have performed CPR for about 2 minutes. 3. Carefully place the ...

  20. Medical Care and Your 6- to 12-Year-Old

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  1. Medical Care and Your 13- to 18-Year-Old

    ... Tropical Delight: Melon Smoothie Pregnant? Your Baby's Growth Medical Care and Your 13- to 18-Year-Old ... importance of regular physical activity previous continue Common Medical Problems Sports injuries and other problems, such as ...

  2. Medical Care and Your 2- to 3-Year-Old

    ... Tropical Delight: Melon Smoothie Pregnant? Your Baby's Growth Medical Care and Your 2- to 3-Year-Old ... that often seen with an ear infection Common Medical Problems On average, young children have 6 to ...

  3. in 5-6-year-olds and adults



    Full Text Available Although a critical issue in the debate over the existence of abstract numerical representation, it remains unclear whether and how perceptual variables affect numerosity judgment and how they change across development stages. In this research, we examine the effects of perceptual variables on approximate numerosity comparison in 5-6-year-olds and adults using the identical experimental procedure. In the assessment of the effect of the perceptual variables, we measured precision (i.e., Weber fraction and accuracy (i.e., point of subjective equality; PSE of the numerosity comparison. In Study 1, we tested how the manipulation of the cumulative element area would affect approximate numerosity comparison. The results showed that Weber fractions increased and the size of bias enlarged in the large element condition in both adults and 5-6-year-olds. In study 2, we tested how the manipulation of the array area would affect the precision and accuracy of approximate numerosity comparison. The results demonstrated that Weber fractions increased and the size of bias enlarged in the large array condition in both adults and 5-6-year-olds. Overall, our results suggest that the effect of perceptual variables on 5-6-year-olds is qualitatively similar to that on adults. In addition, we also tested whether the performance of approximate comparison correlated with the initial numerical skill in 5-6-year-olds to reveal least relationship between them.

  4. Can bilingual two-year-olds code-switch?

    Lanza, E


    Sociolinguists have investigated language mixing as code-switching in the speech of bilingual children three years old and older. Language mixing by bilingual two-year-olds, however, has generally been interpreted in the child language literature as a sign of the child's lack of language differentiation. The present study applies perspectives from sociolinguistics to investigate the language mixing of a bilingual two-year-old acquiring Norwegian and English simultaneously in Norway. Monthly recordings of the child's spontaneous speech in interactions with her parents were made from the age of 2;0 to 2;7. An investigation into the formal aspects of the child's mixing and the context of the mixing reveals that she does differentiate her language use in contextually sensitive ways, hence that she can code-switch. This investigation stresses the need to examine more carefully the roles of dominance and context in the language mixing of young bilingual children. PMID:1429952

  5. Duodenal adenocarcinoma in a 10-year-old boy

    Zouari Mohamed


    Full Text Available Gastrointestinal malignancies are extremely rare in the paediatric population and duodenal cancers represent an even more unusual entity. It represents 0.3-1% of all gastrointestinal tumours. A case report of a 10-year-old boy with duodenal adenocarcinoma is reported and the difficulties of diagnosing and treating this rare tumour are discussed.

  6. Duodenal adenocarcinoma in a 10-year-old boy.

    Mohamed, Zouari; Habib, Bouthour; Rabia, Ben Abdallah; Youssef, Hlel; Riath, Ben Malek; Youssef, Gharbi; Nejib, Kaabar


    Gastrointestinal malignancies are extremely rare in the paediatric population and duodenal cancers represent an even more unusual entity. It represents 0.3-1% of all gastrointestinal tumours. A case report of a 10-year-old boy with duodenal adenocarcinoma is reported and the difficulties of diagnosing and treating this rare tumour are discussed. PMID:24647303

  7. Thymolipoma in a 13-year-old Korean girl

    Su-Jin Park; Ji Young Baek; Junjeong Choi; Kyung Won Kim; Myung Joon Kim; Myung Hyun Sohn; Kyu-Earn Kim


    Thymolipoma is a rare benign tumor of anterior mediastinum. Most patients are asymptomatic with incidental finding of the tumor during a diagnostic workup of other medical problems. We present a case of 13-year-old girl with anterior mediastinal thymolipoma, surgically removed after an incidental diagnosis.

  8. Ten-year-olds' reflections on their life in preschool

    Broström, Stig


    What do children think of their time in preschool? In the present study, twelve ten-year-old children collected data from their classmates. The children tend to remember their friends, and reflect on what games they played and with whom. Only about one in three respondents even mentioned the day...

  9. One-Year-Olds Think Creatively, Just Like Their Parents

    Hoicka, Elena; Mowat, Rachael; Kirkwood, Joanne; Kerr, Tiffany; Carberry, Megan; Bijvoet-van den Berg, Simone


    Creativity is an essential human ability, allowing adaptation and survival. Twenty-nine 1-year-olds and their parents were tested on divergent thinking (DT), a measure of creative potential counting how many ideas one can generate. Toddlers' and parents' DT was moderately to highly correlated. Toddlers showed a wide range of DT scores, which were…

  10. Hip dysplasia in a 6-year-old Salz ram

    Loste, Araceli; Ramos, Juan José; Sáez, Teófilo; Sever, Ramón; Marca, Carmen


    A 6-year old Salz ram was presented with a history of poor body condition, progressive gait abnormalities, pelvic limb lameness, and difficulty with copulation. Based on the history, clinical signs, hip palpation, and radiography, a diagnosis of hip dysplasia, previously unreported in sheep, was made.

  11. Cardiomyopathy in 12-year-old girl with Hodgkin's disease

    A case of a 12 year old girl with Hodgkin's disease is described. In the course of her illness congestive cardiomyopathy developed. The authors discuss many possible etiologies of congestive cardiomyopathy in this case with special referral to the car diotoxicity of antineoplastic drugs. (author)

  12. Satisfaction in everyday life for frail 85-years old adults:

    Johannesen, A; Petersen, Janne; Avlund, K


    The purpose of this study was to investigate whether social relations, continuity, self-determination, and use of own resources are associated with everyday life satisfaction among 85-year-old adults with physical disabilities. The population includes 187 frail men and women from the longitudinal...




    Full Text Available Tetralogy of Fallot is the most common form of cyanotic congenital heart disease. Survival after the age of 12 years without corrective surgery is rare. We present the case of a 30 year - old man with uncorrected tetralogy of Fallot.

  14. Psychosis in a 15 year old hypothyroid girl: myxoedematous madness?

    Chalk, J N


    The case of a fifteen year old girl with sudden onset of a psychotic illness thought to be related to marked hypothyroidism is reported. Apart from the age several features of this case warrant discussion and the value of screening for thyroid disease in psychotic illnesses is highlighted. PMID:1793426

  15. Two-Year-Old Children Interpret Abstract, Purely Geometric Maps

    Winkler-Rhoades, Nathan; Carey, Susan C.; Spelke, Elizabeth S.


    In two experiments, 2.5-year-old children spontaneously used geometric information from 2D maps to locate objects in a 3D surface layout, without instruction or feedback. Children related maps to their corresponding layouts even though the maps differed from the layouts in size, mobility, orientation, dimensionality, and perspective, and even when…

  16. Developing mathematical culture of 7-15-year old students

    Tichá, Marie

    Torino: Ghisetti e Corvi, 2001, s. 78-80. [CIEAEM 53. Verbania (IT), 21.07.2001-27.07.2001] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z1019905 Keywords : mathematical education of 7-15- year old students%developmed o culture Subject RIV: AM - Education

  17. Sebaceous adenitis in a 7-year-old Arabian gelding

    Osborne, Christina


    A 7-year-old Arabian gelding was presented with a 9-month history of progressive patches of nonpruritic scaling, crusting, alopecia, and leukoderma of the periocular areas and muzzle, becoming generalized over time. Sebaceous adenitis was diagnosed on histopathologic examination. Lesions resolved without treatment, coinciding with regression of a sarcoid on the neck.

  18. The Passive in 3- and 4-Year-Olds

    de Barros Pereira Rubin, Maraci Coelho


    This paper argues that analyzing the patterns of individual subject performance in tests of comprehension of passives might give insight into how little children interpret passives: 3 and 4 year-olds seem to go through a range of passive interpretation, that varies from actual comprehension to total non-comprehension. The fact that some small…

  19. Similarity Predicts Liking in 3-Year-Old Children

    Fawcett, Christine A.; Markson, Lori


    Two studies examined the influence of similarity on 3-year-old children's initial liking of their peers. Children were presented with pairs of childlike puppets who were either similar or dissimilar to them on a specified dimension and then were asked to choose one of the puppets to play with as a measure of liking. Children selected the puppet…

  20. Duplicated Muellerian remnant in a 6-year-old boy

    Kuo, Helen J.; Cain, Mark P. [Indiana University School of Medicine, Riley Hospital for Children, Department of Pediatric Urology, Indianapolis, IN (United States); Karmazyn, Boaz [Indiana University School of Medicine, Riley Hospital for Children, Department of Radiology, Indianapolis, IN (United States)


    We report a 6-year-old boy with large duplicated Muellerian duct remnant who presented with recurrent urinary tract infections and dysuria. His prior urological problems included proximal hypospadias (repaired), urachal cyst, and a unilateral undescended testis. Imaging evaluation included US, MRI, and cystoscopy. Laparoscopic resection was performed via a retrovesical approach. The patient was free of symptoms after surgery. (orig.)

  1. Scurvy in a 3-year-old boy: MRI features

    Cock, J.,; Renard, M; de Smet, M.; Breysem, L


    A 3-year-old boy presented with painful knees (especially the right knee) and difficulty in walking for a few weeks. He complained of lower limb weakness. He was irritable and thinly built. At clinical examination movement of the knees and hips was painful. He had previously been diagnosed with autism. The mother reported that he didn’t eat well.

  2. Recurrence risks for trisomies 13, 18, and 21.

    De Souza, Elizabeth; Halliday, Jane; Chan, Annabelle; Bower, Carol; Morris, Joan K


    The objective was to establish whether the risk of trisomies 13, 18, and 21 (Patau, Edwards, and Down syndrome, respectively) in a subsequent pregnancy is raised for women who have had a previous pregnancy with trisomy 13, 18, or 21. Birth defect register data were used to investigate this issue. Pregnancy data from three Australian population-based birth defect registers contained 5,906 women with a previous trisomy 13, 18, or 21 pregnancy in whom there were 3,713 subsequent pregnancies, 75 of which were trisomic. Relative risk of subsequent trisomy at 15 weeks gestation was estimated by comparing the observed number of subsequent trisomies with the expected number of subsequent trisomies based on maternal age-related risk. There was evidence of increased risk of the same trisomy subsequent to a previous pregnancy with trisomy 13 or 18 (RR = 3.8 (1.5, 7.9)), the increase in risk being greater for women aged under 35 at the previous trisomic pregnancy (RR = 7.8 (2.1, 20.2)). There was also evidence of increased risk of trisomy 21 subsequent to previous trisomy 21 (RR = 2.2 (1.6, 2.9)), again higher in women under 35 at previous affected pregnancy (RR = 3.5 (2.1, 5.5)). There was a suggestion that the risk of a different trisomy subsequent to trisomy 21 may also be increased (RR = 1.4 (0.7, 2.5)). In conclusion, women who have had a previous trisomic pregnancy, particularly those under 35 years of age at the time, appear to be at an increased risk of future pregnancies being trisomic. PMID:19921649

  3. Gender, Popularity and Notions of In/Authenticity amongst 12-Year-Old to 13-Year-Old School Girls

    Read, Barbara; Francis, Becky; Skelton, Christine


    This paper draws on data from a research project investigating gendered identities and interactions of high-achieving students in Year Eight in England (12-13 years old), particularly in relation to students' "popularity" amongst their peers. As part of this study 71 students were interviewed from nine different schools in urban, rural and small…

  4. Uterine leiomyoma causing menometrorrhagia with a concomitant mature teratoma in a 15-year-old child: a case report and review of the literature.

    Naiditch, Jessica A; Milad, Magdy P; Rowell, Erin E


    Uterine leiomyoma is the most common uterine tumor in adult females but is rare in the pediatric population with only 10 previous cases reported. We describe the unique case of a 15-year-old girl who presented with abdominal pain and menometrorrhagia and was found to have a uterine leiomyoma as well as a mature ovarian teratoma that required surgical resection. We review diagnostic imaging and optimal management for the 2 gynecologic masses in this teenage girl. PMID:22008360

  5. Oral hygiene and periodontal status of teenagers with special needs in the district of Nalgonda, India

    Ameer, Nazia; Palaparthi, Rajababu; Neerudu, Madhukar; Palakuru, Sunil Kumar; Singam, Harinath Reddy; Durvasula, Satyanarayana


    Objectives: To assess oral hygiene status, oral hygiene practices and periodontal status among 14-17-year-old visually impaired, deaf and dumb, intellectually disabled and physically challenged and normal teenagers in the district of Nalgonda, South India. Materials and Methods: Seven hundred and fifty teenagers in the age group of 14-17 years, constituting visually impaired, deaf and dumb, intellectually disabled, physically challenged and normal teenagers, were studied. Oral hygiene status ...

  6. Endometrial adenocarcinoma in a 13-year-old girl.

    Kim, Sung Mee; Shin, So Jin; Bae, Jin Gon; Kwon, Kun Young; Rhee, Jeong Ho


    Endometrial cancer is the third most common gynecologic cancer in the Korea and occurs mainly in menopausal women. Although it can develop in young premenopausal women cancer as well, an attack in the adolescent girl is very rare. A 13-year-old girl visited gynecology department with the complaint of abnormal uterine bleeding. An endometrial biopsy revealed FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) grade II endometrial adenocarcinoma. In the treatment of endometrial cancer, conservative management should be considered if the patient is nulliparous or wants the fertility preservation. Therefore, we decided to perform a hormonal therapy and a follow-up endometrial biopsy after progestin administration for eight months revealed no residual tumor. We report a case of endometrial cancer occurred in a 13-year-old girl with a brief review of the literature. PMID:27004208

  7. Giant aneurysm in 6 years old child - case report

    Intracranial saccular aneurysms rare in childhood is. Even among the reported series of childhood aneurysms, it is unusual to find their occurrence in children less than 7 years old. The pathogenesis of these lesions is also a matter of debate and speculations. The peak age of incidence of juvenile cerebral aneurysms appear to be 12 years, occurrence below the age of 7 being rarity. We show a case of 6 years old boy with giant aneurysm. found because of episodes of headache and vomiting. Discussion of pathogenesis for the rare pathology. After discussion of multidisciplinary team, of neuroradiologist and neurosurgeons was decided to be perform endovascular embolization, because of the better outcome for the patient. We performed endovascular treatment of the aneurysm with achieving total embolization. The patient recovery completely, and after 4 days went home. (authors) Key words: GIANT ANEURYSM. SACCULAR ANEURYSM. EMBOLIZATION. STENT ASSISTED COILING

  8. 50-year-old history of the Korean physical society

    This book introduces the root of Korean physics, the dawning of Korean physics, foundation and childhood of Korean physics society, growth of Korean physics society, revival of Korean physics society, corporation Korean physics society, leap of Korean physics society and challenges towards future. It also deals with 50-year-old history of the Korean physical society according to committees, special interest groups, branches in cities and provinces, branches in universities, laboratories, society bureau, and commemoration business to celebrate 50th anniversary.

  9. Primary Nasal Tuberculosis in a 10-Year-Old Girl

    Özer, Murat; Özsurekçi, Yasemin; Cengiz, Ali Bülent; Özçelik, Uğur; Yalçın, Ebru; Gököz, Özay


    Nasal tuberculosis is a rare clinical entity which mainly presents in elderly people. Nasal tuberculosis has always been considered to be secondary to tuberculosis of the lungs, and in rare instances it is a primary infection, usually when mycobacteria are inhaled. We describe the case of a 10-year-old girl who was successfully treated for primary nasal tuberculosis. This patient is one of the very few children who have been reported to have primary nasal tuberculosis. PMID:27366187

  10. Septic Bursitis in an 8-Year-Old Boy

    Panagiotis Kratimenos; Ioannis Koutroulis; Dante Marconi; Jennifer Ding; Christos Plakas; Margaret Fisher


    Background. The prepatellar bursa can become inflamed owing to repeated trauma. Prepatellar bursitis is extremely rare in children. Methods. We report the case of an 8-year-old boy who was treated for an erythematous, swollen, and severely painful right knee, fever, inability to bear weight on the leg, and purulent material draining from a puncture wound. We describe the differential diagnosis for tender swollen knee, including infection, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. If unt...

  11. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva in a 23-Year-Old Male

    Ahmed Al-Mustaque


    Full Text Available Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP is an inherited disease in which progressive ossification of striated muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues forming bridges of extra bones across the joints leads to severe disability and there are associated characteristic congenital skeletal malformations. FOP is also known as Stoneman's syndrome. The case we report here is a 23-year-old male with the clinical and radiologic characteristics of FOP.

  12. Epiploic appendagitis in a 27-year-old man

    Uehara, Ryohei; Isomoto, Hajime; Yamaguchi, Naoyuki; Ohnita, Ken; Fujita, Fumihiko; Ichikawa, Tatsuki; Takeshima, Fuminao; Yamaguchi, Tetsuji; Uetani, Masataka; Nakao, Kazuhiko


    Summary Background Epiploic appendagitis is an ischemic infarction of an epiploic appendage caused by torsion or spontaneous thrombosis of the central draining vein. Epiploic appendagitis is self-limited without surgery, and it is imperative for clinicians to be familiar with this entity. Case Report A healthy 27-year-old man was admitted due to acute right lower quadrant abdominal pain. Physical examination showed focal abdominal tenderness with slight rebound tenderness. Laboratory tests sh...

  13. A three-year-old girl with IQ of 140



    As a three-year-old,Saffron Pledger should only just be learning to count,running for the first time or simply scribbling with crayons as her young mind develops.But she is no normal child,this prodigy already r____1 bedtime stories to her seven-month-old sister and is set to become one of the youngest m ____2 of Mensa.

  14. Bronchopulmonary sequestration in a 60 year old man

    Naffaa, Lena; Tank, Jay; Ali, Sara; Ong, Cesar


    We report a case of bronchopulmonary sequestration (BPS) in a 60 year old man with recurrent cough. After failed antibiotic therapy for presumed left lower lobe (LLL) pneumonia seen on chest radiographs, bronchoscopy was performed revealing cryptogenic organizing pneumonia. Further work-up with thoracic imaging demonstrates a feeding artery from the thoracic aorta to the LLL consolidation indicating the presence of BPS. A brief review of the clinical and radiological features and management o...


    Vidyadhar Kinhal; Sanjeev Joshi; Sambasiviah Chidambara Murthy; Syeda Siddiqua Banu


    Pyoderma gangrenosum is a rare, non - infectious and destructive skin disease. Its exact etiopathogenesis is not clearly understood and is believed to be due to immune dysfunction. Several theories have been postulated; however none are consistent in all patients. Pyoderma gangrenosum mostly affects adults and rarely in children. An underlying systemic diseas e is often seen in most of the cases. A three - year - old male child presented with a non - ...

  16. Determination and Evaluation of Flexibility at 7 Years Old Children

    Mitevski, Orce; Popeska, Biljana; Mitevska Petruseva, Katerina


    Development, evaluation and estimation of motor abilities are one of the basic issues of PE teaching process and important component in determination of the efficiency of PE curricula. Flexibility as one of the determinants of human motor space and is highly related with motor effectiveness in children at early school age. In this paper, we shortly elaborated the theoretic and practical aspects of manifestation, evaluation and assessment of flexibility in 7 years old children and possibiliti...

  17. 50-year-old history of the Korean physical society



    This book introduces the root of Korean physics, the dawning of Korean physics, foundation and childhood of Korean physics society, growth of Korean physics society, revival of Korean physics society, corporation Korean physics society, leap of Korean physics society and challenges towards future. It also deals with 50-year-old history of the Korean physical society according to committees, special interest groups, branches in cities and provinces, branches in universities, laboratories, society bureau, and commemoration business to celebrate 50th anniversary.

  18. Linear psoriasis: case report on three year old child*

    Figueiras, Daniela de Almeida; Cauas, Renata Cavalcanti; Takano, Daniela Mayumi; Ramos, Ticiana Batista; Marinho, Ayana Karla de Oliveira Ferreira; Bezerra, Milena Sonely Mendonça


    Atypical and unusual locations of psoriasis are very frequent. However, localized linear psoriasis is rare, with few cases described in the literature. It is characterized by a linear distribution of psoriasis lesions along Blaschko lines. We report the case of a three years old child, who presented unilateral erythematous scaly plaques arranged along Blaschko lines in the left hemithorax, with no associated symptoms and no lesions in other parts of the body. The differentiation of linear pso...

  19. Fatal disseminated paracoccidioidomycosis in a two-year-old child

    Pereira Ricardo M.; Tresoldi Antonia Terezinha; Silva Marcus T.N. da; Bucaretchi Fábio


    A two year-old female child was admitted at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in a septic shock associated with a lymphoproliferative syndrome, with history of fever, adynamia and weight loss during the last two months. On admission, the main clinical and laboratory manifestations were: pallor, jaundice, disseminated enlarged lymph nodes, hepatosplenomegaly, crusted warts on face, anemia, eosinophilia, thrombocytopenia, increased direct and indirect bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, and gammag...

  20. Anal Canal Duplication in an 11-Year-Old-Child

    Van Biervliet, S; Maris, E.; Vande Velde, S.; Vande Putte, D; Meerschaut, V.; Herregods, N.; R. De Bruyne; Van Winckel, M.; K. van Renterghem


    Anal canal duplication (ACD) is the least frequent digestive duplication. Symptoms are often absent but tend to increase with age. Recognition is, however, important as almost half of the patients with ACD have concomitant malformations. We present the clinical history of an eleven-year-old girl with ACD followed by a review of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis based on all the reported cases in English literature.

  1. A 40-year-old woman ‘off legs’

    Mehrotra, Prerna; Bhalla, Ashish


    We present the case of a 40-year-old woman with progressive lower-limb weakness resulting in an inability to mobilise independently. This was associated with a degree of confusion and shortness of breath on exertion. This case illustrates rare and severe complications of vitamin B12 deficiency, namely subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord, megaloblastic anaemia and impaired cognitive function. The patient's condition improved considerably with adequate early resuscitation, followe...

  2. Cerebellar medulloblastoma in a 65 year old Indian male.

    Jaiswal A


    Full Text Available A case of cerebellar medulloblastoma in a 65 year old male is reported. Cerebellar medulloblastoma is classically seen during childhood, and less than 25% of these tumours are found in adults below 40 years of age. Rarely, cases are reported above the age of 40 years. So far only three cases have been reported in patients aged above 64 years and none of these case reports are from India.

  3. A 19-year-old male with palpitations

    Upadhyay, Shailendra; Upadhyay, Shweta


    A 19-year-old male presented to the emergency department (ED) following intermittent episodes of palpitations. Classical “epsilon waves” noted on his initial electrocardiogram prompted an evaluation for arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD). The diagnosis was confirmed with magnetic resonance imaging of the heart and stress test. A prompt recognition and management of this condition in the ED helped prevent significant mortality that may be associated with ARVD.

  4. Dietary Habits of Welsh 12-13 Year Olds

    Thomas, Non-Eleri; Cooper, Stephen-Mark; Graham, Mike; Boobier, Wyndham; Baker, Julien; Davies, Bruce


    This study examined the dietary habits of Welsh 12-13 year olds. A cohort of 84 boys and 81 girls, age 12.9 SD 0.3 years; body mass 51.3 SD 12.6kg; and stature 1.54 SD 0.08m, completed a food frequency questionnaire and seven-day food diary. Mean daily kilocalories (kcal/d), and percentages of total fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, and protein,…

  5. Palpitations in a 64-year-old man.

    Bauml, Michael A; Chung, Jaehoon; Groth, John V; Farzaneh-Far, Afshin


    A 64-year-old man presented with several weeks of intermittent irregular palpitations. He had no prior history of cardiac disease, hypertension or syncope. A 12-lead ECG revealed sinus rhythm with premature atrial and ventricular contractions and high QRS voltages consistent with LV-hypertrophy. Cardiac MR revealed asymmetrical septal hypertrophy and marked mid-myocardial hyperenhancement of the interventricular septum. PMID:24281755

  6. SaferNanoDesign Summer School | 13-18 June


    A bioHC Summer School - 13-18 June 2016 - European Scientific Institute, Archamps, Haute-Savoie.   How can industrial innovation in nanotechnologies be reconciled with the legitimate concerns of citizens regarding environmental protection and public health? Tomorrow’s researchers and engineers will require skills in risk evaluation using computational methods of modelling and simulation relevant to nanomaterials. An intensive one-week specialist school, SaferNanoDesign will examine the analytical tools and methodologies required to rise to the challenge of the ecodesign of nanomaterial-enabled technology. The School combines an intensive programme of lecture presentations, followed up by practical sessions (experiments, computer simulation and modelling) and interdisciplinary group work. Courses will be given by international experts from France, Scotland, the US, the Netherlands and Switzerland and representatives from industry and regulatory bodies. For more information: www....

  7. Oral cleanliness of 12-13-year-old and 15-year-old school children of Sunsari District, Nepal

    Yee R


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to evaluate the oral cleanliness of school children in the District of Sunsari, Nepal. A multi-stage random sampling oral epidemiological survey was conducted in private and government, urban, rural town and rural village schools in 15 illakas of Sunsari District, Eastern Nepal. A total of 600, 12-13-year-old and 600 15-year-old school children were examined by trained examiners using the simplified oral hygiene index (OHI-S. The average age-group, debris and calculus index scores were combined to obtain the simplified oral hygiene index (OHI-S. The mean OHI-S scores were compared and evaluated using the parametric t-test for two independent samples. The mean OHI-S for urban 12-13-year-old school children was 0.98 compared to 1.34 for school children of rural towns and 1.44 for school children of rural villages and these differences in mean OHI-S were statistically significant ( P < 0.005. In the 15-year-old age group, urban school children had a mean OHI-S score of 1.00 compared to 1.37 for rural towns and 1.43 for rural villages. The variance in the mean OHI-S scores were statistically significant ( P < 0.005. The overall level of cleanliness in the school children surveyed was good. Children of urban schools had the lowest scores followed by school children from rural towns and then rural villages. When the mean OHI-S scores were compared with the DMFT scores, there was an inverse relationship between oral cleanliness and dental caries. Frequency of sugar consumption and the availability and affordability of fluoridated toothpaste may be important factors in the development of dental caries than oral cleanliness.

  8. Normal range of thoracic kyphosis in 13 to 18 years old healthy schoolboys in Kermanshah (2008

    Farid Najafi


    Full Text Available Background: Increased thoracic kyphosis more than normal ranges are assessed as abnormal. But normal ranges of thoracic kyphosis in deferent age groups have not been identified in our country yet. The aim of present study was investigation of normal ranges of thoracic kyphosis to use as a diagnosis tool in school aged children in Kermanshah, Western-Iran.Methods: A descriptive research designed and ethical approval was obtained. 582 student boys 13 - 18 years old were cluster sampled randomly from two guidance and two high schools. Each age group included 97 students. Dorsal curves were measured using flexicurve method. Normal range of boy student’s kyphosis was determined using descriptive statistics of mean and two standard deviations.Results: The mean thoracic kyphosis values ranged from 18.29 to 52.50 degrees. It was 34.41±7.47 for age 13 and 35.55±7.07 degree for age 18. It increased gradually from 13 to 16 and then there was a little decrease to 18 years. Conclusion: Our results showed a little difference with other similar studies, which may be related to different measurement methods or personal characteristics. These can be used as normal values for local schools and these normal values need to be determined for all age groups in different population.

  9. Eosinophilic cystitis in a 3-year-old boy

    Eosinophilic cystitis is a rare in children; it also affects adults. Clinical manifestations are variable. The diagnosis can be confirmed by cystoscopy and biopsy, both rather invasive procedures, especially in younger patients. We report a 3-year-old boy with eosinophilic cystitis. The most important radiological finding was marked thickening of the bladder wall, documented on ultrasound, cystography and CT. The CT findings of eosinophilic cystitis have, to the best of our knowledge, not been reported before. In addition to ultrasound and cystography, CT clearly demonstrates extension of the inflammatory process into the perivesical tissues. (orig.)

  10. Odontogenic myxoma in a 52-year-old woman

    Ram, Hari; Mehta, Gagan; Kumar, Manoj; Lone, Parveen


    Odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a rare benign but locally aggressive tumour of the jaws. It is usually seen in the second to third decade of life. Women are more frequently affected than men and it has more predilections for the mandible rather than the maxilla. OM presents as an asymptomatic swelling in most of the cases. Owing to the non-capsulated and aggressive nature of OM, a high rate of recurrence has been reported. Here we present a case of OM in a 52-year-old woman managed by segmental mandibulectomy. Sign of recurrence was seen after 18 months of follow-up. PMID:24859552

  11. Assessing Executive Function components in 9 years old children

    Sandra Reyes; Juan Pablo Barreyro; Irene Injoque-Ricle


    Executive Function (EF) is a multidimensional construct. It includes a set of abilities that allows to execute actions with a purpose, aimed to a goal, in an efficient way. The objective of this work is to explore some of the cognitive abilities that constitute a common factor for EF in 9 years-old children. The chosen instruments: Batería de Evaluación Neuropsicológica de la Función Ejecutiva en niños (ENFEN) (Battery of Neuropsychological Assessment for Executive Function in Children), alon...

  12. Multiple Radiolucencies of the Jaws in a 6 Year Old.

    Hansford, John T; Kelsch, Robert D; Wiltz, Mauricio


    Radiolucencies of the jaws are a common finding. Mostly, they are isolated findings associated with inflammatory processes and consistent with inflammatory periapical disease, such as periapical cysts and periapical granulomas. If associated with the crowns of unerupted teeth, they may represent dentigerous cysts. However, occasionally, larger lytic/radiolucent lesions are identified; even more infrequently, these radiographic findings may be multiple and concurrent. The purpose of this report is to present the case of a 6-year-old female patient with no known concomitant syndrome who presented with multiple intraoral swellings and to discuss the treatment of multiple, bilateral mandibular and maxillary radiolucencies. PMID:26749783

  13. Cyberbullying Among 9-16 Year Olds in Ireland

    O'Neill, Brian; Dinh, Thuy


    Almost a quarter (23%) of 9-16 year olds surveyed experienced some form of bullying, online or offline. Bullying online or by mobile is less common (4%) than face to face. Levels of bullying in Ireland are a little above the average reported by the 25 countries (23% vs. 19%) but lower for cyberbullying (4% vs. 6%). Bullying face to face is experienced by younger children (under 12) as well as by older teens. Online bullying is much less common among younger 9-12 olds and happens mostly to tee...

  14. Large hepatic adenoma in a 21-year-old male

    Martinez-Mier, Gustavo; Enriquez De los Santos, Horacio; Grube-Pagola, Peter


    Hepatic adenoma is an uncommon benign lesion of the liver that occurs more frequently in women in their third and fourth decades. The female/male ratio is up to 11:1. Hepatic adenomas may be single or multiple occasionally reaching sizes up to 20 cm. They are non-cancerous lesions, however they can become malignant. We present a 21-year-old male patient with no medical history who presented with abdominal pain, a palpable abdominal mass, abnormal liver function tests and a 14 kg weight loss i...

  15. [Snake bite in a 53-year-old female tourist].

    Bertheau, S; Aghdassi, A; Otto, M; Hegenscheid, K; Runge, S; Lerch, M M; Simon, P


    Snake bites are rare events in Germany and are not life-threatening with usually only mild clinical symptoms. The most widespread venomous snake is the common European adder (Vipera berus). Here we present the case of a 53-year-old woman who was bitten by a common adder. Although the patient was initially in stable condition she developed edematous swelling of the complete lower limb, subcutaneous bleeding, and rhabdomyolysis. The aim of this report is to raise awareness that even in a central European country like Germany snake bites with a life-threatening course can occur and need immediate attention and medical care. PMID:25617003

  16. Ovarian cavernous hemangioma in an 8-year-old girl.

    Mirilas, P; Georgiou, G; Zevgolis, G


    The case of an ovarian cavernous hemangioma with torsion in an 8-year-old girl is described. Current literature records less than 50 cases of which only 8 are in children. The presenting symptoms of acute abdomen and the ultrasonographic study led to the preoperative diagnosis of torsion of an ovarian tumor. Salpingo-oophorectomy and appendicectomy were performed with an uneventful postoperative course. The histological pattern of the tumor was that of an entirely cavernous hemangioma. The case is reported in view of its rarity. PMID:10342121

  17. Assessment of caries prevalence among children below 5 years old

    Prabhu, Poornima; Rajajee, K. T. S. S.; Sudheer, K. A.; Jesudass, G.


    Context: In the current scenario of developing countries, dental caries has been a long-standing challenge in the oral health issue and still on the rise. Aim: The aim of the following study is to estimate the caries prevalence in the primary dentition among children below 5 years of age. Meterials and Methods: Study population included both boys and girls below 5 years old attending KGF Dental College and Hospital, Karnataka. A simple random sampling method was used. A total of 672 children ...

  18. Primary cardiac osteosarcoma in a 42-year-old woman

    Zou Jianyong


    Full Text Available Abstract We describe here a 42-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital with a pedunculated mass in her left atrium. She was diagnosed with a primary cardiac osteosarcoma with special immunohistochemical characteristics. Echocardiography and computed tomography can be used to differentiate cardiac osteosarcomas from routine intracardiac tumors. The patient was treated by surgical removal of the mass. Two years later, she has shown no evidence of disease recurrence. We discuss primary osteosarcomas in the cardiac cavity and their management.

  19. Autoimmune pancreatitis in an 11-year-old boy

    Refaat, Rania [Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Ain Shams University, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Cairo (Egypt); Harth, Marc; Proschek, Petra; Lindemayr, Sebastian; Vogl, Thomas J. [Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


    We report a case of histopathologically proven autoimmune pancreatitis in an 11-year-old boy. Abdominal US and MRI showed a focal swelling of the pancreatic head, the latter also showing delayed contrast enhancement. There was diffuse irregular pancreatic duct narrowing, compression of the intrapancreatic common bile duct, and mild proximal biliary dilatation on MR cholangiopancreatography. Laboratory results revealed normal serum IgG and subclass 4 with negative autoimmune antibodies, and slightly elevated carbohydrate antigen 19-9. This highlights the differentiation of autoimmune pancreatitis from pancreatic head cancer and, to a lesser extent, other forms of pancreatitis in children. (orig.)

  20. Bronchopulmonary sequestration in a 60 year old man.

    Naffaa, Lena; Tank, Jay; Ali, Sara; Ong, Cesar


    We report a case of bronchopulmonary sequestration (BPS) in a 60 year old man with recurrent cough. After failed antibiotic therapy for presumed left lower lobe (LLL) pneumonia seen on chest radiographs, bronchoscopy was performed revealing cryptogenic organizing pneumonia. Further work-up with thoracic imaging demonstrates a feeding artery from the thoracic aorta to the LLL consolidation indicating the presence of BPS. A brief review of the clinical and radiological features and management options of BPS are listed, with particular emphasis on the various imaging modalities and techniques in the diagnosis and pre-surgical planning of intralobar sequestration. PMID:25426223

  1. Multifocal epithelioid hemangioendothelioma in a 16-year-old boy

    We report on a 16-year-old white male presenting with a 4-month history of syncopal episodes and occasional headaches. The CT and MRI studies revealed numerous lytic lesions of the skull base and cervical spine; subsequently, similar lesions were demonstrated in all areas of the skeleton, and CT showed numerous lesions in the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Excisional biopsy from several sites confirmed the diagnosis of epithelioid hemangioendothelioma. We conclude that epithelioid hemangioendothelioma should be added to the differential diagnosis for lytic lesions of bone that are clustered in the same anatomic region and that might also present with visceral involvement. (orig.)

  2. A Five Years Old Girl Child with Takayasu Arteritis

    Takayasu arteritis is a systemic vasulitis of large vessels that mainly involves the aorta and its branches. It normally presents in third decade of life and has rarely been reported in children under 10 years of age. We report here a case of Takayasu arteritis in a 5 years old girl who presented with headache, generalized body swelling, severe hypertension, proteinuria and minimal functioning kidneys. Conventional angiography demonstrated narrowing of descending aorta, right subclavian artery and right common iliac artery. She responded steroids, diuretics, antiplatelets and digoxin and discharged home on maintenance therapy. (author)

  3. Bilateral Ota nevus in a 15 years old patient

    Savaş Öztürk


    Full Text Available Nevus of Ota is a dermal melanocytosis, clinically localizedon skin that is innervated by the first and secondbranches of the trigeminal nerve. It occurs almost entirelyin Asian people. The clinical manifestations are usuallyunilateral; only 5% of cases are bilateral. In this article,due to rarity of the case, a 15-year-old patient, who was diagnosedwith bilateral ota nevus, without having any dermatologicalcomplaints other than cosmetic appearenceand stains in her eyes and around was presented.Key words: Bilateral ota nevus, child, melanocytosis

  4. Malignant pleural mesothelioma in a 13-year-old girl

    Pleural mesothelioma is an uncommon tumor in all age groups, but is especially rare in childhood. We describe the clinical and radiological features of malignant pleural mesothelioma in a 13-year-old girl. The chest radiograph showed nearly complete opacification and loss of volume in the left hemithorax. Computed tomography demonstrated a large pleural effusion centrally surrounded by a thick enhancing rind of soft tissue. The radiological features of childhood pleural mesothelioma in our case were similar to those described in adults with this disease. (orig.)

  5. [Successful preclinical thoracotomy in a 17-year-old man].

    Puchwein, P; Prenner, G; Fell, B; Sereinigg, M; Gumpert, R


    We report the case of a 17-year-old man who sustained multiple stab wounds after a knife attack. After arrival of the emergency medical team the patient suffered a cardiac arrest caused by cardiac tamponade. After emergency thoracotomy and open heart massage the patient developed ROSC and could be discharged 13 days later without neurological deficits. Prehospital thoracotomy is rarely performed in Austria but is the only realistic chance for survival in cases of hematopericardium and tamponade. Better training of emergency physicians in Austria concerning surgical resuscitation could increase survival rates especially after penetrating thoracic trauma. PMID:23884562

  6. A craniopharyngioma in a seven-year-old dog

    A seven-year-old male Border Collie was presented with a history of lethargy, episodic circling, incoordination and polydypsia. Physical examination revealed depression, obesity and bradycardia. A neurological examination indicated the possible presence of a space-occupying lesion in the brain. Results of the clinical investigation revealed hyposthenuria, sinus bradycardia and increased concentration of protein in the cerobrospinal fluid. A computerised axial tomography scan revealed a mass in the region of the hypophysis. The dog was euthanased and a post mortem examination confirmed the presence of a craniopharyngioma. 17 refs., 3 figs

  7. [The individual health of male teenagers studying at secondary school].

    Zarytovskaia, N V; Kalmykova, A S


    Mental health, physical development, physiological constants, somatic health and chronic case rates were studied in graduating-class schoolboys aged 16 (n = 63) and 17 (n = 82) years. The prevailing temperament in 17-year-old teenagers was hyperthymic and that in 16-year-olds was labile and introverted. The majority of the surveyed young men were extroverts, emotionally stable with a moderate useful level of situational and personal anxiety. More than 70.0% of the young men showed high social adaptation and low autonomic lability. 17-year-old young men had retarded processes as shown by moderate-low and moderate rates ofphysical development and disharmony. The most of teenagers had moderate and above-moderate levels of somatic health and a vital index that characterizes good functional, adaptive capacities of the cardiorespiratory system. PMID:22834276

  8. Language complexity modulates 8- and 10-year-olds' success at using their theory of mind abilities in a communication task.

    Wang, J Jessica; Ali, Muna; Frisson, Steven; Apperly, Ian A


    Basic competence in theory of mind is acquired during early childhood. Nonetheless, evidence suggests that the ability to take others' perspectives in communication improves continuously from middle childhood to the late teenage years. This indicates that theory of mind performance undergoes protracted developmental changes after the acquisition of basic competence. Currently, little is known about the factors that constrain children's performance or that contribute to age-related improvement. A sample of 39 8-year-olds and 56 10-year-olds were tested on a communication task in which a speaker's limited perspective needed to be taken into account and the complexity of the speaker's utterance varied. Our findings showed that 10-year-olds were generally less egocentric than 8-year-olds. Children of both ages committed more egocentric errors when a speaker uttered complex sentences compared with simple sentences. Both 8- and 10-year-olds were affected by the demand to integrate complex sentences with the speaker's limited perspective and to a similar degree. These results suggest that long after children's development of simple visual perspective-taking, their use of this ability to assist communication is substantially constrained by the complexity of the language involved. PMID:26477598

  9. Physical activity levels and energy expenditure of 9-year-old – 12-year-old overweight and obese children

    Anita E. Pienaar


    Full Text Available The high occurrence of overweight and obesity amongst children is a disturbing health problem worldwide. Possible causes of increasing childhood obesity are inactivity and energy imbalances. The aim of this study was to analyse the total energy expenditure (TEEand physical activity levels in 9-year-old – 12-year-old overweight and obese children during a weekday and a weekend day, as well as during a weekday morning and afternoon. Twenty-four 9-year-old – 12-year-old children (seven boys and 17 girls, of whom nine were overweight and 15 were obese, were selected from seven public primary schools for this study. Body mass index (BMI cut-off points were used to distinguish between overweight and obese. Each participant wore an ACTICAL™ monitor to determine their physical activity levels and TEE. It was found that the TEE of the children did not differ between a week day and a weekend day, although the TEE of the week day afternoon differed significantly from that of the weekday morning. Unlike the overweight children, none of the obese children met the requirements of 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day. Strategies should be found to increase the activity levels of overweight and, especially, obese children, specifically during the mornings and over weekends.


    Die hoë voorkoms van oorgewig en obesiteit onder kinders is wêreldwyd ’n kommerwekkende gesondheidsprobleem. Fisieke onaktiwiteit en energiewanbalanse word as moontlike oorsake van die probleem beskou. Die doel van hierdie studie was om die totale energieverbruik (TEV en fisieke-aktiwiteitsvlakke van 9-jarige – 12-jarige oorgewig- en obese kinders tydens ‘n totale weeksdag en naweekdag te ontleed, asook tydens die oggend en middag van ‘n weeksdag. Vier-en-twintig 9-jarige – 12-jarige kinders (sewe seuns en 17 dogters, waarvan nege oorgewig en 15 obees was, is uit sewe publieke laerskole vir die studie gekies

  10. Accuracy of 11-year-olds selfreported school lunch consumption

    Lyng, Nina

    studies among children has addressed accuracy in relation to school meals. However, in several countries including Denmark packed lunch is the prevalent lunch format and the lack of packed lunch reporting accuracy studies needs to be addressed to increase the knowledge about school hour reporting accuracy......) 2- To assess reporting accuracy in relation to gender and self-reported methods (Paper I) 3- To address aspects of reporting inaccuracy from intrusions by food group, against different objective measures, and classification of intrusions in stretches and confabulations (Paper II) 4- To assess how...... reporting accuracy differ by the lunch format consumed (Paper III) Material and methods The study was conducted as a cross-sectional dietary reporting study. The population consisted of 11-year-old children from three public schools in Copenhagen. The study was conducted on two consecutive days and assessed...

  11. Omental infarction in an obese 10-year-old boy

    Katerina Kambouri


    Full Text Available Primary omental infarction (POI has a low incidence worldwide, with most cases occurring in adults. This condition is rarely considered in the differential diagnosis of acute abdominal pain in childhood. Herein, we present a case of omental infarction in an obese 10-year-old boy who presented with acute abdominal pain in the right lower abdomen. The ultrasound (US examination did not reveal the appendix but showed secondary signs suggesting acute appendicitis. The child was thus operated on under the preoperative diagnosis of acute appendicitis but the intraoperative finding was omental infarct. Since the omental infarct as etiology of acute abdominal pain is uncommon, we highlight some of the possible etiologies and emphasize the importance of accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of omental infarction.

  12. A 62-year-old man with dyspnea

    Misbah Baqir


    Full Text Available We describe the case of a 62-year-old man who presented with shortness of breath that had progressed over several years. He had a history of a paralyzed right hemidiaphragm for at least the previous 10 years. He also reported weakness in his proximal legs and daytime sleepiness. On examination, he was found to have thoracoabdominal paradox when in supine position. Pulmonary function testing revealed severe restriction; arterial blood gas showed chronic respiratory acidosis. Electromyography showed chronic phrenic neuropathy bilaterally, with mild proximal myopathy. Serum aldolase level was mildly elevated, but serologic tests for connective tissue disorders were within reference range. After extensive clinical investigations, the patient was found to have severely reduced acid α-glucosidase. Genetic analysis confirmed the diagnosis of adult-onset Pompe disease. The patient started treatment with bilevel positive airway pressure titrated during polysomnography, and acid α-glucosidase enzyme replacement was recommended.

  13. Metanephric adenoma: Management in a 7-year-old child

    Katharine Caldwell


    Full Text Available We report the case of a 7-year-old girl in whom a left renal mass was incidentally discovered on computerized tomography (CT scan during evaluation for acute perforated appendicitis. The presence of polycythemia and the radiographic characteristics of the mass suggested a metanephric adenoma but a Wilm's tumor could not be excluded with preoperative studies. Gross inspection and intra-operative ultrasound of the tumor supported the suspicion of a metanephric adenoma and a partial nephrectomy was performed. Frozen section and permanent pathologic analysis confirmed a benign metanephric adenoma. At current date, patient is recovering well and polycythemia has resolved. A review of the management of metanephric adenoma in the child is presented.

  14. Cystic fibrosis school for 10-year-olds

    Bregnballe, Vibeke; Schiøtz, Peter Oluf


    children about the respiratory system in CF. They take physiotherapi together and go to the swimmingpool. The dietician and the nurse teach the children about the digestive system in CF and they cook together. The children learn about genetics, liver problems, infertility etc from the doctor and the nurse...... which they can make their own choices in order to improve their quality of life. In practical terms we make classes of 4-8 10-year-old children with CF. We give them 6 lessons of 3 hours. One lesson every second month. The lessons substitute a monthly visit. The psysiotherapist and the nurse teach the....... In the last lesson the psychologist and the nurse talk with the children about taking over the responsibility. The children enjoy being together and learn a lot from each other. It is our belief that if we help the patients to improve knowledge, to cope with the disease and to take over the...

  15. Parathyroid Carcinoma in a 10 Years Old Female Child.

    Rahman, M M; Karim, S S; Joarder, A I; Mubin, S; Abir, M M; Morshed, M S


    Parathyroid carcinoma (PC) is a rare cause of hypercalcaemia in children. Only 7 cases of PC have been reported so far in the world journal. The authors report the 8th case of parathyroid carcinoma in children less than 16 years of age. A 10 year old girl presented with difficulty in walking, dorsiflexion and ulnar deviation of both wrist joints and occasional pain in the central abdomen of about two years duration. Biochemical investigations revealed serum calcium 12.2 mg/dL (normal 9-11 mg/dL), serum alkaline phosphate 4992 U/L (normal 50-136 U/L), PTH (parathyroid hormone) 2217 pg/ml (normal 9-80 pg/ml). Parathyroid scintigraphy localized the lesion in the left parathyroid gland. X-ray showed bilateral coxa vera, genu valgus deformity and multiple stress fractures in both wrist joints. Histopathology confirmed PC with capsular and vascular invasion. PMID:26329966

  16. Thyrotoxic Dysphagia in an 82-year-old male.

    Parperis, Konstantinos; Dadu, Ramona; Hoq, Sheikh; Argento, Vivian


    Dysphagia is a common problem in elderly patients and a rare manifestation of Graves' disease. We report a case of an 82-year-old male who presented with a 4-week history of dysphagia and weight loss. Workup for his dysphagia with upper endoscopy, MRI brain, electromyography, acetyl-cholinesterase receptor antibodies, and voltage-gated calcium channel antibodies were negative. Modified Barium swallow test showed oropharyngeal dysphagia. Thyroid function tests that revealed hyperthyroidism and antibodies to TSH-receptor were positive. Based on the above findings, we considered Graves' disease as the most likely diagnosis. Patient was treated with methimazole and beta-blockers and subsequently his dysphagia resolved. This paper highlights the importance to clinicians of considering thyrotoxicosis as possible diagnosis in an elderly patient presenting with unexplained dysphagia. PMID:21317989

  17. Septic Bursitis in an 8-Year-Old Boy

    Panagiotis Kratimenos


    Full Text Available Background. The prepatellar bursa can become inflamed owing to repeated trauma. Prepatellar bursitis is extremely rare in children. Methods. We report the case of an 8-year-old boy who was treated for an erythematous, swollen, and severely painful right knee, fever, inability to bear weight on the leg, and purulent material draining from a puncture wound. We describe the differential diagnosis for tender swollen knee, including infection, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. If untreated, prepatellar bursitis can progress to patellar osteomyelitis. Results. Wound cultures grew Streptococcus pyogenes, with the infection resolving with amoxicillin. Conclusions. A high index of suspicion is necessary in children presenting with prepatellar bursitis to prevent potentially devastating sequelae of infection of the septic joint.


    Vidyadhar Kinhal


    Full Text Available Pyoderma gangrenosum is a rare, non - infectious and destructive skin disease. Its exact etiopathogenesis is not clearly understood and is believed to be due to immune dysfunction. Several theories have been postulated; however none are consistent in all patients. Pyoderma gangrenosum mostly affects adults and rarely in children. An underlying systemic diseas e is often seen in most of the cases. A three - year - old male child presented with a non - healing ulcer over left thigh. Clinical features, histopathology, other investigations and dramatic response to corticosteroids suggested a diagnosis of idiopathic pyo derma gangrenosum. Associated idiopathic thrombocytosis was also seen. Idiopathic pyoderma gangrenosum is very rare in children. Idiopathic pyoderma gangrenosum associated with idiopathic thrombocytosis and keloidal scarring has not been reported earlier

  19. Recurrent headache in a five year old boy

    Lokesh Saini


    Full Text Available Headache is infrequent in early childhood. Headache and neurological deficits associated with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF lymphocytosis (HaNDL, a variant of migraine, is a rare disorder. A 5-year-old boy presented with recurrent episodes of headache for 6 months. Each episode lasted for a week and in the current episode, he was symptomatic for 3 days. All the episodes were associated with paresthesias and CSF lymplocytosis with normal protein and sugar. There was history of migraine in his family. His magnetic resonance imaging (MRI brain with contrast with magnetic resonance (MR angiography and venography were normal. Work-up for relevant causes of infection and vasculitis were negative. His symptoms subsided on oral antimigraine prophylaxis and he has been on remission for last 8 months. HaNDL should be considered in relevant clinical scenarios, as it prevents unnecessary investigations, therapy, and hospitalization.

  20. NASA Administrator Dan Goldin greets 100-year-old VIP.


    Astronaut Andy Thomas (left) greets 100-year-old Captain Ralph Charles, one of the VIPs attending the launch of STS-99. Charles also met NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. An aviator who has the distinction of being the oldest licensed pilot in the United States, Charles is still flying. He has experienced nearly a century of flight history, from the Wright Brothers to the Space Program. He took flying lessons from one of the first fliers trained by Orville Wright, first repaired then built airplanes, went barnstorming, operated a charter service in the Caribbean, and worked as a test pilot for the Curtiss Wright Airplane Co. Charles watches all the Shuttle launches from his home in Ohio and his greatest wish is to be able to watch one in person from KSC.

  1. Tetanus trismus in a 2 year old child: Case report

    Menon Narayanankutty Sunilkumar, Vadakut Krishnan Parvathy


    Full Text Available Tetanus is still a major cause of mortality and morbidity in developing countries. It occurs in children mainly in the unimmunized, due to parental ignorance and objection to vaccination. This potentially fatal disease caused by a neurotoxin, tetanospasmin released from wounds infected with Clostridium tetani, an anaerobic gram–positive bacillus. As tetanus becomes less common, cases are likely to be misdiagnosed or go unrecognized. In this case report, we present a case of tetanus in a partially immunized 2 year old girl who presented with trismus. She was treated with the recent recommendations and adequate supportive care. Detection of tetanus at a very early stage can favor lifesaving interventions. Trismus, infected wound and partially immunized/unimmunized status of a child were the key features leading to the prompt diagnosis and early treatment.

  2. A 35-year old woman with productive cough and breathlessness.

    Kalai, Umasankar; Hadda, Vijay; Madan, Karan; Arava, Sudheer; Ali, Firdaus; Jain, Neetu; Mohan, Anant


    A 35-year-old lady was seen in the outpatient clinic owing to fever, cough with mucopurulent expectoration, and breathlessness for the duration of 1 month. She had history of similar episodes treated with antibiotics four times during last 2 years. There was no history of recurrent sinusitis, diarrhea, and skin or soft tissue infection. She had no history of diabetes mellitus or steroid intake. She denied any history of facial trauma or dental infection in the past. There was no history of tuberculosis in her or in the family. Radiograph and CT scan of the chest revealed right upper lobe consolidation. Flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy revealed multiple nodules at opening of right upper lobe bronchus. This clinicopathological conference describes the details of differential diagnoses, difficulties in achieving the final diagnosis and management of such patient. PMID:26664183

  3. Extrinsic Rewards Diminish Costly Sharing in 3-Year-Olds.

    Ulber, Julia; Hamann, Katharina; Tomasello, Michael


    Two studies investigated the influence of external rewards and social praise in young children's fairness-related behavior. The motivation of ninety-six 3-year-olds' to equalize unfair resource allocations was measured in three scenarios (collaboration, windfall, and dictator game) following three different treatments (material reward, verbal praise, and neutral response). In all scenarios, children's willingness to engage in costly sharing was negatively influenced when they had received a reward for equal sharing during treatment than when they had received praise or no reward. The negative effect of material rewards was not due to subjects responding in kind to their partner's termination of rewards. These results provide new evidence for the intrinsic motivation of prosociality-in this case, costly sharing behavior-in preschool children. PMID:27084549

  4. Paratesticular myxoid liposarcoma in a 23-year old Nigerian

    Okezie M. Mbadiwe


    Full Text Available Paratesticular liposarcomas are rare tumors and are usually seen in patients in middle age or older. Optimal treatment is radical orchidectomy. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy is added for advanced disease or recurrences. These practice guidelines often vary from the experience in developing countries. We present a 23-year old man who presented with paratesticular myxoid liposarcoma, after transscrotal orchidectomy for ‘testicular tumor’ without histology. He was subsequently managed by neoadjuvant chemotherapy and complete tumor excision. A case of paratesticular myxoid liposarcoma in a young man is highlighted. Also noted is the fact that complete extirpation at primary surgery reduces the risk of local recurrence. The practice of transscrotal orchidectomy and non-submission of surgical specimens is highlighted and condemned.

  5. Type, size and age of vehicles driven by teenage drivers killed in crashes during 2008-2012.

    McCartt, Anne T; Teoh, Eric R


    Given teenagers' elevated crash rates, it is especially important that their vehicles have key safety features and good crash protection. A profile of vehicles driven by teenagers killed in crashes was developed. Data on vehicles of drivers ages 15-17 and ages 35-50 who died in crashes during 2008-2012 were obtained from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Using vehicle identification numbers, the vehicle make, model and model year were identified. 29% of fatally injured teenagers were driving mini or small cars, 82% were driving vehicles at least 6 years old, and 48% were driving vehicles at least 11 years old. Compared with middle-aged drivers, teenagers' vehicles more often were small or mini cars or older vehicles. Few teenagers' vehicles had electronic stability control or side airbags as standard features. Parents should consider safety when choosing vehicles for their teenagers. PMID:25525130

  6. [Teenage pregnancy].

    Mora-Cancino, María; Hernández-Valencia, Varcelino


    In Mexico, 20% of the annual births are presented in women younger than 20 years old. Pregnancy in adolescents puts at risk mother and child health. This risk is major while the woman is younger, especially when the social and economic conditions are not favorable, which is decisive in later psychosocial development. It has been pointed out that the youths with low education, with minor academic and laboral expectations, with low self-esteem and assertiveness, tend to begin early their active sexual life, to use less frequently contraceptives, and in the case of younger women, to be pregnant, with the risk of abortion because they cannot to make the best decision. It is important to take into account the social context and the special characteristics of the family to understand situation of adolescent at risk of pregnancy. PMID:26233975

  7. A 55 years old man with pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis

    Rebeen R Saeed


    Full Text Available Pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis (PAM is a very rare diffuse chronic lung disease characterized by deposition of small spherules of calcium phosphate within the alveolar cavity. The disease is usually seen from birth up to 40 years of age and is usually diagnosed incidentally during radiography of the chest for other reasons. Most of patients are asymptomatic or having very mild symptoms and the majority of patients either have normal or restrictive pulmonary function test. Clinically, the course of the disease is different; it remains static in few patients or it may progress to pulmonary fibrosis, respiratory failure and cor pulmonale in others. In this case report, we present a 55-year-old man who presented with moderate shortness of breath which has progressed from mild symptoms with in the previous years. His chest high-resolution CT scan showed diffusely scattered, ill-defined little shadowy micronodules which involve the left lung; lingula and left lower lobe in particular. A lung biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of PAM. He was followed up for 1 year with treatment by steroid and alendronate, and no progression was noticed in fact improvement in pulmonary function test noticed. This is the first case report of PAM in Kurdistan.

  8. Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis in a 9-year-old girl

    Kamienska E


    Full Text Available Abstract Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH is a rare and life-threatening condition characterized by hemoptysis, dyspnoea, alveolar infiltrates on chest radiograph and various degrees of anemia. It may occur either as a primary disease of the lungs or a secondary condition due to cardiac, systemic vascular, collagen or renal diseases. Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis (IPH is a separate form of DAH of unknown origin, associated in some cases with celiac disease. The estimated incidence of IPH in children is 0.24-1.23 cases per million, with a mortality rate as high as 50%. Only about 500 cases of this disease have been described in medical literature. We present a case of a 9-year-old girl diagnosed with IPH, which was confirmed by the presence of many hemosiderin-laden macrophages in bronchoalveolar lavage obtained by bronchofiberoscopy. Therapy with glucocorticoids was initiated with a partial and transient response. Azathioprine and a gluten-free diet were subsequently introduced. However, the girl still suffers from recurrent episodes of hemoptysis, dyspnea and anemia.

  9. Cosmetic clitoridectomy in a 33-year-old woman.

    Veale, David; Daniels, Joe


    The Female Genital Mutilation Act (2003) in England allows for mental health exceptions for cosmetic surgery resulting from perceived abnormality. Similar legislation exists in other countries. There are no reported cases of clitoridectomy for cosmetic reasons or any discussion in the literature of mental health exceptions to the Act. This is a single case report on a 33-year-old married, heterosexual woman who had already had a cosmetic labiaplasty and was seeking a clitoridectomy for aesthetic reasons. At assessment, there were no psychiatric contra-indications or unrealistic expectations and the patient proceeded with a clitoridectomy. At 9 and 22 months follow-up, she was reassessed and was very pleased with the outcome. There were improvements in the satisfaction with her genital appearance, sexual satisfaction, and quality of life related to body image. Assessments for cosmetic clitoridectomy will continue to be rare, but this case may provide some guidance for practitioners who are confronted with such requests for body modification. However there remains only limited understanding of the motivation for such a request. PMID:21837517

  10. Clavicle nonunion in a 10-year-old boy.

    Pourtaheri, Neema; Strongwater, Allan M


    Posttraumatic clavicle nonunion is rare, particularly in children. Four cases of clavicle fracture nonunion in patients aged 10 years and younger have been reported. A variety of techniques have been used to treat pediatric clavicle nonunions. A 10-year-old boy presented to our institution after a fall, sustaining a right closed midshaft clavicle fracture. No other injuries occurred, and neurovascular examination of the right upper extremity was normal. The fracture was initially treated with a sling for >4 months, and the fracture progressed to a hypertrophic nonunion. Serial radiographs failed to demonstrate progression to union. The patient continued to have pain with activity 4 months after his injury. Clavicle pseudarthrosis was considered; however, radiographs did not have the characteristic appearance of this condition. This fracture nonunion was treated with internal fixation and united with no complication. The patient was back to full activities of daily living 6 months postoperatively. He reported no tenderness at the fracture site or along the hardware. The treating surgeon (A.M.S.) prefers to remove hardware in young children, but the family declined removal. Pediatric posttraumatic nonunion of the clavicle is rare but can be safely treated with plate fixation, with excellent results. PMID:22385461

  11. Primary Pleural Angiosarcoma in a 63-Year-Old Gentleman

    Ahmed Abu-Zaid


    Full Text Available Primary pleural angiosarcomas are extremely rare. As of 2010, only around 50 case reports have been documented in the literature. Herein, we report the case of a 63-year-old gentleman who presented with a 3-month history of right-sided chest pain, dyspnea, and hemoptysis. Chest X-ray showed bilateral pleural effusion with partial bibasilar atelectasis. Ultrasound-guided thoracocentesis showed bloody and exudative pleural fluid. Cytologic examination was negative for malignant cells. An abdominal contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT scan showed two right diaphragmatic pleural masses. Whole-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT scan showed two hypermetabolic fluorodeoxyglucose- (FDG- avid lesions involving the right diaphragmatic pleura. CT-guided needle-core biopsy was performed and histopathological examination showed neoplastic cells growing mainly in sheets with focal areas suggestive of vascular spaces lined by cytologically malignant epithelioid cells. Immunohistochemical analysis showed strong positivity for vimentin, CD31, CD68, and Fli-1 markers. The overall pathological and immunohistochemical features supported the diagnosis of epithelioid angiosarcoma. The patient was scheduled for surgery in three weeks. Unfortunately, the patient died after one week after discharge secondary to pulseless ventricular tachycardia arrest followed by asystole. Moreover, we also present a brief literature review on pleural angiosarcoma.

  12. Marine durability of 23-year old reinforced concrete beams

    Mohammed, T. U. [NEWJEC Inc., Technology Development Dept., Osaka (Japan); Otsuki, N. [Tokyo Inst. of Technology (Japan); Hisada, M. [Niigata Univ., (Japan); Hamada, H. [Ministry of Transport, Port and Harbor Research Inst., Yokosuka (Japan)


    Results of a study concerning the durability of 23-year old reinforced concrete beams exposed to marine tidal and atmospheric environments are presented. The study focused on the corrosion of steel bars with respect to orientation in concrete, carbonation and chloride ion-induced corrosion, quantitative evaluation of electrochemical data and the influence of stirrups on macrocell formation. Experimental work included half cell potential, polarization resistance, solution resistance investigations, chloride ion profile and carbonation depth measurements, microscopic observations of steel-concrete interfaces, and visual inspection of steel bars corrosion. Results showed that chloride ion-induced corrosion was significantly influenced by the orientation of the steel bars in the concrete. Macrocell corrosion was found to be the governing process of corrosion in atmospheric environment, while stirrups played an important role in macrocell formation. Assuming the use of a suitable pit concentration, polarization data was considered to provide an acceptable, although inexact, estimate of the depth of corrosion. Peak chloride ion concentration was not observed at the concrete surface but at some distance below the surface, probably due to the effect of wetting and drying cycles. 8 refs., 9 tabs., 11 figs.

  13. 20 year old lady with a paraspinal mass.

    O'Toole, Orna


    A 20 year old female presented with a 4 month history of right upper limb pain and paraesthesias. She had no systemic symptoms and no prior medical or family history of note. MRI revealed a right-sided intradural extramedullary mass extending from C7-T1 and displacing the spinal cord. While awaiting surgery her symptoms progressed to involve the right lower limb. She was re-imaged and the lesion now extended from C5 to T3 with spinal cord compression at C7-T1. The radiological features and recent rapid growth were felt to be in keeping with a large plexiform neurofibroma. The patient underwent emergency resection of the lesion and pathology revealed Hodgkin\\'s Lymphoma (HL)-mixed cellularity type. A mediastinal mass was identified on further imaging and biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of HL-stage IV. The patient is currently undergoing treatment with ABVD chemotherapy. CNS-HL is extremely rare and may occur de novo or in association with systemic disease. Lesions may be parenchymal or dural based and are usually intracranial with an increased risk of CNS involvement in HL-mixed-cellularity type as in our patient. This is the first report in the literature of CNS-HL radiologically mimicking a paraspinal plexiform neurofibroma.

  14. Assessing Executive Function components in 9 years old children

    Sandra Reyes


    Full Text Available Executive Function (EF is a multidimensional construct. It includes a set of abilities that allows to execute actions with a purpose, aimed to a goal, in an efficient way. The objective of this work is to explore some of the cognitive abilities that constitute a common factor for EF in 9 years-old children. The chosen instruments: Batería de Evaluación Neuropsicológica de la Función Ejecutiva en niños (ENFEN (Battery of Neuropsychological Assessment for Executive Function in Children, along with the Backward Digits Subtestfrom the WISC-III, were administered to 101 children from private schools of Buenos Aires State, Argentina. The ENFEN consists on EF tasks, including Phonological and Semantic Fluency, Trail Making Test versions for children (gray and colored sets, Interference Task, and Planning disc movements according to a model. An initial confirmatory factor analysis didn’t show significant fit indexes, being the Inhibitory control the variable with the lower and non significant factorial weight. A second model excluding the Inhibitory control measure was conducted, and it showed excellent fit indexes. Therefore, it can be concluded that at this age, some of the cognitive abilities included on the EF are: Phonological and Semantic Fluency, Sustained and Selective attention, Planning and Working memory; which is not the case for Inhibitory Control (measured by the Interference Task in the ENFEN.

  15. Unexplained weight loss in an 80-year-old woman.

    Taylor, Imogen Aleksandra; Gill, Isaac; Harripaul, Azad


    An 80-year-old woman presented with long-standing history of weight loss and malnutrition, which had caused her to become reliant on the use of a wheelchair. Her symptoms were initially attributed to her medical comorbidities, however, during admission it became apparent that she had been suffering from depression and had gone on to develop an eating disorder. Eating disorders are most common in young adults but can affect all age groups, including the elderly population. The diagnosis is rarely considered in such patients and easily overlooked, especially when in the presence of chronic conditions and cognitive decline. A pre-existing psychiatric issue, most often depression, may also be present in this age group. There are no current treatment methods targeting patients in this population, who may not respond as effectively to the available strategies directed at young adults. It is important to always consider an eating disorder as a contributor or direct cause of unexplained weight loss in elderly patients. PMID:25618876

  16. Forty years old and still young at heart


    I am 40 years old but my average age is 4. Who am I? The answer is the CERN nursery school, located near Gate A on the Meyrin site. This year's traditional end-of-year party on 24 June was a lot more lively than usual. To mark the school's fortieth birthday in style, the teachers dressed up in pretty, floating costumes, a clown on stilts was in attendance, to the delight of a fascinated crowd of children, and balloons were released into the sky. Dozens of balloons were released into the sky to mark the CERN nursery school's 40th Anniversary.Standing on stilts and performing a juggling act, the clown was the highlight of the evening. In 1965, when it was created on the initiative of a group of parents, the nursery school consisted of a single class that was open in the mornings only and was held in a room located outside the CERN site. The Staff Association took up the reins right from the start and is still running the school today. The school went from strength to strength. "Even at the beginning, there was...

  17. [A 73-year-old woman with familial Parkinson's disease].

    Takanashi, M; Urabe, T; Ohta, S; Hamano, Y; Mori, H; Shirai, T; Kondo, T; Mizuno, Y


    We report a 73-year-old Japanese woman with familial Parkinson's disease. The patient was well until her 67 years of the age, when she noted rest tremor in her right hand. Soon after her gait became short stepped. She visited our clinic on October 6, 1992 when she was 68 years old. She was alert and well oriented without dementia. She showed masked face, small voice, small stepped gait, retropulsion, resting tremor in her right hand, rigidity in the neck, and bradykinesia. She was treated with 400 mg/day of levodopa-carbidopa, which improved her symptoms, however, she developed wearing off phenomenon 3 years after the initiation of levodopa treatment. On August 26, 1998, she developed abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. She was admitted to another hospital, where abdominal plain x-ray revealed an evidence of intestinal obstruction (ileus). She was treated with nasogastric suction and intravenous fluid. Her condition did not improve and she was transferred to our hospital on August 29, 1998. Her family history revealed no consanguineous marriage. She had two elder brothers and three elder sisters. One of her brothers had been diagnosed as Parkinson's disease. Her husband also suffered from Parkinson's disease, however, her parents apparently did not have Parkinson's disease. On admission, she appeared to be drowsy. Her blood pressure was 102/70 mmHg, body temperature 36.2 degrees C. The lungs were clear and no cardiac murmur was present. Abdomen was flat and bowel sound was audible. No abnormal mass was palpable. Neurologic examination revealed mild consciousness disturbance, masked face, and small voice. No motor paralysis was noted. Muscle tone was hypotonic. No abnormal involuntary movement was noted. Abnormal laboratory findings on admission were as follows; WBC 11,300/microliter, amylase 1,373 IU/l, CK 446 IU/l, BUN 50 mg/dl, creatinine 1.17 mg/dl, CRP 22.7 mg/ dl, Na 134 mEq/l, K 3.1 mEq/l, and Cl 81 mEq/l. A chest x-ray film revealed pneumonic shadows in


    A. Ariputra


    Full Text Available Evans syndrome is a coexistence of simultaneous or sequential positive direct Coombs test in conjunctionwith  immune-mediated  thrombocytopenia with no known underlying etiology. The  clinical  course  ischronic and relapsing, and the therapy is generally progressive. Recurrences of thrombocytopenia, anemiaand neutropenia are common, as well as episodes of hemorrhage and serious infections. Noncrossreactingautoantibodies are directed against red cells, platelets, and neutrophils antigens. Evans syndrome isa rare condition, no predilection is known and its exact prevalent is unknown. We report a case of Evanssyndrome in 10 years old girl with severe anemia and thrombocytopenia. Patient came with clinicalsymptoms of severe anemia. The laboratory evaluation showed severe anemia, increased reticulocytecount, anisopoikilocytosis erythrocyte, increased unconjugated bilirubin, positive direct Coombs testand thrombocytopenia. Patient was then managed with high doses of corticosteroids and showed goodresponse from both clinical and laboratory evaluations. [MEDICINA 2015;46:61-66].Sindrom Evans adalah suatu penyakit yang ditandai dengan adanya hasil positif pada direct Coombstest dan trombositopenia yang diperantarai  imun secara simultan atau sekuensial tanpa penyebabyang  jelas. Perjalanan klinis umumnya bersifat kronis, sering mengalami relaps dan memerlukanterapi yang progresif. Kejadian trombositopenia, anemia, neutropenia, perdarahan dan episode infeksiberat berulang umum terjadi. Pada sindrom ini, terjadi reaksi autoantibodi spesifik terhadap antigensel darah merah, trombosit dan juga neutrofil. Sindrom Evans merupakan kasus yang jarang ditemukandan dengan predileksi serta prevalensi yang belum banyak diketahui. Kami melaporkan satu kasusSindrom Evans pada anak perempuan usia 10 tahun.  Pasien dengan gejala klinis anemia berat dan padapemeriksaan laboratorium menunjukkan suatu anemia berat, peningkatan hitung retikulosit, gambaraneritrosit



    Objective To reevaluate the age limit for heart transplantation ( HTX) and the long-term outcomes in el derly patients. Methods From Oct. 1984 to Dec. 1996, 161 cases of HTX were performed in Hartford Hospital, with 35 pa tients aged 60~68 years (mean: 63.5±2.7, group A) and 126 under 60 years (mean: 47.6±11.3, group B). The causes of HTX for group A and group B were ischemic : 60% vs 48%, idiopathic: 29% vs 45%, valvular: 6% vs 4 %, congenital: 0 vs 2%, and graft failure : 6 % vs1% . Results The operative mortality (within 30d) were5.7%(2/35) in group A , and1. 6% (2/126) in group B. The overall late death were 13 (37%) in group A, and 50(40% ) in group B. The main causes of dea th were ( group A vs group B) infection: 46 % vs 24 %, rejection: 0 vs 28 % (P<0.05), malignancy: 23 % vs 8 %, multi-or gan system failure:23% vs 2%, cardiac events:8% vs 10%. The 1-,3-,5- ,8- and 10- year survival rate in group A and group B was 74% vs 88%, 67% vs 77%, 60% vs 65%, 49% vs 43%, and 49% vs 34% respectively. The quality of life for both groups was improved remarkably. Conclusion The survival rate for patients over 60 is as good as that of the younger group. HTX could be successfully performed in patients around 65 years old.

  20. A 29-Year-Old Male with Borderline Lepromatous Leprosy

    Lubna Khondker


    Full Text Available Leprosy (Hansen’s disease is a chronic granulomatous infectious disease that primarily affects the peripheral nerves, skin, upper respiratory tract mucosa, eyes and certain other tissues. It is diagnosable and curable if recognized early and treated adequately. A twenty nine-year-old male from Jessore, Bangladesh reported in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh with the complaints of multiple erythematous, large, raised and circumscribed lesions with loss of sensations on different parts of the body, especially distal portions of all four limbs for last eight months. Subsequently he developed ulcers on the anesthetic fingers due to smoking and few ulcerative lesions on both feet. Skin examination revealed multiple erythematous, large nodular lesions on both sides of the cheek and forehead, multiple erythematous, indurated, large plaques with raised margin and central clearing on the trunk, waist and all four limbs, few satellite lesions around the large plaques on the trunk, few hypopigmented patches and plaques on buttock and lower limbs, multiple painless ulcers on dorsal surface of fingers of both hands, both lateral malleoluses and right sole. On examination of peripheral nerves, left great auricular nerve, both ulnar nerves and both common peroneal nerves were moderately enlarged and tender. Slit skin smear for AFB (modified Z-N stain was done and revealed that there were large number of acid and alcohol-fast bacilli arranged in straight and curved parallel bundles with globular masses (cigar-bundle appearance, morphologically resembling Mycobacterium leprae. Skin biopsy for histopathological examination revealed extensive infiltration of macrophages in the dermis, separated from epidermis by narrow grenz zone, with destruction of skin adnexa. Few foci of poorly defined granuloma in dermis were also noted. The patient was managed with rifampicin, clofazimine, dapsone, prednisolone and omeprazole.

  1. [The 20 to 29 year old population: sociodemographic profile].

    Gonzalez, A


    The age group born in 1960-69 and currently 20 to 29 years old is of great interest in Mexico because it has been most affected by changes in fertility, education, and employment. The cohort was born at the period of highest fertility in Mexico¿s history. While families of their parents¿ generation averaged 5 or 6 children, evidence suggests that the 1960-69 cohort will average just 3. Men born in 1960-69 had on average 6.8 years of schooling and women 5.9, compared to 5 years for the population over age 15 as a whole. 88% of the men, 40% of the women, and 64% overall are economically active. The cohort arrived at working age in the midst of an economic crisis marked by declining purchasing power, loss of jobs in noncompetitive industries, and reduced government employment. A high proportion of the cohort had low incomes, with 36% earning less than the minimum salary. Among women, 45% aged 20-24 and 19% aged 25-29 were single, compared to 62% and 46% of men in the same age groups. 10% of the women and 9% of the men in union lived with the partner¿s family. The population aged 20-29 numbered slightly under 16.9 million in 1990 and constituted 18.4% of the total population. The group will increase by nearly 2.9 million between 1990-95, and can be expected to exert considerable pressure on demand for employment and housing. PMID:12158101

  2. A 78-Year-Old Woman with Fecaloid Vaginal Discharge

    Yuh Feng Tsai


    Full Text Available A 78-year-old woman with a history of colon cancer with metastasis to the liver was presented to our emergency department because of bilateral groin pain and difficulty in walking, which had gradually increased during the previous 5 days. The pain was of sudden onset, radiating to the back, without aggravating or relieving factors. It was associated with constipation, dysuria and vaginal discharge. She reported passing fecal matter from the vagina one month ago. On physical examination, she appeared malnourished. Her blood pressure was 98/65 mmHg, with a 108 beats/min heart rate and 28 breaths/min respiratory rate. She was afebrile. Physical examinations were unremarkable, except for pale conjunctiva, abdominal distention, and diffuse tenderness especially over the umbilicus with guarding tenderness. Bowel sounds were decreased. Pelvic examination showed a yellowish odorous vaginal discharge from the external orifice of uterus. A complete blood cell count showed the following: leukocyte count, 34,200/mm3; segmented neutrophils, 87.5%; hemoglobin level of 7.4 mg/dl; hematocrit, 18.8%; and platelet, 180000/uL. Other laboratory studies included: glucose, 86 mg/dL; serum urea nitrogen, 28 mg/dL; serum creatinine, 0.87 mg/dL; sodium, 142 mEq/L; potassium, 4.8 mEq/L; albumin, 2.5g/dL; a carbohydrate antigen 19-9 level of 3,244 U/ml, and a carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA level of 64.6 ng/ml. Coronal and axial cuts of patient’s abdominopelvic computed Tomography (CT are shown in figures 1 and 2.

  3. Teenage Suicide in Zimbabwe.

    Lester, David; Wilson, C.


    The teenage suicide rate in Zimbabwe did not change much during the 1970s, though the rate rose for female teenagers. Female teenagers used poison as a method of suicide more often than did adults, and self-immolation had increased in frequency among young women by the mid-1980s. (Author)

  4. Perinatal characteristics among early (10–14 years old and late (15–19 years old pregnant adolescents

    Alves João


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Pregnancy in adolescents is a worldwide health problem and has been mostly common in poor populations. It is not clear if socioeconomic or biological factors are the main determinants of perinatal adverse outcomes in pregnant adolescents. Adolescents under 15 years old may present a high growth rate which may contribute to impair fetal growth. Our aim is to compare perinatal characteristics among early (aged 10 to 14 years and late (aged 15 to 19 years pregnant adolescents. Methods A cross-sectional study was performed using data from Pernambuco State 2009, obtained from DATASUS/SISNAC, a Brazilian Government, open-access public health database. Maternal and neonatal outcomes were compared between early (aged 10–14 years and late (aged 15–19 years pregnant adolescents. Family income was compared between early and late pregnant adolescents using a sample of 412 subjects evaluated at Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP during 2011. Statistical comparisons were made using the chi-square test was used with a significant level of 0.05; bivariate and multivariate analysis were performed. This project was approved by the Institutional Ethics Review Board. Results Data from 31,209 pregnant adolescents were analyzed. 29,733 (95.2% were aged 15 to 19 years and 1,476 (4.7% were aged 10 to 14 years. There were significant differences with respect to marital status, education level and number of prenatal visits of mothers aged 10 to 14 years compared to 15 to 19 years. Of importance, early adolescents had a greater rate of neonates born premature and with low birth weight. Prematurity and low birth weight remained statistically significant after multivariate analysis. Conclusions Early aged adolescents may have an increased risk of prematurity and low birth weight. These findings highlight the potential role of biological factors in newborn outcomes in pregnant adolescents.

  5. Social Networks and Cyber-bullying among Teenagers



    In the digital society, even if ICT offers new opportunities and benefits to teenagers, it also poses significant challenges to them. More and more teenagers are becoming victims of aggression via ICT. In Europe, among the 9-16 year-old participants in the EU Kids Online survey (2011): 33 % were bothered or upset by inappropriate material online, 12 % were bothered or upset meeting online contacts offline, and 80 % were fairly or very upset by cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying does not respect b...

  6. How safe do teenagers behave on Facebook? An observational study.

    Ellen Vanderhoven

    Full Text Available The substantial use of social network sites by teenagers has raised concerns about privacy and security. Previous research about behavior on social network sites was mostly based on surveys and interviews. Observational research overcomes problems inherent to this research method, for example social desirability. However, existing observational research mostly focuses on public profiles of young adults. Therefore, the current observation-study includes 1050 public and non-public Facebook-profiles of teenagers (13-18 to investigate (1 what kind of information teenagers post on their profile, (2 to what extent they protect this information using privacy-settings and (3 how much risky information they have on their profile. It was found that young people mostly post pictures, interests and some basic personal information on their profile. Some of them manage their privacy-settings as such that this information is reserved for friends' eyes only, but a lot of information is accessible on the friends-of-friends' pages. Although general risk scores are rather low, more detailed analyses show that teenagers nevertheless post a significant amount of risky information. Moreover, older teenagers and girls post more (risky information while there are no differences in applying privacy settings. We found no differences in the Facebook behavior of teenagers enrolled in different education forms. Implications of these results are discussed.

  7. A New Look at Teenage Pregnancy in Brazil

    Cabral, Cristiane S.; Maria Luiza Heilborn


    This paper brings a synthesis of some of the main results provided by GRAVAD survey (Teenage pregnancy: multicentric study about youth, sexuality and reproduction in Brazil). GRAVAD is a study about sexual and reproductive behavior among Brazilian youth that interviewed 4,634 individuals in a population survey with a random sample. Women and men between 18 and 24 years old were interviewed in three capitals—Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. “Teen pregnancy” is not the consequence of ...

  8. Reading for Pleasure and Motivations of Children and Teenagers

    Gervais, Hélène, 1981-


    The objective of this study is to discover what motivates children and teenagers to read for pleasure. This research was conducted using qualitative methods by carrying on in-depth interviews with ten young people aged between ten and fifteen years old. Two observations in one of the biggest public libraries in Iceland were also conducted. Data was carefully coded, classified in main themes and analysed. The main results show that children‘ and teenagers‘ readings are varied in content and in...

  9. Forest Fuel Inventory in 5 and 9-Year-Old Acacia Mangium Plantations

    Ainuddin Nuruddin, Ahmad; Pangalin, Dalinsip

    This study was conducted to determine the fuel components on forest floor of two different age stands and to estimate the fuel loading of the various fuel components. This study was carried out at Bukit Tarek Forest Reserve, Hulu Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan, at two stand age of Acacia mangium of 5 and 9-year-old. Fuel components of downed woody material and duff were sampled along transects lines. Shrubs, litter, herbaceous and small trees (7.6 cm. The fuel weight for 0-7.6 cm diameter class was 12.48 and 9.94 Mg haG1 for 5 and 9-year-old stands, respectively. Statistical analysis showed that the loading of downed woody material on 5-year-old stand was significantly greater than the 9 year-old stand. However, litter loading was greater on the 9-year-old stand than the 5-year-old stand. The study concludes that in terms of fuel loading, 5-year-old stand has higher fire risk than 9-year-old stand. This is due to the silviculture activities in the 5-year old stand

  10. Human papillomavirus vaccine initiation among 9–13-year-olds in the United States

    Donahue, Kelly L.; Hendrix, Kristin S.; Lynne A. Sturm; Zimet, Gregory D.


    The quadrivalent and 9-valent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines are licensed for administration among 9–26-year-old males and females, with routine vaccination recommended for 11–12-year-olds. Despite the availability of the vaccine at younger ages, few studies have explored vaccine uptake prior to age 13, and national HPV vaccination surveillance data is limited to 13–17-year-olds. Our objective was to examine rates and predictors of HPV vaccine initiation among 9–13-year-olds in the Unite...

  11. Influence of facilities of ski preparation on the bodily condition of teenagers 11-12 years.

    Vorona V.V.


    Full Text Available The indexes of bodily condition of teenagers were determined. A dynamics and increase of the explored indexes were analyzed in the process of ski preparation in the system of lessons of the physical culture of schoolchildren. The 156 teenagers at the age 11-12 years old took part in the experiment. The positive effect of ski training in the bodily condition of the investigated teenagers is proved. Reliable intercommunication was determined between the ski movements and indexes of bodily condition, which characterize work of the cardiovascular system.

  12. A Study of Internet Addictive Behavior among Teenagers and the Youth (15 to 25 years old in Tehran --- مطالعه پديده استفاده‌ اعتيادي از اينترنت در بين نوجوانان و جوانان (25-15 سال شهر تهران

    Ahmad Gangi - احمد گنجي


    Full Text Available This paper examines the addictive phenomena of internet use as a social issue of the modern time. It is now more than a decade that internet addictive behavior has been identified to be considered as one of the ever-developing process in developing countries. This phenomenon has had various malfunctions for individuals, families and society at large. This paper which is the result of a survey research in 2006 examines the consequences of the development of addictive internet use in Tehran. The target population of this study includes teenagers and the youth of 15 to 25 years old who were heavy users of internet in Tehran. The 800 samples were chosen though a probability sampling method and analytical results apply to this sample. The tentative results indicate that addictive internet use is also an issue in Iran although based on standards one cannot consider this behavior to be addictive rather natural. The results also indicate that internet addictive use is in direct correlation with factors such as feeling of social responsibility, social alienation, lack of social support, lack of professional and educational efficiency, and in reverse correlation with feeling of self-respect. --- مقاله حاضر به مطالعه پديده اعتياد به اينترنت به عنوان يکي از مسائل اجتماعي در عصر ارتباطات مي­پردازد. پديده اعتياد به اينترنت مدتي است که در کشورهاي توسعه­يافته بعنوان يكي از پيامدهاي توسعه روزافزون شبکه ارتباطات الکترونيکي مطرح شده و کژکارکردهاي بسياري براي فرد، خانواده و جامعه به همراه داشته است. اين مقاله برگرفته از تحقيقي پيمايشي در سال 1385 شمسي درباره وضعيت اين پديده در ايران است. جامعه آماري را نوجوانان و جوانان 25-15

  13. Influence of Mandarin tone exposure on the processing of intonation by 14-year-old American adolescents: An fMRI study

    Lin, Jo-Fu Lotus; Imada, Toshiaki; Kuhl, Patricia; Wang, Yue


    This study investigated, for American adolescents, whether the learning of non-native speech contrasts in one prosodic domain (Mandarin Chinese tones) would influence the processing of non-native contrasts in another prosodic domain (Mandarin Chinese intonation). Two groups of 14-year-old American teenagers were tested using the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technique, including eight who had received a two-week Mandarin tone training program and eight with no exposure to Mandarin. Subjects were scanned during identification tasks. Despite their similar behavioral performance on identification of Mandarin intonation, preliminary results showed different cortical activation patterns for the two groups. Teenagers exposed to Mandarin showed similar activation patterns for the Mandarin intonation and Mandarin tone task, with more right-hemisphere activation for intonation, which differed from activation for English intonation. Teenagers without exposure activated similar areas for Mandarin and English intonation. Familiarity with Mandarin tonal contrasts affects brain activation, not only for Mandarin tones but also for Mandarin intonation, suggesting that training effects may transcend levels. [Work supported by NIH (HD 37954) and the Talaris Research Institute.

  14. Discovering Teenage Galaxies


    out the actual observations, taking all the specific requirements into account. "We were actually trying to measure a faint signal from intergalactic gas caused by the cosmic ultraviolet background radiation. But as often happens in science, we got a surprise and found something we weren't looking for - dozens of faint, discrete objects emitting radiation from neutral hydrogen in the so-called Lyman alpha line, a fundamental signature of protogalaxies," explains Rauch. The same small patch of sky, centred on a quasar, was observed between 2004 and 2006 for an unprecedented 92 hours, the equivalent of about 12 complete nights, allowing the astronomers to obtain a spectrum of the Universe when it was only 2 billion years old. The result of this search is the detection of 27 faint objects. The weak light signal that the team has detected from these distant objects implies low star formation rates and a small amount of chemical enrichment, suggesting that they are indeed at an early stage of formation. "The properties of the emitters seem to provide an excellent match to those of 'Damped Lyman Alpha Systems', the main reservoir of neutral hydrogen in the far Universe," says Andy Bunker. "This suggests that the objects found are the long-sought counterparts of the DLAS in emission. The new observations confirm theoretical research proposing that galaxies like our own have formed by the amalgamation of small proto-galaxies early on in the history of the Universe," he adds. "What makes our discovery particularly exciting is that it opens the route to find large numbers of building blocks of normal galaxies and that we will now be able to study in detail how galaxies like our Milky Way have come together," says Martin Haehnelt.

  15. Evidence of 600-million-year old fungi-algae symbiosis discovered in marine fossils

    Trulove, Susan


    Researchers from China and the United States have found evidence of lichen-like symbiosis in 600-million-year-old fossils from South China. The previous earliest evidence of lichen was 400-million-years-old, discovered in Scotland. The discovery also adds to the scarce fossil record of fungi and raises new questions about lichen evolution.

  16. Clinical Perspectives: 7-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Removed and Retransplanted

    Full Text Available Clinical Perspectives: 7-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Removed June 17, 2009 Welcome to this "OR-Live" Webcast presentation from New York ... Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital made surgical history. Seven-year-old Heather McNamara underwent the first ever pediatric ...

  17. Hypomineralized second primary molars: Prevalence data in Dutch 5-year-olds

    Elfrink, M.E.C.; Schuller, A.A.; Weerheijm, K.L.; Veerkamp, J.S.J.


    The aim of this cross-sectional observational study was to report on the prevalence of hypomineralizations in second primary molars in 5-year-old Dutch children. In the study 386 (45% girls) 5-year-old Dutch children, all insured by a Health Insurance Fund, participated. Scoring criteria for molar i

  18. Early Number and Arithmetic Performance of Ecuadorian 4-5-Year-Olds

    Bojorque, Gina; Torbeyns, Joke; Moscoso, Jheni; Van Nijlen, Daniël; Verschaffel, Lieven


    This study aimed at (a) constructing a reliable and valid test to assess Ecuadorian 4-5-year olds' number and arithmetic skills; (b) providing empirical data on Ecuadorian 4-5-year olds' number and arithmetic skills; and (c) confronting these children's actual performances with the performances expected by national experts in this domain. We…

  19. Effect of Core Training on 16 Year-Old Soccer Players

    Afyon, Yakup Akif


    Core trainings have been widely used by trainers recently in order to improve performance of soccer players. In this context, the aim of this study is to examine the effect of core training on some motoric capabilities of 16 years old soccer players. Thirty certified soccer players who were 16 years old from B.B. Bodrumspor Club in 2013-2014…

  20. An 8-Year-Old Boy With Treatment-Resistant Encopresis

    M.T. Stein; M.A. Benninga; B.T. Felt


    CASE: Paul is an 8-year-old boy with a long-standing history of encopresis and enuresis. Potty training was initiated when he was 21/2 years old. At this time, his mother was absent from the home for 6 weeks when she cared for her ill father in a different city. The process of teaching Paul to use t

  1. Caries risk profiles in 2- to 6-year-old Greek children using the Cariogram

    Kavvadia, Katerina; Agouropoulos, Andreas; Gizani, Sotiria; Papagiannouli, Lisa; Twetman, Svante


    To assess the caries risk profiles in 2- to 6-year-old Greek children using a computer-based program and to evaluate the contribution of various risk factors.......To assess the caries risk profiles in 2- to 6-year-old Greek children using a computer-based program and to evaluate the contribution of various risk factors....

  2. A conceptual model of a brand's presence on Facebook aligned with teenagers' motivations and marketing strategies

    Monteiro, Bruno


    A Work Project, presented as part of the requirements for the Award of a Masters Degree in Management from the NOVA – School of Business and Economics This research aimed to propose a conceptual model of Relationship Marketing, embracing the stimuli and strategic marketing outcomes of the adolescent’s engagement with a brand, in Facebook (considering teenagers from 15 to 18 years old).

  3. 14 CFR 13.18 - Civil penalties: Administrative assessment against an individual acting as a pilot, flight...


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Civil penalties: Administrative assessment against an individual acting as a pilot, flight engineer, mechanic, or repairman. 13.18 Section 13.18... INVESTIGATIVE AND ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES Legal Enforcement Actions § 13.18 Civil penalties:...

  4. School and Teenage Suicide.

    Duraj, Liba


    Reports figures indicating a rise in teenage suicide in Canada. Shows how the problem is compounded by silence resulting from official and parent reactions and social taboo. Discusses some of the causes of teenage suicide and explains the role of the school and family in suicide intervention and prevention. (SB)

  5. Assessing Physicians' Intentions to Talk about Sex when They Vaccinate Nine-Year-Old to 15-Year-Old Girls against HPV

    Askelson, Natoshia M.; Campo, Shelly; Smith, Sandi; Lowe, John B.; Dennis, Leslie; Andsager, Julie


    The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine provides physicians with an opportunity to have conversations with girls about sex and sex-related topics. Current research suggests that these conversations are not happening. This study was designed to assess whether physicians would use the HPV vaccination as an opening to communicate with nine-year-old to…

  6. Immune memory responses to HBV vaccine 13-18 years after primary vaccination.

    Hou, L; Li, W; Wei, X; Zhou, Y; Zhuo, Y; Wu, H; Shen, B


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the immune memory response 13-18 years after an hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine by performing a specific in vitro stimulation experiment. Thirty healthy volunteers who had been inoculated 13-18 years ago with the HBV vaccine were collected from the physical examination center. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were stimulated with 50 ng/mL recombinant HBsAg. An ELISA kit was used for the detection of antibodies that were produced by these cells in vitro. It was found that even 13-18 years after inoculation with the HBV vaccine, an anamnestic antibody response still existed, and was not correlated with the serum antibody levels (r = -0.177, P = 0.377). In conclusion, our data showed that the individuals after inoculation, including those with anti-HBs B cells. PMID:26345774

  7. Teenage children of teenage mothers: psychological, behavioural and health outcomes from an Australian prospective longitudinal study.

    Shaw, Mary; Lawlor, Debbie A; Najman, Jake M


    In many industrialised countries teenage pregnancy and teenage parenthood have in recent years been identified as social and public health problems that need to be tackled. A number of studies have looked at various outcomes for teenage mothers and their offspring, and many report a strong association with poverty for the mother both before and after having a child. Few studies, however, adequately control for socioeconomic circumstances when examining health and related outcomes. Most studies have focused on perinatal outcomes in the offspring with few looking at later health and development. In Australia, where the rate of teenage pregnancy is relatively high compared to other comparable countries, teenage pregnancy is a not prominent policy concern. As such, Australia offers the opportunity to study the outcomes of teenage parenthood in a country where there may be less stigma than in countries that portray teenage parenthood as a major health and/or social problem. This paper reports findings from the Mater-University Study of Pregnancy (MUSP) and its outcomes, a prospective study of women, and their offspring, who received antenatal care at a major public hospital (Mater Misericordiae Hospital) in South Brisbane, Australia, between 1981 and 1984. We have examined the associations of maternal age (18 years (n=4800)) at first antenatal visit with offspring psychological, behavioural and health characteristics when the offspring--the teenage children of teenage mothers--were aged 14 years. Multiple logistic regression was used to determine the effect of maternal and family characteristics on associations between maternal age and childhood outcomes at age 14. Results show that the 14 year old offspring of mothers who were aged 18 years and younger compared to those who were offspring of older mothers were more likely to have disturbed psychological behaviour, poorer school performance, poorer reading ability, were more likely to have been in contact with the

  8. Cephalometric norms for the upper airway of 12-year-old Chinese children

    Gu, Min; McGrath, Colman PJ; Wong, Ricky WK; Hägg, Urban; Yang, Yanqi


    OBJECTIVE: To establish cephalometric norms for the upper airway of 12-year-old Chinese children, and to assess these norms with regard to gender, age, ethnicity and other craniofacial structures. METHODS: Lateral cephalograms were obtained from a random sample of 425 12-year-old Chinese children (224 boys and 201 girls) to establish the Chinese norms, and from a matched group of 108 12-year-old Caucasian children (61 boys and 47 girls) as an ethnic comparison. Published data on the upper air...


    Jagiello Marina; Jagiello Wladyslaw.


    Purpose: The level of self esteem in 14-16-year-old female tennis players. Material: The main aim of the study was to determine the level of self-esteem among 14-16-year-old girls practising tennis in comparison to their peers not engaged in sport on a regular basis. The study involved two groups of girls: those practising tennis competitively (n=30) and those not training sports systematically (n=30). The subjects’ age was in the range of 14-16 years old and their training experience 3-6 yea...

  10. Adolescents at Risk: Depression, Low Academic Performance, Violence, and Alcohol Increase Bolivian Teenagers' Risk of Attempted Suicide

    Dearden, Kirk A.; De La Cruz, Natalie G.; Crookston, Benjamin T.; Novilla, M. Lelinneth B.; Clark, Matthew


    This paper describes the prevalence of depression and suicidal tendencies as well as risk factors for attempted suicide among students in Bolivia. Adolescents 13-18 years old (182 females, 394 males) from randomly selected schools in La Paz completed the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Frequencies and logistic regression were used to identify…

  11. Basilar impression and osteogenesis imperfecta in a three-year-old girl: CT and MRI

    A 3-year-old girl with osteogenesis imperfecta developed symptomatic basilar impression. Her neurological symptoms were treated by foramen magnum decompression and laminectomy. This is an unusually young patient to have this condition. (orig.)

  12. Clinical Perspectives: 7-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Removed and Retransplanted

    Full Text Available Clinical Perspectives: 7-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Removed June 17, 2009 Welcome to this "OR-Live" Webcast presentation from New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in ...

  13. Persuasion from an Eighteen-Year-Old's Perspective: Perry and Piaget.

    Dinitz, Sue; Kiedaisch, Jean


    Looks at how the theories of William Perry and Jean Piaget explain choices students made in writing persuasive essays. Examines the implications of their theories for teaching persuasion to eighteen-year olds. (SR)

  14. Expanding policy options for educating teenagers.

    Stern, David


    David Stern argues that some basic features of the American high school must be modified if it is to serve all students successfully. He notes, for example, that only three-quarters of U.S. high school students graduate four years after beginning ninth grade and that the National Assessment of Educational Progress found no improvement in reading or mathematics for seventeen-year-olds between 1971 and 2004. The nation's system for educating teenagers, says Stern, seems to be stuck, despite the constant efforts of teachers and repeated waves of reform. Citing two widely accepted public purposes of educating teenagers-preparation for civic participation and for economic self-sufficiency-Stern proposes four new strategies to achieve those goals. He draws on empirical evidence suggesting that these are promising directions for research and policy, but acknowledges that existing studies provide only limited guidance. First, he says, schools should continue the current trend toward integrating educational options to provide young people with skills and experiences that pave the way to both college and careers. Second, states and districts should tie education funding not simply to the number of students attending school, but also to what young people learn, whether they graduate, and whether they find jobs or enroll in postsecondary education. Such a move, he argues, would encourage teaching and learning formats that use students' time more effectively. Third, more adults in addition to classroom teachers should be involved in educating teenagers. Other adults acting as academic advisers, learning coaches, student advocates, internship supervisors, mentors, and college counselors could help guide the education of teenagers inside and outside of school and provide some relief for the chronic shortage of teachers. Fourth, schools should expand the options for educating teenagers outside of geographically fixed schools. Combining improved Internet-based curriculum with

  15. Clinical Perspectives: 7-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Removed and Retransplanted

    Full Text Available ... a little bit more awake, particularly for our teenagers. For her, since she was younger, we have ... the best care we can for kids with cancer or other similar diseases. The social workers, the ...


    Risqa Rina Darwita; Herwati Djoharnas; Febriana Setiawati Sugito


    The prevalence and severity of caries in children under three years old are constantly increasing. One of the cause is the increase consumption of cariogenic carbohydrate. Breast milk have buffer capacity that eventually able to prevent caries. The aims of this research are to discover the correlation between breastfeeding with the severity of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) in children under three years old, to provide information on prevalence and severity of caries in children under three yea...

  17. Filariasis presenting as a scrotal nodule in a 2 year old child:A case report

    Kiran Yagain; Mary Mathew


    A two year old boy from southwestern village of India presented with a2 cm í1 cm size swelling in scrotum for8 months. It was excised surgically and the histopathological examination revealed a gravid filarial worm. The occurrence of adult filarial worm in2 year old boy signifies the endemicity and high larval load of insect vectors in western coast of south India.

  18. Facial Mimicry in 6-7 Year Old Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorder and ADHD

    Peter Deschamps; Nicolette Munsters; Leon Kenemans; Dennis Schutter; Walter Matthys


    BACKGROUND: Impairments in facial mimicry are considered a proxy for deficits in affective empathy and have been demonstrated in 10 year old children and in adolescents with disruptive behavior disorder (DBD). However, it is not known whether these impairments are already present at an earlier age. Emotional deficits have also been shown in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). AIMS: To examine facial mimicry in younger, 6-7 year old children with DBD and with ADHD. M...

  19. Comparative Evaluation of Auditory Attention in 7 to 9 Year Old Learning Disabled Students

    Fereshteh Amiriani; Ali Akbar Tahaei; Mohammad Kamali


    Background and Aim: Learning disability is a term referes to a group of disorders manifesting listening, reading, writing, or mathematical problems. These children mostly have attention difficulties in classroom that leads to many learning problems. In this study we aimed to compare the auditory attention of 7 to 9 year old children with learning disability to non- learning disability age matched normal group.Methods: Twenty seven male 7 to 9 year old students with learning disability and 27 ...

  20. Acoustic, perceptual and physiological studies of ten-year-old children's voices

    McAllister, Anita


    Acoustic, Perceptual and Physiological Studies of Ten-Year-Old Children's Voices by Anita McAllisler Dissertation from the Department of Logopedics and Phonialrics, Karolinska Institute. Huddinge University Hospital, and from the Department of Speech Music and Hearing, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Stockholm The aim of the present investigation was to study hoarseness and its perceptual, acoustic and physiological characteristics in ten-year-old children's ...

  1. Oral hygiene, periodontal status and treatment needs in 12 years old students, Castro-Chile, 2014.

    Mariana Wauters; Stellamary Edith Hernández; Israel Juárez; Gastón Vergara


    ABSTRACT To determine the level of oral hygiene, periodontal status and treatment needs in 12 years old students in Castro City, Los Lagos region, during March and April of 2014, indicating if there are differences between men and women. A cross-sectional study was carried out. 242 12 years old students from Castro´s municipal and subsidized private schools were selected through a stratified random sample from each school. Students were evaluated by a calibrated examiner, to determine the Sim...

  2. Oral Hygiene Facilitators and Barriers in Greek 10 Years Old Schoolchildren

    Angelopoulou, Matina; Kavvadia, Katerina; Oulis, Constantine; Reppa, Christina


    ABSTRACT Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the oral hygiene facilitators and barriers for 10 years old Greek children, via a questionnaire and clinical examination. Materials and methods: This was a cross-sectional study of 266, 10 years old, children recruited from schools in 3 locations in Greece. Data were collected via questionnaires and clinical examination. Questionnaires referred to Children’s oral hygiene knowledge, behavior and attitude as well as parents’ oral hygiene beha...

  3. Traumatic brain injury in infants and toddlers, 0–3 years old

    Ciurea, AV; Gorgan, MR; Tascu, A; Sandu, AM; Rizea, RE


    Object: Children 0–3 years old present a completely different neurotraumatic pathology. The growing and the development processes in this age group imply specific anatomical and pathophysiological features of the skull, subarachnoid space, CSF flow, and brain. Most common specific neurotraumatic entities in children 0–3 years old are cephalhematoma, subaponeurotic (subgaleal) hematoma, diastatic skull fracture, grow skull fracture, depressed (‘ping–pong’) skull fracture, and extradural hemato...

  4. A rare case report of tracheal leech infestation in a 40-year-old woman

    Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Rui; Zou, Jian; Zhu, Tao


    Leeches are the very rare types of airway foreign body. Here we report a rare case of a 40-year-old woman with tracheal leech infestation. A 40-year-old woman presented 2-month history of dyspnea, occasional haemoptysis. There were foreign body sensation in throat, cough and hoarseness. Computed Tomography (CT) revealed some soft tissue shadow in the upper trachea. Eventually a 5 cm long living leech was smoothly removed from trachea by rigid bronchoscopy under sevoflurane general anesthesia....

  5. Relationship Between Somatotype and PHV in Iranian 7-10 Years Old Boys

    Amir Hossein Barati; Ali Pashabadi; Mohamadreza Mahmoudkhani; Majid Nayeri


    Introduction: An important variable in investigation of agility during puberty is the age of reaching peak high velocity, which like other agility indicators is under the effect of different factors such as physical condition and type. The purpose of present research was to examine relationship between somatotype and peak high velocity (PHV) among Iranian 7-10 years old boys. Methods: Participants were 313 7-10 year-old members of Basij talent identification centers in all Iran's provinces...

  6. Perceptions of rural teenagers on teenage pregnancy

    M S Richter


    Full Text Available It is important to seek an understanding of teenagers’ perceptions regarding teenage pregnancy. Opsomming Die doel van hierdie studie was om die persepsies van tieners in die Bosbokrand-distrik in die Limpopo Provinsie, Suid-Afrika, te ondersoek en te beskryf. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  7. Primary alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma of breast in a 13 year old female with cardiopulmonary metastases and cyto-histological correlation: A case report

    Wamala D


    Full Text Available Introduction: Rhabdomyosarcoma is the commonest soft tissue sarcoma of childhood. The tumour commonly occurs in the body regions of the head and neck, genitourinary and extremities. Primary rhabdomyosarcoma of the breast is extremely rare and present diagnostic challenges especially in resource limited centers. It is an aggressive tumour with a poor prognosis especially when diagnosed late. Case presentation: We present a case of 13 year old female with primary rhabdomyosarcoma of breast metastasized to regional axillary lymph nodes, lung and heart. The patient failed to respond to chemotherapy mainly due diagnostic challenges and succumbed to the disease. Conclusion: Breast masses in young patients should be diagnosed early and accurately, and optimal treatment promptly instituted. The incidence of primary rhabdomyosarcoma of breast is increasing in teenagers, and the tumour has a bad prognosis especially in late stage. We think this case will add knowledge and skills required in histological and cytological diagnosis of breast rhabdomyosarcoma.

  8. Teenage pregnancies and abortion.

    Morgenthau, J E


    The issue of abortion, except when it is rendered moot because the fetus endangers the life of the mother, is not really a medical issue. The physician's role is to help patients achieve and maintain their maximum potential for physical, mental, and social well-being. To accomplish this, the physician must acquire a constantly evolving database of scientific knowledge, must evaluate this information in a critical and ethical manner, and must be prepared to apply what is learned. In the realm of applied ethics, no particular religion, profession, culture, class, or sex should be thought of as having all the answers in the realm of applied ethics. This physician's actions are predicated on the belief that, to a large extent, ethical precepts reflect the broader social and economic issues of the period in which they are articulated. If this is the case, then in today's world the population explosion, the postindustrial society, the women's rights movement, inequality of access, and the ability to perform prenatal diagnosis are all factors which have molded the approach to the issue of abortion. Only the last 3 of these can in any way be considered as medical. When considering the role of a physician in dealing with the issue of abortion in the adolescent, this individual relies on the concept articulated by the World Health Association (WHA): promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of one's patients. Each year in the US over 1 million 15-19 year olds become pregnant, resulting in over 600,000 births. Most of these pregnancies are unintentional, yet approximately 90% of the infants are kept in the home by mothers who are ill prepared to be parents. What is most disturbing is that the pregnancy rate for the younger mother, 16 years or under, is accounting for an ever increasing percentage of the total. Studies at the Adolescent Health Center of the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City as well as national studies suggest that the younger teens are more

  9. Teenagers and sleep

    ... Teenagers and sleep To use the sharing features on this page, ... need. What Makes it Hard for Teens to Sleep? Several factors make it hard for teens to ...

  10. Energy Efficiency: An Experiential-Based Energy Unit for Youth Ages 13-18

    Poorman, Myken D.; Webster, Nicole


    Not all 16 year olds can buy hybrid cars to help save gas emissions, but they can learn new, easy ways to save energy. Youth are more likely to develop a greater sense of positive impact on the environment if they learn easy and creative ways to use energy more efficiently at a young age. Through the use of practical applications, youth can begin…

  11. Visual access trumps gender in 3- and 4-year-old children's endorsement of testimony.

    Terrier, Nathalie; Bernard, Stéphane; Mercier, Hugo; Clément, Fabrice


    Several studies have investigated how preschoolers weigh social cues against epistemic cues when taking testimony into account. For instance, one study showed that 4- and 5-year-olds preferred to endorse the testimony of an informant who had the same gender as the children; by contrast, when the gender cue conflicted with an epistemic cue-past reliability-the latter trumped the former. None of the previous studies, however, has shown that 3-year-olds can prioritize an epistemic cue over a social cue. In Experiment 1, we offer the first demonstration that 3-year-olds favor testimony from a same-gender informant in the absence of other cues. In Experiments 2 and 3, an epistemic cue-visual access-was introduced. In those experiments, 3- and 4-year-olds endorsed the testimony of the informant with visual access regardless of whether it was a same-gender informant (Experiment 3) or a different-gender informant (Experiment 2). These results demonstrate that 3-year-olds are able to give more weight to an epistemic cue than to a social cue when evaluating testimony. PMID:26925718

  12. Structural model of in-group dynamic of 6-10 years old boys’ motor fitness

    Ivashchenko O.V.


    Full Text Available Purpose: to determine structural model of in-group dynamic of 6-10 years old boys’ motor fitness. Material: in the research 6 years old boys (n=48, 7 years old (n=45, 8 years old (n=60, 9 years’ age (n=47 and10 years’ age (n=40 participated. We carried out analysis of factorial model of schoolchildren’s motor fitness. Results: we received information for taking decisions in monitoring of physical education. This information is also necessary for working out of effective programs of children’s and adolescents’ physical training. We determined model of motor fitness and specified informative tests for pedagogic control in every age group. In factorial model of boys’ motor fitness the following factor is the most significant: for 6 years - complex development of motor skills; for 7 years - also complex development of motor skills; for 8 years - strength and coordination; for 9 years - complex development of motor skills; for 10 years - complex development of motor skills. Conclusions: In factorial model of 6-10 years old boys’ motor fitness the most significant are backbone and shoulder joints’ mobility, complex manifestation of motor skills, motor coordination. The most informative tests for assessment of different age boys’ motor fitness have been determined.

  13. Unusual cause of a painful right testicle in a 16-year-old man: a case report

    Riaz Amjid A


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Urgent surgical exploration of the scrotum of a child or teenager who presents with a painful and swollen testicle is paramount if testicular torsion is not to be missed. It is extremely rare for a non-scrotal pathology to present with acute scrotal signs. Here we present such a rare case and emphasize the importance of being aware of this potential clinical pitfall. Case presentation A 16-year-old Caucasian man presented as a surgical emergency with a five to six hour history of a painful, red, and swollen right hemiscrotum. He also complained of vague lower abdominal pain, vomiting, and watery diarrhea. He had a temperature of 38.5°C and a tender, red, and swollen right hemiscrotum. The right testicle appeared elevated. He was mildly tender in his central and upper abdomen and less so in the lower abdomen. No convincing localizing abdominal signs were noted. He had an increased white cell count (15 × 109/L and C-reactive protein (CRP; 300 mg/L. Urgent right hemiscrotal exploration revealed about 5 ml of pus in the tunica vaginalis and a normal testicle. A right iliac fossa incision identified the cause: a perforated retrocecal appendix. Appendectomy was performed, and both the abdomen and scrotum washed copiously with saline before closure. The patient made an uneventful recovery. Conclusion Acute appendicitis presenting with scrotal signs due to a patent processus vaginalis is an extremely rare clinical entity. To date, fewer than five such cases have been reported in the medical literature. It is, therefore, extremely important to be aware of this unusual clinical scenario, as only a high index of suspicion will enable prompt, successful management of both the appendicitis and the scrotal abscess.

  14. Resource allocation to kin, friends, and strangers by 3- to 6-year-old children.

    Lu, Hui Jing; Chang, Lei


    Kin altruism has been widely observed across species, including humans. However, few studies have discussed the development of kin altruism or its relationship with theory of mind. In this study, 3- to 6-year-old children allocated resources between themselves and kin, a friend, or a stranger in three allocation tasks where the allocation either incurred a cost, incurred no cost, or conferred a disadvantage. The results showed that, compared with 3- and 4-year-olds, 5- and 6-year-olds acted more altruistically toward kin and that kin altruism was uncorrelated with theory of mind. These findings suggest that, within the context of resource allocation, kin altruism emerges toward the end of early childhood and probably differs from other prosocial behavior that relies solely on the understanding of others' perspectives. PMID:27336694

  15. Oral Health Status Among 6- and 12-year-old Jordanian Schoolchildren

    Rajab, Lamis Darwish; Petersen, Poul Erik; Baqain, Zaid;


    Purpose: No nationwide oral health survey has previously been carried out in Jordan. The aims of the study were to assess the burden of dental caries and gingival health among children aged 6 and 12 years in relation to sociodemographic factors and to ascertain the trend over time in the occurrence...... about caries and gingival health status. WHO methodology and criteria were applied. Structured questionnaires were used to collect information about oral hygiene, dental visits, consumption of sugars and parents' level of education. Results: The caries prevalence rates were 76.4% in 6-year-olds and 45...... social classes, the mean caries experience and the amount of untreated dental caries increased over time. Moreover, 17.7% of 6-year-old children and 49.1% of the 12-year-olds had gingival bleeding. Significant differences in gingival health were found by sex, location, geographical areas and...

  16. Body perception of teenagers in school environments

    Valentin Gavídia Catalan


    Full Text Available Objective: To assess body perception of teenagers in school environments. Methods: We conducted a qualitative study in a secondary public school from the city of Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, with students from the ninth grade, aged 14 to 16 years old, independent of sex, from March to June, 2009. The first phase consisted of the selection of ten students, using a schematic drawing of the human body. In the second phase, there was a focal group with guiding questions about body awareness and desire for change. Results: For the students, the idea of good posture would be a person who had good education and to be straightwhen walking and sitting. We perceived dissatisfaction and important misunderstanding in relation to their body and posture, and there was unanimity concerning the desire of achieving changes. Conclusion: There are mixed feelings related to the body, by teenage students, when you inquire about their image and desire to change. If, on one hand, they refer to perceive themselves with proper and correct posture, on the other hand, they are eager for change, easily identified with present standard body reported in the media and worshiped as “ideal body”. It is urgent and necessary to consolidate the culture of health promotion in schools as well as build healthy educational environment.

  17. Dental caries and erosion status of 12-year-old Hong Kong children

    Zhang, Shinan; Chau, Alex MH; Lo, Edward CM; Chu, Chun-Hung


    Background This study aimed to assess the dental caries and erosion status of 12-year-old Hong Kong children and study the determinants of dental caries and dental erosion of these children. Methods The survey was performed from 2011 to 2012 with ethics approval. Stratified random sampling was adopted to select 12-year-old children in 7 primary schools in Hong Kong. The participating parents were asked to complete a self-administered questionnaire concerning their children’s diet and oral hea...

  18. Mechanical Properties of Cranial Bones and Sutures in 1–2-Year-Old Infants

    Wang, Jiawen; Zou, Donghua; LI, ZHENGDONG; Huang, Ping; Li, Dongri; Shao, Yu; Wang, Huijun; Chen, Yijiu


    Background The mechanical properties of 1–2-year-old pediatric cranial bones and sutures and their influential factors were studied to better understand how the pediatric calvarium reacts to loading. Material/Methods Cranial bone and suture specimens were extracted from seven fresh-frozen human infant cadavers (1.5±0.5 years old). Eight specimens were obtained from each subject: two frontal bones, two parietal bones, two sagittal suture samples, and two coronal suture samples. The specimens w...


    Salim, H.; I Ariawati; W Bikin-Suryawan; I Arimbawa


    Osteoporosis in children is rare and usually secondary to an underlying disease process whose diagnosis may be difficult to detect. It can be a manifestation of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). About a-quarters of children with ALL will have signs and symptoms of osteoporosis. We report the case of a seventh-year-old boy with back pain. His antero-posterior pelvic radiograph showed the osteoporotic bone. The bone age study revealed six-year-old bone. Review of peripheral blood smear showed...

  20. Health among 6-year-old children in a Swedish county: based on the Health Dialogue

    Holmström, Malin Rising; Olofsson, Niclas; Kristiansen, Lisbeth; Asplund, Kenneth


    Aim: To explore the experiences of self-reported health (SRH) of 6-year-old boys and girls. Background: The goals for the Swedish School Health Services (SHS) are to identify health problems, take measures to prevent illness, and promote health. One approach used to achieve this is the use of the Health Dialogue (HD) questionnaire. The HD is offered at three occasions during compulsory school and once in high school; it follows the child’s development and growth from 6 to 16 years old. Method...

  1. Macular Hole after Laser In Situ Keratomileusis in a 26-Year-Old Patient

    Shuichi Yamamoto; Takayuki Baba; Madoka Sakurai; Toshiyuki Oshitari; Guzel Bikbova


    The purpose of this study is to describe the 26-year-old patient with developed macular hole after bilateral laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK). A macular hole with sharp margins and irregular surface of surrounding retina appeared in the left eye of the female 26-year-old patient two months after LASIK for correction of myopia (followup of 6 months). Although the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) after LASIK was 1.0, after the macular hole has developed BCVA became 0.5. After surgery, th...

  2. Parental spanking of 1-year-old children and subsequent child protective services involvement✩

    Lee, Shawna J.; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Berger, Lawrence M.


    The majority of U.S. parents spank their children, often beginning when their children are very young. We examined families (N=2,788) who participated in a longitudinal community-based study of new births in urban areas. Prospective analyses examined whether spanking by the child's mother, father, or mother's current partner when the child was 1-year-old was associated with household CPS involvement between age 1 and age 5. Results indicated that 30% of 1-year-olds were spanked at least once ...

  3. Breast cancer in 30-year-old or younger patients: clinicopathologic characteristics and prognosis

    Yao, Yongqiang; Cao, Mingqian; Fang, Hong; Xie, JiPing


    Background The number of 30-year-old or younger patients with breast cancer is increasing. The aim was to describe the clinicopathological features and prognosis of 30-year-old or younger patients with breast cancer. Methods We reviewed the records of 1,406 consecutive patients aged ≤50 years with first diagnosis of invasive breast cancer referred to surgery from March 2001 to March 2009. A total of 105 patients were aged ≤30 years (group I) and 1,301 were aged 31–50 years (group II). Results...

  4. Motivational interest of women of 30-50 years old to the studying of healthy exercises

    Sorokina S.O.; Kudryashova T.I.


    This article shows the actual problem, which is not so frequently in the publications of scientific-methodical literature, namely, the identification of motivations to attend to fitness physical exercises women of 30-50 years old. The article considers the level of interest of women30-50 years old to healthy physical exercises, and their attitude to the health and other aspects of activity. The current situation in this matter was analyzed and was planed the possible ways of formation the wom...

  5. 10-11 year old pupils’ self-regulated learning and problem solving skills



    Developing problem solving competence is one of the main goals of Mathematics Education. Self-regulated learning skills are important for success in problem solving. The aim of this paper is to present the results of a research about 10-11 years old pupils’ self-regulated learning and problem solving skills and the relation between these two skills. The results show that more than three quarters of 10-11 years old pupils like Mathematics, but only the half of them likes to solve non-routine p...

  6. The ego under observation : childpsychiatric study of 40 three year old low birthweight children and 40 three year old full term and normal birthweight children

    De Raeymaecker, Dirk


    textabstractThis comparative child-psychiatric study of a group of three-year-old children of low birth weight and a control group of full-term children had its origins in the co-operation which exists between the department of paediatrics and the department of child psychiatry in Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam. Thanks to an increasing paediatric competence which finds expression in the highly specialized neonatal intensive care unit, the low-birth-weight child has an ever better pro...

  7. Analysis of relationship between emotional intelligence and social adjustment in teenager male students.

    Ahmad yarmohammadian


    Full Text Available Introduction: The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence and social adjustment in a sample of teenager students from Fasa city. Method: For this purpose, 150 students, who were volunteers to participate in this research, of three age groups- 10-12 years old(first grade of guidance school, 13-15 years old (third grade of guidance school, and 16-18 years old (third grade of high school- were selected by multiple clustral random sampling. All participants were asked to complete the Emotional Intelligence Scale (EIS and the Social Acceptance Questionnaire (SAQ. Analysis of the data involved both descriptive and inferential statistics including means, standard deviations and regression analysis. Results: The results of multiple regression analysis showed that there is a significance relationship between the emotional intelligence and the social adjustment of the students of 10-12-year old group and 13-15 year old group (P0/05. There was also a significance relationship between the total emotional intelligence and social adjustment at the level (P0/05. Conclusion: The results of regression analysis showed that the social adjustment of teenagers could be predicted by emotional intelligence. That is, when emotional intelligence will be high, the social acceptance and social adjustment is high and vice versa. Based on findings, it can be concluded that emotional intelligence improves the quality of social and emotional relationship skills. It also helps individual to coping with life problems and stress.

  8. Teenage sex talk.

    Hadley, A

    Although an international study recently revealed that 87% of the UK's teenage mothers are unmarried, the highest figure in the world according to Alan Guttmacher Institute data of 1998, the teen conception rate in the country has declined considerably over the past 25 years and the number of teen mothers has been almost halved. Teens, as well as couples in other age groups, are increasingly cohabiting outside of marriage rather than getting married; more than two-thirds of babies born to teenagers are jointly registered by both parents. However, despite the decline in teenage conceptions since 1970, the UK still has one of the highest rates in Europe. The UK's real scandal is its failure to give young people the information they need to manage their sexual health. International research has proven that sexual health can be improved if societies are open about sex, accept teenage sexuality, and permit discussion about sex without embarrassment. Moreover, sex and relationships education should start at an early age, and young people should have easy access to free and confidential sex advice. Individuals under age 16 years have the right to the same degree of confidentiality as that afforded to adults. Vast potential exists for nurses to increase teenagers' use of services by removing the key obstacles which deter them from seeking advice: fears about confidentiality, lack of service publicity, and inappropriate opening times. PMID:9749022

  9. [Acute kidney failure and renal replacement therapy after colonoscopy in a 63-year-old woman].

    Bös, D


    A 63-year-old woman presented with intestinal disorder, alternating between obstipation and diarrhoea. Sodium phosphate/diphosphate (Fleet®) was used in preparation for colonoscopy. Within 24 h the patient developed severe hyperphosphatemia and oliguric acute kidney failure with the need of renal replacement therapy. This case illustrates the rare event of phosphate nephropathy after colonoscopy. PMID:26482077

  10. Changes in the Capacity of Visual Working Memory in 5- to 10-Year-Olds

    Riggs, Kevin J.; McTaggart, James; Simpson, Andrew; Freeman, Richard P. J.


    Using the Luck and Vogel change detection paradigm, we sought to investigate the capacity of visual working memory in 5-, 7-, and 10-year-olds. We found that performance on the task improved significantly with age and also obtained evidence that the capacity of visual working memory approximately doubles between 5 and 10 years of age, where it…

  11. Does Chess Training Affect Conceptual Development of Six-Year-Old Children in Turkey?

    Sigirtmac, Ayperi Dikici


    Many studies propose that chess is a game requiring cognitive skills and has positive effects on mental development. In recent years, chess training has also been emphasised as important during the early childhood period. However, no studies have been done with six-year-old children. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether or not…

  12. Verbal Competence in Narrative Retelling in 5-Year-Olds with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate

    Klintö, Kristina; Salameh, Eva-Kristina; Lohmander, Anette


    Background: Research regarding expressive language performance in children born with cleft palate is sparse. The relationship between articulation/phonology and expressive language skills also needs to be further explored. Aims: To investigate verbal competence in narrative retelling in 5-year-old children born with unilateral cleft lip and palate…

  13. Primary intracranial Hodgkin's lymphoma in 12 years old boy

    It is a case study of very rare primary intracranial extra cerebral Hodgkins lymphoma in 12 years old boy, based on clinical and radiological picture meningioma has been supposed. Patient underwent surgery followed with combined oncology treatment - systemic chemotherapy and involved field radiotherapy. The first clinical complete remission has been achieved of 4 months duration at the time of presentation. (author)

  14. CT findings of sporadic cherubism in a 6 year old boy

    Cherubism is a rare hereditary disease that affects the jaws in children. This condition shows distinctive computed tomography (CT) imaging features of multilocular, expansile, cystic lesions limited to the maxilla and mandible bilaterally, which can play a key role in the diagnosis of cherubism. We report here a case of sporadic cherubism with characteristic radiologic findings in a 6-year-old Korean boy.

  15. Jejunal Intramural Hematoma with Bowel Obstruction in a 5-year-old Boy: A Case Report

    Intramural hematoma of the jejunum is rare and can be classified as trauma-related or occurring spontaneously. Spontaneous intramural hematoma commonly occurs in patients treated with warfarin. We report a case of intramural hematoma of the jejunum with intestinal obstruction in a 5-year-old boy who had neither a definite history of trauma nor the tendency to bleed

  16. Obstructive urolithiasis, unilateral hydronephrosis, and probable nephrolithiasis in a 12-year old Clydesdale gelding

    Macbeth, Bryan J.


    A 12-year-old Clydesdale gelding was presented for colic and dysuria. Obstructive urolithiasis and chronic renal disease were diagnosed via transurethral endoscopy and percutaneous ultrasonography. Nephroliths, hydronephrosis, and peri-ureteral fibrosis were present. Surgical intervention was declined and the gelding was managed medically with antibiotics and dietary modification. PMID:18390103

  17. Obstructive urolithiasis, unilateral hydronephrosis, and probable nephrolithiasis in a 12-year old Clydesdale gelding

    Macbeth, Bryan J.


    A 12-year-old Clydesdale gelding was presented for colic and dysuria. Obstructive urolithiasis and chronic renal disease were diagnosed via transurethral endoscopy and percutaneous ultrasonography. Nephroliths, hydronephrosis, and peri-ureteral fibrosis were present. Surgical intervention was declined and the gelding was managed medically with antibiotics and dietary modification.

  18. Hepatocellular carcinoma bone metastasis in an 11-year-old boy

    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the second most common primary hepatic malignant tumor in children older than 4 years. We describe a rare case of an 11-year-old boy with HCC who presented with HCC of the right liver lobe followed by multiple osseous metastases, confirmed by imaging and biopsy. (orig.)

  19. Multifocal sclerotic BCG spondylitis in a 13-year-old girl

    A case is reported of multifocal BCG osteomyelitis in a 13-year-old girl. The lesions in the skull, ribs and in several vertebrae were mainly sclerotic and healed with antituberculotic therapy. The case is unusual because of the late onset, sclerotic changes, and involvement of the spine. (orig.)

  20. Haematoma-like primary intracranial malignant fibrous histiocytoma in a 5-year-old girl

    We present CT and MRI of an intracranial malignant fibrous histiocytoma in a 5-year-old girl with headache and vomiting. This case is unusual particular by virtue of its radiological appearances and the young age of the patient. (orig.)

  1. Solid pseudopapillary tumour of the pancreas in an 11-year-old Iranian girl

    Akhavan, Ali; Binesh, Fariba; Navabii, Hossein


    Solid pseudopapillary tumour (SPT) of the pancreas is a low-malignancy-potential tumour of the pancreas. It mostly occurs in young female adults. It is uncommon in childhood. Here, we present the case of an 11-year-old girl with SPT.

  2. Rupture of undiagnosed embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma after shock wave lithotripsy in an 11-year-old girl

    Shin, Yu Seob; Kim, Young Gon; Jang, Kyu Yun; Choi, Hwang; Kim, Hyung Jin


    We present a case of a rupture of an undiagnosed embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma after shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) in an 11-year-old girl. Although SWL is generally regarded as safe, careful imaging before SWL is important to prevent life-threatening complications in children.

  3. Acne isolated within a Becker nevus of a 14 year-old girl

    Juhl, Mark; Pappo, Eden; Bain, Michelle


    Becker nevus (BN) is a common benign condition occurring most often in young men, much more often than in women. Acne isolated within a BN is a rare phenomenon hypothesized to occur, at least in part, due to increased androgen sensitivity within the nevus. We present a rare case of papular acne with in a BN of a 14 year-old girl.

  4. Hands as Companions of the Mind: Essential Practical Life for the 5-Year-Old

    Gilder, Sharon Allen


    Numerous observations in Montessori classrooms led veteran Montessorians Pamela W. Trumble and Eleni Bokas to the conclusion that a universal need exists to bring integrity back to Practical Life, especially for 5-year-olds. Maria Montessori's observations over a century ago revealed the importance of Practical Life and its relationship to the…

  5. Home Computer Use and Academic Performance of Nine-Year-Olds

    Casey, Alice; Layte, Richard; Lyons, Sean; Silles, Mary


    A recent rise in home computer ownership has seen a growing number of children using computers and accessing the internet from a younger age. This paper examines the link between children's home computing and their academic performance in the areas of reading and mathematics. Data from the nine-year-old cohort of the Growing Up in Ireland survey…

  6. A Multidimensional Scaling Study of Visual Memory of 5-Year Olds and Adults

    Arabie, Phipps; And Others


    An investigation of memory development using nonmetric multidimensional scaling. Judgments of similarities between complex objects were obtained from 5-year-olds and adults under two conditions: (1) when objects were simultaneously present at the time of comparison, and (2) when the objects were not simultaneously present and had to be compared on…

  7. Acute lower abdominal pain caused by adnexal torsion in a ten-year-old girl

    Steinthorsdottir, Kristin Julia; Hansen, Lars Folmer; Bisgaard, Thue


    A ten-year-old girl presented with four days of lower abdominal pain. A diagnostic laparoscopy on the suspicion of acute appendicitis revealed left-sided adnexal torsion. The cyanotic ovary was detorsed and recovered. At three-month follow-up there were no clinical or ultrasonic signs of pathology...

  8. Developmental Dyscalculia and Basic Numerical Capacities: A Study of 8--9-Year-Old Students

    Landerl, Karin; Bevan, Anna; Butterworth, Brian


    Thirty-one 8- and 9-year-old children selected for dyscalculia, reading difficulties or both, were compared to controls on a range of basic number processing tasks. Children with dyscalculia only had impaired performance on the tasks despite high-average performance on tests of IQ, vocabulary and working memory tasks. Children with reading…

  9. Four-Year-Olds' Beliefs about How Others Regard Males and Females

    Halim, May Ling; Ruble, Diane N.; Tamis-LeMonda, Catherine S.


    Children's awareness of how others evaluate their gender could influence their behaviours and well-being, yet little is known about when this awareness develops and what influences its emergence. The current study investigated culturally diverse 4-year-olds' ("N" = 240) public regard for gender groups and whether exposure to…

  10. Biofidelity Evaluation of a Prototype Hybrid III 6 Year-Old ATD Lower Extremity.

    Boucher, Laura C; Bing, Julie; Bolte, John H


    Incomplete instrumentation and a lack of biofidelity in the extremities of the 6 year-old anthropomorphic test device (ATD) pose challenges when studying regions of the body known to interact with the vehicle interior. This study sought to compare a prototype Hybrid III 6 year-old ATD leg (ATD-LE), with a more biofidelic ankle and tibia load cell, to previously collected child volunteer data and to the current Hybrid III 6 year-old ATD (HIII). Anthropometry, range of motion (ROM), and stiffness measurements were taken, along with a dynamic evaluation of the ATD-LE using knee-bolster airbag (KBA) test scenarios. Anthropometry values were similar in eight of twelve measurements. Total ankle ROM was improved in the ATD-LE with no bumper compared to the HIII. The highest tibia moments and tibia index values were recorded in KBA scenarios when the toes were positioned in contact with the dashboard prior to airbag deployment, forcing the ankle into axial loading and dorsiflexion. While improvements in the biofidelity of the ATD-LE are still necessary, the results of this study are encouraging. Continued advancement of the 6 year-old ATD ankle is necessary to provide a tool to directly study the behavior of the leg during a motor vehicle crash. PMID:26864538

  11. Dental health state in the 20 year-old population and more in Cienfuegos province.

    Emma Gil Ojeda


    Full Text Available Background: The absence of consice data of some indicators in the stomatological subsystem of our province difficults the knowledge of the real situation of the dental health in our province population. Objetive: to determine some epidemiological indicators related to dental health in the 20 year-old population and more in Cienfuegos province. Method: a descriptive epidemiologcal study. Methods: 253 621 patients in a range of 20 years old and more. All health areas including municipalities were taken into consideration from May to June 2004. Results: The kind of denture more demanded for its rehabilitation by the population was the upper and the lower one. The highest indicators of cavities and exodonties were found in the 35 to 59 year-old group of patient as well as in the rural areas. The anatomic localization of cavity lesions were predominant in the posterior dental sector with a relation between sectors of 1:1,7. The lowest percetange in the covering range of stomatological attention was found in the 35 to 59 year-old group with 5 and 18 % in the majority of the municipalities. Conclusions: Through this investigation the behaviour of proposed indicators were evaluated as well as the necesities of treatment to establish future strategies of work in order to improve the dental health in the population.

  12. Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Unusual Presentation in a Seventy Two Year Old Man

    Ajaj A


    Full Text Available A 72 year old man with a history of TIAs and stroke with unexplained moderately raised ESR presented a year later with rapid deterioration of vision in his left eye because of central retinal vein occlusion. Primary antiphospholipid syndrome is found in patients with history of arterial or venous thromboembolism, thrombocytopenia and recurrent fetal loss without features of SLE.

  13. Collaborative Problem Solving in Five-Year-Old Children: Evidence of Social Facilitation and Social Loafing

    Arterberry, Martha E.; Cain, Kathleen M.; Chopko, Stephanie A.


    Children's problem solving while working by themselves or with a partner was investigated to explore whether young children are susceptible to social facilitation and social loafing. Five-year-olds were asked to complete easy or hard puzzles, either alone or with a partner. Half of the children were given instructions indicating that their…

  14. Limitations in 4-Year-Old Children's Sensitivity to the Spacing among Facial Features

    Mondloch, Catherine J.; Thomson, Kendra


    Four-year-olds' sensitivity to differences among faces in the spacing of features was tested under 4 task conditions: judging distinctiveness when the external contour was visible and when it was occluded, simultaneous match-to-sample, and recognizing the face of a friend. In each task, the foil differed only in the spacing of features, and…

  15. Duodenal intussusception secondary to web presenting as recurrent pancreatitis in a 7-year-old girl

    Duodenal intussusception is a rare entity in children, with 32 cases reported in the English literature to our knowledge. Most reported cases are associated with endoluminal tubes or polyps, and the presenting symptoms are chronic and nonspecific. We report a case of duodenal intussusception in a 7-year-old girl secondary to a duodenal web and review the imaging findings. (orig.)

  16. Electromyographic Responses to Emotional Facial Expressions in 6-7 Year Olds with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Deschamps, Peter K H; Coppes, L.; Kenemans, Leon; Schutter, Dennis; Matthys, Walter


    This study aimed to examine facial mimicry in 6–7 year old children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and to explore whether facial mimicry was related to the severity of impairment in social responsiveness. Facial electromyographic activity in response to angry, fearful, sad and happy facial expr

  17. Self-Concept of Gifted Children Aged 9 to 13 Years Old

    Shi, Jiannong; Li, Ying; Zhang, Xingli


    Ninety-four gifted children and 200 nongifted children (aged 9 to 13 years old) were involved in the present study. Their self-concept was assessed by the Revised Song-Hattie Self-Concept Inventory (Zhou & He, 1996). Academic self-concepts pertaining to abilities, school achievements, and grade concepts and nonacademic self-concepts pertaining to…

  18. Complete paroxysmal atrioventricular block in a 2-year-old girl

    Holst, Line Marie; Dixen, Ulrik; Jeppesen, Dorthe L


    We present a case of atypical syncope in a 2-year-old, otherwise healthy girl. The patient presented with three episodes of syncope without any precipitating factors and no family history of sudden unexpected death. Holter monitoring revealed 24 events of complete atrioventricular block lasting up...

  19. Cardiac anaplastic large cell lymphoma in an 8-year old boy

    Melchior Lauten


    Full Text Available We report on an 8 year old boy with primary cardiac anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL, in whom the diagnosis was challenging and who was treated with modified chemotherapy without radiation therapy according to the ALCL 99 study protocol [1]. Two years and 4 months after completion of therapy the boy is in complete remission with normal cardiac function.

  20. Motor Competence Is Associated with Physical Fitness in Four- to Six-Year-Old Preschool Children

    Sigmundsson, Hermundur; Haga, Monika


    The health benefits of a physical active lifestyle and physical fitness from a young age are widely recognized as beneficial. This study examined the relationship between physical fitness and motor competence in children aged four- to six-years-old. A sample of 42 children (mean age 5.15 years, SD 0.56 year) participated in the study. To assess…

  1. Two-Year-Olds Are Vigilant of Others' Non-Verbal Cues to Credibility

    Birch, Susan A. J.; Akmal, Nazanin; Frampton, Kristen L.


    Data from three experiments provide the first evidence that children, at least as young as age two, are vigilant of others' non-verbal cues to credibility, and flexibly use these cues to facilitate learning. Experiment 1 revealed that 2- and 3-year-olds prefer to learn about objects from someone who appears, through non-verbal cues, to be…

  2. Characteristics of 15-Year-Old Students Predicting Scientific Literacy Skills in Turkey

    Demir, Ergül


    Since 2003, Turkey regularly participates in PISA. According to the PISA 2012 results, 15-year-old students in Turkey performed below both OECD countries and participating countries. Defining the relations between students' characteristics and their scientific literacy skills is thought to provide deeper understanding for the nature of this…

  3. Words, Shape, Visual Search and Visual Working Memory in 3-Year-Old Children

    Vales, Catarina; Smith, Linda B.


    Do words cue children's visual attention, and if so, what are the relevant mechanisms? Across four experiments, 3-year-old children (N = 163) were tested in visual search tasks in which targets were cued with only a visual preview versus a visual preview and a spoken name. The experiments were designed to determine whether labels facilitated…

  4. Severe hypercholesterolemia associated with primary biliary cirrhosis in a 44-year-old Japanese woman

    Tatsuo Kanda; Osamu Yokosuka; Hiroshige Kojima; Fumio Imazeki; Keiich Nagao; Ichiro Tatsuno; Yasushi Saito; Hiromitsu Saisho


    A 44-year-old woman developed jaundice and was diagnosed as stage Ⅱ of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). She showed a severely high total cholesterol level. This article focuses on atypical presentations of PBC and the need to test the total cholesterol level of PBC patients.

  5. Relationship Between Affective Determinants and Achievement in Science for Seventeen-Year-Olds.

    Napier, John D.; Riley, Joseph P.


    Data collected in the 1976-1977 National Assessment of Educational Progress survey of 17-year-olds was used to reanalyze the hypothesis that there are affective determinants of science achievement. Results show that motivation, anxiety, student choice, and teacher support account for most of the correlation between affective determinants and…

  6. The Relation between 3-Year-Old Children's Skills and Their Hyperactivity, Inattention, and Aggression

    Friedman-Weieneth, Julie L.; Harvey, Elizabeth A.; Youngwirth, Sara D.; Goldstein, Lauren H.


    This study examines the relation between 3-year-old children's (N = 280) symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and aggression and their cognitive, motor, and preacademic skills. When the authors controlled for other types of attention and behavior problems, maternal ratings of hyperactivity and teacher ratings of inattention were uniquely and…

  7. Duodenal intussusception secondary to web presenting as recurrent pancreatitis in a 7-year-old girl

    Tu, Long H. [University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT (United States); Kaweah Delta Healthcare District, Graduate Medical Education, Visalia, CA (United States); Villalona, Gustavo A. [Yale School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Section of Pediatric Surgery, New Haven, CT (United States); SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children' s Hospital, Department of Pediatric Surgery, St. Louis, MO (United States); Cowles, Robert A. [Yale School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Section of Pediatric Surgery, New Haven, CT (United States); Silva, Cicero T. [Yale School of Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Section of Pediatric Radiology, 333 Cedar St., P.O. Box 208042, New Haven, CT (United States)


    Duodenal intussusception is a rare entity in children, with 32 cases reported in the English literature to our knowledge. Most reported cases are associated with endoluminal tubes or polyps, and the presenting symptoms are chronic and nonspecific. We report a case of duodenal intussusception in a 7-year-old girl secondary to a duodenal web and review the imaging findings. (orig.)

  8. Childhood obesity: the extent of the problem among 6-year-old Irish national school children.

    Evans, D S


    Childhood obesity is rapidly increasing worldwide. In Ireland, the number of overweight children has trebled over the last decade. The study aimed to provide an assessment of the prevalence of obesity of 6-year-old children in one region of Ireland.

  9. Prosodic focus marking in Chinese four- and eight-year-olds

    Yang, Anqi; Chen, A.


    This study investigates how Mandarin Chinese speaking children use prosody to distinguish focus from non-focus, and focus types differing in size of constituent and contrastivity. SVO sentences were elicited from four- and eight-year-olds in a game setting. Sentence-medial verbs were acoustically an

  10. Reactive mesothelial hyperplasia associated with chronic peritonitis in a 20-year-old Quarter horse.

    Hoon-Hanks, Laura L; Rout, Emily D; Vap, Linda M; Aboellail, Tawfik A; Hassel, Diana M; Nout-Lomas, Yvette S


    A 20-year-old gelding was diagnosed with peritonitis and severe reactive mesothelial hyperplasia. Exploratory laparotomy findings were suggestive of a neoplastic etiology; however, additional diagnostics ruled this out and the horse made a full recovery. This report demonstrates the difficulty and value of differentiating between reactive and neoplastic mesothelial processes. PMID:27152035

  11. Speech Characteristics of 8-Year-Old Children: Findings from a Prospective Population Study

    Wren, Yvonne; McLeod, Sharynne; White, Paul; Miller, Laura L.; Roulstone, Sue


    Speech disorder that continues into middle childhood is rarely studied compared with speech disorder in the early years. Speech production in single words, connected speech and nonword repetition was assessed for 7390 eight-year-old children within the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). The majority (n=6399) had typical…

  12. Development of newborn and 1-year-old reference phantoms based on polygon mesh surfaces

    The purpose of this study is the development of paediatric reference phantoms for newborn and 1-year-old infants to be used for the calculation of organ and tissue equivalent doses in radiation protection. The study proposes a method for developing anatomically highly sophisticated paediatric phantoms without using medical images. The newborn and 1-year-old hermaphrodite phantoms presented here were developed using three-dimensional (3D) modelling software applied to anatomical information taken from atlases, textbooks and images provided by the Department of Anatomy of the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. The method uses polygon mesh surfaces to model body contours, the shape of organs as well as their positions and orientations in the human body. Organ and tissue masses agree with corresponding data given by the International Commission on Radiological Protection for newborn and 1-year-old reference children. Bones were segmented into cortical bone, spongiosa, medullary marrow and cartilage to allow for the use of μCT images of trabecular bone for skeletal dosimetry. Anatomical results show 3D images of the phantoms’ surfaces, organs and skeletons, as well as tables with organ and tissue masses or skeletal tissue volumes. Dosimetric results present comparisons of organ and tissue absorbed doses or specific absorbed fractions between the newborn and 1-year-old phantoms and corresponding data for other paediatric stylised or voxel phantoms. Most differences were found to be below 10%. (paper)

  13. Nutrition and mental development of 4-5-year old children on macrobiotic diets.

    Herens, M.C.; Dagnelie, P.C.; Kleber, R.J.; Mol, M.C.; Staveren, van W.A.


    Mental development of 4–5-year old children on macrobiotic diets (almost devoid of animal foods and fat) with long-term growth deficits, was studied using the Snijders-Oomen Non-verbal Intelligence (SON) scale. In addition, food consumption and behavioural style of the children, and family and paren

  14. Action-Based Digital Tools: Mathematics Learning in 6-Year-Old Children

    Dejonckheere, Peter J. N.; Desoete, Annemie; Fonck, Nathalie; Roderiguez, Dave; Six, Leen; Vermeersch, Tine; Vermeulen, Lies


    Introduction: In the present study we used a metaphorical representation in order to stimulate the numerical competences of six-year-olds. It was expected that when properties of physical action are used for mathematical thinking or when abstract mathematical thinking is grounded in sensorimotor processes, learning gains should be more pronounced…

  15. Fifteen-Year-Old Pupils' Variable Handling Performance in the Context of Scientific Investigations.

    Donnelly, J. F.


    Reports findings on variable-handling aspects of pupil performance in investigatory tasks, using data from the British Assessment of Performance Unit (APU) national survey program. Discusses the significance of these findings for assessment methodology and for understanding of 15-year-olds' approaches to the variable-based logic of investigation.…

  16. Yellow Nails, Lymphedema and Chronic Cough: Yellow Nail Syndrome in an Eight-Year-Old Girl

    Ishita Siddiq


    Full Text Available Yellow nail syndrome is a rare disease and reported mainly in adults. A case of yellow nail syndrome involving an eight-year-old girl with associated discoloured yellowish nails on the fingers and toes, lymphedema and chronic cough, and sputum production is reported.

  17. Yellow nails, lymphedema and chronic cough: Yellow nail syndrome in an eight-year-old girl

    Ishita Siddiq; Daniel Hughes


    Yellow nail syndrome is a rare disease and reported mainly in adults. A case of yellow nail syndrome involving an eight-year-old girl with associated discoloured yellowish nails on the fingers and toes, lymphedema and chronic cough, and sputum production is reported.

  18. Investigating Gender Differences in the Science Performance of 16-Year-Old Pupils in the UK.

    Bell, John F.


    Investigates whether gender stereotypes of boys outperforming girls in physics and girls outperforming boys in biology are still present. Considers the performance on individual question parts of an examination for 16-years-olds in the United Kingdom. Also considers the memory processes involved and related to gender differences in science…

  19. Cervical ankylosis following Grisel's syndrome in a 14-year-old boy with infectious mononucleosis

    Non-traumatic atlanto-axial subluxation (Grisel's syndrome) is an uncommon complication of neck space infection or otolaryngologic procedures. It most frequently affects children, although it may occur in adults. We present a 14-year-old boy with Grisel's syndrome as a complication of infectious mononucleosis proceeding to cervical ankylosis. (orig.)

  20. Two-Year-Olds Interpret Novel Phonological Neighbors as Familiar Words

    Swingley, Daniel


    When children hear a novel word in a context presenting a novel object and a familiar one, they usually assume that the novel word refers to the novel object. In a series of experiments, we tested whether this behavior would be found when 2-year-olds interpreted novel words that differed phonologically from familiar words in only 1 sound, either a…

  1. Input Effects on the Acquisition of a Novel Phrasal Construction in 5 Year Olds

    Wonnacott, Elizabeth; Boyd, Jeremy K.; Thomson, Jennifer; Goldberg, Adele E.


    The present experiments demonstrate that children as young as five years old (M = 5:2) generalize beyond their input on the basis of minimal exposure to a novel argument structure construction. The novel construction that was used involved a non-English phrasal pattern: VN[subscript 1]N[subscript 2], paired with a novel abstract meaning:…

  2. Hepatocellular carcinoma bone metastasis in an 11-year-old boy

    Lucarini, Silvia [Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario, Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, London, ON (Canada); Fortier, Marielle [Children' s Hospital of Western Ontario, Department of Radiology, London, ON (Canada); Leaker, Michael [Children' s Hospital of Western Ontario, Department of Oncology, London, ON (Canada); Chhem, Rethy [Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario, Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, London, ON (Canada); London Health Sciences Centre, University Hospital of Windermere, Department of Radiology, London, ON (Canada)


    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the second most common primary hepatic malignant tumor in children older than 4 years. We describe a rare case of an 11-year-old boy with HCC who presented with HCC of the right liver lobe followed by multiple osseous metastases, confirmed by imaging and biopsy. (orig.)

  3. Dimensions of Oppositional Defiant Disorder in 3-Year-Old Preschoolers

    Ezpeleta, Lourdes; Granero, Roser; de la Osa, Nuria; Penelo, Eva; Domenech, Josep M.


    Background: To test the factor structure of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) symptoms and to study the relationships between the proposed dimensions and external variables in a community sample of preschool children. Method: A sample of 1,341 3-year-old preschoolers was randomly selected and screened for a double-phase design. In total, 622…

  4. Allocation of Resources to Collaborators and Free-Riders in 3-Year-Olds

    Melis, Alicia P.; Altrichter, Kristin; Tomasello, Michael


    Recent studies have shown that in situations where resources have been acquired collaboratively, children at around 3 years of age share mostly equally. We investigated 3-year-olds' sharing behavior with a collaborating partner and a free-riding partner who explicitly expressed her preference not to collaborate. Children shared more equally with…

  5. Cytological diagnosis of adamantinoma of long bone in a 78-year-old man

    Mimi Gangopadhyay


    Full Text Available A clinicohistopathological study of a rare case of adamantinoma of long bone in a 78-year-old patient is presented. The cytological features when evaluated in conjunction with clinical and radiologic features are sufficiently diagnostic. The primary knowledge of its existence and knowledge of its cytological features are important for a correct preoperative cytological diagnosis.

  6. Personal and Social Correlates of the "Closed Mind" among 16-Year-Old Adolescents in England.

    Francis, Leslie J.


    Compares what is known about key personal and social correlates of scores on Rokeach dogmatism scales with findings from a new study of English 16-year-old pupils. Demonstrates that higher dogmatism scores are associated with lower IQ scores, lower social-class backgrounds, higher neuroticism scores, higher lie-scale scores, and being male. (DSK)

  7. Cognitive Components of a Mathematical Processing Network in 9-Year-Old Children

    Szucs, Dénes; Devine, Amy; Soltesz, Fruzsina; Nobes, Alison; Gabriel, Florence


    We determined how various cognitive abilities, including several measures of a proposed domain-specific number sense, relate to mathematical competence in nearly 100 9-year-old children with normal reading skill. Results are consistent with an extended number processing network and suggest that important processing nodes of this network are…

  8. Interest and Agency in 2- and 3-Year-Olds' Participation in Emergent Writing

    Rowe, Deborah Wells; Neitzel, Carin


    This study investigated 2- and 3-year-olds' personal interests as a possible source of variation in preschool writing activities. Structured observations of the play behaviors of 11 preschool children in a childcare classroom were conducted one to two days per week for one school year. These data were analyzed to determine choices of play…

  9. Understanding Bullying: Using Role-Play with 12-Year-Old Boys in Cyprus

    Kaloyirou, Chrystalla; Lindsay, Geoff


    This study examines the use of role-play in order to investigate bullies' intentions, feelings and perceptions through identification and projection. The study was conducted with nine 12-year-old boys that presented high levels of bullying behaviour, according to their teachers and peers, from three state primary schools in Nicosia, Cyprus,…

  10. Influence of Emotional Facial Expressions on 3-5-Year-Olds' Face Recognition

    Freitag, Claudia; Schwarzer, Gudrun


    Three experiments examined 3- and 5-year-olds' recognition of faces in constant and varied emotional expressions. Children were asked to identify repeatedly presented target faces, distinguishing them from distractor faces, during an immediate recognition test and during delayed assessments after 10 min and one week. Emotional facial expression…

  11. Localized lipomatosis of the perineum in a 58-year-old male patient – case report

    Ndhlovu, Mathias; Amr, Amro; Schoeller, Thomas; Werdin, Frank


    Abstract Lipomatosis of the perineum is an extremely rare condition. We report a localized hypertrophy of adipose tissue of the perineum in a 58-year-old man. The cause of enlargement could not be revealed. Nonetheless, preoperative workup and exclusion of possible malign tumors is essential.


    Okoye Md, Obinna; Daroca Jr Md, Philip J; Kaphle Md, Upendra; Kheir Md, Fayez; Salerno Md, Daniel


    The diagnosis of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia is usually delayed for several weeks due to treatment for presumed infectious pneumonia. We present a case of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia in a 39-year-old female who presented with shortness of breath and cough. She had both rapid clinical and radiological response to treatment with corticosteroids. PMID:26986858

  13. Paternal Psychosocial Characteristics and Corporal Punishment of Their 3-Year-Old Children

    Lee, Shawna J.; Perron, Brian E.; Taylor, Catherine A.; Guterman, Neil B.


    This study uses data from 2,309 biological fathers who participated in the Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Study (FFCWS) to examine associations between psychosocial characteristics and levels of corporal punishment (CP) toward their 3-year-old children over the past month. Results indicate that 61% of the fathers reported no CP over the…

  14. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome in a 4-year-old girl associated with alimemazine

    van Maldegem, Bianca T; Smit, Leo M E; Touw, Daan J; Gemke, Reinoud J B J


    UNLABELLED: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is a rare but serious disorder caused by antipsychotic medication including phenothiazines. For sedative purposes, increasing doses of alimemazine were administered to a 4-year-old multiple handicapped girl, with cerebral damage of the basal ganglia.

  15. BE, DO, and Modal Auxiliaries of 3-Year-Old African American English Speakers

    Newkirk-Turner, Brandi L.; Oetting, Janna B.; Stockman, Ida J.


    Purpose: This study examined African American English--speaking children's use of BE, DO, and modal auxiliaries. Method: The data were based on language samples obtained from 48 three-year-olds. Analyses examined rates of marking by auxiliary type, auxiliary surface form, succeeding element, and syntactic construction and by a number of child…

  16. Facial Mimicry in 6-7 Year Old Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorder and ADHD

    Deschamps, Peter; Munsters, Nicolette; Kenemans, Leon; Schutter, Dennis; Matthys, Walter


    Background: Impairments in facial mimicry are considered a proxy for deficits in affective empathy and have been demonstrated in 10 year old children and in adolescents with disruptive behavior disorder (DBD). However, it is not known whether these impairments are already present at an earlier age.

  17. Functional somatic symptoms and consultation patterns in 5- to 7-year-olds

    Rask, Charlotte Ulrikka; Ørnbøl, Eva; Fink, Per Klausen;


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate the frequency of and factors linked to medical consultation for functional somatic symptoms (FSS) among 5- to 7-year-old children. METHODS: We assessed 1327 children from the Copenhagen Child Cohort 2000 for FSS at ages 5 to 7 years. Register data on past health care use...

  18. The Great Recession and Behavior Problems in 9-Year Old Children

    Schneider, William; Waldfogel, Jane; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne


    This article examines associations between the Great Recession and 4 aspects of 9-year olds' behavior--aggression (externalizing), anxiety/depression (internalizing), alcohol and drug use, and vandalism-using the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study, a longitudinal birth cohort drawn from 20 U.S. cities (21% White, 50% Black, 26% Hispanic,…

  19. Does school environment affect 11-year-olds' fruit and vegetable intake in Denmark?

    Krølner, Rikke; Due, Pernille; Rasmussen, Mette;


    It is often found that adolescents eat too little fruit and vegetables. We examined the importance of school for 11-year-olds' daily intake measured by food frequency- and 24-h recall questionnaires in Danish data from the European 2003 Pro Children Survey. Multilevel logistic regression analyses...

  20. Administration of high-dose interleukin-2 in a 2-year-old with metastatic melanoma.

    Bernhardt, M Brooke; Hicks, M John; Pappo, Alberto S


    Malignant melanoma is rare in pediatrics, and therapies for patients with disseminated disease have not been well studied. This report describes our experience with the use of high-dose interleukin 2 (aldesleukin, IL-2) in a 2-year-old child with metastatic melanoma and describes our approach for the administration of this agent to young patients. PMID:19731326

  1. Five- to 8-Year-Old Emirati Children's and Their Teachers' Perceptions of War

    Buldu, Mehmet


    This study examined 5- to 8-year-old Emirati children's and their teachers' perceptions of war. Data for this study were collected through drawings and semi-structured interviews. A phenomenological procedure was used to analyze the data. Younger children could not articulate the details of the specific nature of war. Many children defined war as…

  2. Five-Year-Old Preschoolers’ Sharing is Influenced by Anticipated Reciprocation

    Xiong, Mingrui; Jiannong, Shi; Wu, Zhen;


    Whether children share in anticipation of future benefits returned by a partner is an interesting question. In this study, 5-year-old children and an adult partner played a sharing game, in which children donated first and the partner donated afterward. In Experiment 1, the partner’s resources were...

  3. Successful Aging in a 70-Year-Old Man with Down Syndrome: A Case Study

    Krinsky-McHale, Sharon J.; Devenny, Darlynne A.; Gu, Hong; Jenkins, Edmund C.; Kittler, Phyllis; Murty, Vundavalli V.; Schupf, Nicole; Scotto, Luigi; Tycko, Benjamin; Urv, Tiina K.; Ye, Lingling; Zigman, Warren B.; Silverman, Wayne


    The authors present a case study of a 70-year-old man with Down syndrome ("Mr. C.") who they followed for 16 years and who does not exhibit declines in cognitive or functional capacities indicative of dementia, despite having well-documented, complete trisomy 21. The authors describe the age-associated changes that occurred over 16 years as well…

  4. Development and health of 5 - 8-year-old singletons born after intracytoplasmic sperm injection

    Knoester, Marjolein


    This thesis describes the Leiden Artificial Reproductive Techniques Follow-up Project. In this project, the potential long-term effects of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) were assessed in 5 – 8-year-old singleton children. ICSI is the method of artificial reproduction in which a sperm cel is

  5. Functional analysis of insistence on sameness in an 11-year old boy with Asperger syndrome

    Ollington, N.; Green, V.A.; O'Reilly, M.F.; Lancioni, G.E.; Didden, H.C.M.


    Objective: To identify the functional properties of insistence on sameness associated with autism spectrum disorders. Method: An 11-year-old boy with Asperger syndrome was observed during play where scenarios (mistakes, misplaced items, interrupted activity) were created to correspond with parent-re

  6. 77 FR 11651 - Hybrid III 10-Year-Old Child Test Dummy


    ... certification requirements for a new test dummy representative of a 10- year-old child (70 FR 40281, July 13... published July 13, 2005 (70 FR 40281). The agency is concurrently publishing in this issue of the Federal... we published an NPRM to adopt the HIII-10C into FMVSS No. 213.\\1\\ \\1\\ 70 FR 51720 (August 31,...

  7. Pequenitos en Accion. Edgewood ISD Model Program for 3-Year-Olds Replication Manual.

    Partnership for Hope, Inc., San Antonio, TX.

    This guide describes "Pequenitos en Accion" (Small Children in Action), the Edgewood (Texas) Independent School District (ISD) early childhood intervention program for Spanish-speaking 3-year-old preschool children. The program is an innovative early childhood education model involving educational programming, collaboration and integration with…

  8. How Do 5-Year-Olds Understand Questions? Differences in Languages across Europe

    Sauerland, Uli; Grohmann, Kleanthes K.; Guasti, Maria Teresa; Andelkovic, Darinka; Argus, Reili; Armon-Lotem, Sharon; Arosio, Fabrizio; Avram, Larisa; Costa, João; Dabašinskiene, Ineta; de López, Kristine; Gatt, Daniela; Grech, Helen; Haman, Ewa; van Hout, Angeliek; Hrzica, Gordana; Kainhofer, Judith; Kamandulyte-Merfeldiene, Laura; Kunnari, Sari; Kovacevic, Melita; Kuvac Kraljevic, Jelena; Lipowska, Katarzyna; Mejias, Sandrine; Popovic, Maša; Ruzaite, Jurate; Savic, Maja; Sevcenco, Anca; Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Varnava, Marina; Yatsushiro, Kazuko


    The comprehension of constituent questions is an important topic for language acquisition research and for applications in the diagnosis of language impairment. This article presents the results of a study investigating the comprehension of different types of questions by 5-year-old, typically developing children across 19 European countries, 18…

  9. Clinical Perspectives: 7-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Removed and Retransplanted

    Full Text Available ... York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital made surgical history. Seven-year-old Heather McNamara underwent the first ... locally. She had been diagnosed after a long history of unexplained vomiting at another hospital where they ...


    M Ghaemi


    Full Text Available Serum Ferritin (SF levels in 734 seven-year-old children was measured by a radioimmuno assay method, and its possible relation-ship with hemoglobin, hematocrit and MCHC was investigated. The results showed there was positive correlation between SF with hemo-globin, hematocrit and MCHC values.

  11. Brevibacterium casei Sepsis in an 18-Year-Old Female with AIDS

    Brazzola, P; Zbinden, R; Rudin, C.; Schaad, U B; HEININGER, U.


    Brevibacterium sp. was isolated from the blood of an acutely ill 18-year-old female with AIDS. The isolate was identified as Brevibacterium casei by use of carbohydrate assimilation tests. Treatment was successful with intravenously administered ciprofloxacin. To our knowledge, this is the first report of sepsis caused by B. casei in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient.

  12. Different Types of Thinking of Seven-Year-Old Children and their Achievements in School

    Uszynska-Jarmoc, Janina


    The theoretical basis of the research was the conception of human intelligence of Sternberg. The aims of the study were: to determine the level of analytical thinking, creative thinking and practical thinking of seven-year-old children; to determine the relations between the level of analytical, practical and creative thinking and pupil's success…

  13. Mesenteric teratoma associated with acute perforated appendicitis in a 2-year-old girl

    Jihoon Jang


    Full Text Available Mesenteric teratoma is a rare tumor, with few cases reported in the literature. Because mesenteric teratomas have no specific signs or symptoms, their clinical manifestations depend on their size and location. This report describes a mesenteric teratoma associated with acute perforated appendicitis in a 2-year-old girl who presented with abdominal pain and high grade fever.

  14. Cardiac anaplastic large cell lymphoma in an 8-year old boy

    Melchior Lauten; Simon Vieth; Christopher Hart; Wilhelm Wössmann; Birte Tröger; Christoph Härtel; Martin Bethge; André Schrauder; Gunnar Cario


    We report on an 8 year old boy with primary cardiac anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), in whom the diagnosis was challenging and who was treated with modified chemotherapy without radiation therapy according to the ALCL 99 study protocol [1]. Two years and 4 months after completion of therapy the boy is in complete remission with normal cardiac function.

  15. A Gender Comparison of the Cooperation of 4-Year-Old Children in Classroom Activity Centers

    Anderson, Genan T.; Hilton, Sterling C.; Wouden-Miller, Melissa


    This study examined the proportion of cooperative play in 4-year-old children across centers (housekeeping, block, manipulative, and computer) and gender in a natural classroom setting. Eighty-four white, middle-income children (41 boys and 43 girls, mean age = 55 months) were videotaped during free-play for 30 minutes per day for four weeks in…

  16. Developing Number Knowledge: Assessment, Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 Year Olds. Math Recovery

    Wright, Robert J.; Ellemor-Collins, David; Tabor, Pamela D.


    This fourth book in the Mathematics Recovery series equips teachers with detailed pedagogical knowledge and resources for teaching number to 7 to 11-year olds. Drawing on extensive programs of research, curriculum development, and teacher development, the book offers a coherent, up-to-date approach emphasizing computational fluency and the…

  17. MRI findings of an intermuscular lipoma in a 2-year-old

    Grandbois, Lindsey; Vade, Aruna; Lim-Dunham, Jennifer [Loyola University Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Maywood, IL (United States); Al-Masri, Hytham [Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Pathology, Chicago, IL (United States)


    We report the MRI findings of a large deep intermuscular lipoma in a 2-year-old child with a painless palpable shoulder mass, and its differentiation from liposarcoma and other soft-tissue masses. To our knowledge, the imaging features of deep lipomas in children have not been reported. (orig.)

  18. Working and Watching: Maternal Employment Status and Parents' Perceptions of their Three-Year Old Children.

    Bronfenbrenner, Urie; And Others


    Investigates whether the hypothesis that the mother's work situation influences parents' perceptions of their three-year-old children can explain reported differences in effects of maternal employment on the child. The sample consisted of 152 white, two-parent families. Results support the generalization that maternal employment may entail both…

  19. Myeloradicular Form of Neuroschistosomiasis in a Six-Year-Old Boy Infected With Schistosoma mansoni.

    Salgado, João Victor; Salgado, Izabel Athayde da Silva Cruz; Braga Júnior, Leônidas Lopes; Serra, Silane Calland Marques; Barros, Verbena Maria de Carvalho; Silva, Maria José Alves; Monteiro-Neto, Valério


    Neuroschistosomiasis is a severe disease caused by the presence of Schistosoma eggs and/or adult worms in the central nervous system. Schistosomal transverse myelitis represents a rare clinical form with nonspecific clinical findings, and it is thus underdiagnosed, especially in children. In this report, we describe a 6-year-old patient with the myeloradicular form of neuroschistosomiasis. PMID:26780026

  20. Three-year old boys treasure pirate memories : Gender and episodic memory in preschoolers

    Wessel, Ineke; Rutten, Vera; Ruiter, Selma


    Recently, Scarf and colleagues (2013) proposed that 3-year olds fail to retain episodic memories for longer than 15 minutes. In their study, children found a locked pirate’s treasure chest in a sandbox. After a delay in which the child was elsewhere, the experimenter announced that they would return

  1. Major stroke in a 19-year-old patient with a univentricular heart

    Riemann, Mads; Idorn, Lars; Wagner, Aase;


    Patients with univentricular heart malformations are at increased risk of suffering from thromboembolic events. We present a case of a 19-year-old woman born with a univentricular heart who suffered a major stroke while being treated with only salicylic acid. At least 20% of patients...

  2. Development and impact analysis of 3-year-old child FE human model

    Koizumi, T.; Tsujiuchi, N.; Taki, N.; Forbes, P.A.; Lange, R. de


    In a previous study, a 3-year old child FE human model was developed by scaling down an adult male FE human model. Scaling down was performed for body dimensions, joint characteristics, and material properties. The focus of this current study is biofidelity validation and enhancement of the 3-year-o

  3. Occupational exposure during pregnancy and the risk of hay fever in 7-year-old children

    Christensen, Berit Hvass; Thulstrup, Ane Marie; Hougaard, Karin Sørig; Skadhauge, Lars Rauff; Hansen, Kirsten Skamstrup; Schlünssen, Vivi


    child was obtained by an internet questionnaire at follow-up at 7 years of age. RESULTS: Adjusted logistic regression analyses showed no significant association between maternal occupational exposure during pregnancy and hay fever among the 7-year-old children. Stratifying for atopic status in the...

  4. One- to Three-Year-Old Children's Experience of Subjective Wellbeing in Day Care

    Seland, Monica; Sandseter, Ellen Beate Hansen; Bratterud, Åse


    The aim of the study on which this paper is based was to explore in which situations and contexts Norwegian 1-3-year-olds experience subjective wellbeing in day care. The data in this study was collected through qualitative phenomenological observations of 18 children, and an inductive process of analysis was conducted. The results show that…

  5. Maternal Teaching during Play with Four-Year-Olds: Variation by Ethnicity and Family Resources

    Tamis-LeMonda, Catherine S.; Sze, Irene Nga-Lam; Ng, Florrie Fei-Yin; Kahana-Kalman, Ronit; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu


    Mothers' spontaneous teaching of their 4-year-olds was observed during block play in 230 dyads from low-income African American, Mexican, Dominican, and Chinese backgrounds. Blocks contained graphics that could be used to teach concepts in literacy, math, construction, or body/color. Coders noted how often mothers taught each of the concepts,…

  6. Relations between Social Contingency in Mother-Child Interaction and 2-Year-Olds' Social Competence.

    Raver, C. Cybele


    Examined relationships between social contingency in mother-child interaction and the social competence of 47 two-year-olds from low-income families. Found that social contingency was related to children's use of self-regulatory strategies but not to empathic responsiveness. Child negative emotionality and gender contributed to explanations of…

  7. Effectiveness of Multipurpose Unit Early Classroom Intervention Program for 4-5-Year-Old Children

    Celebioglu Morkoc, Ozlem; Aktan Acar, Ebru


    This research examined the effectiveness of Multipurpose Unit Early Classroom Intervention Program (MUECIP) prepared for 4-5-year-old (48-60 months) children whose development is at risk because of their families' socioeconomic conditions. The research adopted a preliminary test-final test control group trial model. The research participants…

  8. Is breast reduction plasty in an eleven-year old girl indicated? Case report.

    Piza-Katzer, H; Umbricht-Sprüngli, R E


    The history and the problems of surgical therapy of an eleven-year old girl with infantile hypertrophy of both breasts is described. It is only by good cooperation between paediatricians and plastic surgeons that the indication for operation can be evaluated. Careful weighing of the "pros" and "cons" will help in making this decision. PMID:2031914

  9. Psychosocial health of 4-year-old boys and girls, as observed by parents and teachers

    Berkhout, Louise; Hoekman, Joop; Goorhuis-Brouwer, Sieneke M.


    Both parents and teachers assessed the psychosocial health of 228 4-year-old children at the start of elementary school in the Netherlands. Assessments were conducted using the Child Behaviour Checklist (CBCL; ages 1 1/2-5) and the Caregiver-Teacher Report Form (C-TRF; ages 1 1/2-5). Results were co

  10. How Selective Are 3-Year-Olds in Imitating Novel Linguistic Material?

    Bannard, Colin; Klinger, Jörn; Tomasello, Michael


    In 3 studies we explored when 3-year-olds would imitate novel words in utterances produced by adult speakers. Child and experimenter took turns in requesting objects from a game master. The experimenter always went first and always preceded the object's familiar name with a novel adjective (e.g., "the dilsige duck"). In the first 2…

  11. A rare case of peripheral T-cell lymphoma in 1-year-old child

    Vignesh Kandakumar


    Full Text Available Peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL represents approximately 12% of lymphoid neoplasms. They are even rarer in children and represent only 1% of Non-Hodgkin′s lymphoma in this age group. We report a case of PTCL in a 1-year-old female child for its rarity.

  12. A rare case of peripheral T-cell lymphoma in 1-year-old child

    Vignesh Kandakumar; Prasanth Ganesan; Peush Bajpai; Rejiv Rajendranath; Sagar Tenali; Urmila Majhi; Ponni Sivaprakasam


    Peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL) represents approximately 12% of lymphoid neoplasms. They are even rarer in children and represent only 1% of Non-Hodgkin′s lymphoma in this age group. We report a case of PTCL in a 1-year-old female child for its rarity.

  13. The unplanned teenage pregnancy

    S.M. Ross


    Full Text Available Surveys conducted in the Durban area of Natal showed that 18 per cent of all pregnancies occurred amongst teenagers with the incidence amongst the various population groups varying bëtween Whites 14 per cent, Indians 17 per cent, Coloureds and Blacks 20 per cent. This compares with a world-wide teenage pregnancy rate of 10-15 per cent. Amongst primigravid pregnancies 33 per cent Indians and 53 per cent of Africans were found to be 18 years of age or less.

  14. Teenagers' Explanations of Bullying

    Thornberg, Robert; Knutsen, Sven


    The aim of the present study was to explore how teenagers explain why bullying takes place at school, and whether there were any differences in explaining bullying due to gender and prior bullying experiences. One hundred and seventy-six Swedish students in Grade 9 responded to a questionnaire. Mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative methods)…

  15. Teenagers and Satanism.

    Bredenberg, Alice M.

    The background of Satanism and typical Satanic activities are described. It is noted that contemporary Satanism has three forms: solitary Satanists, outlaw cults, and neo-Satanic churches. Included in a description of Satanic activities are Heavy Metal music and fantasy games, both of which are intensely interesting to teenagers. The next section…

  16. Malocclusion and TMJ disorders in teenagers from private and public schools in Mexico City

    Sánchez Pérez, Leonor; Irigoyen Camacho, María Esther; Molina Frechero, Nelly; Mendoza Roaf, Patricia Lorelei; Medina Solís, Carlo Eduardo; Acosta Gío, Enrique; Maupomé, Gerardo


    Objective: To identify, among Mexican teenagers from public and private schools, the frequency, severity of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment needs, and their possible association with temporomandibular joint disorders. Material and Methods: Fifteen-year-old students were recruited from public and private schools. Clinical findings were registered as follows: oral hygiene status with the Oral Hygiene Index-Simplified, malocclusion using the Dental Aesthetic Index (DAI), and TMJ disorders...

  17. Peculiarities of ultrasonic picture of thyroid in children and teenagers affected by radionuclides

    Ultrasonic screening of thyroid has been carried out in 1577 children and teenagers 6-17 years old, who were affected by radionuclides and are living in goiter endemic territories of Gomel region. The spread of nodal pathology of the thyroid in children of Gomel region has been found to be more than 15% and that of cancer - 2,54%. 1 tab, 7 refs

  18. Adverse Reproductive Outcomes Associated With Teenage Pregnancy

    Yadav, Siddhartha; Choudhary, Dilip; Narayan, K.C.; Mandal, Rajesh Kumar; Sharma, Achyut; Chauhan, Siddharth Singh; Agrawal, Pawan


    Introduction It is debated whether teenage pregnancy is associated with an adverse reproductive outcome. This study assessed the reproductive outcomes in teenage pregnancy in Nepal, a developing setting. Methods A hospital based retrospective cohort study of 4,101 deliveries to compare the outcomes between teenage and non-teenage pregnancies. Results Pregnancy in teenagers was associated with significantly increased risk (P

  19. Castleman’s Disease Associated with Mitral Valve Prolapse in a 22 Years Old Patient

    M. Vaziri


    Full Text Available Introduction: Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD is an inherited disorder of phagocyte function. The defect of intracellular killing in phagocytes is the cause of recurrent pyogenic infection of patients. Clinical presentations and infections mostly occur during the first 2 years of life and early diagnosis of disease can prevent or decrease the rates of recurrence of infections and mortality.Case Report: This case report represents a 21 years old man who was admitted and underwent repeated surgery due to pyogenic infections for CGD. The second case was his 20 years old sister who was underwent surgery due to cervical abscess.Conclusion: This case-report implies that CGD may rarely go undiagnosed until adulthood, so in adults who develop recurrent pyogenic infection, we should be suspicious to CGD, and Nitroblue tetrazolium test is the convenient method for its diagnosis.

  20. Separable sustained and selective attention factors are apparent in 5-year-old children

    Underbjerg, Mette; George, Melanie S; Thorsen, Poul;


    In adults and older children, evidence consistent with relative separation between selective and sustained attention, superimposed upon generally positive inter-test correlations, has been reported. Here we examine whether this pattern is detectable in 5-year-old children from the healthy...... population. A new test battery (TEA-Ch(J)) was adapted from measures previously used with adults and older children and administered to 172 5-year-olds. Test-retest reliability was assessed in 60 children. Ninety-eight percent of the children managed to complete all measures. Discrimination of visual and...... auditory stimuli were good. In a factor analysis, the two TEA-Ch(J) selective attention tasks (one visual, one auditory) loaded onto a common factor and diverged from the two sustained attention tasks (one auditory, one motor), which shared a common loading on the second factor. This pattern, which...

  1. Changing oral health status of 6- and 12-year-old schoolchildren in Portugal

    de Almeida, César Mexia; Petersen, Poul Erik; André, Sónia Jesus;


    to analyse the effect of dental care habits on caries experience. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN: Clinical examinations of oral health status were carried out in 1999 according to WHO criteria and included dental caries, enamel lesions, oral hygiene status (OHI-S) and Community Periodontal Index (CPI...... dental fluorosis. At age 12, 90% of children had poor oral hygiene, i.e. CPI Score 2 (bleeding and calculus). Toothbrushing twice a day was reported for 31% of 6-year-olds and 55.6% of 12-year-olds; 17.8% of children aged 6 had seen a dentist during the past year and this was found to be 58.3% at age 12...


    H Salim


    Full Text Available Osteoporosis in children is rare and usually secondary to an underlying disease process whose diagnosis may be difficult to detect. It can be a manifestation of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL. About a-quarters of children with ALL will have signs and symptoms of osteoporosis. We report the case of a seventh-year-old boy with back pain. His antero-posterior pelvic radiograph showed the osteoporotic bone. The bone age study revealed six-year-old bone. Review of peripheral blood smear showed normochromic anemia with thrombocytopenia. Immunophenotyping of peripheral blood revealed no dominant marker was seen, but the bone marrow aspiration confirms the diagnosis of ALL (L2.

  3. Oral ulcer as primary manifestation of HIV infection in an 80-year-old man

    Ludvigsen, Lene Ugilt Pagter; Søgaard, Ole Schmeltz

    Oral lesions such as candidiasis, Kaposi's sarcoma, hairy leukoplakia, herpes simplex infection, and ulcerative periodontitis are associated with HIV infection and may be the primary presentation in persons with undiagnosed HIV. We report a clinical case in which an 80-year-old man presented with...... an oral ulcer with morphological signs of immuno-suppression. The patient was perceived to be at low risk of HIV infection and thus, diagnostic HIV testing was delayed until subsequent development of Kaposi's sarcoma on the skin.......Oral lesions such as candidiasis, Kaposi's sarcoma, hairy leukoplakia, herpes simplex infection, and ulcerative periodontitis are associated with HIV infection and may be the primary presentation in persons with undiagnosed HIV. We report a clinical case in which an 80-year-old man presented with...

  4. Electromyographic responses to emotional facial expressions in 6-7 year olds with autism spectrum disorders.

    Deschamps, P K H; Coppes, L; Kenemans, J L; Schutter, D J L G; Matthys, W


    This study aimed to examine facial mimicry in 6-7 year old children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and to explore whether facial mimicry was related to the severity of impairment in social responsiveness. Facial electromyographic activity in response to angry, fearful, sad and happy facial expressions was recorded in twenty 6-7 year old children with ASD and twenty-seven typically developing children. Even though results did not show differences in facial mimicry between children with ASD and typically developing children, impairment in social responsiveness was significantly associated with reduced fear mimicry in children with ASD. These findings demonstrate normal mimicry in children with ASD as compared to healthy controls, but that in children with ASD the degree of impairments in social responsiveness may be associated with reduced sensitivity to distress signals. PMID:23888357

  5. A rare case of gallbladder fistulation with a 60-year-old appendicectomy scar.

    Thiruchandran, Gajendiran; Joyce, Megan; Baggott, Paul James


    We present an extremely unusual case of an external biliary fistula in an 87-year-old woman who presented with a 1-day history of spontaneous green discharge from a 60-year-old appendicectomy scar. Examination revealed a sinus in the right iliac fossa overlying her appendicectomy scar, with a raised white cell count and C reactive protein. A CT scan revealed a complex fistula connecting the gallbladder to the subcutaneous tissue in the right flank, which further connected inferiorly with a fistula to the previous appendicectomy scar and a small iliopsoas collection. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography revealed several stones in the common bile duct, which were removed using a balloon catheter. The patient was further managed with a long course of antibiotics and discharged with a long-term drainage bag. A literature search revealed no previously reported cases of an external biliary fistula communicating with an appendicectomy scar. PMID:27073150


    Dybinska Ewa


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper was to test fitness levels of chosen parameters in the respiratory system in comparison to sports results in a group of 100m medley 14-year old male and female swimmers. The main measurement method was based on immediate observation of the following variables: a The fitness level of particular parameters in the respiratory system, b The level of swimming fitness. Based on the detailed analysis of the chosen respiratory parameter levels among 14-year old male and female swimmers in relation to their sports result in 100m medley distance, the following general statements have been formulated: the average levels of the chosen respiratory parameters estimated, in most of the cases, above average, especially among female swimmers.

  7. Parental spanking of 1-year-old children and subsequent child protective services involvement✩

    Lee, Shawna J.; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Berger, Lawrence M.


    The majority of U.S. parents spank their children, often beginning when their children are very young. We examined families (N=2,788) who participated in a longitudinal community-based study of new births in urban areas. Prospective analyses examined whether spanking by the child's mother, father, or mother's current partner when the child was 1-year-old was associated with household CPS involvement between age 1 and age 5. Results indicated that 30% of 1-year-olds were spanked at least once in the past month. Spanking at age 1 was associated with increased odds of subsequent CPS involvement (adjusted odds ratio=1.36, 95% CI [1.08, 1.71], ppunishment, professionals who work with families should counsel parents not to spank infants and toddlers. For optimal benefits, efforts to educate parents regarding alternative forms of discipline should begin during the child's first year of life. PMID:24602690

  8. Live birth afterin vitro fertilization (ivf) in a 53 year old woman:A case report

    Orazulike NC; Oriji VK; Fiebai PO


    To report a case of live birth in a53 year old woman following assisted reproductive techniques (ART).A53-year-old civil servant who registered for antenatal care at theUniversity ofPort HarcourtTeachingHospital(UPTH) in2008 at17 weeks gestation is presented.She had conceived after4 years of infertility follow treatment by intracytoplasmic sperm injection/embryo transfer (ICSI-ET) using her husband’s sperm and donor eggs.The pregnancy was complicated by breech presentation at term.She was delivered of a healthy live male infant by elective caesarean section at38 weeks of gestation.The puerperium was complicated by hypertension, which was managed appropriately.Infertility in women of advanced reproductive age can be successfully treated with donor oocytes inNigeria.Antenatal supervision and delivery by skilled attendants is the key to achieve favourable outcome.

  9. Synovial Sarcoma in the Foot of a 5-Year-Old ChildA Case Report.

    Lepow, Gary M; Grimmer, Daniel L; Lemar, Onya V; Bridges, Evan A


    The purpose of this case report is to present a rare finding of synovial sarcoma in a 5-year-old child. Most soft-tissue masses of the foot are too often presumed to be small and benign; therefore, compared with soft-tissue sarcomas, they are difficult to clinically differentiate and treat. A 5-year-old girl presented with a painful lesion that was diagnosed as synovial sarcoma after an excisional biopsy was performed. This was an unexpected finding of synovial sarcoma involving the tibialis posterior tendon of her right foot. The patient presented with an 8-month history of tenderness and an antalgic gait. We would like to encourage that all soft-tissue tumors of the foot be preoperatively evaluated with the aid of diagnostic imaging so that a well-planned biopsy assessment can be performed, with adequate margins excised. PMID:27489968

  10. Gesture and Symbolic Representation in Italian and English-Speaking Canadian 2-Year-Olds.

    Marentette, Paula; Pettenati, Paola; Bello, Arianna; Volterra, Virginia


    Analyses of elicited pantomime, primarily of English-speaking children, show that preschool-aged children are more likely to symbolically represent an object with gestures depicting an object's form rather than its function. In contrast, anecdotal reports of spontaneous gesture production in younger children suggest that children use multiple representational techniques. This study examined the spontaneous gestures of sixty-four 2-year-old Italian children and English-speaking Canadian children, primarily from middle-class Caucasian families. The Italian children produced twice as many gestures as Canadian children in a picture-naming task but produced a similar range of representational techniques. Two-year-olds were equally likely to produce gestures depicting function as form. These data suggest young children's communicative skills are supported by a symbolic capacity that reflects contextual communicative demands. PMID:27079825

  11. Squamous cell carcinoma of tongue in a 19-year-old female

    Randhawa T


    Full Text Available Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common malignant neoplasm of the Oral Cavity, usually affecting individuals over 50 years of age. It rarely occurs in patients who are less than 40 years old (0.4-5.5%. However, since it is so rare, when cases occur they are often misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated leading to delay in definitive treatment. This report describes a case of squamous cell carcinoma, involving the posterolateral border of the tongue of a 19-year-old female patient, with no deleterious habits usually associated with oral cancer. This report focuses on the etiological factors and prognosis related to the case. Additionally, a brief literature review regarding squamous cell carcinoma in young patients is also included.

  12. Indirect cavernous carotid fistula in a 12-year-old girl

    Livi, Francesca; Ndoro, Samuel; Caird, John; Crimmins, Darach


    We present a very rare case of indirect cavernous carotid fistula (CCF) in a 12-year-old girl. Indirect CCF is extremely rare in the paediatric population. A 12-year-old girl presented with a 7-month history of frontal headaches and intermittent left-sided proptosis. On examination, she had dilated and engorged scleral veins on the left eye, mild dysdiadochokinesia and past pointing on the left side. A brain computer tomography with contrast, brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and interventional radiography (IR) cerebral angiogram confirmed the diagnosis of CCF. The CCF was embolized and a follow-up brain MRI and an IR cerebral angiogram were conducted over the course of 8 months that revealed no evidence of residual CCF. CCF, though rare in the paediatric population, should be highly considered in the differential diagnosis when dilated scleral veins, proptosis and dysdiadokinesis are present in the clinical setting. Prompt treatment has good prognostic results. PMID:27273682

  13. Factors Affecting the IQ of Preterm Born Children of 4-6 Years Old

    Shokofeh Radfar


    Full Text Available Background: This research was carry out with aim of study of factors affecting the IQ of children 4-6 years old born preterm. Materials and Methods: This analytical-cross sectional study was carried out on 102 premature children with age 4-6 years old during years 2004 to 2006. The tools used in this study were Wechsler intelligence scale for children and questioner including demographical characteristic. In this study we used t-test and spearman correlation and also SPSS-18 was used to analyze data. Results: In this study there was statistical relationship between normal child development and gestational age, birth weight, maternal education, multiple pregnancies, but there were not any statistical significant relationship between the history of preterm birth and child s gender, consanguinity parents, apgar, mother job. Conclusion: IQ in preterm babies who admitted in the NICU was lower than non-admitted preterm or term babies.

  14. The other-race effect in 3-year-old German and Cameroonian children

    Janina eSuhrke


    Full Text Available Recognizing individual faces is an important human ability that highly depends on experience. This is reflected in the so called other-race effect; adults are better at recognizing faces from their own ethnic group, while very young infants do not show this specialization yet. Two experiments examined whether 3-year-old children from two different cultural backgrounds show the other-race effect. In Experiment 1, German children (N = 41 were presented with a forced choice paradigm where they were asked to recognize female Caucasian or African faces. In Experiment 2, 3-year-olds from Cameroon (N = 66 participated in a similar task using the same stimulus material. In both cultures the other-race effect was present; children were better at recognizing individual faces from their own ethnic group. In addition, German children performed at a higher overall level of accuracy than Cameroonians. The results are discussed in relation to cultural aspects in particular.

  15. Dental caries experience, tooth surface distribution and associated factors in 6- and 13- year- old school children from Davangere, India

    Basha, Sakeenabi; Swamy, Hiremath Shivalinga


    Objectives: The objective of the present study was to investigate the caries experience and patterns in a sample of 6- and 13- year old school children and to estimate the contributing roles of the likely risk indicators. Study design: Data were obtained from 400 (196, 6-year old and 204, 13-year old) school children. A questionnaire was sent to the children parents to measure socioeconomic, socio-demographic, and behavioral variables. Dental caries detection was performed according to the Wo...

  16. Niemann-Pick Disease Type B in a 21 Year Old Male.

    Haque, M A; Miah, M Z


    Niemann-pick disease is a group of autosomal recessive disorder of lipid storage with progressive accumulation of sphingomyelin and other lipids in the lysosomes of various tissues. We are reporting a 21 year old male who had hepatosplenomegaly, cherry red macula and normal cognitive function. Bone marrow biopsy showed plenty of foam cells and sphingomyelinase level was low, thus conforming our diagnosis. Survival into adulthood and absence of gross neurological involvement suggests Niemann-Pick disease type B. PMID:27277377

  17. Caries risk profile of 12 year old school children in an Indian city using Cariogram

    Hebbal, Mamata; Ankola, Anil V.; Metgud, Sharada


    Objectives: The present study was conducted with an aim to assess the caries profile of 12 year old Indian children using Cariogram. Study design: Hundred children were interviewed to record any illness, oral hygiene practices and fluoride exposure after obtaining a three day diet diary. Examination was done to record plaque and dental caries status. Stimulated saliva was collected and salivary flow rate, salivary buffering capacity, Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus were assessed. The i...

  18. Caries risk profiles in 2- to 6-year-old Greek children using the Cariogram

    Kavvadia, Katerina; Agouropoulos, Andreas; Gizani, Sotiria; Papagiannouli, Lisa; Twetman, Svante


    Objective: To assess the caries risk profiles in 2- to 6-year-old Greek children using a computer-based program and to evaluate the contribution of various risk factors. Methods: The study group consisted of 814 preschool children. A questionnaire on family, demographic and socioeconomic factors, general health, oral hygiene and dietary behavior was completed by the parents. Children were examined for cavitated and white-spot lesions (WSL). Salivary mutans streptococci (MS) and buffer capacit...

  19. Selective imitation in one-year-olds : how a model's characteristics influence imitation

    Zmyj, N


    This dissertation investigated how characteristics of models influence imitation in one-year-old infants. In particular, we investigated the impact of a model’s age when performing novel and familiar behaviour as well as complete and incomplete behaviour. Moreover, we further examined the influence of a model’s reliability on imitation. In Experiment 1 we tested whether infants were able to detect differences in the rationality of a novel action when the models were televised. In Experiment 2...

  20. Do 6-8 year old girls with central precocious puberty need routine brain imaging?

    Kaplowitz, Paul B


    Background The subject of whether all girls with central precocious puberty (CPP) require brain imaging is controversial. Findings A review of the major papers concerning this topic published since 1994 was conducted looking primarily at the frequency of occult intracranial lesions, particularly brain tumors, in girls with CPP. While CNS abnormalities are frequently noted (8–15 %), the proportion of previously unknown findings requiring intervention in 6–8 year old girls is very small, in the...

  1. Delayed tumor resection in a 5-year-old child with bilateral Wilms tumor

    Carmichael, Samuel P.; Pulliam, Joseph F.; D'Orazio, John A.


    We describe the case of a 5-year-old girl whose abdominal pain and distension were caused by Wilms tumor of the kidney. Because of the bilateral nature of her disease, she was spared biopsy or initial nephrectomy as part of her treatment course. Rather, she was treated presumptively for Wilms tumor based primarily on radiologic findings. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy consisting of vincristine, dactinomycin and doxorubicin was given to facilitate nephron-sparing surgery for tumor resection. Her ini...

  2. Crown fracture of the mandibular second primary molars in a 4-year-old child

    Deshpande, Anshula; Patel, Jalark; Sujan, Sunanda Gul; Mallikarjuna, Rachappa


    Dental traumas are highly prevalent lesions in primary teeth, but crown root fractures are rare. Mostly anterior tooth segment is more commonly involved. Posterior crown root fractures are very rare. A 4-year-old girl reported to our paediatric dentistry department with a 10-day history of severe pain and discomfort in both right and left posterior teeth region. The child was suffering from severe and continuous pain and was unable to chew food. After an examination a fracture was noticed in ...

  3. Risk factors for obesity in 6 to 12-year-old children

    Andy Japutra; Eddy Fadlyana; Anggraini Alam


    Background The causes of obesity in children are multifactorial, including genetics, physiology, metabolism, psychology, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, and culture. Objective To assess for relationships between obesity in 6 to 12-year-old children and maternal nutritional status, maternal education, eating breakfast, eating fast food, physical activity, TV watching, and playing video games. Methods This case-control study included students of Sejahtera Public School aged 6 to 12 yea...

  4. Erosive Tooth Wear and Related Risk Factors in 8- and 14-Year-Old Greek Children.

    Provatenou, Efthymia; Kaklamanos, Eleftherios G; Kevrekidou, Aikaterini; Kosma, Ismini; Kotsanos, Nikolaos


    The aim of the present study was to investigate the erosive tooth wear of primary and permanent teeth and its association with related risk factors. Two groups of Greek children aged 8 (n = 329) and 14 years (n = 263) were examined in the classroom using the Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE) index. Data concerning risk factors were collected using questionnaires. Dental caries (DMFS/dmfs) was also recorded. The data were analyzed using the t test, one-way ANOVA, multiple regression analysis, Fisher's exact test, and the χ2 test. In the 8-year-olds, the primary teeth showed a predominantly medium level of wear and the permanent teeth no wear. A majority of the 14-year-olds exhibited low risk levels of wear. The most frequently affected dental surface in both age groups was the occlusal surface of the mandibular posterior teeth. In the 8-year-olds, BEWE scores and the prevalence of wear in the primary teeth was influenced by gender (p = 0.020). In their permanent teeth, soft drink consumption (p soft drinks in the mouth influenced wear prevalence (p = 0.008), risk (p = 0.004), and BEWE scores (p = 0.022). In the 14-year-olds, wear prevalence was significantly affected by the consumption of lemon-flavored candies (p = 0.016) and soft drinks (p = 0.050). BEWE scores were significantly affected by gender (p = 0.022) and soft drink consumption (p = 0.030). Gender influenced tooth wear risk in both age groups (p = 0.010 and p = 0.021, respectively). The results of this study indicate that erosive tooth wear differed between primary and permanent teeth and was influenced by gender and dietary factors. PMID:27286713


    Vanajakshi C


    Full Text Available A two year old boy weighing 10kg presented with history of fever, neck swelling, difficulty in swallowing and breathing. On examination of the child and neck X-ray (lateral view confirmed it as retropharyngeal abscess. Child was posted for incision and drainage on an emergency basis. We present this case as it poses great challenge to the anesthesiologist due to difficult intubation and in techniques managing difficult airway particularly in the pediatric patients.

  6. Individual, family, and neighborhood correlates of independent mobility among 7 to 11-year-olds.

    Janssen, Ian; Ferrao, Thomas; King, Nathan


    Objective. Independent mobility refers to the freedom that children have to move around their neighborhood without adult supervision. It is related to their physical activity and health. We examined the intrapersonal, family, and neighborhood correlates of independent mobility within children. Methods. 497 American parents of 6.9-11.9 year olds completed a survey (November, 2014) that assessed their child's independent mobility range, several intrapersonal characteristics of their child (gender, age, race, etc.), several characteristics of their family (family structure, socioeconomic status, parental physical activity, etc.), and their perceptions of the safety of their neighborhood (18 questions reduced to 4 components). Associations were determined using ordinal logistic regression. Results. Children's age, parent's perception that their neighborhood is safe for children, and parent's fear of neighborhood crime were the independent correlates of independent mobility. Compared to 6.9-7.9 year olds, the odds ratio (95% CI) for increasing independent mobility were 2.31 (1.47-3.64) in 8.0-9.9 year olds and 3.38 (2.13-5.36) in 10.0-11.9 year olds. Compared to children whose parents who did not perceive that their neighborhood was safe for children, the odds ratio for increasing independent mobility was 4.24 (2.68-6.70) for children whose parents perceived their neighborhood was safe for children. Compared to children whose parents had the lowest fear of neighborhood crime, the odds ratio for increasing independent mobility was 0.41 (0.27-0.62) for children whose parents had the highest fear of crime. Conclusions. Children's independent mobility was associated with their age, their parent's perception that their neighborhood was safe for children, and their parent's fear of crime. PMID:26844195

  7. Ovarian mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in 17-year-old girl : a case report

    Malignant epithelial neoplasm usually occurs in postmenopausal women, with less than 10% of cases occurring in women under the age of 20. In patients below this age, the majority of ovarian tumors are of germ cell origin and malignant ovarian epithelial tumors are uncommon. We report US and CT imaging in a case of mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in a 17-year-old nullipara who complained of amenorrhea for 45 days and a palpable mass

  8. Solitary Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia in a 12-Year-Old Girl

    Jin, Moran; Lee, Yang-Haeng; Kim, Bomi; Yoon, Young Chul; Wi, Jin Hong


    Atypical adenomatous hyperplasia is a premalignant lesion reflecting a focal proliferation of atypical cells. These lesions are usually observed as incidental findings in lungs that have been resected due to other conditions, such as lung cancer. We report the youngest case of atypical adenomatous hyperplasia on record in a 12-year-old girl. In this patient, the lesion was found in association with pneumothorax.

  9. Dystonia as acute adverse reaction to cough suppressant in a 3-year-old girl.

    Polizzi, A; Incorpora, G; Ruggieri, M


    Cough suppressant preparations containing mixtures of dextromethorphan or codeine with antihistamines, decongestants (sympathomimetic), expectorants and antipyretics with either sedative or anticholinergic activity have been associated with dystonic reactions in children. We report on a 3-year-old girl who presented with episodic stiffness and abnormal posturing with rigidity after arbitrary maternal administration of a mixture of methylcodeine and extract from Hedera plant. PMID:11587381

  10. The Relationship between Clinical and Chemical Hyperandrogenism in 14-18-Years- Old Girls

    Tahereh Naderi; Marzieh Akbarzadeh; Mohammad Hossain Dabbaghmanesh; Hamidreza Tabatabaee; Zahra Zareh


    Background: One of the most common endocrine disorders in women's medicine is the increased androgen and the symptoms of increased androgens in women such as polycystic ovary syndrome. The two main components to diagnose this syndrome are menstrual disorder and clinical or laboratory hyperandrogenism, but other causes should be ruled out in order to confirm the diagnosis. This study aims to examine clinical Hyperandrogenism in female students of 14 to 18 years old in Shiraz in 2010.Materials ...

  11. Transitory spinal cord swelling in a 6-year-old boy with Guillain-Barre syndrome

    A 6-year-old boy developed progressive motor weakness and areflexia. The clinical picture, combined with electrophysiological findings, indicated a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). MRI on admission revealed spinal cord swelling and increased signal intensity within the cord. It is concluded that, since a degree of central nervous system involvement can occasionally be part of the spectrum of GBS, swelling of the spinal cord without contrast enhancement does not exclude a diagnosis of GBS. (orig.)

  12. Delayed diagnosis of endobronchial mucoepidermoid carcinoma in a 29-year-old male.

    Jain, Akanksha; Madan, Neha Kawatra; Arava, Sudheer; Pandey, Durgatosh; Madan, Karan


    Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) is an uncommon primary lung tumor. It usually involves large airways and presents clinically and radiologically with nonspecific features. Because of nonspecific presentation diagnosis is frequently delayed. We report the case of a 29-year-old male patient wherein a clinico-radiological consideration of tuberculosis (TB) led to a prolonged treatment with anti-TB medications without response. Flexible bronchoscopic biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of MEC following that the patient underwent curative surgical resection. PMID:27186000

  13. Angiomyxolipoma (vascular myxolipoma) of the knee in a 9-year-old boy

    Angiomyxolipoma (vascular myxolipoma) is a very rare variant of lipoma. This tumor is characterized by mature adipose tissue mixed with myxoid stroma and vascular vessels. To date, nine cases have been reported, all of them occurring in adults. Herein, we report a unique case of a 9-year-old boy presenting with a solitary painful mass on the right medial thigh and illustrate the imaging characteristics of this rare tumor. (orig.)

  14. A 60-Year-Old Man with Cerebral Metastasis of Malignant Melanoma of Left Sole

    Abhisak Bhattacharjee; Nabir Hossain


    A 60-year-old man was diagnosed as a case of malignant melanoma on the left sole and received three cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Then local excision of the lesion was done. During preoperative diagnostic work-up, there were no features of metastases in lung, liver and bones. On the 3rd postoperative day he presented with right sided hemiparesis. After appearance of neurological features, computed tomography was done and it showed multiple cerebral metastases surrounded by brain edema i...

  15. A 26-Year-Old Retained Demised Abdominal Pregnancy Presenting with Umbilical Fistula

    Nnadi Daniel


    Full Text Available This is a report on a 72-year-old postmenopausal woman who presented with passage of fetal bones through an umbilical fistula. She was diagnosed as a case of demised abdominal pregnancy, which had been retained for 26 years. She subsequently had exploratory laparotomy, evacuation of the abdominal pregnancy, hysterectomy, and bowel resection. The patient’s condition remained unstable throughout the postoperative period and she died from septicemia on the eleventh day.

  16. Sensory assessment of normal adolescents between 11 and 18 years old

    Nara Suemi Shishido; Cristina Yoshie Toyoda


    Tactile sensibility allows for adequate neuropsychomotor development. In addition, it enables the understanding of the subject’s own body, actions and explorations of objects, people and the environment. Previous studies have evaluated 3 to 10 year-old children. Herein, we evaluate the tactile sensibility in adolescents. The aim of this study was to verify whether the rapid growth of the body changes the normal pattern of tactile sensibility in adolescents. Furthermore, we provide evaluation ...

  17. Bilateral Epididymal Cyst in 14 year-old Boy: a case report

    Yiğit Akin; Mehmet Sarac; Isil Basara; Selcuk Yucel; Ahmet Kazez


    Bilateral epididymal cysts are rare in childhood. Clinically they may present as acute scrotum and should be differentiated from other pathologies. Here in, we report bilateral epididymal cysts in a 14-year-old boy. He was admitted to emergency department with symptoms of acute left scrotum. There was no history of trauma or infection. Blood analyses, including testis tumor markers were unremarkable. Bilateral epididymal cysts were diagnosed on ultrasonography evaluation. Medical treatment di...

  18. Huge Bilateral Paramesonephric Cysts in a 25 year old Nulliparous woman

    Sagili, Haritha; Krishnan, Manikandan; Dasari, Papa


    Paraovarian cysts are uncommon adnexal masses which are usually asymptomatic. We describe a case of bilateral huge paramesonephric cysts in a nulliparous woman. A 25-year-old lady presented with abdominal distension for one year duration. Examination and imaging revealed large abdominopelvic cystic masses with no solid areas or septations. Intraoperatively there were huge bilateral paraovarian cysts which were excised. Histopathology revealed low cuboidal to ciliated columnar epithelium with ...

  19. Abscess in Adenomyosis Mimicking a Malignancy in a 54-Year-Old Woman

    Mehmet M. Meydanli; Alpay Alkan; Edali, Mehmet N.; Hasan Gokce; Ayşe Kafkasli; Rezzan Erguvan


    Background: Although there are a few reports describing abscess formation in endometriotic foci no report of abscess formation arising de novo within adenomyosis appears in the literature. Preoperative diagnosis of adenomyosis is frequently difficult because of non-specific signs and symptoms. Synchronous pelvic pathologies such as leiomyoma, endometrial polyp, endometrial hyperplasia, as well as endometrial cancer may cause differential diagnostic problems. Case: A 54-year-old postmenopausal...

  20. Genes and environment in asthma: a study of 4 year old twins

    Koeppen-Schomerus, G; Stevenson, J; Plomin, R.


    BACKGROUND—Although the genetic and environmental factors of asthma have been investigated in adolescence and adulthood, no previous studies have focused on the early development of asthma.
AIMS—To test, in a large sample of 4 year old twins, the hypotheses derived from the literature on adolescents and adults that genetic influences are substantial and shared environmental influences are modest.
METHODS—The sample consisted of 4910 twin pairs who were born in England and...

  1. Nutrition disorder frequency in 5- to 9-year-old children from Colima, Mexico

    Vásquez, Clemente; Trujillo-Hernández, Benjamín; Velasco-Rodríguez, Raymundo; Bautista-Hernández, Víctor Manuel


    BACKGROUND AND AIMS. The objectives were to determine nutrition disorder frequency, energy intake and type of nutrients in the diet of 5- to 9-year-old children from Colima, Mexico. MATERIAL AND METHODS. A populational survey was applied to 1992 children in the state of Colima, Mexico. The variables studied were weight, age, age-related weight, age-related height and body mass index (the last 3 expressed in percentiles). In a direct survey, parents provided information on all foods their...

  2. Cartilaginous avulsion fracture of the tibial spine in a 5-year-old girl

    Kim, Jung Ryul; Song, Ji Hun; Lee, Ju Hong [Chonbuk National University, Medical School, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Jeonju (Korea); Lee, Sang Yong [Chonbuk National University, Medical School, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Jeonju (Korea); Yoo, Wan Hee [Chonbuk National University, Medical School, Department of Rheumatology, Jeonju (Korea)


    Fractures of the tibial spine usually occur in children aged 8 to 14 years. Usually, radiographs will demonstrate a tibial spine fracture, with the degree of displacement. Tibial spine fractures in younger children have not been reported in the previously published literature. We report a tibial spine fracture that occurred in 5-year-old girl. The cartilaginous avulsion fracture of the tibial spine was not revealed by radiographs because it was limited to the cartilaginous portion of the proximal tibia. (orig.)

  3. Cartilaginous avulsion fracture of the tibial spine in a 5-year-old girl

    Fractures of the tibial spine usually occur in children aged 8 to 14 years. Usually, radiographs will demonstrate a tibial spine fracture, with the degree of displacement. Tibial spine fractures in younger children have not been reported in the previously published literature. We report a tibial spine fracture that occurred in 5-year-old girl. The cartilaginous avulsion fracture of the tibial spine was not revealed by radiographs because it was limited to the cartilaginous portion of the proximal tibia. (orig.)

  4. Renal Stone Associated with the Ketogenic Diet in a 5-Year Old Girl with Intractable Epilepsy

    Choi, Ji Na; Song, Ji Eun; Shin, Jae Il; Kim, Heung Dong; Kim, Myung Joon; Lee, Jae Seung


    In this paper, we report on a 5-year-old girl who developed a renal stone while following the ketogenic diet to treat refractory seizure disorder. Three months after initiating the ketogenic diet, she developed severe abdominal pain and vomiting. The spot urine calcium-to-creatinine (Ca/Cr) ratio and 24-hour urine evaluation showed hypercalciuria. Computed tomography (CT) imaging revealed a stone in the right ureteropelvic junction, resulting in hydronephrosis of the right kidney. The renal s...

  5. Diffuse spinal leptomeningeal spread of a pilocytic astrocytoma in a 3-year-old child

    Ameer Alyeldien; Sarah Teuber-Hanselmann; Azad Cheko; Tanja Höll; Martin Scholz; Petridis, Athanasios K


    Pilocytic astrocytomas correspond to lowgrade gliomas and therefore metastasize exceedingly rare. However, pilocytic astrocytomas are able to and leptomeningeal dissemination may be seen. What are the treatment options of these cases? We present a case report of a 3-year-old child with a pilocytic astrocytoma of the optic chiasm with leptomeningeal dissemination of the spinal meninges. Partial resection of the cerebral tumor has been performed. Since the leptomeningeal dissemination was seen ...

  6. A Case of Psoriasis Replaced by Allergic Contact Dermatitis in a 12-Year-Old Boy.

    Brown, Margaret E; Browning, John C


    Allergic contact dermatitis is a significant clinical problem in children and one that the use of essential oils and natural remedies probably exacerbates. We report a case of chronic plaque psoriasis replaced by allergic contact dermatitis in a 12-year-old boy. We suspect that the immunologic response to a hapten in lavender oil disrupted the pathogenesis of psoriasis, causing the psoriasis to temporarily "disappear." PMID:26646574

  7. Primary Follicular Lymphoma of the Conjunctiva in a 12 Year-Old Male

    Taghipour Zahir, Sh; Miratashi, S A; Nazemian, M; Zand, S. (MSc)


    Background Follicular lymphoma (FL) is the second most common adnexal lymphoma of the eye that almost all of them are reported in elderly patients. Primary FL of the eye has been reported in only two children. Pediatric FL appears to be biologically distinct from typical adult FL. In cases without other organ involvement excision alone with close monitoring is a treatment of choiceand the prognosis is excellent. Case presentation A 12 year -old male with a nodular lesion involving the inner c...

  8. Incarcerated femoral hernia containing ovary and fallopian tube in a 54-year-old

    Coyle, David; Kavanagh, Nora; Mahmoud, Akthar; Lowery, Aoife J.; Khan, Waqar; Barry, Kevin


    While accounting for a small proportion of groin hernias, femoral hernias have the greatest propensity to incarcerate and strangulate leading to significant morbidity and mortality. The authors present a case of a 54-year-old multiparous female presenting with a new firm painful left-sided groin lump for 1 day. Incarcerated femoral hernia was diagnosed clinically and open surgical repair was undertaken. At surgery a viable ovary and fallopian tube were found in the hernial sac and returned to...

  9. Virilizing ovarian steroid cell tumor in a 40 year old South Indian female: a case report

    Salim, Shihas; Shantha, Ghanshyam Palamaner Subash; Patel, Amish Dilip; Kumar, Anita A; Ganeshram, Prasanthi; Mehra, Nikita; Rajan, Anish George; Joseph, Tarun; Sudhakar, Lavangi


    Virilism is the masculinization and enhancement of male secondary sexual characteristics in females. The etiology is usually of adrenal or ovarian origin. Here we report a case of virilizing Leydig cell type, steroid cell tumor of the left ovary, in a 40 year old female who presented with clinical signs and symptoms of virilization: deepening of voice, hirsutism (Ferriman-Gallwey score 26), clitoromegaly, and androgenic alopecia. On further evaluation, laboratory investigations revealed hyper...

  10. Moxifloxacin induced fatal hepatotoxicity in a 72-year-old man: a case report

    Verma, Rajanshu; Dhamija, Radhika; Batts, Donald H.; Stephen C Ross; Loehrke, Mark E


    Moxifloxacin is a newer-generation synthetic fluoroquinolone that is used for treatment of acute bacterial sinusitis, acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, community acquired pneumonia, intra-abdominal infections and skin/skin structure infections. We describe a case of fatal hepatotoxicity caused by Moxifloxacin in a 72-year-old man. He presented with jaundice and epigastric tenderness that started one week after being treated for acute exacerbation of his chronic bronchitis with Moxiflo...

  11. Prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity in children with celiac disease compared to healthy 12-year olds.

    vanderPals, Maria; Ivarsson, Anneli; Norström, Fredrik; Högberg, Lotta; Svensson, Johan; Carlsson, Annelie


    Objectives. Studies have suggested a correlation between untreated celiac disease and risk for other autoimmune diseases. We investigated the prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity in 12-year-old children (i) with symptomatic celiac disease diagnosed and treated with a gluten-free diet, (ii) with screening-detected untreated celiac disease, and (iii) without celiac disease. Methods. Blood samples from 12632 children were collected. All celiac disease cases, previously diagnosed and newly screenin...

  12. Prevalence of Thyroid Autoimmunity in Children with Celiac Disease Compared to Healthy 12-Year Olds

    Maria van der Pals; Anneli Ivarsson; Fredrik Norström; Lotta Högberg; Johan Svensson; Annelie Carlsson


    Objectives. Studies have suggested a correlation between untreated celiac disease and risk for other autoimmune diseases. We investigated the prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity in 12-year-old children (i) with symptomatic celiac disease diagnosed and treated with a gluten-free diet, (ii) with screening-detected untreated celiac disease, and (iii) without celiac disease. Methods. Blood samples from 12632 children were collected. All celiac disease cases, previously diagnosed and newly screenin...

  13. 14-16 year olds in further education colleges: lessons for learning and leadership

    Lumby, Jacky


    The views of 14-16 year olds who have undertaken vocational courses in further education, and those of parents and staff raise issues about the ways in which schools and colleges support learning. Staff differ in how they understand vocational education, reflecting not only conceptual differences, but also differences in the market position and interests of their organisation. Nevertheless, the experience of young people in further education is generally seen as very positive. The article sug...

  14. Association between breakfast consumption and educational outcomes in 9–11-year-old children

    Littlecott, Hannah J; Moore, Graham F.; Moore, Laurence; Lyons, Ronan A.; Murphy, Simon


    Objective Breakfast consumption has been consistently associated with health outcomes and cognitive functioning in schoolchildren. Evidence of direct links with educational outcomes remains equivocal. We aimed to examine the link between breakfast consumption in 9–11-year-old children and educational outcomes obtained 6–18 months later. Design Data on individual-level free school meal entitlement and educational outcomes (Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) at Key Stage 2) were obtained via ...

  15. The Cultural and Linguistic Diversity of 3-Year-Old Children with Hearing Loss

    Crowe, Kathryn; McLeod, Sharynne; Ching, Teresa Y.C.


    Understanding the cultural and linguistic diversity of young children with hearing loss informs the provision of assessment, habilitation, and education services to both children and their families. Data describing communication mode, oral language use, and demographic characteristics were collected for 406 children with hearing loss and their caregivers when children were 3 years old. The data were from the Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI) study, a prospectiv...

  16. Solitary Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia in a 12-Year-Old Girl

    Jin, Moran; Lee, Yang-Haeng; Kim, Bomi; Yoon, Young Chul; Wi, Jin Hong


    Atypical adenomatous hyperplasia is a premalignant lesion reflecting a focal proliferation of atypical cells. These lesions are usually observed as incidental findings in lungs that have been resected due to other conditions, such as lung cancer. We report the youngest case of atypical adenomatous hyperplasia on record in a 12-year-old girl. In this patient, the lesion was found in association with pneumothorax. PMID:27065090

  17. A 29-year-old female with progressive myoclonus and cognitive decline.

    Taylor, D; Haynes, H R; Graham, A; Gerhand, S; Kurian, K M


    Myoclonic epilepsy with red ragged fibres (MERRF) is a rare mitochondrial disorder presenting with progressive myoclonus, epilepsy, and cognitive decline. Here, the authors present a case of a 29-year-old lady presenting with myoclonus and describe the subsequent investigations that led to a diagnosis of MERRF. In addition, we examine her cognitive decline over a 9-year period, demonstrating a feature commonly seen in mitochondrial cytopathies. PMID:23662223

  18. Parathyroid carcinoma with lung metastasis in a thirteen-year-old girl

    Kim, Yon Seon


    Parathyroid carcinoma is a rare disease in pediatric patients. We present a case of a 13-year-old girl who presented to the Thyroid Department for an asymptomatic palpable neck mass for 1 year. The high levels of calcium, ionized calcium, and parathyroid hormone level along with parathyroid scintigraphy studies suggested primary hyperparathyroidism. Parathyroid carcinoma was confirmed by biopsy and pathologic examination after resection. Six months postoperatively, persistent hypercalcemia an...

  19. School achievement in 14-year-old youths prenatally exposed to marijuana

    Goldschmidt, Lidush; Richardson, Gale A.; Willford, Jennifer A.; Severtson, Stevan G.; Day, Nancy L.


    The relation between prenatal marijuana exposure (PME) and school achievement was evaluated in a sample of 524 14-year-olds. Women were recruited during pregnancy and assessed, along with their offspring, at multiple phases from infancy to early adulthood. The sample represents a low-income population. Half of the adolescents are male and 55% are African American. School achievement was assessed with the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT) Screener (Psychological Corporation, 1992). A...

  20. Empathy, estradiol and androgen levels in 9-year-old children

    Pascual-Segastizábal, Eider; Azurmendi, Aitziber; Sánchez-Martín, José R.; Braza, Francisco; Carreras, María R.; José M. Muñoz; Braza, Paloma


    The aim of this study was to analyze the possible relationship between circulating hormone levels (tes- tosterone, androstenedione and estradiol) and empathy, as well as to identify any possible gender differ- ences in this relationship. The subjects were 123 9-year-old Caucasian children (57 boys and 66 girls). Bryant’s Empathy Index was used to measure empathy. Hormone levels were measured using an enzyme immunoassay technique in saliva samples. The Kruskal–Wallis...

  1. Baclofen intoxication after accidental ingestion in a 3-year-old child

    Dasarwar Nagesh; Shanbag Preeti; Kumbhare Nilesh


    Baclofen is a skeletal muscle relaxant, used to control spasticity in both adults and children with neuromuscular disorders. Several cases of baclofen overdose have been reported, but only a small number have involved children. We report a 3-year-old girl with accidental ingestion of baclofen, who presented with coma, bradycardia and hypotension. She recovered within 24 hours with supportive treatment. The case emphasizes the importance of warning parents about the potential toxicity of baclo...

  2. A 32-year-old Man with Normokalemic Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis

    Valizadeh, Neda; Zarrin, Sahar


    Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis (TPP) is a rare and life threatening condition commonly occurring in young Asian males. It is characterized by acute paralytic attacks and hypokalemia in association with thyrotoxicosis. Serum potassium levels may be normal in rare cases of TPP. The diagnosis of normokalemic TPP may be overlooked and/or delayed in most cases. Here, we describe a 32-year-old Iranian man with normokalemic TPP misdiagnosed as somatization disorder with the correct diagnosis made one...

  3. Burkitt's Lymphoma/Leukemia in a 15-Year-Old Male

    Songrug, Tanakorn; Adler, Brent A.; Samir B. Kahwash


    We present the case of a 15-year-old male with sporadic Burkitt's lymphoma/leukemia. The patient presented with right lower quadrant abdominal pain and masses in the terminal ilium and pelvis, and was subsequently demonstrated to have involvement of the bone marrow. We discuss differential diagnoses and approach to diagnose and stage this disease. A review of the clinical, radiologic, and pathologic features of Burkitt's lymphoma/leukemia are also presented.

  4. Children's Communication Checklist (CCC) scores in 11-year-old children with communication impairments

    Botting, N.


    Background: The pragmatic skills of children with communication disorders and their assessment are currently an issue for speech and language therapy and educational placement. Aims: To explore whether different subgroups of children with communication disorders score differently on the Children’s Communication Checklist (CCC; Bishop, 1998) and how they compare to published normative data. Methods and procedures: A sample of 161 eleven year old children with a history of communication d...


    UlrikeEhlert; RolandZimmermann


    Background: Prenatal stress seems to have long-lasting effects on biological and psychological processes of the offspring. However, to date, there have been no studies investigating the effects of prenatal glucocorticoid exposure on psychological, endocrine, and autonomic responses to a standardized psychosocial stress test in children. Methods: A sample of 115 healthy, ten-year-old children was examined. The Glucocorticoids+Tocolytics group was characterized by tocolytic treatment of the ...

  6. Mental Disorders in Five Year Old Children With or Without Developmental Delay: Focus on ADHD

    Baker, Bruce L.; Neece, Cameron L.; Fenning, Rachel M.; Crnic, Keith A.; Blacher, Jan


    Epidemiological studies of children and adolescents with intellectual disability have found 30–50% exhibiting clinically significant behavior problems. Few studies, however, have assessed young children, included a cognitively typical comparison group, assessed for specific disorders, and/or studied family correlates of diagnosis. We assessed 236 5-year old children, 95 with developmental delay (DD) and 141 with typical development (TD), for clinical diagnoses using a structured interview. Ev...

  7. Primary omental malignant mixed Müllerian tumor in a 67-year-old woman

    魏丽惠; 王建六; 张岫屏; 崔恒; 沈丹华; 钱和年


    @@Malignant mixed Müllerian tumors (MMMTs) are highly aggressive neoplasms composed of sarcomatous and carcinomatous elements commonly encountered in the female genital tract and rarely occur in extragenital sites. Most of extragenital MMMTs develop from the peritoneum. To our knowledge, only 25 cases have been described in the literature. Among them, only 2 cases have arised in the major omentum.1 Here we report a case of a 67-year-old female with primary MMMT of the major omentum.

  8. Sexual Abuse in 8-year-old Child: Where Do We Stand Legally?

    Prakash Balkrishna Behere; Akshata Nandu Mulmule


    We have reporting herein two cases of victims of sexual abuse, both 8 years old girls, both presented with symptoms of irritability, withdrawn behavior, fearfulness, anxiety, and abusive language toward family members. These symptoms appeared following sexual abuse. We are highlighting early identifications of child sex abuse and discussed the legal aspects of child abuse and "protection of children from sexual offences act" 2012. Finally, we have discussed how to prevent such incidences incl...

  9. Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Characterizes Myocarditis in a 16-Year-Old Female With Lyme Disease.

    Avitabile, Catherine M; Harris, Matthew A; Chowdhury, Devyani


    Myocarditis may occur during early disseminated Lyme disease. A 16-year-old girl with serologic evidence of Borrelia burgdorferi infection and transient first-degree atrioventricular block underwent cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, which demonstrated myocardial hyperemia, edema, and delayed gadolinium enhancement. We discuss the use of T1- and T2-weighted dark blood sequences in addition to inversion recovery delayed enhancement imaging to support the diagnosis of Lyme myocarditis. PMID:26701623

  10. Vulva Fibroadenoma Associated with Lactating Adenoma in a 26-Year-Old Nigerian Female

    Anunobi, C. C.; F. J. N. Obiajulu; Banjo, A. A. F.; Okonkwo, A. O. E.


    Background. Vulva lactating adenoma is rare and may be misdiagnosed as adenocarcinoma in frozen section and aspiration cytology if breast tissue is not anticipated. Objective. To raise the awareness of lactating vulva ectopic breast lesion among clinicians and pathologists. Case Report. We present a case of vulva fibroadenoma associated with lactating adenoma in a 26-year-old Nigerian female. Conclusion. The rarity of vulva ectopic breast tissue can present a diagnostic challenge for both the...

  11. Priapism associated with Niemann–Pick disease in a 15-year-old boy

    Shetty, M. V. Krishna; Kumar, M. Udaya; T K Sen


    A 15-year-old boy presented with priapism of 46 h duration. There was no known cause of priapism detected in him. During evaluation, biopsy of the lymph node and bone marrow aspiration detected patient to be having Niemann–Pick disease. He was managed with cavernous aspiration, saline irrigation, and intracavernosal phenylephrine injection. Although priapism is associated with many known diseases, about half of the cases are of idiopathic origin. We are reporting the first case of priapism as...

  12. [Acute bilateral impaired vision with central scotoma in an 11-year-old boy].

    Pollithy, S; Ach, T; Schaal, K B; Dithmar, S


    This article presents a case of acute bilateral impaired vision and central scotoma in an 11-year-old boy. Looking directly into a laser beam of a laser pointer for only a few seconds can cause retinal damage in the form of lesions of the retinal pigment epithelium and the photoreceptor layer, up to retinal hemorrhage. Patients often complain about impaired vision and a central scotoma of the affected eye. PMID:22740016

  13. A rare case of plasma cell leukemia in a 35 year old

    Dosi, Rupal V; Annirudh Ambaliya; Patell, Rushad D.; Harshal J Joshi


    Plasma cell leukemia is a rare, aggressive form of multiple myeloma. A 35-year-old male presented with backache, generalized weakness, and facial puffiness. His complete blood count showed anemia and a high WBC count with atypical cells on peripheral smear. Bone marrow examination showed more than 90% of atypical plasma cells, confirming a diagnosis of plasma cell leukemia. Patient also had azotemia, hypercalcemia, and hyperuricemia. The patient was started on chemotherapy along with supporti...

  14. [Cerebral trunk abscess due to Neisseria meningitidis in a 28-year-old immunocompetent patient].

    Faisant, C; Cochin, J P; Rapoport, N; Evreux, F; Vaschalde, Y


    Meningococcal disease can manifest in very different clinical situations. Meningococcal meningitis and fulminant meningococcemia (or purpura fulminans) are the most common forms of these infections, but many other manifestations can be seen including septic arthritis, pericarditis, pleurisy and conjunctivitis. Brain abscesses have also been described; they are a rare complication of meningococcal disease. We report the case of a 28-year-old immunocompetent patient who developed meningococcal infection associated with brain abscesses and oligo-arthritis. PMID:22284670

  15. A 50-Year-Old Woman Addicted to Heroin: Review of Treatment of Heroin Addiction

    O’Brien, Charles P.


    Heroin addiction is a complicated medical and psychiatric issue, with well-established as well as newer modes of treatment. The case of Ms W, a 50-year-old woman with a long history of opiate addiction who has been treated successfully with methadone for 9 years and who now would like to consider newer alternatives, illustrates the complex issues of heroin addiction. The treatment of heroin addiction as a chronic disease is reviewed, including social, medical, and cultural issues and pharmaco...

  16. Bilateral angiosarcoma of the breast in a fourteen-year-old child.

    van Geel, Albertus N; den Bakker, Michael A


    Malignant vascular tumors are rare and angiosarcomas of the breast in patients under 21 years of age are exceedingly uncommon. In this report an angiosarcoma in the breast of a 14-year-old girl is described. She died nine months after mastectomy with recurrent disease in the bones and the contralateral breast. The etiology of most primary angiosarcomas is unknown. Secondary angiosarcomas can develop after radiotherapy and chronic lymphedema. The histology of this angiosarcoma is illustrated. PMID:21139917

  17. Bilateral angiosarcoma of the breast in a fourteen-year-old child

    den Bakker, Michael A; van Geel, Albertus N.


    Malignant vascular tumors are rare and angiosarcomas of the breast in patients under 21 years of age are exceedingly uncommon. In this report an angiosarcoma in the breast of a 14-year-old girl is described. She died nine months after mastectomy with recurrent disease in the bones and the contralateral breast. The etiology of most primary angiosarcomas is unknown. Secondary angiosarcomas can develop after radiotherapy and chronic lymphedema. The histology of this angiosarcoma is illustrated.

  18. Bilateral angiosarcoma of the breast in a fourteen-year-old child

    Michael A. den Bakker


    Full Text Available Malignant vascular tumors are rare and angiosarcomas of the breast in patients under 21 years of age are exceedingly uncommon. In this report an angiosarcoma in the breast of a 14-year-old girl is described. She died nine months after mastectomy with recurrent disease in the bones and the contralateral breast. The etiology of most primary angiosarcomas is unknown. Secondary angiosarcomas can develop after radiotherapy and chronic lymphedema. The histology of this angiosarcoma is illustrated.

  19. Relatedness and Autonomy Aspects of Self-Concept in 8- to 12-Year-Old Children

    Martin, Cherie


    The purpose of this study was to look at age-associated changes in relatedness and autonomy in 8- to 12-year-olds. A psychosocial and attachment theory perspective was taken to help explain the integration of relatedness and autonomy issues. The influence of gender, parent involvement, and selected demographic variables was also considered. The sample included 94 children . This excluded those with single fathers or stepmothers. Instruments used were (a) the relatedness, autonomy, and parent ...

  20. Radiotherapy of early tongue cancer in patients less than 40 years old

    Purpose: To evaluate the results of treatment for early mobile tongue cancer in patients less than 40 years. Methods and Materials: Between January 1967 and September 1992, 70 patients less than 40 years old (young age group) with early tongue cancer (T1-2N0M0) were treated with low-dose-rate (LDR) interstitial radiotherapy at the Osaka University Hospital (OUH). All patients had a minimum 2-year follow-up (median: 13 years). External radiotherapy (median: 30 Gy) was combined in 25 cases. The treatment results were compared with those for two older age groups (middle age: 40-64 years old; old age: 65 years old or more). Results: The 5-year probability of cause-specific survival (CSS) rate for the young age group was 80%, which was not significantly different from the two older groups: 81% for middle age and 71% for old age. However, male patients of young age showed significantly worse rates than those of middle and old age (p = 0.02). The 5-year local control rate for the young age group was 78%. It was not significantly different from the two older groups: 81% for middle age and 70% for old age. The incidence of regional lymph node metastasis was 32% for T1, 48% for T2, 56% for males, and 24% for females. The regional failure rate of young males was significantly higher than those of the two older groups: 32% for middle and 22% for old age (p = 0.001). Conclusion: The overall treatment results for patients with early tongue cancer less than 40 years old were not worse than those of older age groups. However, male gender was a risk factor for lymph node metastasis and CSS

  1. Concurrent Testicular and Bladder Cancer in a 57-year-old Man.

    Han, Esther; Stein, Daniel M; Shi, Dongping; Miocinovic, Ranko


    We present a rare finding of concurrent right testis non-seminomatous mixed germ cell tumor and muscle invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder in a 57-year-old homeless man. The socioeconomic factors and the disease presentation caused a treatment dilemma in terms of the appropriate type of neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The patient ultimately underwent upfront surgery with retroperitoneal lymph node dissection and radical cystoprostatectomy followed by adjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy. PMID:26793541

  2. Concurrent Testicular and Bladder Cancer in a 57-year-old Man

    Esther Han


    Full Text Available We present a rare finding of concurrent right testis non-seminomatous mixed germ cell tumor and muscle invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder in a 57-year-old homeless man. The socioeconomic factors and the disease presentation caused a treatment dilemma in terms of the appropriate type of neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The patient ultimately underwent upfront surgery with retroperitoneal lymph node dissection and radical cystoprostatectomy followed by adjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy.

  3. Urinary fluoride excretion by children 4-6 years old in a south Texas community

    Baez Ramon J.; Baez Martha X.; Marthaler Thomas M.


    This study evaluated urinary fluoride excretion by school children 4-6 years old who were living in a south Texas rural community that had concentrations of fluoride in drinking water supplies generally around the optimal level. We took supervised collections of urine samples in the morning and afternoon at school, and parents of the participating students collected nocturnal samples. We recorded the beginning and end times of the three collection periods and then determined the urinary volum...

  4. The Chiari III malformation: an unusual and asymptomatic variant in an 11-year old child

    Chiari III malformation is an extremely rare condition, and is characterized by the hindbrain herniation into a low occipital or high cervical encephalocele together with the pathologic and imaging features of the Chiari II malformation. In this report, an unusual variant of the Chiari III malformation was diagnosed in an 11-year-old girl. She had an encephalocele operation when she was a newborn, and has been asymptomatic since then. The clinical and imaging findings of this case were presented

  5. Left lung agenesis discovered by a spontaneous pneumothorax in a 20-year-old girl.

    Hentati, Abdessalem; Neifar, Chawki; Abid, Walid; M'saad, Sameh


    Lung agenesis is a rare condition which prognosis widely depends on associated malformations. Clinical presentation is so variable and diagnosis is often made in childhood. Here, we present a case of a 20-year-old girl who was admitted because of a spontaneous pneumothorax. Explorations concluded at a left lung agenesis, a hyperinflated right lung crossing the midline with a corresponding pneumothorax. There was no malformation else. This congenital condition and treatment for this rare presentation are discussed in detail. PMID:27051112

  6. Intra-arterial Chemotherapy for Adult Onset Retinoblastoma in a 32-Year-Old Man.

    Magan, Tejal; Khoo, Chloe T L; Jabbour, Pascal M; Fuller, Dwain G; Shields, Carol L


    A 32-year-old man with active unilateral group D retinoblastoma that was recurrent following external beam radiotherapy was treated with intra-arterial chemotherapy, leading to tumor regression. Additional plaque radiotherapy and intravitreal chemotherapy were required for complete control. Final visual acuity was 20/40. In selected cases, adult-onset retinoblastoma can be managed with intra-arterial chemotherapy. [J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus. 2016;53:e43-e46.]. PMID:27486894

  7. Traumatic posterior dislocation of the hip in a 3-year-old child.

    Forde, James C


    We report the case of a traumatic posterior dislocation of the hip in a 3-year-old boy. After a fall in the garden, the boy was brought to our emergency department where an x-ray confirmed a posterior dislocation of his right hip. A successful prompt reduction was performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. This uncommon injury represents an orthopedic emergency and requires prompt reduction to lessen the risk of complications including avascular necrosis of the femoral head.

  8. Intestinal perforation in a two-year-old child with eosinophilic gastroenteritis

    Agertoft, A; Husby, S; Høst, A


    A two-year-old boy underwent a laparatomy for an intestinal perforation due to eosinophilic gastroenteritis. He had marked peripheral blood eosinophilia and a small duodenal biopsy showed heavy eosinophilic infiltration in the mucosa. After 1 1/2 year on a restricted diet, a control duodenal biopsy...... showed only slight eosinophilia. Perforation of the small intestine is a rare but serious complication in eosinophilic gastroenteritis....

  9. Delayed diagnosis of endobronchial mucoepidermoid carcinoma in a 29-year-old male

    Jain, Akanksha; Madan, Neha Kawatra; Arava, Sudheer; Pandey, Durgatosh; Madan, Karan


    Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) is an uncommon primary lung tumor. It usually involves large airways and presents clinically and radiologically with nonspecific features. Because of nonspecific presentation diagnosis is frequently delayed. We report the case of a 29-year-old male patient wherein a clinico-radiological consideration of tuberculosis (TB) led to a prolonged treatment with anti-TB medications without response. Flexible bronchoscopic biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of MEC following that the patient underwent curative surgical resection. PMID:27186000

  10. A 75-Year Old Man Complaining of Flank Pain and Obstructive Urinary Symptoms: A Case Report

    Farid Kowsari


    Full Text Available "nBenign renal cystic adenoma with out malignant features is a very rare entity. A 75 year old male with obstructive Lower tract symptoms and vague flank pain was admitted and planned for nephrectomy of non functional kidney -due to long term nephrolithiasis- intra operative finding was a cystic hydronephrotic kidney filled by thick mucous secretions which turned out to be a cyst adenoma of kidney with no malignant features.

  11. Nephrolithiasis with Bardet-Biedl syndrome in a three-year-old girl: A case report

    Meral Torun Bayram


    Full Text Available Bardet-Biedl syndrome is a multisystemic developmental disorder diagnosed on the basis of the presence of obesity, retinal defects, polydactyly, hypogonadism, renal dysfunction, and learning disabilities. Renal disease is clinically heterogeneous, but is recognized as a cardinal feature and is a major cause of mortality in BBS. We here presented a three-year-old girl with renal stone and Bardet-Biedl syndrome.

  12. An 11-Year-Old Child with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Who Presented with Nephrolithiasis

    Fatih Firinci


    Full Text Available Patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease become symptomatic and are diagnosed usually at adulthood. The rate of nephrolithiasis in these patients is 5–10 times the rate in the general population, and both anatomic and metabolic abnormalities play role in the formation of renal stones. However, nephrolithiasis is rare in childhood age group. In this paper, an 11-year-old child with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease presenting with nephrolithiasis is discussed.

  13. Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis in a 25 years old apparently healthy man

    Fitsum Habte


    This case of upper extremity deep vein thrombosis is selected for case report as it is a rare form of deep vein thrombosis without a very well established treatment modality and prognosis. The objective of this study was to report the outcome of a 25 years old male patient with idiopathic upper extremity deep vein thrombosis treated conservatively with low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) and oral warfarin. The data sources used were patient interview, laboratory and radiology investigation re...

  14. Do Parents’ Exercise Habits Predict 13–18-Year-Old Adolescents’ Involvement in Sport?

    Saulius Sukys, Daiva Majauskienė, Vida J. Cesnaitiene, Diana Karanauskiene


    Full Text Available This study examined links between parents’ exercise habits and adolescents’ participation in sports activities, considering the aspects of gender and age. It was hypothesized that regular exercise by both parents would be related to children’s involvement in sport regardless of their gender and age. Moreover, it was hypothesized that children’s sports activities would be more strongly related to their father’s exercise activities. The study also examined the links between parents’ exercise habits and children’s motivation for sports. It was hypothesized that competition motives would be more important for children whose parents exercised regularly. The research sample included 2335 students from the seventh (n = 857, ninth (n = 960 and eleventh (n = 518 grades of various Lithuanian schools. The study used a questionnaire survey method, which revealed the links between parents’ exercise habits and their children’s participation in sport. Assessment of data for girls and boys showed that daughters’ participation in sport could be predicted by both their fathers’ and mothers’ exercise habits, but sons’ sports activities could be predicted only by the regular physical activities of their fathers. The assessment of children’s sporting activities according to age revealed links between parental exercising and the engagement of older (15–16 years old, but not younger adolescents (13–14 years old. Analysis of sports motivation showed that competition motives were more important for boys than for girls. Fitness, well-being and appearance motives were more important for older adolescents (15–18 years old, while competition motives were more important for younger adolescents (13–14 years old. Research revealed the relationship between children’s sport motives and fathers’ exercise habits, while examination of mothers’ exercise revealed no difference.

  15. Myositic Type of Idiopathic Orbital Pseudotumor in a 4-Year-Old Child: A Case Report

    Ahmet Elbeyli; Ahmet Gocmez; Mehtap Beker Acay; Abdullah Kursat Cingu; Ayse Ahsen Bakan; Selim Bakan; Serra Sencer


    Idiopathic orbital pseudotumor is a benign, noninfectious, and nonneoplastic disease with unknown cause. It is the third most common orbital disease after thyroid orbitopathy and lymphoproliferative disorder. Idiopathic orbital pseudotumor is extremely rare in pediatric age group and may cause real diagnostic problems. This paper describes a 4-year-old girl who presented with sudden ptosis in the right eye and swollen eyelid. She recovered completely with high-dose steroid therapy. We report ...

  16. Surgically Treated Central Giant Cell Granuloma in Six-Year-Old Child: A Case Report

    Patloth, Tarasingh; Reddy, J. Sharada


    ABSTRACT Central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) is a benign intraosseous lesion of the jaws that is found predominantly in children and young adults. Although benign, it may be locally aggressive, causing extensive bone destruction, tooth displacement and root resorption. The common therapy is aggressive curettage, peripheral ostectomy or resection, which may be associated with loss of teeth and in younger patient's loss of dental germs. In this article, a 6-year-old girl with CGCG is successful...

  17. Neural correlates of music-syntactic processing in two-year old children

    Sebastian Jentschke; Friederici, Angela D.; Stefan Koelsch


    Music is a basic and ubiquitous socio-cognitive domain. However, our understanding of the time course of the development of music perception, particularly regarding implicit knowledge of music-syntactic regularities, remains contradictory and incomplete. Some authors assume that the acquisition of knowledge about these regularities lasts until late childhood, but there is also evidence for the presence of such knowledge in four- and five-year-olds. To explore whether such knowledge is already...

  18. Hyperlexia in a 4-year-old boy with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Atkin, K; Lorch, Marjorie P.


    This paper presents a case study of a 4-year-old boy with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and a mental age of approximately 1:5 who demonstrates precocious oral-reading behaviour in the absence of spontaneous speech. Tests of reading regular and irregular words, pseudowords, homographic heterophones, single sentences and texts were carried out. Performance on a variety of reading tasks suggests the ability to use grapheme–phoneme correspondences and whole word reading for decoding...

  19. An aural myiasis case in a 54-year-old male farmer in Korea

    Cho, Jin-Hak; Kim, Hyung-Baek; Cho, Chin-Saeng; Huh, Sun; Ree, Han-Il


    A 54-year-old male farmer residing in Chunchon, Korea, complaining of blood tinged discharge and tinnitus in the left ear for two days, was examined in August 16, 1996. Otoscopic examination revealed live maggots from the ear canal. The patient did not complain of any symptoms after removal of maggots. Five maggots recovered were identified as the third stage larvae of Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae). This is the first record of aural myiasis in Korea.

  20. Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis in a 67-Year-Old Woman with Wegener’s Granulomatosis

    Shiwan K. Shah; Phan, Nghi B.; Goyal, Geetinder; Sharma, Gulshan


    Mycophenolate mofetil (MM) is commonly used in patients with autoimmune diseases or who have undergone transplantation. Common side effects of MM include anemia, leukopenia, mucositis and opportunistic infections. We report an unusual case of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) in a 67-year-old woman on MM for Wegener’s granulomatosis (WG). PAP is a disease characterized by defects in macrophage-mediated processing of surfactants, leading to accumulation of periodic acid-Schiff (PAS)-positiv...

  1. Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis in a 10-year-old girl masquerading as tuberculosis

    Baro, Abhamoni; Shah, Ira; Chandane, Parmarth; Khosla, Indu


    Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) is a rare pulmonary disease. Diagnosis is established by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), which has macroscopic ‘milky appearance’, and in the presence of typical computed tomography, findings are diagnostic of PAP but, however, the feature of periodic acid–Schiff-positive eosinophilic proteinaceous fluid raises the confidence of the diagnosis. We report late-onset PAP in a 10-year-old girl who had acid fast bacilli on an initial BAL examination, but was subs...

  2. An 11-Year-Old Male Patient with Refractory Asthma and Heartburn

    Tareq Al-Abdoulsalam; Mark A Anselmo


    Achalasia is characterized by obstruction of the distal esophagus and subsequent dilation of the proximal esophagus, and is considered to be a rare disorder in children. Patients commonly present with gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as dysphagia; however, pulmonary symptoms may also occur. Rare pulmonary symptoms due to achalasia are dyspnea and wheeze due to tracheal compression. The authors describe an 11-year-old boy who was referred to a pediatric respiratory clinic for asthma that wa...

  3. Differential diagnosis of a cavitary lung lesion in 45-year old man

    Tanseli Gönlügür; Feride Sapmaz; Ugur Gönlügür; Sahende Elagöz


    Pulmonary cavity has infectious and non-infectious aetiologies. A 41-year old man was hospitalized with a 1-week history of productive cough, and pleuritic chest pain. A chest CT scan showed a cavitary lesion in left upper lobe. An open lung biopsy revealed the presence of connective tissue within alveolar ducts and bronchioles. In conclusion, cryptogenic organising pneumonia which is a rare cause of pulmonary cavitary lesion was diagnosed. The case was presented in order to emphasize such ra...

  4. Chronic Lipoid Pneumonia in a 9-Year-Old Child Revealed by Recurrent Chest Pain

    A. Hochart; Thumerelle, C.; Petyt, L.; Mordacq, C.; Deschildre, A.


    Lipoid pneumonia in children is a rare disorder due to accumulation of fatty oily material in the alveoli and usually associated with an underlying condition. In absence of obvious context, diagnosis remains difficult with nonspecific clinical and radiological features. We report the first case of voluntary chronic aspiration of olive oil responsible for exogenous lipoid pneumonia, in a previously healthy 9-year-old boy. Clinical presentation was atypical; LP was revealed by isolated chest pa...

  5. Liver abscess due to Klebsiella pneumoniae in a healthy 12-year-old boy

    Da Hye Yoon


    Full Text Available Pyogenic liver abscess (PLA is rare in healthy children. We report a case of PLA in an immunocompetent 12-year-old boy. Percutaneous catheter drainage was performed for the abscess. In addition, parenteral antibiotics were administered for 3 weeks. Klebsiella pneumoniae was detected in the culture of blood and drained fluid. Here, we present this case and a brief review of the literature on this subject.




    BACKGROUND: The patient is a 12 year old girl with a history of occasional hand tremors bilaterally. She also complained of “pigeon toes”. She had difficulty riding a bike and considered herself “clumsy” because she occasionally dropped objects. METHODS: Examination revealed reduced right arm swing with dual task. Decomposition of movement with finger to nose test bilaterally. Excessive foot pronation, pes planus, and calcaneus valgus was observed bilaterally during gait and ...

  7. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of the Clavicle in a 13-Year-Old Boy

    Parikh, Shital N.; Desai, Vishal R.; Anita Gupta; Anton, Christopher G.


    Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare neoplasm characterized by abnormal proliferation of histiocytic cells. In this case report, we describe a unique case of a 13-year-old boy who presented to the clinic with an insidious onset of mid-clavicular pain. The provisional radiologic diagnosis of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of the clavicle was confirmed by an incisional biopsy of the left mid-clavicle lesion. The patient’s lesion was treated by curettage, bone grafting, and internal fixa...

  8. Effect of Metronidazole on Halitosis of 2 to 10 Years Old Children

    Sayedi, Sayed Javad; Modaresi, Mohammad Reza; Saneian, Hosein


    Background: Regarding the fact that halitosis has social and personal aspects which can lead to social embarrassment and consequently low self-esteem and self-confidence in subjects suffering from the problem, especially children, its proper treatment is an important issue. Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of metronidazole as a nonspecific antimicrobial agent in the treatment of halitosis in children. Materials and Methods: In this study, 2-10 years old children wi...

  9. Development of Speech Intelligibility Measurement Test for 3 to 5 Years Old Normal Children

    Fatemeh Hoseyni; Zahra Agha Rasouli; Farhad Torabi Nezhad; Sara Heydari


    Background and Aim: Speech intelligibility is defined as a measure of effectiveness of understanding speech. It has many applications such as nomination of speech disorder intensity. Different methods and speech tasks have been designed for assessment of speech intelligibility amongst which word identification tasks have high validity. This study aimed to provide a test to measure speech intelligibility among children aged 3 to 5 years old.Methods: Many words were collected and content validi...

  10. [A fitting power curve equation for the accumulative inhaling volume in Chinese under 19 years old].

    Shang, Q; Zhou, H


    A fitting power curve equation based on the breath frequency and body weight for the accumulative inhaling volume in Chinese under 19 years old was established. The equation is Y = 754.37 + 258.34 X1.9038, and the fitting is good (R2 = 0.9974). It is useful for estimating the degree of exposure to air pollutants of people in their young period. PMID:12725097




    The goal of this descriptive - exploratory study was to describe the meaning of violence for school-aged children andpreadolescents in a public school. The sample was comprised of 60 children, 6 to 12 years old. The findings showedchildren attach meaning to violence according to their developmental stage. Common aspects related to violence werefound among the children, such as: low socioeconomic status, history of family violence, and split families. Thesefindings should be considered when ta...

  12. Parenting styles, parenting practices, and physical activity in 10- to 11-year olds

    Jago, Russell; Davison, Kirsten K.; Brockman, Rowan; Page, Angie S; Thompson, Janice L.; Fox, Kenneth R.


    Objective The objective of this study was to determine whether parenting styles and practices are associated with children's physical activity. Methods Cross-sectional survey of seven hundred ninety-two 10- to 11-year-old UK children in Bristol (UK) in 2008–2009 was conducted. Accelerometer-assessed physical activity and mean minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (mean MVPA) and mean counts per minute (mean CPM) were obtained. Maternal parenting style and physical activity parenti...

  13. Prevalence of Child Abuse in 15-17 year old Students

    Laya Sabzevari; Mahin Eslami-Shahrbabaki; Aliakbar Haghdoost; Amir Eslami-Shahrbabaki; Maryam Kalantari


    Background: Child abuse is a common phenomenon accompanies with unfavorable short and long term personal and social consequences. With changes in environment which child taken care, negative long term consequences could decreased. This study designed to determine the prevalence of all types of maltreatments in 15-17 year-old students in Kerman. Materials and Methods: In this cross sectional- descriptive study, a sample of 360 students (184 boys/196 girls) selected by cluster...

  14. A 15-year-old boy with snoring and molar tooth sign.

    El-Kersh, Karim; Senthilvel, Egambaram


    A 15-year-old boy presented for evaluation of snoring and sleep-disordered breathing. The parents noted that the patient snored every night and that he had episodes when he stopped breathing, ending with gasping for air. He had no history of sleep walking, night terrors, tongue biting, or seizures. The patient had two healthy siblings, but he had a history of intellectual disability and developmental delay. The patient had a history of adenotonsillectomy. PMID:25846539

  15. A 43-year-old woman on triptorelin presenting with pseudotumor cerebri: a case report

    Bhatt Uday; Haq Imran; Avadhanam Venkata S; Bibby Kim


    Abstract Introduction To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time triptorelin has been reported to cause benign intracranial hypertension. Case presentation A 43-year-old Caucasian woman who suffered from chronic menorrhagia was started on triptorelin, a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogue. Three days later, she developed gradually worsening headaches accompanied by bilateral visual disturbance. Examination revealed bilateral papilledema and enlarged blind spots on her visual fi...

  16. Surgical treatment of temporomandibular disorder in a 24-year-old male patient with ganglion cyst.

    Zheng, Zhi Wei; Shao, Xia; Yang, Chi; Fang, Yi Ming


    Ganglion cysts are common pseudocystic masses, whereas those arising from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are rare entities. We report a case of ganglion cyst of the right TMJ with symptomatic bilateral TMJ internal derangement in a 24-year-old man. Disk repositioning using bone anchors and excision of the ganglion cyst were performed. A unique characteristic of inflammatory infiltrates was revealed in the specimen, and the relationship between these 2 distinct entities and probable pathogenesis of infectious involvement are discussed. PMID:25643336

  17. Interdental Spacing and Dental Caries in the Primary Dentition of 4-6 Year Old Children

    G. Babu Kl; Nagarathna, J; Subramaniam, P.


    Objective: There are various risk factors which play an essential role in the multifactorial disease “dental caries.” Although absence of interdental spaces in the primary dentition may increase the risk of dental caries, not many studies have been carried out to assess this correlation. This study was performed to assess the relationship between interdental spacing and dental caries in primary dentition.Materials and Methods: Five hundred 4-6 year-old children were enrolled into this study. ...

  18. Bilateral Keratoconus and Corneal Hydrops Associated with Eye Rubbing in a 7-year-old Girl

    Mahmoud-Reza Panahi-Bazaz; Farideh Sharifipour; Alireza Moghaddasi


    Purpose: To report a young child with bilateral keratoconus in the context of vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) who developed bilateral corneal hydrops associated with eye rubbing, and to discuss the pathogenesis and review the pertinent literature. Case Report: A seven-year-old girl with VKC and asymmetric keratoconus developed corneal hydrops due to habitual eye rubbing. Corneal edema subsided within 16 weeks in her right eye and 9 weeks in the left eye with subsequent corneal scarring....

  19. Pemphigus Foliaceus in an 11-Year-Old Mexican Girl with Response to Oral Dapsone

    Martha Elena García-Meléndez; Kristian Eichelmann; Julio César Salas-Alanís; Minerva Gomez-Flores; Jorge Ocampo-Candiani


    Pemphigus foliaceus (PF) is rarely described in the pediatric population with less than 40 cases reported in the literature. We report the case of an 11-year-old girl who was diagnosed with PF after 6 months of starting with symptoms and who responded well to therapy with oral dapsone. Although therapeutic guidelines for PF in children are lacking, oral corticosteroids in combination with dapsone have proven to be effective as first-line treatment in this setting.

  20. Prevalence and Correlates of Problem Gambling in a Representative Sample of Norwegian 17-Year-Olds

    Hanss, Daniel; Mentzoni, Rune Aune; Blaszczynski, Alex; MOLDE, HELGE; Torsheim, Torbjørn; Pallesen, Ståle


    We report data collected in a representative sample of 17-year-old Norwegians to investigate prevalence rates of non-problem, risk, and problem gambling, as measured by the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI). In addition, we explored the importance of demographic, personality, motivational, social, and health variables explaining variance in adolescent gambling. Prevalence rates of risk and problem gambling were low but similar to those found in previous studies outside of Norway using th...

  1. CT localisation of an aldosteronoma in a 10-year-old boy

    An adrenal adenoma is a rare cause of primary aldosteronism in children but very important to diagnose as the cure rate is 100% by surgery. The advent of high resolution CT scanners should facilitate very much the role of the radiologist and diminish the delay of diagnosis. We report the case of a 10-year-old boy with such an entity where the aldosteronoma was shown by CT pre-operatively. (orig.)

  2. Attachment Security in Three-Year-Olds who Entered Substitute Care in Infancy

    Altenhofen, Shannon; Clyman, Robert; Little, Christina; Baker, Megan; Biringen, Zeynep


    This study assessed relations among number of out-of-home placement changes, time in caregivers’ care, caregiver type (i.e., foster parent, adoptive parent, kinship relation, and biological parent), child gender, and caregiver-child Emotional Availability (EA) as predictive of child attachment security when children were 3 years old in a sample of 104 caregivers and children. Children entered court-ordered care by six months of age. On average, children at the age of three s...

  3. A 58-year-old female with blurred vision and apraxia

    SHI Zhi-hong; Cai, Li; Liu, Shuai; Wang, Ying(School of Physics, Shandong University, Jinan, 250100, PR China); Shu-ling LIU; Ji, Yong


    A 58-year-old right handed woman, with 12 years of formal education, had a five-year history of slowly progressive blurred vision and apraxia. Five years before the examination she gradually became blurred vision and had difficulties identifying static objects within the visual field. Then she went to an ophthalmologist and received cataract surgery. However, the symptoms were not improved after surgery. Two years later, she had difficulty doing household chores and was unable to dress hersel...

  4. Autoimmune thyroid disease with myasthenia gravis in a 28-year-old male: a case report

    Masood, Imran; Yasir, Mir; Aiman, Aiffa; Kudyar, R P


    Introduction Graves' disease and myasthenia gravis are both auto-immune diseases and the coexistence of these two diseases is rare but well recognized. Myasthenia gravis is more frequent in patients with thyroid disease. Case presentation Here we present a case of 28-year-old male patient having Auto-immune thyroid disease (Graves' disease) with concomitant myasthenia gravis. Conclusion In conclusion, we report that the coexistence of Myasthenia Gravis with Autoimmune thyroid disease might ha...

  5. Graves Disease with Exophtalmia in a Two-Year Old Child

    Hülya Yalçın; Bülent Akçora; Ali Balcı


    Thyrotoxicosis is one of the rare disorders diagnosed in childhood and adolescence. The most frequent cause is Graves disease. One of the Graves' disease complications is thyroid-associated orbitopathy. A 2-year-old girl was referred to our hospital for decreased weight gain. Her physical examination was normal except for a palpable thyroid tissue and exophtalmia. After laboratory examination, she was referred to the departments of nuclear medicine and radiology for the diagnosis of hyperthyr...

  6. An unusual case of cardiomyopathy in a 75-year-old woman

    Milhous, J G J; Mosterd, A.; Jaarsma, W.; Roeffel, S.M.


    In this report we describe a 75-year-old woman who presented with an acute coronary syndrome and transient catecholamine-induced cardiomyopathy with severe pulmonary oedema necessitating mechanical ventilation. During mechanical ventilation several episodes of hypertension occurred despite severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction. A pheochromocytoma was diagnosed and after successful surgical resection the patient's condition improved. Three months after surgery myocardial scintigraphic e...

  7. Relapsing linear acantholytic dermatosis in a four-year-old boy

    Arora Sandeep; Arora Gulhima; Ranjan P


    Linear acantholytic dermatoses are a spectrum of cutaneous disorders that form a subset of linear dermatoses with distinct clinical features and histopathologically show acantholysis. The lesions may be zosteriform or follow the lines of Blaschko. This report describes a four-year-old boy who, on a follow up of two years, exhibited a relapsing acantholytic dermatosis along the lines of Blaschko. Histopathology of a representative lesion revealed epidermal acantholysis with multiple acantholyt...

  8. A 40 years old woman with monolobar Caroli’s syndrome treated by left hepatic lobectomy

    Hamid Tavakkoli; Abbas Tabatabaei; Amir Hosein Davarpanah Jazi; Mahshid Haghighi; Diana Taheri; Mahbobeh Tavakkoli


    Caroli’s disease (CD) is a rare congenital abnormality characterized by dilatation of intra hepatic bile ducts, which causes stone formation, recurrent cholangitis and higher risk for biliary malignancy. Association of this anomaly with congenital hepatic fibrosis is named Caroli’s syndrome (CS). The monolobar involvement of CS is a very rare condition, curable by partial hepatectomy. We report a 40-year-old woman with recurrent epigastric pain without icterus with

  9. Heart and Lung Metastases From Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma in a Forty-Two-Year-Old Woman

    Shakerian, Behnam; Mandegar, Mohammad Hossein; Moradi, Bahieh; Roshanali, Farideh


    Introduction: Low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma (LG-ESS) is a malignant intrauterine tumor that rarely presents with distant metastasis. Simultaneous lung and cardiac metastases from LG-ESS is also an extremely rare event. Case Presentation: A 42-year-old woman presented with dyspnea and exercise intolerance. She had a history of hysterectomy and left salpingoophorectomy. She underwent second laparotomy as well as right oophorectomy after new finding of vaginal mass with histopathologic d...

  10. Pseudohypoparathyroidism type Ia manifesting as intractable epilepsy in a 23-year-old female

    Raghavan, Pooja


    Pooja Raghavan,1 Charles M Katz21Department of Medicine, Mount Carmel Health, Columbus, OH, USA; 2Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Mount Carmel Health, Columbus, OH, USAAbstract: Pseudohypoparathyroidism is a rare disorder of calcium metabolism that involves target organ resistance to the action of the parathyroid hormone. As a result, calcium levels may become dangerously low, sometimes leading to seizures and other symptoms. We present a case of a 23-year-old Somalian female on ant...

  11. Nephrotic Syndrome Following H1N1 Influenza in a 3-Year-Old Boy

    Pio Liberatore; Francesca del Bufalo; Giorgia Bottaro; Pietro Ferrara; Antonio Gatto; Ottavio Vitelli


    Background: The pandemic influenza A/H1N1, spread through the world in 2009, producing a serious epidemic in Italy. Complications are generally limited to patients at the extremes of age (65 years) and those with comorbid medical illness. The most frequent complications of influenza involve the respiratory system.Case Presentation: A 3-year-old boy with a recent history of upper respiratory tract infection developed a nephrotic syndrome. Together with prednisone, furosemide and albumin bolus,...

  12. Hamartoma of the urinary bladder in a 15-year-old boy

    Al Shahwani, Noora; Alnaimi, Abdulla Rashid; Ammar, Adham; Al-ahdal, Esra M.


    Hamartoma of the bladder is an unusual entity described in only eleven patients to date. It may present as painless hematuria, irritative urinary tract symptoms, or inability to void or it may be diagnosed incidentally. Hamartoma of the bladder may be isolated or occur as part of a syndrome. No isolated bladder hamartoma to date has shown malignant potential. We describe here a bladder hamartoma in a 15-year-old boy. PMID:27274896

  13. Coronary artery spasm after ingestion of Imodium (loperamide) in a 14-year-old boy

    Sehar, Tayyaba; Sadiq, Masood


    We report a 14-year-old boy who presented with acute chest pain, following the ingestion of loperamide for acute diarrhea. Twelve lead electrocardiogram (ECG) showed evidence of acute ischemia indicating acute coronary artery spasm. The changes reverted with treatment within a few hours with no permanent effect on myocardial function. This report highlights a rare side effect of loperamide, often debated in adults and never reported in adolescents. PMID:27212851

  14. Acquired capillary hemangioma of the eyelid in a 49-year-old woman from Turkey

    Sertac Argun Kivanc


    Full Text Available A 49-year-old woman developed a dark brown nodular mass in the lower eyelid. The lesion had grown fast for 2 months and then had remained stable in size. Excisional biopsy was performed. Histopathological examination of an excisional biopsy specimen pointed to proliferative vessels lined by increased endothelial cells without nuclear atypism. The nodular mass evaluated as a capillary hemangioma.

  15. Disseminated herpes zoster ophthalmicus in an immunocompetent 8-year old boy

    Regina Eziuka Oladokun; Olomukoro, Chikodili N; Owa, Adewale B.


    Varicella results from a primary infection with the varicella virus while herpes zoster is caused by a reactivation of a latent infection. Dissemination of herpes zoster is uncommon in immunocompetent individuals. Reports of disseminated herpes zoster in children are even less common than in adults. An unusual case of disseminated herpes zoster ophthalmicus in an 8-year old immunocompetent black boy is presented. He had a previous primary Varicella zoster virus infection at three years of age...

  16. Pulmonary Aspergillosis in a Previously Healthy 13-Year-Old Boy

    Jonathan H. Rayment


    Full Text Available Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD is a rare, polygenic primary immunodeficiency. In this case report, we describe a previously healthy 13-year-old boy who presented with multifocal pulmonary aspergillosis and was subsequently diagnosed with an autosomal recessive form of chronic granulomatous disease. CGD has a variable natural history and age of presentation and should be considered when investigating a patient with recurrent or severe infections with catalase-positive organisms.

  17. Occlusal characteristics in 3-year-old children – results of a birth cohort study

    Wagner, Yvonne; Heinrich-Weltzien, Roswitha


    Background Aim of this prospective study was to determine prevalence of malocclusion and associated risk factors in 3-year-old Thuringian children. Methods Subjects (n = 377) were participants in a regional oral health programme, a birth cohort study with the aim to prevent caries (German Clinical Trials Register DRKS00003438). Children received continuous dental care since birth. Occlusal characteristics (overjet, overbite, anterior open bite, canine relationship and posterior crossbite) wer...

  18. English club for three to six year old Finnish speaking children

    Viljanen, Jenni; Ripatti, Pia


    The purpose of this thesis was organizing an English club for three to six year old Finnish speaking children in a day care. Our goal was to introduce the English language to the children using music and picture supported methods. In addition we also hoped to inspire day care staff to utilize day care hours for pastime activities. We implemented this functional thesis through nine sessions, in which we organized five themes we would introduce to the children. Language showering was the me...

  19. Teaching three-and-a-half-year-olds to reason about ambiguous evidence

    Schulz, Laura E.; Bonawitz, Elizabeth; Fischer, Adina


    Previous research suggests that three-year-olds fail to learn from statistical data when their prior beliefs conflict with the evidence. Are young children’s causal beliefs are entrenched in their folk theories or can young preschoolers rationally update their beliefs with evidence? Motivated by Bayesian accounts of rational inference suggesting that both statistical evidence and children’s prior beliefs should affect learning, we conducted a training study to investigate this que...

  20. Acute appendicitis in a 14-year-old boy with familial Mediterranean fever

    Yoshihiko Sakurai; Takaaki Murata; Hirohisa Hirata; Takeshi Morita


    Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is one manifestation of a heritable periodic fever syndrome that is characterized by recurrent attacks of febrile polyserositis, most frequently peritonitis. An FMF abdominal attack is often misdiagnosed as acute appendicitis, a more common cause of an acute abdomen. We report a 14-year-old boy with FMF who developed acute appendicitis during his follow-up. The patient had a several-year history of abdominal pain episodes, and was initially admitted for an a...

  1. Malignant pleural mesothelioma in a 17-year old boy: A case report and literature review

    Pérez-Guzmán, C.; Barrera-Rodríguez, R.; J. Portilla-Segura


    Background: Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare, invasive and often fatal neoplasm that develops in the thin layer of tissue surrounding the lungs known as the pleura. Although rare, mesotheliomas do occur in the young; their characteristics are distinct from those of older patients. Case presentation: This is a case report of a 17-year-old boy who had moderate dyspnea, cough, right-sided pleuritic chest pain, fever, headache and no weight loss. Physical examination showed a right ple...

  2. Postoperative intussusception in 10-year-old presenting as decreased intestinal motility

    Arielle Spellun; Loren Berman; Stephen Murphy


    Postoperative intussusception is a rare surgical complication. It typically presents as bilious emesis with abdominal pain following a symptom-free period within two weeks of either intra or extra-abdominal surgery. We present the case of a 10-year-old boy who had undergone uncomplicated open appendectomy. He developed abdominal pain, bilious vomiting and tenesmus at one week post-operatively, and postoperative intussusception was suspected. At laparotomy, he was noted to have an ileal–ileal ...

  3. Atypical rabies encephalitis in a six-year-old boy: clinical, radiological, and laboratory findings

    Sunil Karande; Mamta Muranjan; Reeta Subramaniam Mani; Ashwini Manoor Anand; Raghavendraswami Amoghimath; Shilpa Sankhe; Ashwin Yajaman Belludi; Shampur Narayan Madhusudana


    A 6-year-old boy from India developed an atypical form of rabies following a stray dog bite and as a consequence of not receiving the standard World Health Organization recommended post-exposure prophylaxis for category III wounds. Serial rising rabies virus neutralizing antibody titres in serum and cerebrospinal fluid by rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test helped confirm the diagnosis of rabies. The child has survived for 4 months since the onset of illness, albeit with neurological sequ...

  4. The motor characteristics of boys 4-6 years old to determine the prospects for gymnastics

    Pomazan Arkadij Anatol'evich


    The questions of primary screening of preschool and primary school children to gymnastics. Analyzed materials of recent publications on this topic. The study group consisted of 56 boys. Proposed test exercises to test motor abilities of boys 4-6 years old. Set mapped by age groups of rules for each of the proposed exercises. Established process for determining the motor and anthropometric characteristics for the selection of children 4-6 years of prior training. Identified standards of physic...

  5. Outcomes of 3-Year-Old Children With Hearing Loss and Different Types of Additional Disabilities

    Cupples, Linda; Ching, Teresa Y. C.; Crowe, Kathryn; Seeto, Mark; Leigh, Greg; Street, Laura; Day, Julia; Marnane, Vivienne; Thomson, Jessica


    This research investigated the speech, language, and functional auditory outcomes of 119 3-year-old children with hearing loss and additional disabilities. Outcomes were evaluated using direct assessment and caregiver report. Multiple regressions revealed that type of additional disability and level of maternal education were significant predictors of language outcomes. Poorer outcomes were achieved in a combined group of children with autism, cerebral palsy, and/or developmental delay (DD) (...

  6. Oral submucous fibrosis: a premalignant condition in a 14-year-old Indian girl

    Deshpande, Anshula; Kiran, Shital; Dhillon, Steffi; Mallikarjuna, Rachappa


    A 14-year-old Indian girl presented with difficulty in mouth opening and burning sensation while eating. On examination, blanching of the oral mucosa with diffuse white pigmented lesion of size 3.5 to 2 cm along with melanotic pigmentation was seen on the left buccal mucosa posteriorly. The patient was diagnosed with oral submucous fibrosis. A comprehensive treatment plan was made based on conservative management that included motivation and intense counselling of the patient and her parents ...

  7. Angiomyxolipoma (vascular myxolipoma) of the knee in a 9-year-old boy

    Kim, Hye Jeong; Yang, Ik; Jung, Ah Young [Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, Department of Radiology, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Hwang, Ji Hyo [Hallym University College of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Shin, Mi Kyung [Hallym University College of Medicine, Department of Pathology, Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Angiomyxolipoma (vascular myxolipoma) is a very rare variant of lipoma. This tumor is characterized by mature adipose tissue mixed with myxoid stroma and vascular vessels. To date, nine cases have been reported, all of them occurring in adults. Herein, we report a unique case of a 9-year-old boy presenting with a solitary painful mass on the right medial thigh and illustrate the imaging characteristics of this rare tumor. (orig.)

  8. Generalized Peritonitis Secondary to Spontaneous Perforation of Pyometra in a 63-Year-Old Patient

    Ahmed Abu-Zaid; Osama AlOmar; Ahmed Nazer; Ayman Azzam; Zainab Abudan; Ismail Al-Badawi


    Spontaneous perforation of pyometra resulting in generalized diffuse peritonitis is extremely uncommon. Herein, we report the case of a 63-year-old woman who presented to emergency department with a 2-day history of severe diffuse abdominal pain, high-grade fever, nausea, and vomiting. Acute abdomen series was done, and upright plain chest radiograph showed free air under diaphragm. A noncontrast-enhanced computed tomography scan showed a significantly distended fluid-filled uterus measuring ...

  9. Traumatic Dental Injuries Among 12-15-Year-Old-School Children in Panchkula

    Chopra, Amandeep; Lakhanpal, Manav; Rao, NC; Gupta, Nidhi; Vashisth, Shelja


    Background: Traumatic dental injury (TDI) in children and adolescents has become one of the most serious dental public health problems. Despite such a high prevalence of dental trauma, very less attention has been paid to TDI, its etiology, and prevention. Objectives: To determine the prevalence of anterior tooth traumatic dental injuries in 12-15-year-old school children of Panchkula district, India, and to find any correlation with the cause, gender, extent of overbite as well as over-jet, ...

  10. Acute Myocardial Infarction in a 26-Year-Old Patient With Familial Hypercholesteremia

    Miyayama, Takeshi; Miura, Shin-ichiro; Komaki, Tomo; Kuwano, Takashi; Morii, Joji; Nishikawa, Hiroaki; Saku, Keijiro


    A 26-year-old male suffered sustained chest pain. Electrocardiogram showed ST-segment elevation in the anteroseptal wall and reciprocal ST-segment change in the inferior wall. The troponin-I level and the white blood cell count were elevated. We gave a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. He underwent urgent coronary angiography, which revealed 90% diffuse stenosis in the middle right coronary artery and total occlusion in the proximal left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD). Sinc...

  11. Evaluation of vitamin B6 intake and status of 20- to 64-year-old Koreans

    Kim, Young-Nam; Cho, Youn-OK


    BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Recent research regarding vitamin B6 status including biochemical index is limited. Thus, this study estimated intakes and major food sources of vitamin B6; determined plasma pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP); and assessed vitamin B6 status of Korean adults. MATERIALS/METHODS Three consecutive 24-h diet recalls and fasting blood samples were collected from healthy 20- to 64-year-old adults (n = 254) living in the Seoul metropolitan area, cities of Kwangju and Gumi, Korea. Vit...

  12. Myocardial injury in a 41-year-old male treated with methylphenidate: a case report

    Hole, Lisa Drange; Schjøtt, Jan


    Background: Elevated cardiac troponin levels are consistent with the diagnosis of an acute coronary syndrome, but may also represent adverse drug reactions. Psychostimulating drugs raise both blood pressure and heart rate, and case reports of sudden death, stroke, and myocardial infarction have led to regulatory and public concern about the cardiovascular safety of these drugs. Case presentation: We present a case where a 41-year-old Norwegian male with radiating chest pain, elevated tropo...

  13. Physical activity during recess among 13–14 year old Mexican girls

    Medina, Catalina; Barquera, Simon; Peter T. Katzmarzyk; Janssen, Ian


    Background Physical activity patterns during recess have been poorly described among adolescents. Physical activity levels could be captured the most accurately using a combination of instruments. The purposes of this study were to describe the physical activity patterns during school recess in a sample of 13–14 year old Mexican girls, to examine differences in these patters as assessed using three physical activity measurement instruments and to understand the influence of body weight status...

  14. Successful treatment of florid cutaneous warts with intravenous cidofovir in an 11-year-old girl.



    Cutaneous warts, commonly seen in children and the immunosuppressed are socially distressing and are often resistant to traditional treatments. Here, we report an 11-year-old girl with bilateral florid verrucous lesions on her hands, feet and chin, which were refractory to a number of standard treatments including cryotherapy, cantharidin preparations, topical salicylic acid, surgical debulking techniques, oral Cimetidine, and topical and intralesional Cidofovir. As the disfiguring lesions ha...

  15. Headache in a 27-year-old man: Bilateral serous retinal detachment

    Gholamhossein Yaghoubi; Behrouz Heydari; Mohammad Ali Yaghoobi


    A 27-year-old man with a complaint of headache, tinnitus, and visual obscuration presented to a neurologist. Neurologic evaluations, including MRI and CT scan, were within normal limit. The prescribed medicines were propranolol, sumatriptin, valproate sodium, and dexamethasone. Ophthalmic examination was associated with reduction of visual acuity of eyes, bilateral uveitis, and serous retinal detachment. The most probable diagnosis was Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH) disease. Prescribing high-dose...

  16. Bifocal Spinal Cord Injury without Radiographic Abnormalities in a 5-Year Old Boy: A Case Report

    K. G. Snoek


    Full Text Available We present the extremely unusual case of a 5-year-old boy with a bifocal (cervical as well as lumbar spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormalities (SCIWORAs. The MRI showed cord oedema at the level of C2 and T10. We propose that during the motor vehicle crash severe propulsion of the head with a flexed lumbar region resulted in a traction injury to the lower thoracic and lumbar spine and maximum flexion caused SCIWORA in C2.

  17. Superior cerebellar aneurysm causing subarachnoid haemorrhage in a 17-year-old with alagille syndrome.

    O'Connell, David


    Alagille syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant condition characterised by mutation in Jagged1 gene. Intracranial aneurysms may be seen in this condition and may present as subarachnoid hemorrhage. We describe the first case of superior cerebellar aneurysm rupture causing WFNS grade 1 subarachnoid haemorrhage in a 17-year-old girl. The clinical condition and management of this rare occurrence is discussed with a review of literature.

  18. Bucket-handle tear of a discoid lateral meniscus in a 6-year-old girl

    Yalcin, Nadir; Bektaser, Bulent; Cicekli, Ozgur; Dogan, Metin


    A six-year-old girl was examined upon development of pain, swelling, and locking in her right knee after a considerable period of discomfort and popping sensation. She had no history of trauma. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a discoid lateral meniscus, filling the entire lateral plateau and exhibiting signs of degeneration. On arthroscopic examination, a bucket-handle tear of the discoid lateral meniscus was noted and the patient was treated with arthroscopic subtotal meniscectomy. During ...

  19. Advanced Ovarian Dysgerminoma Infiltrating Both Ovaries and Uterus in a 7-Year-Old Girl

    Nexhmi Hyseni; Sadik Llullaku; Hysni Jashari; Kaltrina Zahiti; Fjolla Hyseni; Fisnik Kurshumliu; Lumturije Luci; Fehim Muqolli; Antigona Hasani


    Introduction. Ovarian dysgerminoma is a rare malignant ovarian germ cell tumor with its peak incidence in young women. Abdominal pain, abdominal distention, and the presence of a palpable mass are common symptoms at presentation. Depending on the FIGO stage at presentation the prognosis of dysgerminomas after surgical treatment, adjuvant chemotherapy, and radiotherapy is promising. Case Presentation. A 7-year-old girl was presented at our clinic with abdominal pain in all abdominal quadrants....

  20. [Giant simple hepatic cysts as dyspnea symptom in a 93-year-old patient].

    Macho Pérez, O; Gómez Pavón, J; Núñez González, A; Narvaiza Grau, L; Albéniz Aguiriano, L


    Giant simple hepatic cysts is generally asymptomatic in the 3% of cases of adult patients. We present a woman case of 93 years old who was diagnoses of giant simple hepatic cyst presented as dysnea. The management of this patient was with percutaneous aspiration and fenol alcohol. It made a review of cystic lesions of the liver and of simple hepatic cysts management. PMID:17590136

  1. Coronary artery occlusion after arterial switch operation in an asymptomatic 15-year-old boy.

    Saini, Ashish P; Cyran, Stephen E; Ettinger, Steven M; Pauliks, Linda B


    A 15-year-old boy with transposition of the great arteries (TGA) and neonatal arterial switch operation (ASO) presented with complete occlusion of the left main coronary artery (LMCA). Intra-operatively, an intramural left coronary artery was identified. Therefore, since age 7 years he had a series of screening exercise stress tests. At 13 years old, he had 3 to 4 mm ST segment depression in the infero-lateral leads without symptoms. This progressed to 4.2 mm inferior ST segment depression at 15 years old with normal stress echocardiogram. Sestamibi myocardial perfusion scan and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging was inconclusive. Therefore, a coronary angiogram was obtained which showed complete occlusion of the LMCA with ample collateralization from the right coronary artery system. This was later confirmed on a computed tomogram (CT) angiogram, obtained in preparation of coronary artery bypass grafting. The case illustrates the difficulty of detecting coronary artery stenosis and occlusion in young patients with rich collateralization. Coronary CT angiogram and conventional angiography were the best imaging modalities to detect coronary anomalies in this adolescent with surgically corrected TGA. Screening CT angiography may be warranted for TGA patients, particularly for those with known coronary anomalies. PMID:27574609

  2. External Ear Resonant Amplitude and Frequency of 3-7 Year Old Children

    Amir Hossein Zare


    Full Text Available Objective: To measure external ear resonant amplitude and frequency in children (3-7 years old and to compare with adult measures. Method and materials: The external ear resonance peak amplitude and frequency of 63 children 3-7 years old were recorded. All of the children had normal tympanogram and there was no cerumen in external auditory canal. 20 adult of 21-24 years old (10 male , 10 female were selected in order to compare with children that had normal tympanogram. The tests included : 1-otoscopy 2- tympanometry 3-microphone probe tube test. Results: The average of resonance peak frequency for children and adult is 4200 Hz and 3200 Hz , respectively. The resonance frequency of children had significantly diffrence with average of resonance frequency in adults. The average of resonance peak amplitude for children and adult is 17.70 dB and 17.17 dB , respectively. Conclusion: Resonant frequency and amplitude affect the hearing aid prescription and fitting process and calculating insertion gain; so, this measures seem should be considered in children hearing aid fitting.

  3. Emotion word comprehension from 4 – 16 years old: A developmental survey

    Simon Baron-Cohen


    Full Text Available Background: Whilst previous studies have examined comprehension of the emotional lexicon at different ages in typically developing children, no survey has been conducted looking at this across different ages from childhood to adolescence. Purpose: To report how the emotion lexicon grows with age. Method: Comprehension of 336 emotion words was tested in n = 377 children and adolescents, aged 4 to16 years old, divided into 6 age-bands. Parents or teachers of children under 12, or adolescents themselves, were asked to indicate which words they knew the meaning of. Results: Between 4 and 11 years old, the size of the emotional lexicon doubled every 2 years, but between 12 and 16 years old, developmental rate of growth of the emotional lexicon levelled off. This survey also allows emotion words to be ordered in terms of difficulty. Conclusions: Studies using emotion terms in English need to be developmentally sensitive, since during childhood there is considerable change. The absence of change after adolescence may be an artefact of the words included in this study. This normative developmental data-set for emotion vocabulary comprehension may be useful when testing for delays in this ability, as might arise for environmental or neurodevelopmental reasons.

  4. Epistemology for Beginners: Two- to Five-Year-Old Children's Representation of Falsity.

    Olivier Mascaro

    Full Text Available This paper investigates the ontogeny of human's naive concept of truth. Surprisingly, children find it hard to treat assertions as false before their fifth birthday. Yet, we show in six studies (N = 140 that human's concept of falsity develops early. Two-year-olds use truth-functional negation to exclude one term in an alternative (Study 1. Three-year-olds can evaluate discrepancies between the content of a representation and what it aims at representing (Study 2. They use this knowledge to treat beliefs and assertions as false (Study 3. Four-year-olds recognise the involutive nature of falsity ascriptions: they properly infer 'p' from 'It is not true that "It is not true that "p""' (Study 4, an inference that rests on second-order representations of representations. Controls confirm that children do not merely equate being mistaken with failing to achieve one's goal (Studies 5 and 6. These results demonstrate remarkable capacities to evaluate representations, and indicate that in the absence of formal training, young children develop the building blocks of a theory of truth and falsity-a naive epistemology. We suggest that children's difficulties in discarding false assertions need not reflect any conceptual lacuna, and may originate from their being trustful.

  5. Physical training of 30–40 years old tourists skiers to ski sports hiking

    Alexander Toporkov


    Full Text Available Purpose: compare the test results obtained at different stages of physical training of tourists skiers, immediately after passing of the ski sports hiking of the third category of complexity and 14 days after hiking. Determine the effectiveness of the designed program to improve the physical readiness of 30–40 years old tourists skiers. Material and Methods: 14 people aged 30 to 40 years old who have a different experience in water, hiking and mountain as well as ski-sport hiking took part in research. Analysis of scientific and methodical literature, pedagogical observations, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics is used. Results: the test results of 30–40 years old tourists skiers which are the participants in the experimental group received at different stages of preparation and preparatory period and the results after passing ski sports hiking of the third category of complexity are processed. Their comparative analysis is held. Conclusions: it was found that the developed training program can effectively influence the physical readiness of tourists skiers, as well as all functions and systems that contribute to the successful passage of ski sports categorized hike.

  6. The prevalence of dental erosion in 5-year-old preschoolers in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

    Gopinath, Vellore Kannan


    Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the percentage of 5-year-old preschoolers in Sharjah, affected by dental erosion and to assess the predictors. Materials and Methods: A total of 403 5-year-old children were examined of which 48.14% (n = 194) were boys and 51.86% (n = 209) were girls; 31.27% (n = 126) were Emirati and 68.73% (n = 277) were non-Emirati Arabs. Examination of dental erosion was confined to palatal surfaces of maxillary incisors using the erosion index described in the UK National Survey of Children's Dental Health, 1993. Dental caries was charted using the World Health Organization 1997 criteria. Results: In the sample of 403 5-year-old preschoolers examined, dental erosion was apparent in 237 (58.80%) children, with 55.09% showing the dissolution of enamel and 3.72% exhibiting exposed dentin. Predictors of dental erosion as determined by logistic regression concluded that compared to Emirati citizens other Arab nationalities have 0.27 times the odds (95% confidence interval [CI] =0.18–0.42) of having tooth erosion (P dental erosion compared to children who drink water (P dental erosion. Caries experience and consumption of acidic drinks were associated with dental erosion. PMID:27095899


    Frane Zuvela


    Full Text Available Inadequately adopted fundamental movement skills (FMS in early childhood may have a negative impact on the motor performance in later life (Gallahue and Ozmun, 2005. The need for an efficient FMS testing in Physical Education was recognized. The aim of this paper was to construct and validate a new FMS test for 8 year old children. Ninety-five 8 year old children were used for the testing. A total of 24 new FMS tasks were constructed and only the best representatives of movement areas entered into the final test product - FMS-POLYGON. The ICC showed high values for all 24 tasks (0.83-0.97 and the factorial analysis revealed the best representatives of each movement area that entered the FMS-POLYGON: tossing and catching the volleyball against a wall, running across obstacles, carrying the medicine balls, and straight running. The ICC for the FMS-POLYGON showed a very high result (0.98 and, therefore, confirmed the test's intra-rater reliability. Concurrent validity was tested with the use of the "Test of Gross Motor Development" (TGMD-2. Correlation analysis between the newly constructed FMS-POLYGON and the TGMD-2 revealed the coefficient of -0.82 which indicates a high correlation. In conclusion, the new test for FMS assessment proved to be a reliable and valid instrument for 8 year old children. Application of this test in schools is justified and could play an important factor in physical education and sport practice.

  8. Teenage pregnancy, epidemiological behavior in Las Tunas during the period 2012 - 2014

    Enelis Reyes Reyes


    Full Text Available Background: teenage pregnancy is a medical risk to be considered, not only for determining an increase of maternal morbidity and an estimated of 2 to 3 times infant mortality, but also as one of the most important factors in the occurrence of congenital malformations.Objective: to determine the epidemiological behavior of teenage pregnancy in Las Tunas province during the period 2012 - 2014.Methods: a descriptive, observational and retrospective study of the behavior of teenage pregnancy was carried out in the province and time period previously stated. The study was performed in municipalities and People's Councils. The universe consisted of 148 169 women of childbearing age and the sample comprised 3 309 pregnant female teenagers from 12 to 19 years old.Results: the phenomenon of teenage pregnancy continues, but the province and its municipalities show favorable data; 2013 was the one of the most negative results, being Manatí and Amancio municipalities the most significant ones; in all the municipalities there are People's Councils with results that are higher than municipal and provincial averages. The adolescent fertility rate in the province was between 39.0 and 45.2 per 1000, being 2013 and Amancio municipality the ones with the highest incidence.Conclusions: although the teenage pregnancy continues, the province and its municipalities show favorable data, resulting from an integrated and successful health programs, involving Provincial Genetics Network work.

  9. Ocular alignment and refraction in preterm children at 1 and 6 years old

    Al Oum M


    Full Text Available Muna Al Oum,1 Simone Donati,1 Luigi Cerri,1 Massimo Agosti,2 Claudio Azzolini11Department of Surgical and Morphological Sciences, Section of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy; 2Neonatology Unit, Ospedale Filippo Del Ponte, Varese, ItalyPurpose: To investigate cycloplegic refraction and ocular alignment in a population of preterm children at 1 and 6 years old.Patients and methods: We included 261 preterm infants with a birth weight ≤1,500 g and a gestational age ≤32 weeks; there were 217 preterm infants (group 1, 28 preterm infants with mild retinopathy of prematurity (ROP (group 2, and 16 preterm infants affected by severe ROP (group 3. Each patient underwent retinoscopy, ocular alignment assessment, and fundus examination at 1 and 6 years old.Results: The prevalence of refractive errors and ocular alignment abnormalities at 1 year old in groups 2 and 3 compared to group 1 were, respectively (P<0.05: myopia 18% and 40.6% versus 6.9%; hyperopia 28.6% and 22% versus 39.2%; astigmatism 53.4% and 37.4% versus 53.9%; and strabismus 12.5% and 38% versus 5.3%. At 6 years old, they were, respectively (P<0.05: myopia 10.8% and 28.4% versus 7.4%; hyperopia 48.3% and 40.5% versus 62%; astigmatism 40.9% and 31.1% versus 30.6%; and strabismus 25% and 56.25% versus 11.5%.Conclusion: At 6 years old, we observed increased rates of both hyperopia and strabismus in all groups compared to 1-year-old children. In preterm children with mild and severe ROP, we recorded increased rates of myopia and strabismus versus preterm children without ROP, and the risk of developing these disorders increased significantly with ROP severity. Astigmatism at 1 year old is not predictive of further development during growth. Patients born prematurely should be informed of the possible risks of ocular alterations due to refractive and ocular component changes.Keywords: refraction

  10. Comparison of reasons of admission of young, age 18-30 years old in Intensive Care Unit to young adult, age 31-40 years old due to road accident

    Vaios Douloudis


    Full Text Available During recent years, it has been noticed a remarkable increase in frequency of admission of young individuals in Intensive Care Units (ICU due to road accidents. The aim of the present study was to compare the reasons of admission of young individuals 18-30 years old to young adults 31-40 years old in ICU due to road accident. Method and material: The sample studied consisted of individuals 18-40 years old that were hospitalized in ICU due to road accident. Data were collected by the completion of a specially designed clinical protocol for the needs of the research. For the analysis of data the statistical package SPSS 13 was used and the x2 method. Results: 81,2% of the sample-studied were men and 18,8% women. Regarding nationality, 80,1 % were Greek and 19,9% foreigner. 34,6% of the participants were unemployed, 21,2% were working in private sector, 20,1% were free-lancers and 16,2% students. 46,3% of individuals were admitted in ICU after transfer of another hospital. In 69,7% of the participants age 18-30 years old and 74,5% of 31-40 years old road took place accident at night and 77,3% 18-30 years old and 77,0% of 31-40 years old road accident took place on the way to entertainment. The statistical analysis of data showed that : road accidents were the main reason for admission in ICU of young individuals of age 18-30 years old with statistically significant difference compared to those 31-40 years old, p<0,001. Brain injuries as well as admission of motorcycle drivers were more frequent in individuals of age 18-30 years old with statistically significant difference compared to those 31-40 years old, p=0,018 and p=0,041, respectively. On the contrary, admission of car-drivers and those who had consumed alcohol were more frequent in individuals of age 31-40 years old with statistically significant difference compared to group 18-30 years old, p=0,041 and , p<0,001, respectively. Conclusions: More often admitted in ICU motorcycle drivers of


    Anna Leonidovna Plotnikova


    Full Text Available In this article one can find the results of the research of the teenagers social intelligence at the age of 14-15 years old, making use of narcotic smoking blends. Some specific features of their social intelligence, development level of empathy and communicative skills in comparison with nonsmoking peers are given.Purpose: to find and describe specific features of the social intelligence of the teenagers at the age of 14-15 years old making use of the narcotic smoking blends in comparison with nonsmoking peers.Method: testing, Mann – Whitney U Test.Results: the teenagers making use of narcotic smoking blends have a low level of the social intelligence, communicative skills and empathic abilities. Such elements of the social intelligence as the ability to foresee the behavioral consequences in a concrete situation (prognostic competence and the ability to logical generalization of non-verbal reactions of a person are worse developed in comparison with nonsmoking peers. There are no significant differences between smoking girls and smoking boys.Areas of use: resocialization and rehabilitation of the addicted teenagers

  12. The Troubled Teenager

    Renshaw, Domeena


    Problems that may bring teenagers to the family physician's office include bizarre behavior such as drug or alcohol intoxication, psychosis, panic or anxiety attacks and stealing; being dangerous to themselves or to others; sexual emergencies including pregnancy, rape and incest; a crisis involving key people such as parents' divorce or illness; school phobia, and anxiety or other reactions to sickness, surgery or death. When evaluating troubled teens and their families, the physician should ...

  13. Teenagers Explanations of Bullying

    Thornberg, Robert; Knutsen, Sven


    The aim of the present study was to explore how teenagers explain why bullying takes place at school, and whether there were any differences in explaining bullying due to gender and prior bullying experiences. One hundred and seventy-six Swedish students in Grade 9 responded to a questionnaire. Mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative methods) were used to analyze data. The grounded theory analysis generated five main categories and 26 sub categories regarding accounts of bullying causes. ...

  14. Mexican agencies reach teenagers.

    Brito Lemus, R; Beamish, J


    The Gente Joven project of the Mexican Foundation for Family Planning (MEXFAM) trains young volunteers in 19 cities to spread messages about sexually transmitted diseases and population growth to their peers. They also distribute condoms and spermicides. It also uses films and materials to spread its messages. The project would like to influence young men's behavior, but the Latin image of machismo poses a big challenge. It would like to become more responsible toward pregnancy prevention. About 50% of adolescents have sexual intercourse, but few use contraceptives resulting in a high adolescent pregnancy rate. Many of these pregnant teenagers choose not to marry. Adolescent pregnancy leads to girls leaving school, few marketable skills, and rearing children alone. Besides women who began childbearing as a teenager have 1.5 times more children than other women. Male involvement in pregnancy prevention should improve these statistics. As late as 1973, the Health Code banned promotion and sales of contraceptives, but by 1992 about 50% of women of reproductive age use contraceptives. The Center for the Orientation of Adolescents has organized 8 Young Men's Clubs in Mexico City to involve male teenagers more in family planning and to develop self-confidence. It uses a holistic approach to their development through discussions with their peers. A MEXFAM study shows that young men are not close with their fathers who tend to exude a machismo attitude, thus the young men do not have a role model for responsible sexual behavior. MEXFAM's work is cut out for them, however, since the same study indicates that 50% of the young men believe it is fine to have 1 girlfriend and 33% think women should earn more than men. A teenager volunteer reports, however, that more boys have been coming to him for contraception and information than girls in 1992 while in other years girls outnumbered the boys. PMID:12317721

  15. Motivate Teenagers to Study



    As the growth of people,the brain will be mature gradually,so the teenagers' immature actions can be attribute to some areas of their brain which hasn't developed completely.As an English teacher,understanding this stage of psychological and physiological characteristics of students and then using some teaching means and adopting corresponding measures for classroom teaching would inject more energy and obtain a better teaching effect.

  16. Development of an Age Band on the ManVis for 3-Year-Old Children with Visual Impairments

    Reimer, A M; Barsingerhorn, A D; Overvelde, A; Nijhuis-Van der Sanden, M W G; Boonstra, F N; Cox, R F A


    AIM: To compare fine motor performance of 3-year-old children with visual impairment with peers having normal vision, to provide reference scores for 3-year-old children with visual impairment on the ManuVis, and to assess inter-rater reliability. METHOD: 26 children with visual impairment (mean age

  17. Determinants of Imitation of Hand-to-Body Gestures in 2- and 3-Year-Old Children

    Erjavec, Mihela; Horne, Pauline J.


    Twenty children, ten 2-year-olds and ten 3-year-olds, participated in an AB procedure. In the baseline phase, each child was trained the same four matching relations to criterion under intermittent reinforcement. During the subsequent imitation test, the experimenter modeled a total of 20 target gestures (six trials each) interspersed with…

  18. Correlates of fruit and vegetable consumption among 11-year-old Belgian-Flemish and Dutch schoolchildren

    Wind, Marianne; de Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse; te Velde, Saskia J;


    To determine factors associated with the consumption of fruit and vegetables among 11-year-old schoolchildren in Belgium-Flanders and the Netherlands.......To determine factors associated with the consumption of fruit and vegetables among 11-year-old schoolchildren in Belgium-Flanders and the Netherlands....

  19. Gait pattern in 9-11-year-old children with generalized joint hypermobility compared with controls

    Nikolajsen, Helene; Larsen, Peter Kastmand; Simonsen, Erik Bruun;


    To study differences in gait patterns in 10-year-old children with Generalized Joint Hypermobility (GJH) and with no GJH (NGJH).......To study differences in gait patterns in 10-year-old children with Generalized Joint Hypermobility (GJH) and with no GJH (NGJH)....

  20. An Investigation of Emotional Skills of Six-Year-Old Children Attending Nursery School According to Some Variables

    Durmusoglu-Saltali, Neslihan; Arslan, Emel


    The purpose of this study is for the emotional skills of six-year-old children attending nursery school according to some variables. The participants were 306 (135 girls and 171 boys) six-year-old children attending nursery school. Data were collected from Assessment of Children's Emotional Skills and personal information form. In order to analyze…